See You Later, Builder Base! (Builder Hall 9 | Clash of Clans Official)


  1. Kelly perez

    Kelly perezHace 3 horas

    I don’t know why but this is my favorite clash of clans ad

  2. Amy Wilson

    Amy WilsonHace 4 horas

    How to be able to breathe underwater without equipment KEEP YELLING AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  3. Nathan Castillo

    Nathan CastilloHace 4 horas

    Wait does that mean he leaves at builder hall 9 because my master builder is here and I don't have builder hall 9

  4. ryantube

    ryantubeHace 6 horas


  5. Om Feras

    Om FerasHace 7 horas


  6. brightfishsam

    brightfishsamHace 12 horas

    Clash a Rama with the ram rider

  7. mhamad sabir

    mhamad sabirHace 14 horas

    plaes help me l cann't updete

  8. mhamad sabir

    mhamad sabirHace 14 horas

    Please help me I can uptede

  9. abhinav dhakal

    abhinav dhakalHace 15 horas

    Hey supercell. What the hell. My clan war was gonna start 5 minute was left but maintenance break came n now 50 minutes is left.. Is this a way ¿¿¿

  10. Yawar Arman

    Yawar ArmanHace 16 horas

    i love clash a rama make more episode

  11. LOCH SINAT Channel Official

    LOCH SINAT Channel OfficialHace 16 horas

    Gaming Clash of clans

  12. sebaa gh.m

    sebaa gh.mHace 16 horas

    لو سمحتووووو قريتي مستوا 12 وتجمدتتت كيف بدي افتحا ما عم تفتح ابدا واالله حرام هيكك تعب سنتين😭😭😭

  13. i aspi coc

    i aspi cocHace 17 horas

    Vous avez banis mon compte th10 alors que essayer de recuperer un autre compte a moi faut vraiment revoir votre staff 5 ans de jeux partis comme sa c vraiment pas juste

  14. no name

    no nameHace 17 horas

    We want Nepali flag

  15. mhm mithun1

    mhm mithun1Hace 21 un hora

    What is prestige trophy?and how it works and increase or lost??can anyone tell me with definition please

  16. weather and etc videos chanel king

    weather and etc videos chanel kingHace 22 horas

    Miss u Master builder 😭😭

  17. shelby YouTube

    shelby YouTubeHace 22 horas

    “So, how long do I need to hold my breath for again?” *”YES”*

  18. Math Trooper

    Math TrooperHace 23 horas

    Barb has a lung capacity of 1 million air Master Builder dead in 12 seconds

  19. Awwad

    AwwadHace un día

    i love you clash of clans 💕

  20. Cross King

    Cross KingHace un día

    Nooo not master builder why why 🥺😢😭

  21. DONT-TRUST-ME ????

    DONT-TRUST-ME ????Hace un día

    Those water animation though, very beautiful.

  22. Silvana A F Do Bomfim

    Silvana A F Do BomfimHace un día

    a onde o construtor foi


    SUKKYOUNG LEEHace un día

    so he lived

  24. Sim Wei Jin

    Sim Wei JinHace un día

    Babarian true have lungs like giant!

  25. ItzYoBoi DatOneGuy

    ItzYoBoi DatOneGuyHace un día

    Now to wait another 2 years for the builder to get back home

  26. ابداع هواجس

    ابداع هواجسHace un día

    Peace be upon you, your brother, O Omar, from Yemen, I hope of you, the village of Eleph. 11 For my village has been stolen

  27. Christopher Kallipersad

    Christopher KallipersadHace un día

    Only if People can Hold a Breath as long as that barbarian 😁.

  28. Game Time

    Game TimeHace un día

    Comments 99% about the barbarian holding his breath for 2 years 1% other

  29. PUBG 7.6

    PUBG 7.6Hace un día

    I give my 2 years to this game but this community does not show his respect towards me.I lost my account because of supercell I'd

  30. Ruyko Matoi

    Ruyko MatoiHace un día

    Redesing X-bow level 6

  31. Lone Star

    Lone StarHace un día

    *2 years later* Alright im home! ( *goes to main base* )


    ANDRO MÜZİKHace un día

    Dat barbarian is Epic

  33. n0rmuL 3u33Y n0oB

    n0rmuL 3u33Y n0oBHace un día

    Wow so they both Sucided .

