Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max Speed Test & Camera Comparison


  1. Ryan Rafael

    Ryan RafaelHace 3 días

    Watching this video with a note 10 plus and an xs max on my side.......feels......wEiRd

  2. Daniel Moloney

    Daniel MoloneyHace 6 días

    Theres a lot of flickering on the flowers in the video comparising for iPhone

  3. Rehan Matloob

    Rehan MatloobHace 9 días

    Whare are you from

  4. Abdalla Omar

    Abdalla OmarHace 10 días

    The real question is which one hold it's value for longer time??

  5. nagendra kumar das

    nagendra kumar dasHace 13 días

    samsung is best

  6. EMT EDM

    EMT EDMHace 14 días

    no one cares about how fast can it open the game ,all we care about is actual frame rate in high end games not low end ,antutu was a joke it's funny to see a12x and 855 plus have exactly the same score in their benchmarks , try gfx next time!

  7. Randy Paputungan

    Randy PaputunganHace 19 días

    I owned both of them and I must say that, the face unlock in note 10+ is nothing compare with the iphone xs max, especially in dark.

  8. Lorenzo Bautista

    Lorenzo BautistaHace 21 un día

    Why is he not comparing it with the 11 when it's the newest thing (the number 10 doesn't matter)

  9. Dodo Dodo

    Dodo DodoHace 22 días

    Just iPhone Xs Max or iPhone 11 Pro Max no Samsung never Apple 😍

  10. Jefferson Domingo

    Jefferson DomingoHace 26 días

    Why do people keep saying, this note 10+ is better, this s10 is better. Wait till you actually use the phone for a while. You'll regret what you said. I have an s9, and i used to hate apple so much. And seeing the iphone's smoothness and camera makes me regret getting the s9. My s9 lagged after 5 months. Cant wait til my contract ends this summer and im getting the xs. It May be a 2 year old phone, but XS would last longer than note 10 and s10 combine

  11. GOT YOU

    GOT YOUHace 28 días

    goddamnit can any phone compare to iphone's camera

  12. Steve E

    Steve EHace un mes

    I’m still stuck on the Apple IPhone. Don’t get me wrong, the Note 10 is very nice, but I just can’t get used to the android operation system. Samsung has a reputation that puts a lot of junk apps in their phones, even if you erase them, they come back. That’s what I hate about android. I prefer to wait for Apple to come out with a 5G phone instead. It’s real sad that T Mobile is only offering 2 5G phones especially with all the 5G hype going on. I just don’t feel like spending $1,400 on a Note 10 I own a XS Max and You would think there are significant improvements over a 5G phone. Honestly I just don’t see much of a difference for me to spend $1,400 bucks. I heard rumors that the 5G phones coming out will not have the full 5G band width potential. I seriously hope that I’m wrong with that. I don’t want to end up buying a 5G phone that will barely keep up with the standards of a fast 5G phone.

  13. Boelle Niyongabo

    Boelle NiyongaboHace un mes

    2019: iPhone with 3 cameras 2020: eatable iPhone Do you understand the joke you know Apple the fruit yeah

  14. Patrick Tilsley

    Patrick TilsleyHace un mes

    The iPhone just has a nicer look!!

  15. Neul Sadama

    Neul SadamaHace un mes

    iPhone’s camera is legend or the best of all the best

  16. iiEpicGamerz

    iiEpicGamerzHace un mes

    my s7 edge has 4 gb ram... the 11 has 4 GB ram.. HMM

  17. Yes100

    Yes100Hace un mes

    The cameras kinda look the same

  18. Jolie Aranda

    Jolie ArandaHace 2 meses

    4:50 did he cheat for samsung? 😂 he skipped it am I the only one who noticed?

  19. md sadiq

    md sadiqHace 2 meses

    My note 10 + pluse is 256gb

  20. Kashif altaf gujjar

    Kashif altaf gujjarHace 2 meses

    Watching on my note 10 plus

  21. gotchie15

    gotchie15Hace 2 meses

    If you want faster note 10+. U need to change the animation in the settings. Btw. Ilove my new note 10+. The apps 3D scanner is sick...

  22. big ballerbrand

    big ballerbrandHace 2 meses

    Crazy time when a apple based channel is the least biased on youtube. Love the reviews bruddah

  23. Jess G

    Jess GHace 2 meses

    as a life long apple user, I am disappointed about the color of iPhone xs, 11, x, xr. skin tone. orange look.

  24. Abhishek's tech tips

    Abhishek's tech tipsHace 2 meses

    Nfs has bug on android bro 😅🤣🤣🤣

  25. zkā

    zkāHace 2 meses

    Everytime I wanna switch to apple Samsung keeps on holding me back, literally the specs and price gap is too big. Pls give me a reason to switch to apple.

  26. david crokette

    david croketteHace 2 meses

    Hello With the iPhone 11 Pro, Apple is unquestionably back in the game to rank his latest baby in first place in this ranking. An indisputable status, despite the big flaws that constitute for the last flagship of the American giant its internal storage capacity limited to 64 GB and its prohibitive price. Count indeed more than 1 000 euros to offer you this concentrate of technology. The only differences between the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max lies in the screen size and battery capacity.

  27. Athena Lorenzen

    Athena LorenzenHace 2 meses

    ItS HolO where are my holosexuals???

