Rick Ross & T-Pain Hit Stage To Perform Maybach Music, Boss & More! | Hip Hop Awards ‘19


  1. Mason C

    Mason CHace 2 horas

    Rick Ross is the best

  2. The Hitcher

    The HitcherHace 19 horas

    T-Pain over here looking like the Predator after chemo

  3. Carter Oma

    Carter OmaHace un día

    The difference between Rick Ross and 50.. Ross still relevant in music

  4. Detroit Zeus

    Detroit ZeusHace un día

    ross Buffed up off the glasses😎

  5. Cheerseventspro Cheers

    Cheerseventspro CheersHace 2 días

    Legendary performance.. hits after hitss🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  6. AD 27

    AD 27Hace 2 días

    Y do people sleep on tpain?

  7. DanielKeithMorrison

    DanielKeithMorrisonHace 2 días

    Ross an example why tekashi gonna be just fine when he comes back. Ross a damn correctional officer talking bout drug dealing, neverr met noreaga and everyone forgot.

  8. h lacy

    h lacyHace 3 días

    50 cent likes this

  9. Curtis Davies

    Curtis DaviesHace 3 días

    T-Pain is still got it

  10. Haitian_Fanmi PRODUCTION

    Haitian_Fanmi PRODUCTIONHace 3 días

    Ross 👑

  11. LilDarrelTheComedian

    LilDarrelTheComedianHace 4 días

    You listen to Ross b4 you go to the club and you gone throw everything 💰

  12. hamzah zziwa

    hamzah zziwaHace 4 días

    Damn, the song sounds like a studio one

  13. Ranae Jean

    Ranae JeanHace 5 días

    Dj sam sneak

  14. Mehvin

    MehvinHace 5 días

    Tpain> Rick Ross

  15. smoothcollected

    smoothcollectedHace 5 días

    Rick Ross music is for black men who are hood but have jobs and want to be looked at as professionals while the pussies that hate on him saying he’s a fraud are the dumb asses who stay high all day with no aspirations

  16. Daja Marie

    Daja MarieHace 5 días

    Yoooo T- pain’s opening note got me over here trynna warm my chills.


    AARON EVANSHace 5 días

    When them fools thought Ross was not the best, i knew Ross was the best im glad all you folks nationwide recognized what i knew 15 years ago when i heard maybach music and the other feature with jay, and wayne i knew right away and of course they knew too. Wayne said this is a luxury tax lol


    AARON EVANSHace 5 días


  19. T Jemilua

    T JemiluaHace 6 días

    One of the best performances of the night

  20. Josephat Mwangi

    Josephat MwangiHace 7 días


  21. You only live Once

    You only live OnceHace 8 días

    Floridaboy 💪💨🍾✅

  22. Karim MCI

    Karim MCIHace 8 días

    16:40👀🔥🔥 you are Is A Legend 👀👍 Me likè likè likè 200%🔥🔥👈 Who's here in 2019 2020??

  23. Darryl Prasad

    Darryl PrasadHace 8 días

    When the DJ says “Long Live Nipsey “🏁 TMC @5:13

  24. Calvin Bigby

    Calvin BigbyHace 8 días

    I hate the DJ his adlibs sucks

  25. Takudzwanashe Machame

    Takudzwanashe MachameHace 9 días

    Ross you a goat 👑

  26. Trap King Store

    Trap King StoreHace 9 días


  27. Jennie Mcgowan

    Jennie McgowanHace 9 días

    Fukkkkk im Turnnnt all the way ☝

  28. Faith Shaw

    Faith ShawHace 10 días

    Rick looks really nice with the weight loss. I find it funny and great that with such iconic rappers and their decisions to hang around RnB stars people Like Wale and Rick have sexed their game up with the sexy female dancers in the background. Trey Songz and Chris Brown Probably have given them the connect for the low.

  29. David Williams

    David WilliamsHace 10 días

    What was the name of the last song they did

  30. Ray Mark

    Ray MarkHace 10 días

    Called... Big tyme. New too

  31. Kingsley Mikundi

    Kingsley MikundiHace 10 días

    black me dont cheat i like tat

  32. Shahid Ali

    Shahid AliHace 10 días

    Love him or hate him the man got hits for days and bars for wks sure can't count him out..

  33. oneandonly93

    oneandonly93Hace 10 días

    The start from t-pain gets me every time🤯

  34. souhile kadi

    souhile kadiHace 11 días

    rick ross its realy boss i see on stage he get it baby love ross one day meet bro

  35. dechen lhamo

    dechen lhamoHace 12 días

    T pains comeback is the best in the industry! 💎

  36. Martin Lefterov

    Martin LefterovHace 12 días

    Rick Ross Maybach Music game over

  37. jumping dancing Salomon During

    jumping dancing Salomon DuringHace 12 días

    You Nico bro 🤩🎅🎅🎅✌🤑

  38. Zaa kirah

    Zaa kirahHace 12 días

    Okay after this I gotta search some T Pain... nostalgic Mahn I wasn't ready... when I heard 'everyday I'm hustling

  39. Taylor Gang

    Taylor GangHace 12 días

    My Man

  40. Calderon Liwaka Cortez

    Calderon Liwaka CortezHace 12 días

    Waow Rozzy Hugh 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙏🏾💯👌🏾

  41. ste8701

    ste8701Hace 13 días

    MM best song of all time..2019 and i still cant believe how sick that beat is..just blaze, rozay thx 4 ever✌️