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    What country should we fly to next? Let us know below!

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    @Crabsterr Nepal

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    Fly in India again 😁😅

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    even modiji is in this video too :D . loved it soo good

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    Your girlfriend a bit disappoint us but it's okey she is concerned about you I hope you had a great time here

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    Got tears....from India

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    I am from philippines but wow people in india are amazing

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    everything looks so good in this video, the foods... the people... especially the family who invited you are generous. God, I wanna travel to Mumbai one day!

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    So proud of you mahn!

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    Who's his girlfriend!

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    Try tondo philippines if you want something extreme and crazy. You might see royal rumble on the street. Ahaha

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    Can u accept my request come to Kolkata

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    random comment passing by: come to Tunisia !

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    New Friend: Ask for half of half ok? Vendor: It's $200 Thomas: $100?

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    Philippines nxt destination pls.

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    What do you think we are?

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    that mom is so good ahhh

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    Why India For views 😂

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    She's cute 😄

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    Wow..India is beautiful I’d love to go there

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    it would be such a cool idea if one of you guys go to a foreign country and let instagram polls control what you do.

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    AW THE GUY IN THE BACK 11:13 hahaha

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    That necklace was $1.43......... wowowowowowooWOWOw

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    Aww!!! Rejected by Autowalas that hurts more than a break up... 😁😁

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    Please don't come to India! ! It's a trash country with those black shut hole people! !

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    Well, this channel is kanda fun. Auto subscribe. Wkwk

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    *YoU'rE gOnNa GeT eAtEn AlIvE*

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    Damn... I was expecting Indians to cannibalise him and torture him. 😥😥 Looks like his Girlfriend was wrong.😕

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    The people he met are very nice and hospitable 💕

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    Come to portugal next time! :)

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    I'm a local from Mumbai and there's one thing you should know is that you have seen the soft side of Mumbai

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    Welcome to india ....hope you liked it

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    Mommy looks cute yaa ...

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    Your girlfriend is bitch

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    on 6:23 are u wearing Batik form Indonesia ?

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    nice video mate. Go back and tell your girlfriend to visit India with a non stereotyped mindset :)

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    No one is going to mention the photo bomb at 11:12?

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    now come to pakistan please

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    8:03 get this man a girlfriend

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    You should do them a favour by flying them back to LA😃

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    Respect for those two guys who helped him 😃😃 I would love to visit Bombay one day.. Love from Czech Republic 💓

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    is he a celebrity?

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    Yo bro I wanna go to India

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    Come again

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    I do not know why people spread hate about india on the basis of rapes. Do you know , No of rape cases per 0.1 million people USA - 29.2 and INDIA - 1.8 Now compare. Source- wikipedia

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    Drop your ignorant girlfriend.

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    i love this video and that family is so amazing!!! what a great experience!!

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    "send bobs n vagene"

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    I cant believe I just found your channel today! You got me sooo obsessed! 😍😍😍 Much love from the Philippines! I hope you visit my country too 😊

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    Come to germany

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    Come to Afghanistan Next Please

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    This is what we call India ✌❤

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    1:17 fuck you bitch .. don't talk if you don't know what the fuck you are talking about .. Bitch say something about India u are done bitch

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    So your girlfriend proved she is uneducated and illiterate.

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    So basically his girlfriend is totally wrong about India......

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    @9:31 Dear ESreporter Take Those Generous Guys to LA

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    1:32 has she come to Mozambique?

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    Adds Indian Music in the background* Stop doing it

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    "you're gonna get eaten alive" headass

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    Please come Bangalore in india

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    love from india

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    Bharat mein aapka swagat hai🙏🙏🙏

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    6:33 she literally looks like MOSTLYSANE PRAJAKTA KOLI🤣

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    Everyone rise for the Indian anthem TUNAK TUNAK TUN

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    *Bro Drink Chilled Cow Pee*

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    visit pakistan as well. it's a amazing place

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    I don’t avoid traveling because of fear. I avoid it cause I’m too poor to travel 😂



    We indians are known for our guest hostility in the world and those two guys made us proud more... ❤️🙏🇮🇳

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    Can you build computers? It’s my favorite hobby and you guys might like it. Also I really want a new computer so if you guys are willing to give one to me I’d be honored

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    11:14 that man with mustache had me laugh out loud in the middle of the night 😂😂😂

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    She looks Like MostlySane

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    Omg those indian guys were so cute,well behaved and gentle👏👏💝

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    This video made me subscribe. Even had goosebumps.

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    Those two boys deserve to see LA Thomas you must bring them in. Who else agrees Make it blue 👇

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    You should come back to India again but this time not for 24/48 hours but for more ..It's a vast country man so you can dig a lot out of it 😊

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    I think we Indians would be better if we stopped using the emojis

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    Come to Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 ♥️♥️

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    India is harsh to travel ?? You'll be eaten alive ?? Dude dump that bitch or she'll eat you alive someday

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    Stereotyping a population of 1.3 billion. 🤦

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    Its 1.45 Billion. You just forgot to include the Entire Population of Russia :P

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    India is a harsh place ? You need a new girlfriend mate ,

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    Amazing video!

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    I need to travel to India for professional reasons and I had lots of fears before going there the first time. I met absolutely amazing generous people like you met yourself, beyond description really. I spent two weeks, cried when it was time to leave. Now marking my next trip on the calendar is the first thing I do each time I come back.

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    Fly your two new friends to L.A and spend 48 hrs with them!

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    I am a japanese living in India for last 18 years..... and India is much better than most modern world countries out there, obviously there are some ups and down...I mean cmmon guys every country has its prosperous side and bad side we should never judge anything by it's appearance .... for those people who want to visit to India don't pay heed to the stereotypes and get a travel partner who knows something about India... then only u will experience the true beauty of india✌️💙

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    Lol.. I bet most people think you are from North East India !!!


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    Philippines bicol camsur pls uauaua


    S.POISON GAMINGHace 3 días

    Go here in philiphines

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    The mother is such a sweetie ✨👌

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    I think you should fly a little bit less! for 48 hours to india...?

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    wtf mehndi is supposed to be applied on a woman's hands.

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    Well, There is no Rule men can't have one..

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    Is someone going to tell him he got this treatment because he is a white man or should i tell him?

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