  28. 정세빈

    정세빈Hace 3 meses

    한국인이 없넹

  29. blondeasian1

    blondeasian1Hace 3 meses

    I love which this 😂👍

  30. Ishh Q

    Ishh QHace 3 meses

    The only reason why the iPhone is faster is because it’s new..once you use that mf for a month or 2 it gets VERY slow.

  31. awesomeferret

    awesomeferretHace 3 meses

    Say what now? You claim that the iPhone catches up with video encoding and is so amazing exactly as the Note catches up and renders the video faster than the iPhone? You said the exact opposite of what was happening in the video.

  32. Daniel B Cezar

    Daniel B CezarHace 3 meses

    um jegue fazendo comparativo dá nisso!


    SIRF TRENDINGHace 3 meses


  34. Alg 2003

    Alg 2003Hace 3 meses

    For 10 times zoom you can’t complain

  35. Alg 2003

    Alg 2003Hace 3 meses

    The note 10 plus is oh so much better in every way

  36. Murat gurner

    Murat gurnerHace 3 meses

    samsung king👑

  37. Slabber Dabber

    Slabber DabberHace 3 meses

    This is absolutely faked but idk how much... watch 10:13 & realize he’s using the Galaxy note 10 for the video & claiming it’s the ALMIGHTY iPhone 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  38. Grace faveur

    Grace faveurHace 3 meses

    Note for life,,, getting more done with the pen even though Samsung customer service is the wort in the world...

  39. Muhammad Hakam Irsyad

    Muhammad Hakam IrsyadHace 3 meses

    Goblok lu

  40. rustytr

    rustytrHace 3 meses

    When he put the kitties down that low light black level the iPhone was way better. I'm a note fan but the iPhone is mas better for pictures.

  41. Terry Allen

    Terry AllenHace 3 meses

    I watched this on my max, about to send vid emojis to my fellow iPhone users lmao at how much better we have it. 😉

  42. abhijith shetty

    abhijith shettyHace 3 meses

    Rich people commenting like wow .... god idk why am here 😕

  43. EDM de Açaí

    EDM de AçaíHace 4 meses

    Oh wow whats that??? 10:34

  44. Pakana Behera

    Pakana BeheraHace 4 meses

    But Samsung amd chipset is still

  45. Martin Grahan

    Martin GrahanHace 4 meses

    Only a fool or a teenage girl would buy the iPhone 11 pro, the people who knows at least a little bit about specs will ditch the iPhone immediately.

  46. wee de boa

    wee de boaHace 4 meses


  47. Bradley Martin

    Bradley MartinHace 4 meses

    Bruh you have to turn off animation mode in the developer settings for the note 10 plus. It destroys the iPhone in everything. I've been an iphone user for years - wasting a grand for an extra camera lens isn't worth it

  48. Charles Du

    Charles DuHace 4 meses

    Still Iphone. Apple forever. Class, quality, durability. Lagdroids and windows lagtops -> Garbage 🗑 #apple #Superior

  49. 男名前のない

    男名前のないHace 3 meses

    Boy you are really saying that androids lag? Apple has held you back in time, it seems. Windows is the best OS.

  50. nunya bizz

    nunya bizzHace 4 meses

    The app periscope doesnt work properly on a note9. Yet on my childs iPhone 8 i have no problem

  51. gio fransen

    gio fransenHace 4 meses

    samsung makes awesome phones. But the only downside in my opinion is the fact that they have a in screen "home button". this part of the screen is completely unusable unless you chance the settings so that it will disappear. But then you have to swipe up and still have the touch the home button. It looks ugly. Iphone does a great job with this. Just a small line on the bottom. (and yes I know there is a notch)

  52. Laurenda Del Ray

    Laurenda Del RayHace 4 meses

    So, can someone sum this up for me...which one wins?

  53. Axiom

    AxiomHace 4 meses


  54. L 'n' P gamer

    L 'n' P gamerHace 4 meses

    1:54 It reflects as you say it

  55. Paulo Alexandre

    Paulo AlexandreHace 4 meses

    5:56 are you implying that the Exynos 9825 performs better than SG855? because not

  56. Alejandro Nuñez

    Alejandro NuñezHace 4 meses

    all the iphone lover fanboys butthurt. iphone takes another L Samsung note GANG. 10+ BETTER THAN AN IPHONE CHEAP QUALITY ALL HYPE. HAHAHA

  57. Rudy Rodriguez

    Rudy RodriguezHace 4 meses

    haha android and samsung clowns love living in their own delusional dream world. at least samsung doesn't make our phones lag after a few months of usage. samsung losers are the ones that are always butthurt so they go into their own world to make themselves feel better haha

  58. Bryce Chapman

    Bryce ChapmanHace 4 meses

    Shouldn’t have use beta iOS, it gives the iPhone a disadvantage, also why no comparison of which exports video faster

  59. Senol Abbasov

    Senol AbbasovHace 4 meses

    cats super), Samsung note 10 win easy

  60. Adil A

    Adil AHace 4 meses

    PHONE IS STOLEN Police: What color is your phone? Me: gay pride color

  61. ghazi hussain

    ghazi hussainHace 4 meses

    Still waiting for ur review for asus rog 2

  62. iSiP Toronto

    iSiP TorontoHace 4 meses

    Why you comparing the two ? ..... the iphone is trash doe... it's a givn6