Seahawks vs. Packers Divisional Round Highlights | NFL 2019 Playoffs


  1. Elizabeth Hough

    Elizabeth HoughHace 2 horas

    I love the Packers so much

  2. Texan Productions

    Texan ProductionsHace 23 horas

    Joe Buck couldn't commentate if his life depended on it

  3. Skull King

    Skull KingHace 4 días

    Packers have to cheat

  4. John Templeton

    John TempletonHace 4 días

    Damn that drop in the 4th quarter killed their chances....but with all the injuries I mean they were using a 3rd string running back and brought back Lynch....with all the injuries it's amazing they were even in this game....they're young with some veteran experience and if they stay healthy look out muthafukaz......

  5. Diamond Hero

    Diamond HeroHace 5 días

    Good job packers

  6. Clay V

    Clay VHace 8 días

    Lets go green bay. Your the best 🤑🤓🏛

  7. Paul Washbourne

    Paul WashbourneHace 9 días

    I like to feel a boyfriend I am I miss you and when the next game so we can get it in the supra do not think the supermarket and because of Jell-O because Jay long singing the way we like it hurt missing but I hope the next time the strip of land they should just put on their smart

  8. Manifesting Destiny

    Manifesting DestinyHace 9 días

    10:15 Joe Buck is actually one of the worst play callers. This was a moment to highlight! Twins on that Seattle Defense, shaquil and Shaquem Griffin both blitz, both sack legend QB Aaron Rodgers! Probably the first time twin brothers have got half and sack together in the NFL, ever. And Buck misses the call. Buck gets one of their names right.

  9. ChasedSpace179

    ChasedSpace179Hace 12 días

    10:35 this play. This. Play. is what killed that small shred of momentum

  10. Adrian Herrera

    Adrian HerreraHace 14 días

    Should of been Seahawks 49ers nfc championship.


    YUNCHAN SUHace 15 días

    0:42 sooooo lit

  12. Mcm_Zach

    Mcm_ZachHace 16 días

    Russell Wilson first half:😐 Russell Wilson in second half: 🔥

  13. Veezy the bot

    Veezy the botHace 13 horas

    Defense whole game: 🗑 Coming from a Seahawks fan

  14. Rodrigo Martinez

    Rodrigo MartinezHace 17 días

    3rd down Seahawks Defense: Imma head out

  15. Crystal Wolftail

    Crystal WolftailHace 18 días

    Them goT-daM-Ref’s, sonOf-AaaBitch- Ooooo welll

  16. Crystal Wolftail

    Crystal WolftailHace 18 días

    Seahawks stoped them on that third down and would’ve overturned it on the forth down-

  17. Crystal Wolftail

    Crystal WolftailHace 18 días

    Where they spotted and placed the football was a bullshit call. It was not a first down-

  18. Arekkusuツ

    ArekkusuツHace 18 días

    That's sad how Green Bay almost lost to the most injured team in the playoffs

  19. Zilla Youtube

    Zilla YoutubeHace 20 días

    10:36 only if didn’t drop it

  20. OG jj

    OG jjHace 21 un día

    Revenge from 2015

  21. Karemera Mihigo Patrick

    Karemera Mihigo PatrickHace 22 días

    You did better than 2018

  22. jairo The assassin

    jairo The assassinHace 22 días

    So glad we beat them pay back from the NFC Championship Game and fail Mary that's what yall get

  23. Aidan Kearns

    Aidan KearnsHace 22 días

    The highlight clearly shows it was a first down. Not a fan of either team

  24. Max Ax

    Max AxHace 23 días

    Refs gave the Packers all those line decisions. Shameful. At least they got embarrassed later.

  25. Courtavius Battle

    Courtavius BattleHace 18 días

    Max Ax the jimmy graham catch was a first down the line was off

  26. Łukasz Gajda

    Łukasz GajdaHace 23 días

    I can't watch the Seattle offense, they're so boring that I'm getting sick

  27. Bing 13

    Bing 13Hace 23 días

    Łukasz Gajda Russell makes it exciting

  28. jc dova

    jc dovaHace 23 días

    Not sure what Pete Carroll is thinking? You are not winning another Super Bowl. You only get one run at wether you win 1 or 5 during that run. You blew it by not running Lynch at the 1 yard line. The football Gods are not giving you more.

  29. Jeremiah Symonette

    Jeremiah SymonetteHace 27 días

    No 17 dropped and killed the seahawks. If not, wilson woulda completed the comeback guaranteed

  30. Scott Smith

    Scott SmithHace 27 días

    They are now 0-4 at Lambeau.... Oof...



    ?? 1:51 ?? ? ?

  32. MotoPaisano

    MotoPaisanoHace 28 días

    Kc gona smack the piss out them cheese heads.



    ???? 1:57 ?? ??????

