RIP Diamond.. Losing Our Best Friend



    ALAZI ALAZIHace 13 minutos

    العربي يشترك بقناتي 😁

  2. andreina Wilson

    andreina WilsonHace 19 minutos

    I had a chihuahua once’s (actually was my aunt’s dog) but I had a deep connection with him, the day that he pass away I felt like i died with him. I wish I had my dog back 😭 .sorry for your lost guys

  3. Ero Rose

    Ero RoseHace 28 minutos

    Awwwww no 😭

  4. XxAxzyte xX31

    XxAxzyte xX31Hace 38 minutos

    I feel you Jeffree I miss my dad to he past away when i was 2 I can’t remember him 😭😭😭

  5. Rachel's Edits

    Rachel's EditsHace 39 minutos

    Rest In Peace Diamond 💕 I lost my fur baby 2 years ago and it’s honestly still so hard I miss her so much. My thoughts are with you 💕

  6. XxMoonlightxX

    XxMoonlightxXHace 39 minutos

    Bye diamond we love you bye you life was well lived and everyone loved you your heart wasn’t small is was huge we could all tell we will al miss you diamond 💎 💖💎👑

  7. Teddy Clifford

    Teddy CliffordHace 53 minutos

    Bless you guy's, I know that pain. It's just yeah....

  8. Jama Lenig

    Jama LenigHace 54 minutos

    my heart breaks for you, I love my fur babies Hugs!

  9. Sinead Cassidy

    Sinead CassidyHace un hora

    Honey in so so sorry diamond was an amazing dog and she had an amazing life with you both she was very happy, I know how it feels my dog who I had since I was 4 and im 14 now ,she died not long ago and it was really hard for me because she was there for me for a long time dogs are truly mans best friend

  10. Peachy Guy

    Peachy GuyHace un hora


  11. ButterPecanMami1990

    ButterPecanMami1990Hace un hora

    Oh my gosh im like literally bawling my eyes out!

  12. Moist Grayson

    Moist GraysonHace un hora


  13. ivan colina

    ivan colinaHace un hora

    Why the dog died

  14. Dan Benson

    Dan BensonHace un hora


  15. Bethany Acosta

    Bethany AcostaHace un hora

    Diamond is in a better place now she’s normal and has no problems in heaven I know how much it hurts bc I had a dog she was 9 years old and she passed away from a large heart and when my parents found her they really didn’t want to tell me because I told them “if little one passes then I’ll never want a dog ever again and I’ll be sad for a while “ you guys just need time and trust me it’s hard now but it will get better soon and plus Diamond isn’t gone she still in your heart and your going to see her in your dreams sometimes bc she’s visiting you in there and that how you guys could still see her and once again I’ve been through it and it hurts but it will get better soon .R.I.P Diamond well always be loved and missed ♥️🤧I hope you’ll feel better and never ever turn to evil.......please I know you probably won’t but some people do and I don’t want to see anybody like that.♥️♥️everything’s going to get better and bad things happen to nice people and it happens to everybody ♥️💙

  16. idiotic11

    idiotic11Hace un hora

    Jeffree.. There's a saying that our pet knows how much we love them and how much they mean to us. So, they purposely depart during our absence or they choose to run away and hide when they are departing us.. this is their way of loving us, because they don't bear to see us aggrieved by their side. Or can't bear for us to watch them leave.. So, Diamond loves you!!!

  17. Fouloul

    FouloulHace un hora

    All the kids in wars, facing diseases, getting molested and beaten are like WTF!!

  18. Jinx

    JinxHace un hora

    That's rough Jeffree. I'm so genuinely sorry about Diamond. It's so very hard when our fur babies leave us.

  19. paris & nicole

    paris & nicoleHace un hora

    still so sad about this, were so sorry

  20. YY Lok

    YY LokHace un hora

    You saved her life and gave her a wonderful life. 👍🏻👍🏻 RIP diamond

  21. Cristina Aurora

    Cristina AuroraHace un hora

    I understand the pain so much. cat died after an anesthesia. He did not wake up. I was there through the operation. Everthing went perfect. But he would not wake up. Me and my vet..have tried 1h 30 to wake him up..but his heart beated online when we helped him. He died in my hands. It much..i cant even describe. I miss him so much. He was not even 1 year old😣😣

  22. Veronika Čolak

    Veronika ČolakHace 2 horas

    I'm so sad RIP DIAMOND

  23. Carly Murphy

    Carly MurphyHace 2 horas

    i don’t understand how people don’t think animals have souls because you can see joy and pain in them. hope you will start feeling better and happier jeffree 💕

  24. Sammy Poole

    Sammy PooleHace 2 horas

    Heartbreaking. It is so horrible to lose a beloved fur baby 💔

  25. Ashton Strider

    Ashton StriderHace 2 horas

    Rip diamond we will miss u sweet baby ❤️

  26. Claris Liau

    Claris LiauHace 3 horas

    Jeffree : Losing diamond star = losing my family

  27. ASMR mom life

    ASMR mom lifeHace 3 horas

    RIP sweet Diamond.

