Remembering Etika: YouTubers React to His Death | E! News

  • 25 jun 2019
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  1. E! News

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  2. Zakeree

    ZakereeHace 17 minutos

    Nibba thought he was Michael Phelps

  3. The Comic Man

    The Comic ManHace 17 minutos


  4. Lu Cho

    Lu ChoHace 29 minutos

    I can see a ad end of the video.

  5. Blxsssd _

    Blxsssd _Hace 30 minutos


  6. BoneChill, King of the Cold Dark

    BoneChill, King of the Cold DarkHace 43 minutos

    Icynibba Alright then. We have our own opinions, and I can’t make you change yours. But some people here (not me, I don’t think death is funny business regardless of the person, except for Hitler or other people who’ve done horrific things) will find entertainment in your death.

  7. undertvle

    undertvleHace 14 minutos

    his death is obviously suicide. i don’t mean to offend anyone, but i want to hear the real reason, his body was found in a river, and his belongings were found at a bridge? looks pure suicide to me. RIP etika♥︎

  8. Mntdewmania

    MntdewmaniaHace 14 minutos

    I see the usual *heartbroken* stars chimed in.

  9. Hectiic SaGe

    Hectiic SaGeHace 15 minutos

    My big brother loves him so much like a friend in real life

  10. Völlimünden

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  11. John Smith

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  12. Fish Toaster

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  13. باسل بكور

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  14. #FreeMelly & Melvin

    #FreeMelly & MelvinHace 16 minutos

    Cause of death? He was found face down water unresponsive

  15. Mike 767

    Mike 767Hace 17 minutos

    Woah what the hell last time heard about him he was fighting with cops and now he’s dead.

  16. Cesar Brito

    Cesar BritoHace 18 minutos


  17. xXDilly1966Xx

    xXDilly1966XxHace 18 minutos

    They had to disable likes and disliked because when they released the vid they had ads on and everyone disliked it

  18. Frost YT

    Frost YTHace 18 minutos

    R.I.P Etika. Your fans and family will remember you as years go by. :(

  19. NononX

    NononXHace 19 minutos

    The one time youtube trending did something right, rest in peace Etika

  20. sonicmegaman 101

    sonicmegaman 101Hace 20 minutos

    rip etika you were a very way past cool person

  21. Ariel L

    Ariel LHace 20 minutos

    wait so did he off himself bc he said not to be afraid of death & bc he’s god?

  22. Dj Fresh

    Dj FreshHace 20 minutos

    People memed him with his breakdowns. Now everyone is his biggest fan. Sad world we live in. RIP

  23. Thanos

    ThanosHace 20 minutos

    Michael Mccrudden rubbing his hands now.

  24. Lucy

    LucyHace 21 un minuto

    RIP Etika I hope this shows how online bullying can go too far.

  25. Edward Tembo

    Edward TemboHace 21 un minuto

    29? He looked way younger like 23

  26. Supreme Memes22

    Supreme Memes22Hace 22 minutos

    #1 on trending get the good word out about mental health

  27. Rose-shrouded Confessor

    Rose-shrouded ConfessorHace 22 minutos

    #1 TRENDING *J O Y C O N B O Y Z* _F O R E V E R_

  28. Joshua Lambert

    Joshua LambertHace 23 minutos

    TBH in a week nobody cares, still doesnt

  29. DaddyOFive Manicle

    DaddyOFive ManicleHace 23 minutos

    I hope he was Christian because I want him in heaven.

  30. Mark Mason

    Mark MasonHace 20 minutos

    He was

  31. Theprincessoftacos

    TheprincessoftacosHace 24 minutos

    Rip I never heard about him

  32. Jose Ortiz

    Jose OrtizHace 24 minutos

    I'm watching basically all clips from his live stream to mourn his lost.

  33. Jasmine kuwonu

    Jasmine kuwonuHace 24 minutos


  34. Osiris

    OsirisHace 25 minutos

    This is what i wanted etika at #1

  35. Maria Garcia

    Maria GarciaHace 25 minutos

    Dude I just found out about this as soon as I was going to watch he’s vids😥

  36. Sonkei

    SonkeiHace 25 minutos

    You guys personally don’t deserve to make a video on Etika and gaining subs from him. I was a big fan of him and I also don’t feel that I have the rights on making a video on him.

  37. Omega

    OmegaHace 26 minutos

    Oh I’m so sorry I forgot theirs some Bitchniggas in here

  38. Lu Cho

    Lu ChoHace 26 minutos

    Shame you tube. 800k subs channel was cancelled. He make a new channel .

  39. Axelariel Salchipapa

    Axelariel SalchipapaHace 27 minutos


  40. ArmaniCoat

    ArmaniCoatHace 27 minutos

    please spread more love to one another. the world is so ugly as it is, you don't know what darkness someone else is stuck in. we could all use a little more love. rest in peace etika. ♥️

  41. Dr. Dile

    Dr. DileHace 27 minutos

    This is so respectful that this video doesn't show likes. Great job. RIP Etika. It makes me and my subscribers hearts break.

