Rogan & Schaub on Conor vs. Cowboy


  1. Niborino9409

    Niborino9409Hace 3 días

    Why is Schaub in there? I want to hear only Joe :(

  2. Third Position

    Third PositionHace 3 días

    Brendan Schaub looks like, carries himself, and talks like that business major at community college we all knew

  3. Jaile Alonso

    Jaile AlonsoHace 4 días

    That shit is garbage

  4. Kevin Zuniga

    Kevin ZunigaHace 4 días

    The way it looked to me, Cowboy performed slightly better than an untrained fighter. I think it's time to retire.

  5. okamus panulirus

    okamus panulirusHace 4 días

    Joe: Schaub: agree Joe: Schaub: I agree, Joe! Joe: have you tried DMT? Schaub: Joe: Schaub: agree

  6. Cris Elver

    Cris ElverHace 5 días

    Wha 'appen? I dipped out.

  7. Winnie Blues 30s

    Winnie Blues 30sHace 5 días

    Joe: “hi” Schaub: “my only issue is...”

  8. David Mankarios

    David MankariosHace 5 días

    Im here after the fight.

  9. marx oxin

    marx oxinHace 5 días

    Joe: Schaub: “I agree”

  10. Peter Mason

    Peter MasonHace 6 días


  11. Gaming Vids

    Gaming VidsHace 6 días

    Lol Conor

  12. Joshua Lanhan

    Joshua LanhanHace 6 días

    Schaub should become a professional sentence finisher.

  13. BNol11 _

    BNol11 _Hace 6 días

    "that's a good fight" fight takes 40 seconds

  14. rajinbin

    rajinbinHace 7 días

    I wonder what you all think about the current organized murder that was done by Conor. It was brutal.

  15. Jerrod Watts

    Jerrod WattsHace 7 días

    Rogan, you used to be cool man. You sound like a confused asshole that says things because of who’s paying you. You’re supposed to be so least you think you are. Sometimes you sound so stupid, could be aliens, moon landing, etc. Grow up ... gotta follow up on this. I’m sorry, if you actually ever read this. I just thing that you’re saying thing s you don’t actually believe because you want anyone and everyone to hang on. Good luck son

  16. Showystream 141

    Showystream 141Hace 6 días

    Jerrod Watts stfu no one gives a shit

  17. Tech

    TechHace 7 días

    Jerrod Watts stfu haha

  18. Pj Donohoe

    Pj DonohoeHace 7 días

    It. Was 40 second dance.

  19. Medley kush

    Medley kushHace 7 días

    40 seconds

  20. Zain 429

    Zain 429Hace 8 días

    Joe : I’m loving they way cowboy is fighting now even tho he lost the last few and in this one he didn’t even throw a punch tho

  21. Wyatt O'Dempsey

    Wyatt O'DempseyHace 8 días

    Is joe dying??

  22. tony Kari

    tony KariHace 8 días

    Cowboy is a stepping stone for other fighters at this time.

  23. Matt Grant

    Matt GrantHace 8 días

    Schaub is a tool


    OCEAN OCEANHace 8 días

    How many of you are here after Conor koed 🐮 boy in the first round

  25. Matthew O'Rosco

    Matthew O'RoscoHace 8 días

    Joe “that’s a very good fight” Rogan

  26. Brandon White

    Brandon WhiteHace 8 días

    These guys just haven't evolved in the way they talk about fights at all.

  27. Brandon White

    Brandon WhiteHace 8 días

    Rogan has easily said "who does that to barbosa" 3 separate times

  28. Ron Criswell

    Ron CriswellHace 8 días

    40 seconds... LOL 🤣💯☘️🍀

  29. Lucas Strunc

    Lucas StruncHace 8 días

    You know why you're here.

  30. Ricky

    RickyHace 8 días

    I’m just here waiting for Joe Rogan to bring up that clean kick last night against cowboy

  31. Tyler Jones

    Tyler JonesHace 8 días

    Joe said perfect time for it and Schaub replied me to I agree lol

  32. Dark Eco

    Dark EcoHace 8 días

    Joe: I'm about to end your mma career Brenden: yes, i agree.

  33. Victor Araoz

    Victor AraozHace 8 días

    So it was not a good fight after all. there wasn't even a fight.

  34. Kevin Zuniga

    Kevin ZunigaHace 4 días

    @Sargeant Slash By Conor, shitting on Cerrone's face

  35. Sargeant Slash

    Sargeant SlashHace 7 días

    But it was a good performance

  36. Vince sharp guy

    Vince sharp guyHace 8 días

    He was not a man ?👌

  37. The Maestro

    The MaestroHace 8 días

    Experts like these two saying it’s going to be a good fight but then when McGregor murders him in 40 seconds they say that Cowboy is washed up and it’s not impressive.

  38. Yo Dad

    Yo DadHace 9 días

    It was not a very good fight lol.

  39. Garrett Carlson

    Garrett CarlsonHace 9 días

    Well this aged poorly

  40. Fuck Off

    Fuck OffHace 9 días

    Whos here after conor tko’d cowboy in 40?

