1. Amy Pangayan

    Amy PangayanHace 2 horas

    roses are red’ violots are blue azzyland is nice I’m such a FAN

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    3:42 RIP head phone users

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  4. Marvel Wolf CJ

    Marvel Wolf CJHace 18 horas

    I loved the food throwing prt hahahahaha

  5. Claire Ziliak

    Claire ZiliakHace 23 horas

    My mom says that I can’t do tic tok

  6. the whatever fox gatcha lover

    the whatever fox gatcha loverHace un día

    Azzy: I'm just excited to see you *has lump in pants* 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

  7. Parker Speirs

    Parker SpeirsHace un día

    The legs for the Shan she ripped her pants

  8. Tyler Bowen

    Tyler BowenHace un día

    since Azzy and Kwebbel are dating i think? idk i dont keep up to date on this kinda stuff they should make a channel called KwebbelLand

  9. Erica Fitzpatrick

    Erica FitzpatrickHace un día

    Omg i love your videos

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  11. Leanna Berry

    Leanna BerryHace 2 días

    Recreate mine at @user7495419801 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  12. Catys.M

    Catys.MHace 2 días

    Get on the bed, we’ll practice -one finger goes in Me: 😈

  13. Gacha_Phsycho Kate

    Gacha_Phsycho KateHace 4 días

    Hey @Azzyland I think I know how did they do the third one... I thing 1 drop the phone 2 when phone reached the end, video pause 3 then I think reverse... Yeah I think that's how they did it

  14. Emalyn_Edits

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    Who Else got a Tiktok Ad? Or is it just me... Like it you did or if you didn't still like.

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    Emalyn_Edits Ima like anyways bc now I feel bad :(( sorry.

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    @Marissa Crafty Unicorn nothing really. You don't have to anyway.

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    Emalyn_Edits why do we need to like?

  18. Lilith Scott

    Lilith ScottHace 4 días

    *Azzy* I'm going for big and round!! *Me* SHE THICCCCC!!!

  19. Faith Tackley

    Faith TackleyHace 4 días

    5:00 you made a fort for your pillow this had me in giggle fits lol watch on from 5:00

  20. Funny Honey love

    Funny Honey loveHace 4 días

    is it just me or does azzy kinda look like camila cabeo

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    I already followed u

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    Wow done

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    Love you're vidos you're the best you tuber

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    I love your tiktoks and your videos,😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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    Roses are red, strawberries are too if u like ashy put a like❤️

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    I loved it

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    I love how you did the tiktok becauce you tride your best as you can do

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    love the vido. you are one of my farvite youtube.

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    So funny😃😃😃😃😃😃

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    Roses are red violets are blue like this comment for Azzy she's so sweet👇🏻

  35. BubbleKid

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    I disliked it cause its pointing to it

  36. ideasforslime boom

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    I don't have time tok

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    Lol 😂 😂😂😂I love you Azzy

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    I wore headphones and when you screamed my eyers heart so bad😭😭

  39. Amelia Leonard

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    but i want to see that one Azzy!!

  40. Mared Williams

    Mared WilliamsHace 7 días

    Hi azzy

  41. Ann Angelino

    Ann AngelinoHace 7 días

    (4:17-4:23) How they do that how they teleport

  42. Jamarah Parker

    Jamarah ParkerHace 7 días

    I'm on my sis account I saw your TikTok

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    Azzy U mah Fav yt

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    azzy i love ur tiks toks challeng

  45. Laltlanthari Tharpuii

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    Just use bra on the first one

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    Plz follow me on tik tok

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    i love you

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    U break ur pants!

  50. Alexandra Bezdan

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    You should do a vid where you put the pants on backwards

  53. It's RosePhoenix

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    Omg i was watching this tik tok video and the 1 ad that i got was tik tok

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    I don't have to til tok

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    Are u sssniperworf’s sis?

  56. Tabitha Johnswood

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    Can just imagine ur mom.... DONT SLAP YOUR BOYFRIEND WITH DAIRY FOOL

  57. babagalid

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    Kweblkop: get on the bed we’ll practice me:...

  58. Youness Belkessa

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    How they do that

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    Everything is awesome 👏🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  60. Delaney Delcambre

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    Azzy: I made a fort for my pillow Everyone watching: AZZY ITS A FORT FOR YOUR PHONE NOT YOUR PILLOW🤣

  61. Rainbow galaxy cat Gotcha

    Rainbow galaxy cat GotchaHace 10 días

    The water in the hat hack actually does work as I went on an activity Holliday and on an aqua jets activity they did this to put the hats on us quicker Like if you have too

  62. Northern Pixie

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    Azzy your hair is so beautiful


    SARA THE GREAT!Hace 10 días


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    I LOVE U AZZY❤❤❤❤❤❤