  42. Sophie Kerns

    Sophie KernsHace 29 minutos

    Rip Etika. Everyone, feel free to drop an F in the chat to pay respects.

  43. Blxsssd _

    Blxsssd _Hace 29 minutos

    Rest in peace Etika.🙏❤️😔✌️

  44. Ferdi

    FerdiHace 29 minutos

    Two words. Project Venus.

  45. TijiSan

    TijiSanHace 29 minutos

    etika you didnt let us down... you lift us up, RIP you left a legacy here

  46. Janely Ortiz

    Janely OrtizHace 30 minutos

    This is #1 trending Keep it like that for him Rip etika

  47. Rodrigo04 !

    Rodrigo04 !Hace 30 minutos

    He forgot to set his spawn 🤦

  48. Ray M

    Ray MHace 30 minutos

    Am I the only one who thinks ESreporter and social media should stop normalizing suicide? I mean come on bruh the other day a 10 year old told me he wanted to commit suicide.

  49. KingSkyLord

    KingSkyLordHace 30 minutos

    Even though Etika's death is sad to me, I kind of find it a bit ironic that Minecraft got popular again, once he got mental issues and didn't stream regularly. Back in the day, before Smash Ultimate was released, we used to jokingly make fun of him (on ESreporter and Twitter) because he used to play Minecraft and almost became a fulltime rapper (Iceman Etika). Now, I honestly kind regret it, because he was such an amazing person and he didn't deserve to go out this way. One thing that I have always wanted to do, was donate $50 to him, so that I could make a meme Text-to-speech response or share a video to him. 😭 I feel so bad for his mom, his dad in Ghana, his gf, all the people who uploaded highlights from his streams on their channel, his donators, the memers, Masahiro Sakurai, and everyone else in the community.

  50. Nate Conner

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  51. Josiah Haangala vlogs

    Josiah Haangala vlogsHace 30 minutos


  52. Official Escapists

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  53. Juan Rangel

    Juan RangelHace 31 un minuto

    Goodbye black polnareffe

  54. mobile yt gaming

    mobile yt gamingHace 31 un minuto


  55. I'm Just Cameron

    I'm Just CameronHace 31 un minuto

    We'll forever love and miss you Etika. The internet will never be the same without you. Rest in peace.

  56. it really be like that doe

    it really be like that doeHace 31 un minuto


  57. Randy Gravel

    Randy GravelHace 32 minutos

    6’ 160lb Did he even lift?

  58. Gaming For God

    Gaming For GodHace 32 minutos

    Rest in Piece my man. I hope you’re in a better place now.

  59. unique beauty

    unique beautyHace 32 minutos

    I don't rlly know him but rip😔💓💓💓🙏🙏

  60. Steve Sarnowski

    Steve SarnowskiHace 32 minutos

    Sad he took his own life etika was a good guy he said he should pay but i think he should of went to a mental hospital

  61. JT THE OG

    JT THE OGHace 33 minutos

    Rip Etika he's with x in heaven now 😭

  62. Julia Defrancesco

    Julia DefrancescoHace 33 minutos

    *suicide is terrible, so please... get help..*

  63. Skychrew

    SkychrewHace 33 minutos

    Rest in peace Etika you will be missed

  64. BLXZE YT

    BLXZE YTHace 33 minutos

    Rip etika 😢 see you in the sky man

  65. ReactiveMite -_-

    ReactiveMite -_-Hace 34 minutos


  66. SquidwardEatsLegos321

    SquidwardEatsLegos321Hace 34 minutos

    Can’t wait to spend summer with you all! -Etika to the 2bt2 Minecraft Server.

  67. Joelynn Hill

    Joelynn HillHace 34 minutos

    So he jumped off the bridge

  68. IamJo

    IamJoHace 35 minutos

    This is really sad. I soo wish he didn’t commit suicide. And to be honest, suicide, in my opinion, is foolish or selfish. Not gonna sugar-coat. I mean he’s dead and gone but we just gonna have to move on. It’s life. Whoever disagrees with me go ahead and come at me and tell me to kill myself; but at the end of the day, I think suicide is dumb and unnecessary. What he did was stupid.

  69. Andre Fingal

    Andre FingalHace 35 minutos

    If it wasn't for Etika, I would have never discover smash bros. Thank you Etika for everything. Joyconsboyz forever!

  70. Jon Nimmer

    Jon NimmerHace 35 minutos

    Jesus is God, please repent and trust in Him. God Loves you. Don’t play around with God, because the Devil is real and he will destroy you. Hell is real. Please trust God and forsake your sins. It’s never good to do bad things. Don’t play around this is your only life. Don’t waste it, God Bless you.