  34. Kalubhai Puniya

    Kalubhai PuniyaHace un día

    My tag 9P80P0L2

  35. Kalubhai Puniya

    Kalubhai PuniyaHace un día

    I am all challenge complete

  36. Kalubhai Puniya

    Kalubhai PuniyaHace un día

    My session pekka king is not open

  37. Shavix

    ShavixHace un día

    Barbarian beats the world record

  38. Cuma AKSOY

    Cuma AKSOYHace un día

    The best throop is barbarian :D

  39. Nrftr BS

    Nrftr BSHace un día

    me:i can hold breath in underwater for 7 minutes Barbarian:Hold my dark elixir

  40. Zeikaku Iranai

    Zeikaku IranaiHace 2 días

    Que bueno que lo borre

  41. aidil rahmad ramadan

    aidil rahmad ramadanHace 2 días


  42. Sabertooth ?

    Sabertooth ?Hace 2 días

    Hey Supercell I have a idea for the game let’s say if a base has 90,000 gold And you defeat that but your base can only hold 80,000 why don’t that 20,000 go in the treasury



    Scrapped troops

  44. TrenzyCheezy Youtube

    TrenzyCheezy YoutubeHace 2 días

    How did the barbarian know the master builder?

  45. TrenzyCheezy Youtube

    TrenzyCheezy YoutubeHace 2 días

    How did the barbarian know the master builder?

  46. EuroMotors5

    EuroMotors5Hace 2 días


  47. Muhammed Qasim

    Muhammed QasimHace 2 días

    Add dark elixer in war league reward

  48. Howlf

    HowlfHace 2 días

    Barb spends time in water for 4 years and goes to doctor Doctor: so let me check your lung Barb:ok Docter: why is your lung filled with water and sand Barb: because i spent my 4 years in the water Docter:🙄😶😑😐🤨

  49. Savage Boy

    Savage BoyHace 2 días

    “Hey guys have ever wondered what’s across the watah?”

  50. KojiioThaHog 24

    KojiioThaHog 24Hace 2 días

    I thought they were getting rid of builder base

  51. eoghan the gamer

    eoghan the gamerHace 2 días

    You should make it were if your trying to upgrade something or build something you can have a choice if you want all your builders on it or just on and if they are it speeds up but that depends on how many builders you have. Just an idea

  52. Jean Martins

    Jean MartinsHace 2 días

    The robot it's chaos of brawl

  53. John Luyện

    John LuyệnHace 2 días

    Việt Nam sao không có cơ nhỉ spc bận quá

  54. Dslayer

    DslayerHace 2 días

    redesign X bow level six! NeicK one love!

  55. sebastian trillo

    sebastian trilloHace 3 días

    Gracias ahora se que paso con el bárbaro

  56. kidsnatcher _

    kidsnatcher _Hace 3 días

    Did he forget they have a boat

  57. Paolo Di PASQUALE

    Paolo Di PASQUALEHace 3 días

    Più tempo passa e più diventa bello

  58. Marlon Puentes

    Marlon PuentesHace 3 días

    Hay alguien que hable español aparte de mí que también juegue este juego

  59. Raul kkk

    Raul kkkHace 3 días




    Where he going?

  61. Vihainen Ankkamies

    Vihainen AnkkamiesHace 3 días

    But where are master builder going?

  62. Game Over

    Game OverHace 3 días

    Iam don't understand. what is happen

  63. Mikejr Amplayo

    Mikejr AmplayoHace 3 días


  64. Luiz Fernando Madureira

    Luiz Fernando MadureiraHace 3 días

    não gostei de determinar o passe não ganhar skin eu sou aconteceu só uma eu termino meu passe para conseguir uma skin por favor supercell faz quando terminar o passe ganhar skin

  65. Wolf Slayer

    Wolf SlayerHace 3 días


  66. raldo Safa alzena

    raldo Safa alzenaHace 3 días

    You can build clock tower from town hall pls

  67. Mouhammad Hassan

    Mouhammad HassanHace 3 días

    Hog rider: you know what’s in the water Barbarian;Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  68. Erwin Condol Vlogs

    Erwin Condol VlogsHace 3 días

    TBH I dont want the Master Builder to leave he've done so much to us

  69. Hans William

    Hans WilliamHace 3 días

    Did the barbarians voice changed?