  41. Vincent Stephenson

    Vincent StephensonHace 9 días

    "Well he's lost his last two..." umm +1 Nice guy in a ring with a thug

  42. bmunsamy

    bmunsamyHace 9 días

    Joe is not looking to healthy lately?

  43. Juan Hawsman

    Juan HawsmanHace 9 días

    Suck it

  44. Willie Boats

    Willie BoatsHace 9 días

    Well. If that win wasn't IMPRESSIVE ASF. Conor is about to go HAM in the WW division.

  45. Nick Bernath

    Nick BernathHace 8 días

    @Willie Boats hes not 37 with 40 fights dumb fuck. Big difference

  46. Willie Boats

    Willie BoatsHace 8 días

    @Nick Bernath And Cowboy was fighting a guy who hasn't won in 3+ years. Was annihilated in his last fight and had the pressure of the world on his shoulders. It was an impressive stop. And sent a message through the division.

  47. Nick Bernath

    Nick BernathHace 9 días

    @assassin57 why dont I go que?

  48. Nick Bernath

    Nick BernathHace 9 días

    I'm saying he fought a 37 year old fighter with 40 fights in😅😅😅😅 whoa, what an impressive win. He'll retire after Khabib ass rapes him again. Cant wait to see it.

  49. assassin57

    assassin57Hace 9 días

    @Nick Bernath was it too graphic for you? why don't you go que back to fortnite

  50. Thijs De jonge

    Thijs De jongeHace 9 días

    lol, conor is back!!!!

  51. Nick Bernath

    Nick BernathHace 9 días

    He wins in a fight with a well past his prime fighter whos had 37 fights. That really proves something. Khabibs gonna ass rape him again and then conor will retire.

  52. Nick Bernath

    Nick BernathHace 9 días

    @Damon Driver I have one. We were fucking after the fight. Did u jerk off last night?

  53. Damon Driver

    Damon DriverHace 9 días

    @Nick Bernath You gonna be on every comment hating? Get a girlfriend, or at least a hobby🤦‍♂️😂

  54. point of view BLVD

    point of view BLVDHace 9 días


  55. Nick Bernath

    Nick BernathHace 9 días

    Yeah sure

  56. Michelle Peterson

    Michelle PetersonHace 9 días

    Well going back to this after the fight lol way to funny.. Connor fucked up cowboy in under a minute 😂👌😭 no one fucks with the 🔥

  57. Sandip Neogi

    Sandip NeogiHace 9 días

    How is it a very good fight? Cowboy is just a scapegoat. Joe, can't we expect better sensibility from you?

  58. MIguel Meza

    MIguel MezaHace 9 días

    Anyone here after the 40s K.O? Nasty head kick

  59. David Olson

    David OlsonHace 9 días

    No one saw the outcome of this fight coming

  60. point of view BLVD

    point of view BLVDHace 9 días

    No one at all

  61. Grant Clapp

    Grant ClappHace 9 días


  62. Jonathan Sariles

    Jonathan SarilesHace 9 días

    Jus here to say Connor jus knocked out cowboy in less then a minute 😆

  63. Elijah Munoz

    Elijah MunozHace 9 días

    GG like this if you came here after the fight and for the F for respect 😭

  64. Siddharth Rajagopalan

    Siddharth RajagopalanHace 9 días

    who's here after Mcgregor won in 40 seconds

  65. point of view BLVD

    point of view BLVDHace 9 días


  66. Hayden Dupree

    Hayden DupreeHace 9 días

    Who back here after the beat down?

  67. MyNameIsFaran

    MyNameIsFaranHace 9 días


  68. Kristofher Lopez

    Kristofher LopezHace 9 días

    Conor destroy cowboy im from the future

  69. JDub Josh Dubreuil

    JDub Josh DubreuilHace 9 días

    40 seconds in... And the UFC thanks you for your donation

  70. TherealGeorgeSt-Pierre

    TherealGeorgeSt-PierreHace 9 días


  71. Nate Clasen

    Nate ClasenHace 9 días

    “That’s when Yves Edwards was a monsterrr. People forget about that” -Brendan lmao yeah Brendan you forgot about that until Yves called your ass out on Rogan.

  72. lesie salazar

    lesie salazarHace 10 días

    Cowboy is only making 400k if he wins... 200k if he doesn't. Which is complete fucking bs.

  73. Blue Cloud

    Blue CloudHace 10 días

    French subtitles please

  74. Blue Cloud

    Blue CloudHace 10 días

    French subtitles please

  75. Nick Bernath

    Nick BernathHace 9 días

    Fuck France

  76. lesie salazar

    lesie salazarHace 10 días

    No. Learn english.

  77. John Kim

    John KimHace 10 días

    Gaethje is a fucking gangster lol...Gaethje Masvidal Connor Nate...bmf final four

  78. ahmad rizky

    ahmad rizkyHace 10 días

    whoa... asac schrader

  79. Ham Fingers

    Ham FingersHace 10 días

    Brendan ‘I’ll just agree with everything’ Schaub.