Priyanka Chopra Jonas & Jimmy Can't Sit Still While Eating Spicy Wings w/ Sean Evans (Hot Ones)


  1. Bhavana Reddy

    Bhavana ReddyHace 8 horas

    May God bless you during the commercial break time

  2. I’m Here

    I’m HereHace 23 horas

    Who else wants to see Naomi Watts do the full hot ones challenge after seeing her take the last dab during Kristin Stewart interview and just acted like it wasn’t hot at all.

  3. Lizard Lama

    Lizard LamaHace un día

    This looks so fake, LOL

  4. Jeff Light

    Jeff LightHace un día

    Sorry, but Jimmy has to have handled the heat worse than any guest in Hot Ones history.... these are not the sauces he's looking for.

  5. Jerry Rochill

    Jerry RochillHace un día

    I can eat it easily.

  6. Zara Shaikh

    Zara ShaikhHace un día

    Smh Priyanka really let us down bruh

  7. Charles Ortiz

    Charles OrtizHace 2 días

    Two great shows coming together ❤❤❤

  8. A.S 18

    A.S 18Hace 2 días

    I don't like how they don't have all the 10 spices ( I think its 10 spices )

  9. bbKleefton

    bbKleeftonHace 2 días

    Happy birthday to you-happy birthday to you XD XD XD

  10. mashall khazan

    mashall khazanHace 2 días

    I think she is so fuxkin good in faking OR.

  11. Antonio Martin

    Antonio MartinHace 2 días

    I love it and I don’t know why

  12. Ernesto Besto

    Ernesto BestoHace 3 días

    not the biggest fan of jimmy but im glad my boy sean gettin that clout!

  13. The Game hub

    The Game hubHace 3 días

    priyanka and her fake accent even money cant fix every thing

  14. sofia baber

    sofia baberHace 3 días

    Priyanka needs to keep herself fit

  15. Harsh Jangra

    Harsh JangraHace 4 días

    OMG this is so difficult but they did it so well. 🙄😰

  16. Maria Alarcon

    Maria AlarconHace 5 días

    Jimmy is a real one because he eats the whole wing

  17. Ansh Allu

    Ansh AlluHace 5 días

    How many of you are here after seeing memes

  18. N Smith

    N SmithHace 5 días

    Priyanka chopra ki gand me mera Land behn chod lavda lasan

  19. Ashish Vidja

    Ashish VidjaHace 6 días

    5:32 what are you doing pc 😂😂

  20. Vatsal Chawla

    Vatsal ChawlaHace 6 días


  21. admiral eyebrows

    admiral eyebrowsHace 6 días

    Yeaaaaaah seannnnnnnn

  22. Mo D

    Mo DHace 6 días

    Why is this kutia still relevant?

  23. Georgi Georgieb

    Georgi GeorgiebHace 7 días


  24. likm salkj

    likm salkjHace 8 días

    Give that to a northeast Indian..can finish at one go

  25. Jyoti Ranjan Sahoo

    Jyoti Ranjan SahooHace 5 días


  26. Return Booth

    Return BoothHace 8 días

    Lol again hot wings competition.. Gogo priyanka I am with you...hey jimmy you can't beat piggy chops😌she is always a winner🏆🎉🏆 lol episode was fun totally loved it

  27. stylish Badmash Gaming

    stylish Badmash GamingHace 8 días

    Vibrator daal ke aayi ho kya

  28. Tanmay Redkar

    Tanmay RedkarHace 8 días

    I think Priyanka took a bite of the last wing from the other side of the dab

  29. JR’s Bushcraft Outdoors Southern Style

    JR’s Bushcraft Outdoors Southern StyleHace 9 días

    This should be a regular segment Jimmy !! Love it Sean

  30. james wills

    james willsHace 9 días

    Jimmy Fallon is a Robot.

