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    How you guys enjoy the video and have a great day! Twitter: twitter.com/scammerrevolts

  2. Roshell Thomas

    Roshell ThomasHace 4 días

    Funny😂they were flabbergasted

  3. Steven Villman

    Steven VillmanHace 15 días

    What are all the strange beeping sounds that I'm hearing in the background (probably from the telephone calls to the scammers)???

  4. america usa

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    What means benchod?

  5. america usa

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    Dude you are freaking amazing 😂😂😂👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 finally somebody who can teach those bastards a lesson 😂😂😂😂😂

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    ye nope shut the fuck up🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 fucking idiot

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    Scammer “you are Ben chode” That got me to laugh so hard

  8. Envious Gaming

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    One of these days you should look up stuff that’s illegal in India Illegal to look up or have and then when you delete the files or have control you should search up whatever the illegal thing is on their computer to get them in trouble lol

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    You did a great job 👍😄

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    Serve those scammers right. Wish we could shut them all down.

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    Man, your laugh makes me feel some kinda way.. 😅

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    He tight

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    What is it with all the sound effects? Geez. 😑

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    You should do community theater. This is fantastic.

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    That's funny

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    Is scamming a profession in India?

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    Just wet

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    HERO!!! I can watch these all day :DDDDDD

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    Those freaking cell phone ringtones are the most annoying thing ever.

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    I am Indian, you were hilarious God Bless 😇

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    Just weight, just weight please.

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    the easiest part to identify these scammers is with the name... (in very strong indian accent) "Haro!, My name is Steven Scholler" .... yeah right...

  25. Indian Travel Info

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    love your work, you should give complaint to american embassy in India so they pressure Indian Govt to Busted these people. i wanted them behind the bars. love your hind gali.

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    hahah this people think we didn't know what they are doing .. million of scammer in india . in the market , even in the modern world what the fuck india whats going on you guys hehe

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    Ur genious man with cool head ... Love from india

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    I'm Indian but u r so dope man.....Haha hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. Prahelika Sahu

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    "We don't talk with any of the silly guys." 😂 I think he is unable to find a good replacement for "silly" after drinking his own poison. Good going Sir 👍

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    someone explain how this procees was done in beginner lingo please. lol

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    I would love to know also. Hopefully someone will explain it.

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    i absolutely love what you're doing i hope you keep it up you silly man

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    Fucking Indians

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    I love how a THEY are the ones stealing from people and have the nerve to get mad when someone screws them over.

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    I LOVE YOU....😁😁😁

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    Very very very 👍 good Job Please torched to those Thief

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    730 dislike them must be the ducks who got scammed because this is fucken funny

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    This is funny as hell keep up the work

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    So gratifying :)

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    Haha your a legend lol

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    Can they see him deleting the files or?

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  44. violeta hajredinovski

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  45. violeta hajredinovski

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    Wow. A Scam Center in India ?

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    Best ESreporter channel, I am so enjoying it, keep it up bro 😁

  48. Arindam Debnath

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    The office is in West Bengal, India. I am 99% sure of it.

  49. Arindam Debnath

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    @-The dog- Brian Griffin nope, but trying to find them. And they are taking in Bengali and Hindi. And I am a Bengali. So I understand that what are they talking about. I am not from West Bengal. And my friends told me that there's some guys they rent an apartment. And do this scam to people. Even Indian also. All they just want is our money. One time it happens to me.

  50. -The dog- Brian Griffin

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    Do you work there?

  51. MaryAnne Weldon

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    You should explain wtf your doing better

  52. The Honda Activa Guy

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    u should say him madarchode

  53. Andy Grice

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    The best thing to do would have been was to uninstall his antivirus software and put some hardware viruses on his computer. That would lock it down.

  54. X Y

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    Andy Grice Nah, just delete his system 32 lol

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  56. Light YagamI

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    My joke floped i think?Lol

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    why there's only Indian scammers?

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    This is great 😂

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    What is that repeating Mario game sound

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    10:22. He just called you a basterd and saying your fiddling about with the computer. Lol he's triggered 😂👍

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    This is why there are so many Indian millionaires

  62. Hallreaver

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    I love watching your vids, it's simply amazing to see Scammers get a taste of their own medicin.

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    It's Punjabi bhanchod

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    “No more talk to the silly guy!!”

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    I can understand what they say and they are really really frustrated, please keep it up so that these low life dont mess up with people's lives

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    I am going to sub and I hope you receive funds from the commercials. I will let them play all the way through.

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    poo in the loo

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    Dude got wrecked lol

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    Im not much knowledgable but i know what hes doing 🤣

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    Doing gods work.

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    I’m new to this channel what does benchod mean 😂

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    Tuna Boi I think it translates to “sister-fucker”

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    There's already so much going on, why are there dogs everywhere at the same time.