Rebuilding A Wrecked Ferrari 458 Spider


  1. Wirbel jäger260

    Wirbel jäger260Hace un hora

    You got me into super cars man xD

  2. dirk segers

    dirk segersHace un día

    You pronounce it as , PINI -FA -RINI . that's a Italian disigner who built special cars for Ferrari like AMG dose for Mercedes :-)

  3. Paul Wemhaner

    Paul WemhanerHace un día

    As much into cars (especially fast ones) as you guys are, you really need to start watching The Grand Tour (originally called Top Gear in the UK), so you can learn about Italian supercars. haha

  4. Bobby Lee

    Bobby LeeHace 2 días

    8:44 you never shut the door back

  5. Silent Mustang

    Silent MustangHace 2 días

    Last month huracan This month 458 Next month 2005 ford gt or a stock car or a 1st gen raptor

  6. scal92253

    scal92253Hace 2 días

    2:48 porch... LOL its called a balcony :)

  7. Knn Ckr

    Knn CkrHace 2 días

    says ''pininfarina''

  8. Bo P

    Bo PHace 2 días

    Nice one How much more you guys pay for action fees on 105k

  9. Matt Mazelin

    Matt MazelinHace 3 días

    I guess i missed it, but did you guys say how much you paid for the Ferrari? If not could you let us know? Thx

  10. Markus Markovnikov

    Markus MarkovnikovHace 3 días

    «Коплю на феррари» 😆 This’s Russian song 😬

  11. Andrew Wells

    Andrew WellsHace 3 días

    6 parking spaces later ha

  12. Fix-It

    Fix-ItHace 3 días

    pininfarina is pronounced Phonetically Pin - in - Fa - reena. and it represents the coachworks who builds the interiors and the special body works.

  13. Sayd Bognare

    Sayd BognareHace 4 días

    It's cool y'all had a cat scan done on the car by Mr Thomas at 13:15

  14. OG duck80

    OG duck80Hace 5 días

    Go to and that chemical will take that stuff off the paint.

  15. Henry Douthwaite

    Henry DouthwaiteHace 7 días

    Please make it red.

  16. Ryss mygg

    Ryss myggHace 7 días

    only in the us, you will be able to drive with a trailer in the left lane lul.

  17. rb67mustang

    rb67mustangHace 8 días

    12:57, You need some type of winch mounted on the wall so you can pull disabled cars in so you can work on them.

  18. Njabulo Dlezi

    Njabulo DleziHace 8 días


  19. K93Y

    K93YHace 8 días

    Just the good ole boys.... haha

  20. ResurWreck

    ResurWreckHace 9 días

    This is one of my dream rebuilds, awesome deal too! I was watching this one at auction. One day. Keep up the awesome videos guys!

  21. CME4 Sheepdogs

    CME4 SheepdogsHace 10 días

    Its so awesome that you guys are getting these iconic roadsters back on the road where they belong. Automotive heaven.

  22. Ali Merchant

    Ali MerchantHace 11 días

    is that blue car up on the lift (also on the left side of the screen) a chevy camaro?!

  23. Jovani Castañeda

    Jovani CastañedaHace 11 días

    Como cuando terminas de ver estos videos, y luego ves las porquerias de los youtubers mexicanos jajajajajajajajaja Hay Niveles

  24. Dan Koekebacker

    Dan KoekebackerHace 11 días

    Pininfarina... dudes do your homework be4 buying a Ferrari. World's most known design studio. So many Italian brands have Pininfarina designs

  25. Cab Industries 1219

    Cab Industries 1219Hace 11 días

    Pininfarina. Also the name that MOTOROLA used for the PTT Flip phone that they built. I had 4 of those flip phones.

  26. Dominik Rymkiewicz

    Dominik RymkiewiczHace 11 días

    Pininfarina is car design firm


    S.M.D DUMB&DUMERHace 11 días

    I saw this coming

  28. Joe Brunner

    Joe BrunnerHace 12 días

    6:30 it's italian for "rich a**hole got a car he can only drive on a sunny day"

  29. kenshinflyer

    kenshinflyerHace 12 días

    They're so excited that they forget Pininfarina.

  30. Kenneth Miller

    Kenneth MillerHace 12 días

    wow, almost 110,000$ for this one. gonna be a crazy ride.

  31. Kevin Brock

    Kevin BrockHace 12 días

    it's pininfarina

  32. Undertale YellowSnow

    Undertale YellowSnowHace 13 días

    YOU WERE IN ORLANDO?!!? I live across the country

  33. Damian DMN

    Damian DMNHace 13 días

    Me encantan los videos de estos pibes, pero la ignorancia que tienen en algunas cosas es exasperante. Incluyendo lo de Pininfarina, por supuesto.

  34. WheelsandHorizons

    WheelsandHorizonsHace 13 días

    Can not wait to see the “better then oem” finished spyder

  35. Mr Thacker87

    Mr Thacker87Hace 13 días

    Shit #tjhunt crashed already 😂🤣🤣

  36. Jacob Manriquez

    Jacob ManriquezHace 13 días

    Do they ever tell or explain how they even get all these broken down luxury cars?

  37. CapBuster

    CapBusterHace 13 días

    public auctions for wrecked cars

  38. Mason Hinrichs

    Mason HinrichsHace 13 días


  39. Nouh Benmira

    Nouh BenmiraHace 13 días


  40. matt 'get tha strap' Jones

    matt 'get tha strap' JonesHace 13 días

    Hello North Carolina got respect for goonzsquad

  41. Basto

    BastoHace 13 días

    "I rebuild a Ferrari, i dont know who is Pininfarina"

  42. Chuck Whitson

    Chuck WhitsonHace 13 días

    anyone buying a car you built, is desperate and dumb and broke, and the jazz loop sucks too

  43. Andrew Bangalan

    Andrew BangalanHace 14 días

    wow that was so much carbon

  44. Macsimilianho Olivas

    Macsimilianho OlivasHace 14 días

    En el restaurant de fondo se escucha como le ofrecen algo de tomar, un refresco.

  45. Eric Ebelherr

    Eric EbelherrHace 14 días

    ******** Ferrari Parts & Others.. ********

  46. Rick Deckard

    Rick DeckardHace 14 días

    6:30 Please tell me you guys were just trolling ...Pininfarina design studio about as legendary as it gets. :)

  47. MrChewymentos

    MrChewymentosHace 8 días

    mad love for the goonzsquad but i think even they will tell you they are some country bred all american southern boys, hence pinifarina may just not be on their radar... That said, i agree, legendary, and if they didnt know, hopefully they do now

  48. Zany Wabbit

    Zany WabbitHace 14 días

    Rebuilds exotic cars... not bothering with the cracked windshield in pick up..

  49. Grassblox25 paul

    Grassblox25 paulHace 14 días

    my friend drift slider likes cars 🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗

  50. François

    FrançoisHace 14 días

    Nice video again. Great from the Netherlands. ++++


    PRYWATNYHace 14 días

    R u gonna fuck your selfs in da ass in this nice 5***** hotel with carpark ?

  52. Simon Johnson

    Simon JohnsonHace 14 días

    What's the story behind this car? The Huracan was interesting because the backstory was out there