Sabrina 2x06 Sabrina Kills the Angels



    SHENG LONGHace 2 días

    This is by far the strongest scene on the series... but dont br fooled. The main message there is... the dark lord os surely powerful but he promised mercy for the "Hunters" for surrendering to him and once done he still burned them into ashes on hellfire... main lesson? He will always be a lier and use his power to make u fear and trust him but he will always punish your soul once u fall for him.

  2. oanh nguyen

    oanh nguyenHace 5 días

    I have a question, if the thron crown deactivate sabrina's magic. Why didn't she just take it off, you have your hands girl

  3. Micky Lyden

    Micky LydenHace 7 días

    This was brilliant wished they took the story more away from the dark lord and make her claim too be the new dark lord and descend the coven into a civil war that would of been aswome

  4. MichaelJ

    MichaelJHace 9 días

    0:02 the way Sabrina's blood forms are like wings omg never noticed this before 😲

  5. OurTruth

    OurTruthHace 9 días

    🤦🏽‍♀️ She’s such an horrible actress... she gives me “this is comedy” like ‘scary movie 2 vibes” 🤣😂🤣

  6. Axel

    AxelHace 7 días


  7. Heena Tanveer shaikh

    Heena Tanveer shaikhHace 12 días

    They spread satanism

  8. F r o z o n e

    F r o z o n eHace 16 días

    Meanwhile on the Greendale side of Sweetwater River...

  9. Julia Walker

    Julia WalkerHace 17 días

    What a load of over acted hammy tripe! No thanks I'll give this sorry mess a miss I think.

  10. Ana Chavez

    Ana ChavezHace 19 días

    I love this scene!

  11. Aen

    AenHace 20 días

    I would immediately kneel and worship Sabrina.

  12. azarath vilar

    azarath vilarHace 20 días

    O Mighty Dark Lord By whom all things are set afire Thy power be the path Thy will be my desire In hell as it is on earth Praise Satan Well done

  13. Candice Patterson

    Candice PattersonHace 20 días

    This was the greatest part ever on the show onggg

  14. Billie eilish’s Biggest fan

    Billie eilish’s Biggest fanHace 21 un día

    Sabrina is epic

  15. Seth Leung

    Seth LeungHace 21 un día

    I was expecting to see this Sabrina in season 3, considering what happens she has a lot of reasons to go all Demon Queen on the pagans.

  16. m l

    m lHace 22 días

    I feel like God would kick me out to heaven after finding out I was cheering for Satan's daughter instead of the Angels

  17. ChefZav

    ChefZavHace 22 días

    Currently watching Season 3 episode 8. Where the fuck is this energy?

  18. Stephen Richards

    Stephen RichardsHace 23 días

    the Supreme

  19. Kadeem Joseph

    Kadeem JosephHace 23 días

    She needs to meet lucifer from supernatural

  20. speedofpee

    speedofpeeHace 23 días

    So y'all couldn't turn off the fan when you hoisted her up in the air? She's swinging back and forth, it looks so fake

  21. Josh Martin

    Josh MartinHace 24 días


  22. meierandre

    meierandreHace 24 días

    And then she somehow lost all her devine powers and cannot do anything anymore...

  23. Liliya Huggins

    Liliya HugginsHace 25 días

    The show is actually not that bad. I actually enjoy it! But this actress is so so horrible. I really wish it was someone else...literally anyone else.This scene could of been so epic. So disappointing....

  24. a b

    a bHace 25 días

    So how would the offspring of a fallen angel be stronger than 3 angels?...

  25. Morgan Gaspard

    Morgan GaspardHace 24 días

    She is the daughter of an archangel The most Powerful of the angels Not to mention that she is basically a tribrid of Angel Witch and Mortal

  26. Lol Rayan

    Lol RayanHace 25 días

    this is better than season 3 no offence

  27. Entendiendo el VIH 101

    Entendiendo el VIH 101Hace 25 días


  28. Emmanuel Wayne

    Emmanuel WayneHace 26 días

    This Scene just confirmed how i love this serie

  29. TheCrazyBritish

    TheCrazyBritishHace 27 días

    Spoilers for Part 3: Anyone else annoyed Sabrina never did anything like this again. I was expecting the finale to be like this.

