Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max Speed Test & Camera Comparison


  1. AllinOne

    AllinOneHace 8 horas

    12 gb ram vs 4gb ram......hahahahahaha

  2. corbin hopkins

    corbin hopkinsHace 11 horas

    When a phone has more ram then your gaming pc

  3. KG Delnay

    KG DelnayHace un día

    Quality: Iphone 2yrs later Samsung has a lower value unlike iphone

  4. Moe Rasul

    Moe RasulHace 2 días

    If you want better camera quality go for Iphone If you want gaming and good stuff go for Note 10

  5. archey19 379

    archey19 379Hace 2 días

    Geekbench is so fucking stupid like I'm sorry but that shit says nothing about a phone

  6. Hey Yo

    Hey YoHace 2 días

    I have the foldable samsung just got it this phone is better

  7. prototype3947

    prototype3947Hace 2 días

    I’m just gonna keep my iPhone X for some years to come. Yearly upgrades are such a waste of money if you have a relatively recent phone. I’d rather the phone bill drop significantly. Especially with this new iPhone looks the same but with a new ugly camera.

  8. Garret McSkeeter

    Garret McSkeeterHace 3 días

    I really wanted a note 10+ then I heard the microphone on it and said yeah I’ll keep my Xs max. But I really really want that cd color and it’s just not as boring I love my iPhones but they are just kinda boring rn compared to the note 10+

  9. Stealthy Dakota

    Stealthy DakotaHace 3 días

    This test should be between the iPhone 11 pro max and note 10+

  10. Stealthy Dakota

    Stealthy DakotaHace 3 días

    Isn’t the note 10 plus 2019’s Samsung’s phone?

  11. Vince Mallari

    Vince MallariHace 3 días

    From s10 plus to p30 pro now i bought an i phone xs 512 tried to compare my ipphone to the note camera man its way too far ill tive my beer to my ip xs cheers

  12. Glen T Long

    Glen T LongHace 3 días

    Keeps the need for speed game cuz android is slow with it. Gives iphone an advantage cuts it needs it and he knows it lmao😂😂😂😂😂😂

  13. JdSoul7

    JdSoul7Hace 4 días

    I watched 6 ads during this video.

  14. CHETHAN singh

    CHETHAN singhHace 4 días

    I still have my 7 plus 128gb.... I feel it is still a beast works smoothly... amazing camera and 4K video shoot ..don’t feel to upgrade ... it’s been close to 3 years now

  15. Gok Yu

    Gok YuHace 4 días

    Iphone cam and speaker is in comparable.make an in-depth review

  16. Colby Bateman

    Colby BatemanHace 4 días

    There is a button to make it stop shaking even I don't even have one but I know about it

  17. Josue Arroyo

    Josue ArroyoHace un día

    Colby Bateman ahh you need a button for that. But iPhone is automatically ok. Android is trash. Last years iPhone has a better camera than the 2019 android. I bet you get viruses even watching ESreporter

  18. Gabriel Vidovic

    Gabriel VidovicHace 4 días

    When you compare a 1 year old phone to a brand new phone

  19. Evan Shabo

    Evan ShaboHace 4 días

    Honestly it’s so stupid when people say we buy apple for name someone just messaged me said that I think that’s kind of people who do not think before speak and he said it’s fact facts are when you prove it not when you say it lol that’s how I know you dumb also I have apple and had Samsung people do not buy apple for the name that doesn’t make sense it’s because apple have good quality products and amazing support amazing software they have apple stores where you can take your phone under warranty and either get new one or they fix it apple got an actual support unlike Samsung once my phone broke I had to ship it wait few months and to get it back was horrible and android sucks anyways I been using iPhone 7 since I had galaxy s8 which I sold and my iPhone 7 still works so smooth and everything show me an old android phones or Samsung that works as good as the iPhone 7 from that year man people who say we are buying apple for name are honesty just haters I don’t mind android phones I use them and I’m actually planning to get galaxy s10 plus used for 600 but I’m not going to say that android is better then iOS that will never happen the only company that I could say came a bit close to iOS is oneplus that’s it you can reply all you want but people do buy apple because of the software and great customer service and that’s why I’m with apple trust me I myself like technology and do my own customization but apple still better however I do like android and do few different things but I always go back to apple everything works better and phone quality are actually amazing

