Sen. Rick Scott: There can't be a deal with China


  1. 911 Never Forget

    911 Never ForgetHace un mes

    POTUS is doing the right thing. Let China choke. We got the Donald’s back

  2. Jack Xu

    Jack XuHace un mes

    No one wants to make a deal with a president facing impeachment.

  3. Prophet308

    Prophet308Hace un mes

    Capital punishment to all Western traitors and cowards that sellout to communists.

  4. TZoningHard

    TZoningHardHace un mes

    The only problem is with the farmers. Im ok with no deal but we need to find ways secure our ag industry.

  5. Warren Mundell

    Warren MundellHace un mes

    When US is losing, they get very uptight. It was pompeo who said "we lie, we steal, we cheat"

  6. V Philip

    V PhilipHace un mes

    There can be no feal with USA. USA days are coming to an end. USA is born from stolen lands of massacred red indians. The entire gene pool are thieves and murderers.

  7. Terry Young

    Terry YoungHace un mes

    I support China wipe out all these human beings' enemy in US out of earth!

  8. Ric Nyc

    Ric NycHace un mes

    Great, now China can buy steel, soy and meat from Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay etc. South America sending you a big "Thanks!" Mr Sen. Rick Scott.

  9. L wal

    L walHace un mes

    Worlds best at Lying ,cheating and Stealing... quotes by Mike Pompeo but referring to the US THIS YEAR.. lol

  10. Kate100294764

    Kate100294764Hace un mes

    I wish my Prime Minister would cut ties with China.

  11. Steve Mascella

    Steve MascellaHace un mes

    Shouldn't we just say "no".? Maybe, "no thank you".?

  12. moonlike 2008

    moonlike 2008Hace un mes

    China makes what Americans need in their lives, but Americans don't know how to be grateful.

  13. Blacknemsis

    BlacknemsisHace un mes

    This guy heading in China. The USA is the ultimate cheat and thief lol.

  14. James McCool

    James McCoolHace un mes

    We don't fund our military?

  15. Blind Visionary

    Blind VisionaryHace un mes

    No deal is the best deal. Decouple with China and be done with the CCP.

  16. Omg Beast mode

    Omg Beast modeHace un mes

    Don’t trust communist, period

  17. King

    KingHace un mes

    we have been talking about our economy is going to get hurt for 6 months.

  18. Gia Young

    Gia YoungHace un mes

    This is straight trash. All Fox do is to lie to their own people.

  19. mR JoHnnY

    mR JoHnnYHace un mes

    So cold!!!

  20. Walden's World

    Walden's WorldHace un mes

    Joe China n China itself are coming for Americans ! They want our land and freedom . Satellites 6g and new cameras all coming ! U stand up and I the middle of the night u disappear China already does this in democratic country's ! They don't care about paper laws they have already stated this !!

  21. Marcus 09

    Marcus 09Hace un mes

    🇺🇸 loves war seriously.

  22. 007taino

    007tainoHace un mes

    Talk about Conniving sneaky people! Can't never be trusted!.... they are set everywhere to steal cleverly everything.and turn everyone they disagree into Zombies...

  23. 007taino

    007tainoHace un mes

    NO DEAL!(stop all our universities from taking Chinese students from coming here and taking our intellectual Academic research and using it against everyone. WAKE UP PEOPLE THESE CHINESE STUDENTS ARE NOT HERE TO HELP USA THEY ARE HERE TO STEAL AND SPY FOR THE CCP GOVERNMENT!

  24. Eric wos

    Eric wosHace un mes

    I understand that anger the country is falling the youth are drug addicted the adult has been trained for the past and older jobs and its China who supplies us the modern stuff we need therefore it is guilty for assisting us dying slowly

  25. Just For Fun

    Just For FunHace un mes

    MAKE MEXICO CHINA AGAIN. I'd rather give my money to the Mexicans


    CHUUMPASSHace un mes

    about time to end the evil ccp. collapse it and free the oppressed people and occupied regions in east asia. do to the beijing han communist like you did to the soviet russians.

  27. AKDGsonic

    AKDGsonicHace un mes

    China: it is ridiculous for China to have a deal with the US.

  28. Bruce Edwards

    Bruce EdwardsHace un mes

    china has never told the truth about anything !!!!! just like the evil;; rino msm demonkkkkcommierat traitors party !!!!!!!!!~!! no deal possible ever !!!! !!!!

  29. Black Swan

    Black SwanHace un mes

    China has "agreed" to buy US pork and soy because their own crops have failed. Time for Trump to put a 10+ % export tax on supplies of these items to China and pass on the money to the farmers as compensation for the period China stopped buying!

  30. jerry daniel

    jerry danielHace un mes

    Long live CCP fathers qualifications protections value for China 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 China rise unstoppable 💪💪💪💪 Hypocrites dark side shock and got stroke same time 😁😁😁😁 USA famous for propaganda fakes news, fakes documents, fakes documents, fakes videos, anti China every day none stop ridiculous !!😁😁😁 China # 1 🌏 💪💪💪

  31. BJ700

    BJ700Hace un mes

    Don't forget that this is a 10 year trade war spanning multiple administrations. Get used to it and adapt. It's a geo-strategic war, which if USA looses, the west will fade into historical irrelevance over coming decades and be overrun by China's expansion and militarisation which is happening now, not next year or next decade. Everything is on the table here. 30 years of trade imbalance has contributed to this debacle, in addition to wide spread massive global intellectual property theft. Trump had little option to plug this massive drain, as western civilisation was heading down the gurgler, because all past western administrations, dug this hole deeper every time by their impotent inaction and miserable lack of business savvy.