  30. TheCrazyBritish

    TheCrazyBritishHace 7 días

    @Axel The only thing i could see working is the herald powers are activated when she dies. As that is what activated them the first time. Perhaps she needs to die again to activate them. But yh i'm not hopeful on Part 4, there's a lot of writing laziness/inconsistency on top of the fact we're gonna have to deal with the two sabrinas paradox.

  31. Axel

    AxelHace 8 días

    @TheCrazyBritish yeah you're right. Maybe they didn't want to make Sabrina over powered, but they still didn't give us any clarification about her powers... It's like they just wrote this part lazily... Like, she could resurrect dead people but now she couldn't even give to the other witches the powers that Satan toke away from them... And she could destroy all of the pagans easily if she had her herald powers, so i think she can use just a part of the Herald Powers, like maybe she needs to be in a very critical situation in order to activate them, such as being in danger of dying or something like that. I hope part 4 will give us the answers

  32. TheCrazyBritish

    TheCrazyBritishHace 8 días

    @Axel But we saw she had her powers in the moment she declares to take the throne. She makes her eyes white which we know is only because of her herald powers. And to the point on how she becomes queen of hell; if she didn't have them before, she wouldn't have them when she's queen, and remember the fact that's the alternative sabrina, if she got her herald powers back from being queen, only that sabrina would have it. The sabrina we have who's the one who didn't become queen, shouldn't have herald powers.

  33. Axel

    AxelHace 8 días

    @TheCrazyBritish no. Lilith said that her Blood is only half celestial so she isn't strong enough to give to the others their powers back like lucifer could do, so if she cant do that it's obvious she hasn't got her Herald Powers (because her powers were lost by killing her copy) or maybe she still have them but not as powerful as they were before.. she was a normal mortal when she lost all of her powers and Lilith gave her back only the Witch part of the powers, but now that she's the queen of hell she should be much more stronger than a normal witch

  34. TheCrazyBritish

    TheCrazyBritishHace 19 días

    @Ralf_q aw Yeah but her power was lost, and Lilith gave her back her powers, her miracle powers come from the fact she's half divine in blood. But even still Sabrina flashes her eyes white referencing she's the herald of hell. It just seems like the writer wrote themselves in a corner and depowered her significantly in Part 3


    PLUTO IS A PLANETHace 27 días

    That phrase was kinda cringe.

  36. Your Mom

    Your MomHace 27 días

    She should’ve went this badass in season 3 man ://

  37. Loretta 253

    Loretta 253Hace 27 días

    Im still mad no one knew who I was for halloween even though I looked exactly like sabrina here (minus our skin color match, but I used a lighter shade) and I was walking around getting candy, saying "Iam the dark lords sword!" 😤 p.s I was silently screaming and jumping around when I saw This at 2 in the morning while my family sleeping 😂

  38. Amanda Mariscal

    Amanda MariscalHace 27 días

    So she can burn whole ass angels and resurrect DEAD people but she can’t defeat a dude made out of clay? Like bro pour water on him 😭

  39. krzysztof maksyminko

    krzysztof maksyminkoHace 5 días

    When she renounced her powers she lost her celeatial powers as well

  40. Murat Capat

    Murat CapatHace 12 días

    Gifford Nale u r right i think xD

  41. AlondraPost

    AlondraPostHace 12 días


  42. Candice Patterson

    Candice PattersonHace 20 días

    Dis shit had me dyin😂😂😂

  43. Gifford Nale

    Gifford NaleHace 21 un día

    @Amanda Mariscal oh right. The weird sisters, except for Prudence can definitely use a good smack from Sabrina. I feel like Prudence is really a great character. She's just protective...

  44. Hills b

    Hills bHace 28 días

    They never said thanks to Sabrina for saving them

  45. James hiawo

    James hiawoHace 28 días

    I didn’t like season 3.

  46. penguin

    penguinHace 28 días

    this shouldve been in part 3

  47. Kidthunderhand

    KidthunderhandHace 28 días

    I wanted more of this Sabrina in part 3 hopefully it part 4!

  48. And What

    And WhatHace 28 días

    What is this rated as?