  28. insfires? InFiReS MaN YeAh !!

    insfires? InFiReS MaN YeAh !!Hace 3 horas

    Welp,..... now im crying 🤧

  29. peachy slime's slime

    peachy slime's slimeHace 3 horas

    Im so sorry i feel so bad rip diamond we will always love diamond we love you stay strong ❤❤❤i love you guys so much i love all your dogs diamond 💎💓💓💓

  30. Routh Mailmi

    Routh MailmiHace 3 horas

    Dis fr fr a dog I thought it was for a whole ass person

  31. deakanutz

    deakanutzHace 3 horas

    You pervs probably banged it in the ass. Satanic goat Lucy lovers.

  32. pollixlolli chan

    pollixlolli chanHace 3 horas

    Jefree where here okay i had a cat and lost her i cried but i know she is heaven now but we are all here for you. We love you 💕👑 and we love Diamond and also my name is diamond too😊💕💎

  33. Ashley Douglas

    Ashley DouglasHace 3 horas

    RIP Diamond.. I’m sooo sorry 😢❤️💐

  34. trovey02

    trovey02Hace 3 horas

    So sorry for your loss. Lost my chihuahua 2 years ago and although she was 17 years old it was terrible to lose her. Still miss her so much every day so I know how it feels.

  35. tdaytona_ 500

    tdaytona_ 500Hace 3 horas

    Diamond will be forever in our heart’s💕❤️💘R.I.P Diamond Star

  36. Melon man and Pineapple guy

    Melon man and Pineapple guyHace 3 horas

    😭😭😭😭😭😭 💧💧💧💧💧💧💧 💧💧💧💧💧💧💧 💧💧💧💧💧💧💧 💧💧💧💧💧💧💧

  37. Shelly M. Graham

    Shelly M. GrahamHace 4 horas

    Nate, Jeffree; my heart and prayers go out to you. I too have experienced the emotional, physical & mental pain of unexpectedly losing and/or having to make the hideous choice/decision to send my heart & soul to the "Rainbow Bridge ." My thoughts and prayers are with you both. God bless!

  38. Eden :3

    Eden :3Hace 4 horas

    I’m so sorry 😭💔💔 Love u jeffree!!❤️❤️

  39. Malakai Waldrobe

    Malakai WaldrobeHace 4 horas


  40. hermila parra

    hermila parraHace 4 horas

    I’m so sorry for your lose!!! Sending you and Nate lots of love ❤️❤️ stay strong honey 😢😘

  41. MiA Zz Prodigy

    MiA Zz ProdigyHace 4 horas

    When all these global crisis going on and you crying over a damn dog 🤦🏽‍♂️ smhh

  42. Lazy Garl Cha

    Lazy Garl ChaHace 3 horas

    Rather than being salty why dont u the one who help those global crisis

  43. Mary Nicole

    Mary NicoleHace 4 horas

    This get me crying

  44. Vanessa Zanudo

    Vanessa ZanudoHace 4 horas

    It hurts a lot, but the good thing is that she is in a better place with all of our people or animals are all together and god wanted them with him and a better place it’s ok I have had A LOT of people or animals died😓🙏💔😭😞

  45. Mariaha Duran

    Mariaha DuranHace 4 horas

    I know what it's like loosing a dog Jeffre.. I had a dog tiny for 15 years grew up with him since I was 3 we put him down in 2016.. I thought my world was over my protector my dog my life was just gone..

  46. nicoleab88

    nicoleab88Hace 4 horas

    Oh man, I’m so sorry you guys. All of us here’s passed pets are all together playing and having fun right now ❤️

  47. Anette Wheeler

    Anette WheelerHace 4 horas

    I might not like Jeffree after the whole JC fiasco, but when I heard that Diamond passed, I came to give my condolences. Rest in Peace Diamond. You were a good friend and family member to Jeffree. Be happy up in Puppy Heaven.

  48. Chelsea Allison

    Chelsea AllisonHace 4 horas

    I will never fully understand why animal's lifespans are so much shorter than ours. But she definitely had a really good life. RIP.