  32. toycreator

    toycreatorHace un mes

    when they take over HK and promise give them basic right!

  33. Frederika Wells

    Frederika WellsHace un mes

    God Bless President Trump and America even more 👍🇺🇸

  34. IMHO

    IMHOHace un mes

    FOX plus Hosts and Guests are full of lies to brainwash Americans. Poor Americans, really not knowing the world with wholesale consumption of coordinated lies about so many countries. Anyway, masses are naive, and politicians can easily manipulate, haha. Watch ESreporter videos of Nathan Rich, Gweilo 60, Daniel Dumbrill, Alex etc. Your fellow Americans are in China/HK and knows there better than FOX clowns who have NOT even set foot there, just with anti-China rhetoric. Sad Americans, intellectually jailed by own politicians and media.


    ISAAC WANGHace un mes

    Why are you feeding the bad communist China with your fast food product , make sure you pull out Coca Cola , MacDonald, KFC, and all the other food industry from China. Get our of China before you bash China. You guys are sick.

  36. Tsui tsui

    Tsui tsuiHace un mes


  37. Tsui tsui

    Tsui tsuiHace un mes

    bravo Scott

  38. Nadine Smith

    Nadine SmithHace un mes

    Every Country CHINA tries to help that country gets BLIGHTED every thing goes sour look at the highway in JAMAICA people are dying like flies

  39. James Bell

    James BellHace un mes

    No deal for China.

  40. James Bell

    James BellHace un mes

    Ya liars

  41. K S

    K SHace un mes

    china communist won't honour deals they made anyway.

  42. TS Toon

    TS ToonHace un mes

    To all CHINA HATERS it's an ultimate wake up CALL to STOP. CHINA IS getting stronger n stronger by day n with no end in sight with your hate n bad Mouthing comment.

  43. Roman Chan

    Roman ChanHace un mes

    Decouple with China and see what happen then

  44. Joe L

    Joe LHace un mes

    China's murderous Communist party will never change. Only a war that they lose will change their system!

  45. Andy Chen

    Andy ChenHace un mes

    Joe L .China will not lose any war from now on !Stop dreaming!no country dare to have war with China!yeh!

  46. 山田あゆみ

    山田あゆみHace un mes

    Your right chinese country is lying

  47. Jacob Christ

    Jacob ChristHace un mes

    How can you make a deal with a guy that says hes gonna crush protesters bones to powder if they dont comply. You cant un say that.

  48. 81crispy

    81crispyHace un mes

    China is asshoe

  49. Anton Sidharta

    Anton SidhartaHace un mes

    China just imitate the way usa deals w all nations in the world. Cheating, spying etc. And usa don't like it for china has been doing better than the teacher...ha..ha

  50. chang li

    chang liHace un mes

    Pay your debts before anything.

  51. superbleeder98

    superbleeder98Hace un mes

    Stop buying chinese goods and boycott chinese permanently.

  52. KiatLeong Len

    KiatLeong LenHace un mes

    Rick did not realize that China does not trust the US too. With violent embedded into the US's DNA, China is nauseating at the way the US treated the Muslims in the middle east. In one year alone, US dropped 26,000 bombs and China did not even fire a single bullet since 1988. That's the huge difference between the violent US and gentle China. US should learn from China on how to re-educate the Uighur instead of killing them which is the easiest way to do it for the US. It's clear that Rick is a killer and a warmonger.

  53. Donald Kasper

    Donald KasperHace un mes

    Oh, oh, something happened today somewhere in the US and China is mad again. Deal off. Kiss Xi's ring finger. Kind of like a petulant two year old prone to fits.

  54. T West

    T WestHace un mes

    Hey Rick! attend any classroom from kindergarten to college and you will find socialists teaching our kids how to be un-American!

  55. Gabriel Ruvalcaba

    Gabriel RuvalcabaHace un mes

    I've saw Dobbs eating Mexican food.. He is alright..

  56. Norman E. Lackey

    Norman E. LackeyHace un mes

    The Chinese leadership can't be trusted to uphold any kind of deal because they are a bunch of lying communist comparable to liberal democrats.

  57. Norman E. Lackey

    Norman E. LackeyHace un mes

    The Chinese leadership can't be trusted to uphold any kind of deal because they are a bunch of lying communist comparable to liberal democrats.

  58. bruce dunning

    bruce dunningHace un mes

    No deal what so ever with China. Cut them out of our markets all together. And make better deals with EVERYONE they deal with. We Can make better deals with India then we have with China. We NEVER have needed china. They need us. Cut them off 100%

  59. Mandy Yim

    Mandy YimHace un mes

    CCP can never be trusted! They are just a group of mafias!

  60. muzak1861

    muzak1861Hace un mes

    We need to cease all trading with China today! America can survive the lack of cheap products.

  61. 郎茂春

    郎茂春Hace un mes

    please no deal. you produce those yourselves.