  31. An Indian

    An IndianHace 9 días

    Bhoot jalokia

  32. Yashit Kumar

    Yashit KumarHace 9 días

    *Who's here after pani puri priyanka meme...?*

  33. Amaterasu

    AmaterasuHace 10 días

    I tried Da Bomb at my friends house in high school years ago. They are not joking how hot that stuff is.

  34. Karthik Gundavarapu

    Karthik GundavarapuHace 10 días

    Thanks priyanka for the meme material!!

  35. Dark Edge

    Dark EdgeHace 10 días

    Wow... Priyanka is really ugly.

  36. Atif Ansari

    Atif AnsariHace 10 días

    What priyanka was doing at 6.10

  37. TS Dogra

    TS DograHace 10 días

    4:42 i mastrubate thrice

  38. Adam C

    Adam CHace 10 días

    As a Buffolonian, I get annoyed watching celebrities eat the wings awkwardly. I’m gonna do the what a Buffalonian should do and order wings today that are extra hot and eat them correctly, CLEANING THE DAMN BONE

  39. Satyam Sandilya

    Satyam SandilyaHace 10 días

    Can we have Kevin Hart with Hot ones?

  40. Ashish Uikey

    Ashish UikeyHace 6 días

    he'll be like : gawddayyiimmm madafaka ,this shit is f**kin' crazy😂

  41. Nishant Views

    Nishant ViewsHace 11 días

    Ansoo nikal rahe hain par chupa rahi h mohtarmaa

  42. Harsh Bawaskar

    Harsh BawaskarHace 11 días

    Fucking pathetic you call yourself a Indian

  43. Samarth Aakte

    Samarth AakteHace 11 días

    Delhi girls can do better!

  44. Samarth Aakte

    Samarth AakteHace 11 días

    Who's here after the pani puri meme? 😂 😂

  45. wildebeest yt

    wildebeest ytHace 11 días

    6:09 ass burned🤣🤣🤣

  46. priya kaushik

    priya kaushikHace 11 días

    piggy chops is love❤❤❤

  47. Mudit

    MuditHace 11 días

    5:32 *okay*

  48. Spark Plug

    Spark PlugHace 11 días

    Meme material..

  49. Mizcom Music

    Mizcom MusicHace 11 días

    6:09 What is she even doing XD

  50. Harsh Yadav

    Harsh YadavHace 11 días


  51. Harsh Yadav

    Harsh YadavHace 11 días


  52. NEEL Wadkar

    NEEL WadkarHace 11 días

    Who came here after seeing instagram post 😂. 👇🏻

  53. The Gaming Next Door With AUA

    The Gaming Next Door With AUAHace 11 días

    I love the memes going on Instagram😂😂😂😂

  54. Hero Hamada

    Hero HamadaHace 11 días

    Indians to Priyanka for not able to eat the full spicest xxx chicken 🐔 : weakness disguist me..... 😠

  55. Baby Journey

    Baby JourneyHace 11 días

    Brave Priyanka takes a second bite on the last wing.. she is a true player

  56. The Lone Wolf

    The Lone WolfHace 11 días

    Her "accent" is irritating, I mean the Indian accent is good enough.

  57. Silvia Diaz

    Silvia DiazHace 12 días

    Im glad Da Bomb made it to the short line up

  58. Mahadevan Sarkkarai

    Mahadevan SarkkaraiHace 12 días

    Poori jal gayi lagta

  59. Rachita Srivastava

    Rachita SrivastavaHace 12 días

    Jimmy ate the entire last wing, I'm kinda really impressed

  60. Chiranth Bs

    Chiranth BsHace 12 días

    Jimmy can learn a thing or two about interviewing from Sean

  61. TheGamerTrials

    TheGamerTrialsHace 12 días

    The amount of Colon Cancer he must have buy now eating those wings :( it’s bad for your tummy :(

  62. cassidy sky

    cassidy skyHace 12 días

    Priyanka looked so lovely.