President Trump: 30 Hours l Interview with George Stephanopoulos l Part 2


  1. John Toledo

    John ToledoHace 2 horas

    Why do they look like conan and Jordan schlansky

  2. Impeach Twitler

    Impeach TwitlerHace 8 horas

    I heard trump whisper to George, "lucky Bill I call him," for I planned to have many more stds, I mean porn sex in here till you reporters screwed it up.

  3. Impeach Twitler

    Impeach TwitlerHace 8 horas

    Trump is the greatest pathetic liar in the history of presidents. A close 2nd would be Hitler.

  4. Josh Martin

    Josh MartinHace un día

    I dont like them ciz they have there own views?

  5. Nasser Alzaabi

    Nasser AlzaabiHace 7 días

    “I’m a very honest guy” ...I’m speechless

  6. Tim Smith

    Tim SmithHace 7 días

    Only a liar would say I'm actually an honest guy

  7. Michael

    MichaelHace 4 días

    Are you an honest guy?

  8. Tim Smith

    Tim SmithHace 7 días

    They'll have to rebuild the white house to get rid of his stench when he's gone

  9. Vine Planet

    Vine PlanetHace 8 días

    Why are all damn reporters interrupt the US president. They hardly did that to Obama. Nothing but programmed savages. I would of kicked his butt out

  10. runechuckie

    runechuckieHace 8 días

    Least favorite part? Oh you know, Congress hahaha

  11. Infinity CIC

    Infinity CICHace 9 días

    He seems like a nice guy to talk with one on one, at least for someone who doesn't keep up with politics.

  12. M B

    M BHace 10 días

    What a fucking ugly orange mask that clown is wearing!!!!

  13. Brian R.

    Brian R.Hace 10 días

    It has become very clear that not only did President Self Incrimination never read the report, he was also ignorant of the crime he had committed so, the day after Robert Mueller had finished testifying about his report to Congress, President Incompetent Diplomat called the President of the Ukraine and asked him to interfere in the 2020 election. What a transparently stable genius.

  14. Mr. Burns

    Mr. BurnsHace 10 días

    These two arguing back and forth was just cringy.

  15. Don

    DonHace 10 días


  16. Greg

    GregHace 12 días

    Haha Biden has NO shot. ZERO

  17. job lot

    job lotHace 12 días

    the point of the russia rubbish is do any of us really believe in our hearts that russia would not sink a sitting president if they had anything at all they could use to usurp him, it would be seemingly inconceivable that russia the enemy would not jump on him at every opportunity, i pride myself on knowing lies when i hear them, the russia /ukraine impeachment efforts are one in the same, a fabrication of immense proportions, which will ultimately fail, trump had clinton ,nailed,she is a very bad liar, her and bill were as crooked as the day is long,he lied non stop, she married the grub and for the sake of her position she refused to hammer him for his disgusting actions, biden is like the rest of the dems a crook, please do not tell me he did not help his son make millions out of the ukraine and china, that is not even open for discussion, biden is a liar, if trump was a crook you would hear it from me, i don't stand one side or the other, all i want is the truth, and i know deep in my heart trump plays politics with in the rules, where the dems at this point have run right off the rails.

  18. Jack Star

    Jack StarHace 12 días

    George would be a good reporter if he wasn't such a jerk. George and Jim Acosta were cast from the same mold.

  19. D Crow

    D CrowHace 13 días

    Keep America Great go Trump

  20. kenneth peterson

    kenneth petersonHace 15 días


  21. Natalia M.

    Natalia M.Hace 15 días

    I love that Trump fights back!!!

  22. Linden Wyckoff

    Linden WyckoffHace 16 días

    I truly believe that Obama bugged the Whitehouse and oval office when he had it overhauled. Those drapes are probably wired. Hopefully Mr President Trump is smart enough to say things that he doesn't mean while in the white house, In order to throw off the listeners. I'd have all my meetings with everyone in a pool , butt naked. With white noise blareing in the background.

  23. Linden Wyckoff

    Linden WyckoffHace 16 días

    [Mr. President's real thoughts:] [{George, who's leading who?}] Who's showing who around? What do u mean show us around? Why when we were in the promenade, when we were standing still chatting, you start walking again as if to say, You're leading me on a tour. Who's house do you think this is you little weasel. You're very disrespectful george. Do u know what we do to disrespectful people in Florida, Georgey? We feed em to the Aligators. Now, next time, you better ASK if I can show you around, instead of leading the way in my house , pointing your finger as if you're in control, saying , show us around, as if I have no choice in the matter. You better watch your step shorty.

  24. Linden Wyckoff

    Linden WyckoffHace 16 días

    It's impossible to skip breakfast. Whatever time you eat your first meal of the day, that is breakfast. Btw 3 meals a day after age 55 damages your kidney and liver and increases risk of diabetes and all other sicknesses usually acquired by older people. Just like a cat, the human body needs less food as we get older, because you most likely won't burn it due to inactivity as one grows older. The liver, kidneys and intestinal tract cannot process and digest protein and most foods as well as it could when in your 30's and 40's. So Donald Trump is actually skipping the most deadliest meal of the day.

  25. hotmojoe.

    hotmojoe.Hace 17 días

    Trump’s accent is so unique. Like “witch hunt” is one word: “witchunt”

  26. kenneth peterson

    kenneth petersonHace 15 días


  27. Lukas Maez

    Lukas MaezHace 17 días

    Go trump

  28. Don

    DonHace 18 días


  29. 1cont

    1contHace 21 un día

    Trump 2020!

  30. jaylovespti

    jaylovesptiHace 21 un día

    This is a very sick ☹️ man!

  31. 1cont

    1contHace 21 un día

    Sure. Working for the Clinton's makes people sick like that. Poor little fella.