  34. NBA 2k19

    NBA 2k19Hace 29 días

    the phantom facemask call should of resulted in a punt but the refs cheated the seahawks and packers got 7 that they shouldnt of gotten

  35. NBA 2k19

    NBA 2k19Hace 29 días

    there should of been 1 second still on the clock before the half another way the seahawks got cheated by the refs

  36. NBA 2k19

    NBA 2k19Hace 29 días

    The packers lost to the Lions on Monday night and are therefore the 3rd seed not the 2nd. The refs cheated the Lions over and over that game with horrible calls it was worse then the blacksox or the Astros stealing signals. The packers should of played wildcard weekend and last week in New Orleans because of being the 3 seed. Its only sick and delusional people who think the packers won those games and deserve to be in the nfc championship

  37. beedsj roiue

    beedsj roiueHace 29 días

    7:38 thats kinda sad

  38. Rich C

    Rich CHace 29 días

    Green Bay was really bad , like they didn't belong there, and the only way they got there is due to bad officials during their games. the officials got them here , and I half to say I believe that. I personally think Chicago or Minnesota should of been here instead of Green Bay play back their season and look at the calls and no call that went their way. Green Bay should of never been here some other team besides them. This is just what I saw , not a high quality team.

  39. Hector Alvarado

    Hector AlvaradoHace 29 días

    Lynch is a Beast

  40. beedsj roiue

    beedsj roiueHace 29 días

    7:05 now they want to run the ball

  41. Cosmo Kramer

    Cosmo KramerHace 29 días

    Glad to see packers getting thier ass kicked agains San Fran....GB worst 13-3 team ever

  42. Chris Munoz

    Chris MunozHace 29 días

    Lol packers getting beat by niners rn conference championship game

  43. John Tatum

    John TatumHace 29 días

    Aaron Rogers is so accurate...amazing!

  44. Dylan Heath

    Dylan HeathHace 29 días

    Russell wilson still is the best quarter back in the NFL

  45. Federation of Police Accountability

    Federation of Police AccountabilityHace 29 días

    This game was rigged

  46. 95

    95Hace 29 días

    I didn't watch the game so it is so much fun to watch the highlights! Wow! this was an exciting game!!! I love both the QBs. Russell was amazing in the 3rd & 4th qtrs.

  47. John Smith

    John SmithHace 29 días

    Aaron GAY rogers

  48. Loudman Luke

    Loudman LukeHace 29 días

    They gave Rogers that td

  49. Angel Medina

    Angel MedinaHace un mes

    Vamos a ganar pachers

  50. Angel Medina

    Angel MedinaHace un mes

    Vamos a ganar pachers Hoy

  51. P4F Ace

    P4F AceHace un mes

    Fr tho refs are garbage I love the packers

  52. dueeh nyyu

    dueeh nyyuHace 29 días

    Games like this make me wish we still had Earl and Richard



    ??? 1:18 ? ???

  54. dueeh nyyu

    dueeh nyyuHace 29 días

    Aaron Rodgers sure bounced back 👍

  55. Philippe Parrels

    Philippe ParrelsHace un mes

    Who is here today?

  56. RJ Walker

    RJ WalkerHace un mes

    Vikes fan here. I will be rooting for you guys to beat the 49er's. You are a rival of ours, but you are in our division afterall, and I would rather see a team from our division win.

  57. RJ Walker

    RJ WalkerHace 15 días

    @gunner 3477 Well I got the Chiefs score of 31 right. Thought the Niners would put up more than 20 though, as they have all year. A great win for the Chiefs. Your NIners had a good year though.

  58. gunner 3477

    gunner 3477Hace 16 días

    @RJ Walker I do agree with a close super bowl. No blowout. I have my Niners winning 36-34.

  59. RJ Walker

    RJ WalkerHace 16 días

    @gunner 3477 They did I have to admit. I predict they will beat the Chiefs too, but it won't be as easy. 34-31 or something like that.

  60. gunner 3477

    gunner 3477Hace 16 días

    Think my Niners took care of the NFC North for ya lol.

  61. i fap alot

    i fap alotHace 28 días


  62. All Things Plush Size

    All Things Plush SizeHace un mes

    I'm so lost. I didn't know Lynch went back to Seattle. So bummed they didn't make it.

  63. seeriu ciihy

    seeriu ciihyHace un mes

    bruh wilson has the most rushing yards in this game lmfao

  64. David Beachem

    David BeachemHace un mes

    7:05 now they want to run the ball

  65. juan Randle

    juan RandleHace un mes

    Where Seahawks lost the game 46 second s and 7:38

  66. dueeh nyyu

    dueeh nyyuHace un mes

    My teacher said 49ers vs something

  67. PULLUP J

    PULLUP JHace un mes

    No clear recovery so you Gave it to the team who clearly lost the ball 😂wtf

  68. seeriu ciihy

    seeriu ciihyHace un mes

    Russell Wilson was about to give me a heart attack love to see him play but not against my pack

  69. Adam Hansen

    Adam HansenHace un mes

    I hate the green bay butter churners

  70. Adam Hansen

    Adam HansenHace 28 días

    Deez Nutz ????

  71. dueeh nyyu

    dueeh nyyuHace un mes

    Who play madden 20 mobile?

  72. PULLUP J

    PULLUP JHace un mes

    Rodgers is a goat

  73. PI385

    PI385Hace un mes

    When will the refs not help the packers this season. I know when they take a L.

  74. Achilles94

    Achilles94Hace un mes

    every time Lnych score a TD, instead of teammates jumping on him instead they shake his hand....I know its Lnych idea bt I wonder why, bt he is a really great running back and I can understand why seahawks brought him in

  75. Cali Dodger

    Cali DodgerHace un mes

    Aaron Rodgers sure bounced back 👍

  76. vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuytHace un mes

    Games like this make me wish we still had Earl and Richard