Princess - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts


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    1:08 when your girlfriend says her parents aren’t home

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    rapunzal story update:

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    1:19 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    This is my favorite fairytale

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    Today! I'm so excited for today! Two girls wannna try a three way! Maybe they'll be into cosplay on my hot date today! I wonder if they're cute. I wonder if they're stacked. Wonder when I whip out my my thing how they'll react. Today! Could be a lecher's dream come true. But not without these little pills of blue.

  7. Victor Cuellar

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    Holy crap this is the most funny s**t ever 😂😂😂

  8. Samantha Hinton

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    So he use bugs for his hair prince: going to get laid princess:what the f***

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    Caitlin glass drop the album.

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    Gonna subscribe to your channel Doodly doo Gonna like your video Doodly doo

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    Gonna touch myself!! WHAT THE HELL AM I WATCHING

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    1:53 FUCK GOD

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    Girls during puberty after school: Omg i wonder how my friend on facebook is doing! Boys during puberty after school: 1:41

  18. Capitaine Kappa

    Capitaine KappaHace un mes

    Probably the best video of the century

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    I remain paralyzed by laughter everytime I watch this shit🤣🤣😭😭wtf mann

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    Men will be men

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    That guy is really gross

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    Me; laughs in class Teacher; what are you laughing at? Me; nothing My brain; 1:07

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    It remains me of sleeping beauty😗😗😗

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    December 1st : 1:41

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    The fact he's just as happy to jack off as getting laid just cracked me up xD

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    I have the song in my head now.....She's hilarious 😝🤣🤣

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    Is it me or is that prince very sexually interactive

  29. K9

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    Slime from a slug? Hmmm. I'll have to give it a go next time.

  30. Dungeon Master JJ

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    Oh my gosh... The prince is literally like Shrek if he stayed as a human.

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    Gonna masturbate Gonna MASTURBEEEEE

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    No wonder Ethan Trace made that TikTok saying that hygiene isn’t gay

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    1:15 Son- How did you made me prince - You were an accident. My scorpion was damaging the condom. Im sorry son.

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    "Ꮖ ᏔᎾNᎠᎬᎡ ᏆF ᎻᎬ'Ꮪ ᎢᎻᏆNKᏆNᏩ ᎾF ᎷᎬ ᎢᎾᎾ" We can all admit that part was BEAUTIFUL

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    0:32 Isn't He the same Prince that the princess just ate from the royal feast?

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    Great stuff!

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    Gonnna masturbayyeeeeeet

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    1:41 Teens 30 seconds after being left home alone

  41. BeanBagBum

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    Let’s be honest guys... The prince’s song was far superior to the princess’s

  42. Bass Galaxy

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    Whoever did the voice for the princess deserves an Oscar. 😎

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    After so many years im just now seeing That link from zelda is in there on the guys laptop

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    It's good to have a PC to jack off to in the middle ages

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    low key that prince is me on prom night

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    This shit. This shit right here. You see this Disney? This is better than you will ever be. FUCK YOU. This. Is amazing.

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    Mister Mafia does the word avengers endgame mean nothing to you?

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    The comments didn't not disappoint after watching this. It just makes it better lmfao.

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    The Prince is the best singer in the world!

  52. The Gladiator

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    Did anybody else notice how the book ended at the middle of the book? 0:41

  53. codeman7055

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    God damn I love his song I can't stop laughing

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    1:41 is the entire video in 15 seconds

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  56. Sayori

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    Uh MC always says that he is gonna get laid but he never will because he will forever be a virgin since he always plays dating sims and he will never have a chance with the doki gang.

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    1:42 me home alone

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    Love this so bloody much

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    1:41 Failing no nut November be like:

  61. Hokaro Orvana

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    I just love how he's the exact opposite of everything she could've ever thought he could be.