  20. Darshan Kumar

    Darshan KumarHace 4 días

    Not ten plus 👍

  21. Aasish Kshetri

    Aasish KshetriHace 5 días

    All u crazy narrow minded apple fan boy all are complaining bout color...if police asked u than u tell bout ur device model not color u stupid

  22. Aasish Kshetri

    Aasish KshetriHace 5 días

    U havent updated samsung why u always do a foolish mistake related to samsung

  23. HiddenX UserX

    HiddenX UserXHace 5 días

    The author is a stupid idiot, on note 10+ turned off electronic stabilization! And on the iPhone 11 it is turned on by default. How can this be compared? This is fake video ! Dislike !

  24. Rohit Deshmukh

    Rohit DeshmukhHace 5 días

    iPhone low life are just insecure beings whose IQ is lower than their iPhones model number

  25. McClain gang Gang

    McClain gang GangHace 5 días

    Fuck iPhone now

  26. Evan Shabo

    Evan ShaboHace 5 días

    My iPhone 7 still works better then galaxy s10 and better then note 10 try play games load apps watch videos or whatever you do always works better then android and Samsung people hate to admit but that’s why apple sell not because of the name that’s none sense that’s just haters idea to make people who buy iPhones stupid people love iPhones because they know it works and it’s super smooth I’m still using iPhone 7 not even one lag and this is over 3 years old phone I tried galaxy s10 and was laggy and so unpleasant to use you can argue all you want deep inside I know everyone agrees nothing yet has beat apple with quality and how good everything works

  27. pitbull .69

    pitbull .69Hace 4 días

    People buy apple because of the name. And that's just a fact, it's not a bad reason but its true

  28. Lov!ingL!fe

    Lov!ingL!feHace 5 días


  29. YellowGuy

    YellowGuyHace 5 días

    So if Samsung had ios it would be better?

  30. Lov!ingL!fe

    Lov!ingL!feHace 5 días

    From year 2025 i am dead 💀 🤣I would definitely get note but tbh I cannot get my self to do so After all the note 7 drama

  31. Ecchi Not Hen

    Ecchi Not HenHace 6 días

    I love IPhone XS Max 😚 and Galaxy Note 10 Beautiful 😍

  32. Taco Salad

    Taco SaladHace 6 días

    It's crazy how close you live to me. I took a wide angle on the same street a few months ago. 😂😂😂😂

  33. Hey Yo

    Hey YoHace 2 días

    I wanna toss you're salad

  34. CrazyJaime_YT

    CrazyJaime_YTHace 6 días

    This stupid youtuber is so bias with Samsung, becuase you like apple? Wow... You suck

  35. Pedro 13

    Pedro 13Hace 6 días

    The iphone camera is unbeatable

  36. Pakana Behera

    Pakana BeheraHace 6 días

    Definitely samsung

  37. Bani Kaur

    Bani KaurHace 6 días

    Please do the same video with 11

  38. Farhan Uddin Mahin

    Farhan Uddin MahinHace 6 días

    you gift me a iphone xs max.

  39. Farhan Uddin Mahin

    Farhan Uddin MahinHace 6 días


  40. Daniel P

    Daniel PHace 6 días

    Buy one yourself

  41. Farhan Uddin Mahin

    Farhan Uddin MahinHace 6 días

    i like a iphone xs max.

  42. Mahesh Garg

    Mahesh GargHace 6 días


  43. C. Williams

    C. WilliamsHace 6 días

    So basically the note 10 catches up to apples phone.. from last year. Got it.

  44. Mauri Santo

    Mauri SantoHace 5 días

    Note is the most beautiful phone ever made bigger better and faster 😍😍😍

  45. Drini Vids

    Drini VidsHace 7 días

    8:52 like this comment if you saw the iPhone 11 Pro camera 😂


    AKASH RATHEESHHace 2 días



    YOUNG DAGGER DICKHace 4 días

    Drini Vids Lmfaoo

  48. Tvyaii TT

    Tvyaii TTHace 6 días


  49. Leo Garcia

    Leo GarciaHace 7 días

    Is a Note 10 plus from verizon going be slower than a unlocked note 10 plus ?