  49. Catsy Meow

    Catsy MeowHace 28 días

    I missed moments like this in Part 3 :(

  50. Get Lit

    Get LitHace 28 días

    *WhAt ArE YoUuUU???*

  51. Danny

    DannyHace 29 días

    gave me gooooooosbumps lol

  52. aminaalice alic

    aminaalice alicHace 29 días

    Where are my priests and straps to say the prayer 👁️👁️👁️🤣🤣🤣

  53. Phuong Billington

    Phuong BillingtonHace 29 días

    I wish they play some black metal in the background

  54. HopeOrDespair?

    HopeOrDespair?Hace 29 días

    While she was saying "say it!", I was at the say and my wireless headphones shouted "LOW BATTERY"

  55. Psycho

    PsychoHace 13 días

    Same 😂

  56. Felix St-Gelais

    Felix St-GelaisHace 29 días

    I want a lucifer cameo

  57. MaatsFeather

    MaatsFeatherHace 29 días

    I don’t get why they nerfed her power in season 3.

  58. Potato Jerry

    Potato JerryHace 2 días

    In exchange for Cheerleading and musical, sigh

  59. MaatsFeather

    MaatsFeatherHace 16 días

    Why do people get angry and disrespectful when commentary doesn’t align with their views? 🤷‍♂️

  60. oanh nguyen

    oanh nguyenHace 16 días

    Yes finally i feel like 90% of her casted spells are open and close the door( which i really need) lmao

  61. HUG TO HUG tayo

    HUG TO HUG tayoHace 26 días

    @MaatsFeather lol, stupid

  62. MaatsFeather

    MaatsFeatherHace 26 días

    HUG TO HUG tayo lol classy

  63. Aegon

    AegonHace 29 días

    Remember what RUBY from supernatural said "Witches are devil's whore"

  64. bambi v

    bambi vHace 29 días

    wtf i need to go pray after watching this demonic shit-

  65. ana

    anaHace un mes


  66. j u l i a.

    j u l i a.Hace un mes


  67. The Gayer Devil

    The Gayer DevilHace un mes

    Who's here after part 3? Lol

  68. The Gayer Devil

    The Gayer DevilHace 23 días

    @Morgan Gaspard probably the throne gave her this powers

  69. Morgan Gaspard

    Morgan GaspardHace 29 días

    Adam Azri can she still use this kind of power because in the 1st episode of part 3 she was able to turn her eyes white but I want to know for sure

  70. Adam Azri

    Adam AzriHace un mes

    Was expecting to see more of this demonic Sabrina lol but she was badass in her own way in the final episode. The way she tricked everyone into her own plan was genius.


    JUST MOVIESHace un mes

    sabrina Season 3 epi 1 watch full to click this link :

  72. F r o z o n e

    F r o z o n eHace un mes

    Would anyone have the slightest idea where i could I find the soundtrack for this scene?

  73. Shimeih

    ShimeihHace un mes

    Hail Satan

  74. landok62

    landok62Hace un mes

    The writters, directors and cast of these series are satan's followers? Imagine even if this is just only for entertainment but making satan as their savior and true god?

  75. Катерина Лихачева

    Катерина ЛихачеваHace 21 un día

    landok62 he’s not. He’s an antagonist here

  76. Hailey Holt

    Hailey HoltHace un mes


  77. F r o z o n e

    F r o z o n eHace un mes

    Took me a little while to notice,but sabrina actually used the angel's own method against them. Convert and then kill.

  78. Morgan Gaspard

    Morgan GaspardHace un mes

    Same I just noticed that a few hours ago

  79. Lowhan Reddo

    Lowhan ReddoHace un mes

    Melhor cena das temporadas. Se toda a série fosse nessa vibe, seria maravilhoso.

  80. Feologild

    FeologildHace un mes

    This show was better than i expected.

  81. busywl69

    busywl69Hace un mes

    what a show. hope it runs for 15 seasons.

  82. stab thabitch

    stab thabitchHace un mes

    When I was explaining this to my mom, she yelled at me for watching Sabrina. I showed her this scene and she thought I was watching a demonic show

  83. Byler Bitches

    Byler BitchesHace un mes

    Tbh the first time i watched this scene I shit my pants but this is iconic ✌️😌