  32. Valerius Romulus

    Valerius RomulusHace 22 días

    Trump is Great. God bless USA and greatest president ever. That reporter od too short...

  33. Brian Dean Koehn

    Brian Dean KoehnHace 23 días

    I think it’s us that watch these videos that will lead our future. We love our country and we will learn from staying informed and hopefully take action. Listen to those you oppose. Love for my fellow American.

  34. Paul Lavallet

    Paul LavalletHace 23 días

    I would give ANYTHING just to be able to shake President Trump's hand and tell him "thank you for what you've done for America so far, and thank you for what you're going to do for another 4 years to come".

  35. brian simpkins

    brian simpkinsHace 23 días

    he cant get one fact fucking straight

  36. brian simpkins

    brian simpkinsHace 23 días

    "i like the truth" -donald trump funniest fucking thing i have ever heard coming form the most corrupt lyingest person in human history

  37. Mechura Tejano

    Mechura TejanoHace 26 días

    I really love President Donald Trump...

  38. Javier Moya

    Javier MoyaHace 26 días

    Seeing this is a mixed bag. I wouldn't mind just speaking to the man in a conversation about the job but obviously I'd disagree on a few points.

  39. Webetripin 4725

    Webetripin 4725Hace 27 días

    This is a reality show. lmao abc this is like bravo

  40. RXI 6375

    RXI 6375Hace 28 días

    Love how white leftist try to tell my people (latinos) how to think, how to feel, and who to vote. Those white leftist are a sad and pathetic type of people folks.

  41. Dyslexic Teletubby

    Dyslexic TeletubbyHace 28 días

    Why are his eyes extremely white?


    RADOLOVEHace 28 días

    George is an idiot

  43. weatherman 37

    weatherman 37Hace 28 días

    The american bar association must not know what they are talking about according to George

  44. Jcksn FN

    Jcksn FNHace un mes

    does trump have a spray tan on??

  45. S U C C B OI

    S U C C B OIHace un mes

    I dont think about it that wat

  46. Ronnie Hopkins

    Ronnie HopkinsHace un mes

    Bitch it is right

  47. M M

    M MHace un mes

    The flag thing is a tell... Authoritarians love flags

  48. Donald J. Trump

    Donald J. TrumpHace 27 días

    M M The United States of America...

  49. M M

    M MHace 27 días

    What does it stand for?

  50. Donald J. Trump

    Donald J. TrumpHace un mes

    ...Or maybe I just love my country and what stands for it.

  51. M M

    M MHace un mes

    Trump obviously doesn't know how to blend😫

  52. Mister E Yt

    Mister E YtHace un mes

    7:02 tells 12,000 lies while in office. So honest

  53. Mister E Yt

    Mister E YtHace un mes

    Our president is a freaking idiot

  54. Sacramento LE

    Sacramento LEHace un mes

    George is such a smart ass, “its democracy isn’t it?” Just pisses me off, no SHIT George.


    RADIUM CLOCKHace un mes

    I think Stephanopoulos was hoping for Trump to talk about Monica, that's why Stephanopoulos brought up Clinton.


    RADIUM CLOCKHace un mes

    Love him or hate him, you gotta admit he gives the best interviews since Reagan.


    RADIUM CLOCKHace un mes

    @TheOneWhoDoesStuff5 all of the above does happen, I've noticed that too, but we can't resist hearing anything he says.

  58. TheOneWhoDoesStuff5

    TheOneWhoDoesStuff5Hace un mes

    RADIUM CLOCK He doesn’t answer tough questions very well. He kinda sticks to the script on Republican talking points and just repeats himself and doesn’t elaborate. If there’s a question on a topic he isn’t familiar with, he’ll redirect to one of his go-to issues like the economy or immigration reform. I’ve thought that almost every president since President Reagan is more eloquent than President Trump.


    RADIUM CLOCKHace un mes

    @TheOneWhoDoesStuff5 elaborate on your disagreement.

  60. TheOneWhoDoesStuff5

    TheOneWhoDoesStuff5Hace un mes

    RADIUM CLOCK Disagree.

  61. LiXiao Long

    LiXiao LongHace un mes

    Hahahaha I like this chat, mean how Pres. Trump answer or try to keep his anger sometimes ... and of course how George put his questions there hahaha funny and very nice chat walk.

  62. HJ

    HJHace un mes

    GS interviews of DJT administration are the weakest tea known to modern television. Cream puff, paddy cake, week after week -- pap. Pompeo: "As you know George... just like you George, etc." No difference btwn WH and those covering (up for) them. Every time I hear him say "smoke out the spin," I think of swamp-maker DJT leading chants of "Drain the Swamp." Then, I have to brush my teeth. I don't think I've ever seen him even aim at getting the truth, challenging adversarially. When he was young, so promising... really cared? Pathetic.

  63. John Doe

    John DoeHace un mes

    Our president drinks 12 Diet Cokes a day. I hope that the next president makes gulags normal again.

  64. cosma shiva

    cosma shivaHace un mes


  65. cosma shiva

    cosma shivaHace un mes

    Love trump

  66. cosma shiva

    cosma shivaHace un mes


  67. No Prob-llama

    No Prob-llamaHace un mes

    The fact that trump didn't say he had a place where he makes his decisions shows that he makes his decisions on the spot where ever he is without thinking it over.

  68. Jordan Ramos

    Jordan RamosHace un mes

    This George guy is really fucking annoying.

  69. Claudius Kundanmal

    Claudius KundanmalHace un mes

    Why is this reporter being so rude? Interrupting the leader of the free world in the Oval Office multiple times...

  70. Craig Sutherland

    Craig SutherlandHace un mes

    George I can see your foundation on your face