PROOF The Megalodon Shark Is Alive!?!?



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    0:00 - 03:31 Proof of the megalodon 3:36 - 10:22 Searching for Megalodon/Ancient Florida History 10:25 - 16:32 Hunting For Ancient Indian Arrowheads 16:34 - Bone Valley Hunting 19:28 - New Merch Announcement 19:50 - Haul

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    Also not all your finds are Megalodon-Carcharodon megalodon there is alot of - Cretoxyrhina mantelli there too, probably more than a Megalodon!

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    Megalodon is extinct! evolution saw that the Megalodon would have eaten everything in the ocean. There is alot of media hype about the Megalodon 'Carcharodon megalodon' ! There was other shark species from the Lamnidae shark family, which are most commonly known as Mackerel Shark's of which Includes the Ginsu Shark 'Cretoxyrhina mantelli' this was a 30 too 35 ft shark that was very similar too the Morden day Great White Shark 'Carcharodon Carcharias' it is very possible that is still in habitats our oceans today. And we would lead fit clean bites out of larger shark's ie the one in the photo as well as the Great White Shark that was bitten in two whilst being towed back after being aciddently caught in 2014. The Ginsu comes from how this shark's teeth where arranged. And that upper jaw, unlike a Great White Shark had more rows of teeth than is lower jaw. The funny thing about evolution is that yes it will bin off the organisms that will throw the balance, but it will also keep the keep the good one's in Hibernation until its safe for them too populate again and bring balance to our oceans. And now the time is right and Cretoxyrhina mantelli lives again. It's time to stop nagging about the giant relic aka Carcharodon megalodon and start looking at the Ginsu Shark as they are still out there just like the Frilled Shark 'Chlamydoselachus anguineus' a deep sea shark but still that of a "Thought too be extincted" species, until they where found alive or dead in fishing net's! Drop the idea of the Megalodon being alive today as it's simply too big to survive and sustain on it's Diet today especially when you take into Consideration that whales are pretty much hunted too the brink of extinction ! and start looking into Carcharodon smaller 30 too 35 ft cousin instead as you sooner or later one will surface on ESreporter. And it is quite possible that indeed it has already!

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    all Proves are fakes you have many videos proving that No Megaladon in today ocean our ocean is to cold for Megaladon nice try :) i loved it

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    of course I really don,t think no beuese they lived a long time ago

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    The thumbnail looks like gta

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    It's a whale 🐳

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    Megalodon ?. There more bigger and uncountable creature deep of this earth... Clue... Find most impressif area on this world, have biggest fairy tales and great hero.. Location on hero names... Scramble its real / mystic names, you will find its location.. Good luck..

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    I love to travel... if we ever make the epic trip to Florida... can i (we) meet you? I’d love to find a megladon thoot...

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    Don’t killer whales hunt great whites some time or am I dumb

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    Megalodon can possibly still be around but 50/50 chance. But these scientists are trying to brain wash saying they're extinct. how are they going to say it even though 95% of the ocean hasn't been discovered?

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    I asked god if megalodons where real and god said to me yes their is megalodons their are totally 14 megs *GUYS DONT WORRY NONE OF THE MEGS ARE IN ATLANTIC OCEAN* You want proof ask jehovah your self if he doesnt tell you instantly than its not his time yet He told me instantly because i have a relationship with god 14 megs on earth rightnow but their very deep

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    my shark teeth also burnt up in the paradise fire/campfire and my property was cleared.

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    well in california we do have good weather but we also have 1000 or maybee even 2500 degree fires everywere! my house burnt down in the paradise fire known as the campfire because the fire started on campfire road. the winds were high and the flames were low but then they were going 60 mph!!!!! and that day i could of DIED and im only 9 so that would be a absouloutly terreble death for me sitting in my classroom seeing watching all of my classmates and me burn in a 1748 degree fire. we also have wild fires too california is burning up man! ya gotta help us! BUTTE STRONG

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    i believe theyre real

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    I think the meg is extinct but I think there are bigger sharks out there. Bigger than the meg

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    That was a whale in the picture

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    Just because the teeth are big doesn’t mean it’s a megaladon tooth it could be a great white

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    Silly comment about your meg teeth not belonging to a meg because they're I guess they never heard of baby megs or juveniles. They do come in a wide range of sizes with teeth to match.

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    Finally someone who believes megalodons are still out there

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    The megaldon is probably still alive if 99% of the ocean wasnt explored and maybe there might be bigger sharks then the megaldon right

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    explain to me when the earth is 3000 years that thoughs teeth are millions of years old like if your a christian

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    What's the biggest tooth yet

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    The first picture isn’t a shark but some type of whale

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    U no there r bigger sharks then the great white shark right. So that could mean the megaldons teeth could be bigger.

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    He missed that photo on bills channel of that super colorful shark that was in super shallow water that looked like the size of a great white... it wasn’t at all a screenshot from ark se....

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    Yeah if the megalodon still exists it would have adapted to swim in deeper i feel like the great white shark is just a very evolved megalodon

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    do you think there is a layer at the bottom of the ocean that is just a cloud, like in that movie? i mean if that actually becomes true then there can be all sorts of crazy stuff there!

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    I’m from Scotland and I can say the Loch Ness monster is very very real

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    Sense we can never find Megalodon bones how do we know the the megalodon was huge and not just had big teeth.

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    Devin Stewart that’s why I said we can never find bones so my idea is still probable

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    Mangomart13 it was made of cartilage not bones like most sharks today! You only see the teeth’s and mouths!

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