  71. Dan Richardson

    Dan RichardsonHace 36 minutos

    H - Help U - Us G - Grow S - Spiritually

  72. Esoteric Madness

    Esoteric MadnessHace 36 minutos

    Hope nobody tries to imitate just to snatch that #1 trending

  73. boot master

    boot masterHace 36 minutos


  74. Balta Bueno

    Balta BuenoHace 36 minutos

    I will really miss him a lot, I used to watch his streams the second they went live. RIP 😢 JOYCONBOYZ JOYCONMEN!!

  75. hhhk20

    hhhk20Hace 38 minutos

    The guy was 29 years old & his "career" was being a "ESreporter blogger?" I would have killed myself, too! The only people sadder than this dude, are the losers who used to watch him.

  76. fly535cultured

    fly535culturedHace 38 minutos

    He had it coming

  77. J S

    J SHace 38 minutos

    Never heard of him. I don't feel sorry for people who kill themselves when they don't know real pain.

  78. Kraze

    KrazeHace 39 minutos

    Rip ethika love you!!

  79. Jakob Benz

    Jakob BenzHace 40 minutos

    I never seen any of his videos before

  80. devraj changkakati

    devraj changkakatiHace 40 minutos

    Cancel keem star He told him to jump of a cliff He did

  81. ChallengerDrakava

    ChallengerDrakavaHace 40 minutos

    i actually found him annoying most of the time and regret to say i wish he would go away... that comment i made was months ago. shockingly weird how things just happen but honestly this really sucks. i'm sorry for the fans. his parents really should of taken better care of him and at least taken him out of his lonely apartment.

  82. Tomas Desantiago

    Tomas DesantiagoHace 41 un minuto

    No Ads on this video... +Respect

  83. Tomas Desantiago

    Tomas DesantiagoHace 40 minutos

    Rip etika

  84. leonard barlow

    leonard barlowHace 41 un minuto

    What happened? He went too far into the deep web?

  85. cheerio thugin

    cheerio thuginHace 41 un minuto

    I'm crying for real a lot of crazy things happen this year

  86. Joseph Manzano

    Joseph ManzanoHace 41 un minuto

    who’s watching this without socks 😪

  87. marko maric

    marko maricHace 42 minutos

    Goodbye etika farewell and have a good afterlife Farewell etika 😥😭 Rest In Peace

  88. No Thanks

    No ThanksHace 42 minutos

    If they’re have been warning signs where was his family and friends??!

  89. gaming with todd

    gaming with toddHace 43 minutos

    Who new this from Adam saleh

  90. Dirg Ramsey

    Dirg RamseyHace 43 minutos


  91. N y

    N yHace 43 minutos


  92. Joseph Smith

    Joseph SmithHace 44 minutos

    Never heard of her.

  93. Alix Txé

    Alix TxéHace 44 minutos

    You tube is fun as tehre are many ways to make community... bou let us not underestimate the power of an actual hug and an actual conversation..... spend more time with those you love, nd family..... know that tehre are prole who truly care for each of us all...... connect..... so many people would have helped this young man if he had rechazado out for direct help. Let us be good to each other!!!

  94. Fearona

    FearonaHace 44 minutos


  95. Kelly S

    Kelly SHace 44 minutos

    So they took his account down?

  96. Ninjavirus353

    Ninjavirus353Hace 45 minutos

    I think he killed himself by drowning that's my theory

  97. RedCap 2

    RedCap 2Hace 45 minutos

    Let us, Joycon ni🅱🅱as congregate just as once.... 😔

  98. Ari Joestar

    Ari JoestarHace 45 minutos

    I didn't know this guy, where is his channel????

  99. Valfor Kaidrock

    Valfor KaidrockHace 45 minutos

    This is tearing me apart... it’s all I can think about. people just laughed at all of it. It makes me sick.

  100. Dylaanz

    DylaanzHace 45 minutos

    June 19th is cursed. First xxxtentacion now Erika?!

  101. basil hilal

    basil hilalHace 46 minutos


  102. D3Ad

    D3AdHace 46 minutos

    This is really really sad And sadly, he won’t have the chance to see who are the two next smash dlc 😔

  103. Tsukuyomi

    TsukuyomiHace 46 minutos

    RIP Can we get an "Etika loves Minecraft"

  104. Marx

    MarxHace 46 minutos

    Apparently the man was a 🤡

  105. Scott Morris IV

    Scott Morris IVHace 46 minutos

    RIP Etika, we ❤️ you.

  106. spicy

    spicyHace 46 minutos

    Yet more proof that the happiest and funniest people you know, are always the ones dealing with the worst. Sad he had to go like this. Christ, we’ve lost so many good ones in these past 2 years.

  107. bendy plushie studios

    bendy plushie studiosHace 47 minutos

    ...who is this guy