  50. Agniva Sinha

    Agniva SinhaHace 7 días

    8:52 The source of inspiration of iphone 11 pro's camera

  51. aliciaplayz

    aliciaplayzHace 7 días

    You spent a lot of money you deserve a subcriber and a like

  52. Spuros GR

    Spuros GRHace 7 días

    My phone (pocophone f1)[2018] will be better than the next 3 generations of Apple's phones!!

  53. Aqif Rexhepi

    Aqif RexhepiHace 3 días

    Spuros GR or maybe you need little bit more security on tou pocophone heheheh,iphone is the best mu friend

  54. Spuros GR

    Spuros GRHace 3 días

    @Aqif Rexhepi so what?!

  55. Aqif Rexhepi

    Aqif RexhepiHace 3 días

    Spuros GR are you still waiting for an uptade?🤯🤪🤪,maybe you will get it in future,but you have to waitt for that

  56. Spuros GR

    Spuros GRHace 3 días

    @Aqif Rexhepi *sure!!and 2017 and 2018 android phones beat iPhone 11 sure buddy!!do you even got any iPhone from 2030?!*

  57. Aqif Rexhepi

    Aqif RexhepiHace 3 días

    Spuros GR i mean that my iphone xs will beat 2020 androids phones

  58. Shagufta Yasmin

    Shagufta YasminHace 8 días

    iPhone is the pubg god

  59. Gee Foo

    Gee FooHace 8 días

    Apple will only launch games first, ONLY GAMES! That's why this videos focus alot on games.

  60. purana name

    purana nameHace 8 días

    10 plus lollipop

  61. Tsmu Sucks

    Tsmu SucksHace 8 días

    Iphone user here 👋 Note 10 is better Byeee

  62. Silent gaming

    Silent gamingHace 8 días

    I just need a good phone

  63. Borges Por Vida family

    Borges Por Vida familyHace 8 días

    You click the galaxy just a little faster than iPhone. It’s catchable in your video. I returned the note 10plus in aura glow, and switched back to my Xs Max in silver. I tried my best to try and get used to Samsung, but I guess I’m just an Apple girl lol

  64. Excuse me Wth

    Excuse me WthHace 8 días

    Samsung all the way

  65. hope lawrence

    hope lawrenceHace 8 días

    Why don't you or anybody else for that matter ever demonstrate split screen technology(true multitasking...something iPhone still doesn't have to this day....their iPad Pro has it though....but my phone can do what the iPad pro can do....

  66. GameTox

    GameToxHace 5 días

    Apple users dont need that

  67. Dhruv Kansal

    Dhruv KansalHace 9 días

    Can we just talk about all his mistakes.

  68. Nedews

    NedewsHace 9 días

    2:41 apple instantly used camouflage mode

  69. McCartney Henry

    McCartney HenryHace 9 días

    cat cute

  70. Mikee Sbqk

    Mikee SbqkHace 9 días

    The camera in Note 10 was too much filter in photo and not make natural look because I like always taking photo and video. I want to see evening version of note 10 because in a daylight I almost convince the graphic, but when I zoomed in the note 10 photo was not really good.

  71. Aryicall Gaming

    Aryicall GamingHace 9 días


  72. Pizzi Power

    Pizzi PowerHace 9 días

    Honestly for me if you put the Samsung model build and combine it with the apple software. Mmm mmm mmm that’s the dream phone right there

  73. Vishal Thakur

    Vishal ThakurHace 9 días

    Why im watching this im still gonna buy oneplus 7 🤔 wtf.

  74. Sam Wilson

    Sam WilsonHace 9 días

    Yo iPhone still is the BEST iPhone's camera is super Amazing and so Stabilized & note 10 plus's camera is too Weird like No smooth stabilization

  75. Avatar Abat

    Avatar AbatHace 9 días

    i have my galaxy note10 plus but honestly i dont like the display but i like the design though thats why i swap to iphone xs max

  76. jesse aparicio

    jesse aparicioHace 10 días


  77. Zo Sky

    Zo SkyHace 10 días

    If I were to spend 1000 dollars on a phone I'd always go for Iphones as they have better resale value.