  49. Koka Koke

    Koka KokeHace 5 horas

    Wtf just dog🙄

  50. Benj y

    Benj yHace 5 horas

    The dog ate Kylies skin products

  51. Andra Yt

    Andra YtHace 5 horas

    I cry because of the final video😭😭 Love you Jeffre and Shane (You re awe some♥️) You re next pallette should be called white Diamond 😁

  52. Andra Yt

    Andra YtHace 5 horas

    You re strong and I know that is hard ,but you should be happy because Diamond is in a better place🤟🏻😉

  53. Kahina Milla

    Kahina MillaHace 5 horas

    I had my cat at the age of 3, he was born in 2001, and he left in 2018, when I was 19 ... I lost part of my heart and my life at the same time that he. It’s heartbreaking. Be strong together... RIP Diamond 🙏🏼

  54. Cas T

    Cas THace 5 horas

    Please honour Diamonds memory by your next collection and call it the Diamond Collection. She was so beautiful guys and I am so sorry for your loss.

  55. Andrea Olesya

    Andrea OlesyaHace 5 horas

    I just lost my cat and was there when he put to sleep and my best little hamster passed. It's been really rough. I feel your pain. When they go, it leaves us feeling broken. RIP Diamond.

  56. Brown Eyed Beauty

    Brown Eyed BeautyHace 5 horas

    I’m going to cry )):

  57. Maria Nazaryan

    Maria NazaryanHace 5 horas


  58. Melissa Damey

    Melissa DameyHace 5 horas

    RIP Diamond. 🖤

  59. annalisa hammett

    annalisa hammettHace 5 horas

    I'm so sorry Jeffree. Losing one of your babies is oh so heartbreaking. I lost one of my babies and wasn't there when he passed. It makes it so much harder not being there during their last hours. We're here for you. Always! ❤❤❤

  60. Ellie Owen

    Ellie OwenHace 5 horas

    💔RIP DIAMOND 💔Sending all my love to you both at this tough time💔x

  61. Kittycatty Catherine

    Kittycatty CatherineHace 5 horas

    I feel so bad for you 😢😭 not trying to replace diamond but you should get a dog named Duchess Or a boy named Damian Or Daylight

  62. Sassy bre

    Sassy breHace 5 horas

    I’m so sorry for your Loss Jeffree Star. RIP Diamond 😥

  63. Autumn Moonflower

    Autumn MoonflowerHace 5 horas

    She lived her best gave her a deserving life. ❤ Diamond is Forever 💎🦴

  64. KukiGaming

    KukiGamingHace 5 horas


  65. selena_is_ da_best_

    selena_is_ da_best_Hace 5 horas

    I'm so sorry that your dog died😔R.I.P. Diamond

  66. Angel of darkness

    Angel of darknessHace 5 horas

    It's all gonna be ok, losing a pet hurts so much my baby kitten died in my arms when we were on the way to the veteranarians office. I promise it will heal, and I am so sorry for your loss

  67. Tilen mergeduš

    Tilen mergedušHace 5 horas


  68. Trina Kay

    Trina KayHace 5 horas

    I feel your pain Jeffrey ❤️ I know this is a rough time for you but I hope you get thru it

  69. Yehudit

    YehuditHace 6 horas

    Jeffree, our pets take parts of us with them as they go. I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest in Peace Diamond! May she continually watch over you and nate u till she sees you both again. Love you.

  70. Kate Smith

    Kate SmithHace 6 horas

    It’s just a fucking dog lol

  71. Kyra Horton

    Kyra HortonHace 6 horas

    you guys are so strong, take as much time off as you want, loosing a pet is one of the hardest things in the world, i’ve felt the pain and it’s so upsetting to hear about this, i hope you guys feel better, much love - kyra 💝💝

  72. Zonnie Hoffer

    Zonnie HofferHace 6 horas

    Next Liquid Lipstick I'm Buying Is "Diamond" Because I Wanna Wear It In Her Honor. Rest In Peace To My Favorite Puppy Out Of All The Dogs That You Have Raised In Your Beautiful Home. Wish We Were There To Give You Hugs!