  70. Mario Perdomo

    Mario PerdomoHace 3 días

    Te voy a extrañar maestro constructor

  71. CyberGlitcher4

    CyberGlitcher4Hace 3 días

    AHHHHHH!!!!!!! (descends into the ocean)

  72. Janice R

    Janice RHace 3 días

    ballon parade

  73. Seamus Blabla

    Seamus BlablaHace 4 días

    If it took 2 years for that barb to get thar then how long will it tack for the builder

  74. Siloe 101

    Siloe 101Hace 4 días

    Guys its simple on why he was able to hold his breath after all this time. He used mermaid man`s magical starfish! ( Spongebob Reference. )

  75. Magnolia C. Capulong

    Magnolia C. CapulongHace 4 días

    now were is the wizard the harry potter and hog rider go

  76. santiagogameryt carrizo

    santiagogameryt carrizoHace 4 días

    Bye constructor :'v todos digan "F"

  77. DeezNurz

    DeezNurzHace 4 días

    Barb lvl 1: 2 years underwater Barb lvl 10 :hold my dark elixir

  78. DeezNurz

    DeezNurzHace 4 días


  79. Andrew Abdel

    Andrew AbdelHace 4 días

    how is this game dead and this vid got 28 million views

  80. captin cookie cat cena

    captin cookie cat cenaHace 4 días

    It to hard to get the Otto bot help the community a little supercell

  81. bijaker man

    bijaker manHace 4 días

    Hehe i cheater

  82. Yunis Soydan

    Yunis SoydanHace 4 días


  83. Smurf !

    Smurf !Hace 4 días

    Super cool thank I live on France 🇫🇷

  84. Emilio Malagon

    Emilio MalagonHace 4 días

    Alfin se va

  85. Micael br

    Micael brHace 4 días

    0:55 Avengers Assemble

  86. ivanK Warrior.

    ivanK Warrior.Hace 4 días

    I just realize the barbarian was the only one of the three that reach'd the BH. No sign about the Mage or the Hog Rider "Chad"

  87. Fortnite Galaxy

    Fortnite GalaxyHace 4 días

    0:15 the body of the barbarian head

  88. ivanK Warrior.

    ivanK Warrior.Hace 4 días

    With that lung capacity, Barbarians could easily clash and attack under water. Maybe for a prox massive update? :D

  89. Cristian pro 5000

    Cristian pro 5000Hace 4 días

    Duro 2 años abajo del agua como lo iso

  90. Cristian pro 5000

    Cristian pro 5000Hace 4 días

    Pobre bárbaro acababa de llegar

  91. Claudio Vargas

    Claudio VargasHace 4 días

    Jajajajaj 2 año en el mar y encontro tierra y se tubo queir rapido pero que vuelva el contructor asi ay 2

  92. Youtuber Ujjwal

    Youtuber UjjwalHace 4 días

    So what would happen if master builder comes to home village? Will he gear up every defense


    JASSON REYESHace 4 días

    Wait!!! Doesnt the builder already has a boat!

  94. Pīñk Jēłłÿ

    Pīñk JēłłÿHace 4 días

    I’m unsatisfied that the barb only got like 3 seconds of air

  95. Max gamer

    Max gamerHace 4 días

    Nostalgic moment :'V

  96. DC Gacha

    DC GachaHace 4 días

    This doesnt make sense the M builder has a boat to go back to the town or the town hall where is the M builder going

  97. Justin Koss

    Justin KossHace 4 días

    So he Ben running for 2 years in water are the people immortal

  98. Max Walker

    Max WalkerHace 4 días

    Can you guys help my clan grow and get big it’s called harvest™️

  99. Jjboy Gumanit

    Jjboy GumanitHace 4 días

    Builder Hall 50 in the year 2100

  100. jian wen Li

    jian wen LiHace 5 días

    0:14 goblin?