  73. Makeup by Monica Heckard

    Makeup by Monica HeckardHace 6 horas

    Awwww my heart breaks for you💔 miniature schnauzer is 8 years old now and I can’t imagine life without her😢🙏🏽

  74. Me Alli Gonzalez

    Me Alli GonzalezHace 6 horas

    WHY I LOVE YOU 💕 😥😭😭😭😭

  75. yurem cisneros

    yurem cisnerosHace 6 horas

    Im so sorry for your loss and i love diamond and its still in your heart and lives with you guys forever love you guys so much im so sorry for your loss😔


    BLUE_GACHA _WOLFHace 6 horas

    Poor doggy R.I.P 🙏 1 like = 1000,00000,0000,0000,000 prayers that u will be okay

  77. BeanHeadz

    BeanHeadzHace 6 horas

    This really made me cry

  78. radass.carter

    radass.carterHace 6 horas

    So sorry for your loss😔💗💎

  79. Shelby

    ShelbyHace 6 horas


  80. CrushingLadybugs

    CrushingLadybugsHace 6 horas

    My thoughts are with y’all! 💕 Take as long as y’all need! RIP Diamond 💎

  81. Dulce sjp

    Dulce sjpHace 6 horas


  82. Synthia Irma

    Synthia IrmaHace 6 horas

    I’m so sorry beautiful 😭 it’s hard ! I recently lost my dog and now I only have the cute memories

  83. Haylee Castaneda

    Haylee CastanedaHace 6 horas

    i hope u guys fell way better xoxo

  84. magix 11

    magix 11Hace 6 horas

    Ik how it feels i lost my cat last year on october from uti it was johnsnow i cried alot 2 for 3 days straight. U can go to my insta to see him: snow_ginger_poppy

  85. Melissa Athina

    Melissa AthinaHace 6 horas

    ugh there isn't much sadder than losing a fur child. whether we have kids or not, pets :are: children. i feel for you so much, barely past the intro and i am crying my guts out. sending my love to you. rip diamond.

  86. Tina Murphy

    Tina MurphyHace 7 horas

    I’m so sorry!! Death leaves heartache no one can heal but memories in our hearts that no one can steal. Take care of yourselves cry grieve. So hard. I watched my lab fall asleep for his last time I will forever feel the emotional pain of it. He could read my feelings. May god ease your suffering.

  87. Brandi Guarino

    Brandi GuarinoHace 7 horas

    Im SO sorry for your loss!


    SEXYBOII RAEHace 7 horas

    I'm so very sorry for the loss of your baby girl. I know the pain it hurts like hell. I will say some prayers

  89. Lisa Moglia

    Lisa MogliaHace 7 horas

    So sorry for your loss Jeffree & Nate! What a beautiful memoir you guys put up of her!! I'm sure she was so proud to have you as her parents! She was so beautiful!! Always in our hearts

  90. Mallory Flagg

    Mallory FlaggHace 7 horas

    I am so sorry you’re feeling this! I know the loss and the struggle it takes to climb back out of it! Take your time, all of you! Our pets are so in tune with us and it is literally losing a part of your life! Sending love and strength to you all!

  91. asseater007

    asseater007Hace 7 horas

    Losing a dog has got to be one of the saddest things that can happen to someone that isn't talked about as much as it should be. I have a 12 year old shi tzu and I don't know what I'll do without him ❤️❤️I love him like my son.

  92. Harley Wilson

    Harley WilsonHace 7 horas

    I'm sorry for your lost you guys. 😭💔 She will always have a place in all your hearts. ❤️

  93. Dusty Rose

    Dusty RoseHace 7 horas

    Im so sorry you guys i know what it feels like over the years ive lost plenty of animals from snakes, bunnies, and my cat so your not alone. Love you guys.

  94. Mari Tedeluri

    Mari TedeluriHace 7 horas

    I lost my dog also it happened 2 weeks ago :( it’s really hurtfull :

  95. Jennifer Tolbert

    Jennifer TolbertHace 7 horas

    I can relate, I had a cat for 15 years from 7-22. I was inconsolable when she passed away. Time heals all wounds, and treasure the memories

  96. Skele Fuzz

    Skele FuzzHace 7 horas

    im so sorry for your loss, I understand the sheer awfulness of loosing pets, I lost my cat and my hamster barely a week apart, and it shattered me,so my heart is with you.. 💚 stay strong.

  97. Kamriee Harrell

    Kamriee HarrellHace 7 horas

    are u gonna buried her or put her into ashes and have a diamond necklace of her

  98. elise g

    elise gHace 7 horas

    I am so sorry for the loss of ur precious puppy princess 😞👑

  99. Stevie Lopez

    Stevie LopezHace 7 horas

    Please the crying... imma start crying now the house. Diamonds are forever baby! You and Nate are perfect parents and Diamond is watching over you two now!

  100. royalrissa

    royalrissaHace 7 horas


  101. Tessa Galloway

    Tessa GallowayHace 7 horas

    I lost my dog, whom I had since I was 3, last year and had the biggest mental shutdown I have ever had. She was my emotional support dog and I couldnt even cry I just sat there feeling numb and didnt talk for 3 months 😭😭 I know the feeling hun it hurts more than ever

  102. Emily Watson edits

    Emily Watson editsHace 7 horas