President Trump: 30 Hours l Interview with George Stephanopoulos l Part 2


  1. TNelly

    TNellyHace un hora

    It’s like a chipmunk interviewing a lion 😂😂😂

  2. Chris Koutroulis

    Chris KoutroulisHace 6 horas

    2'.41" when the spraytan has acheived autonomy.

  3. Janice Smith

    Janice SmithHace 7 horas

    You cannot trust George Stephanopoulos! He is on Foreign Council Affairs??? He is a deep state operative!

  4. kuheylan27

    kuheylan27Hace 13 horas

    Bitch Trump

  5. Ibra Saadawi

    Ibra SaadawiHace un día


  6. Mighty YoungSir

    Mighty YoungSirHace un día

    the snarky attitude the guy walks around in makes you think about a little kid who goes around telling everyone "i have a hundred dollar bill"

  7. Nathanael Greene

    Nathanael GreeneHace un día

    George Stephanopoulos is such an incredible jerk.

  8. David Salazar

    David SalazarHace un día

    6:40 lol 😂

  9. Finn Green

    Finn GreenHace un día

    Georgie... Clinton’s boy Apparently never saw any unusual nonsense from his pal slick willy And now on a daytime women’s variety show ironic🤔 What a tool-

  10. MrGtoriginal

    MrGtoriginalHace un día

    You can be rest assured Trump will start a major war in order to gain a second term.



    A great man TRUMP 2020

  12. Antonio Cabarr

    Antonio CabarrHace 2 días


  13. Ruth Clements

    Ruth ClementsHace 2 días

    Trump just repeats the same bullshit over and over, also known as fire hosing

  14. Obi Won

    Obi WonHace 2 días

    On the toilet

  15. Keke Banks

    Keke BanksHace 2 días

    😂 trump2020 I absolutely love this man 🇺🇸

  16. DADDYO

    DADDYOHace 3 días

    twice as far down for george

  17. Edsel Marshall

    Edsel MarshallHace 3 días

    This world is crooked, women trying to rule the country, that is ungodly. If I was a voter, I would vote for Donald Trump. And my skin color is brown. I'm Hebrew. Negro.

  18. Murray Allinger

    Murray AllingerHace 3 días

    Question for George Stephanopoulos. "Did you really feel that you were interviewing the greatest existential threat to America?"

  19. Kyle Piaquadio

    Kyle PiaquadioHace 3 días

    Terrible job by George Stephanopoulos. This guy should be ashamed of his work in this interview series. The President grants him this level of interaction and Mr. Stephanopoulos just makes a fool of himself. These interviews helped Trump tremendously, ABC's plan totally backfired.

  20. mistic wolf

    mistic wolfHace 4 días


  21. Tommy Jones37

    Tommy Jones37Hace 4 días

    That right Trump dont beleve numbers people tell you, only beleve the numbers in your head, like the make beleve polls that your winning EVERYWHERE esp Texas. After all your the stable genius who has to remind us that your a stable genius, I mean you cant spell to save your life, but that comes with being a genius, ay Trump, Ay mr president lol God your a donut inside & out. ROTFL

  22. Tommy Jones37

    Tommy Jones37Hace 4 días

    The first president who has more holidays, more executive time, & you want us to beleve you only sleep 4 or 5 hours a day, lol

  23. K sweeney

    K sweeneyHace 4 días

    Sounds like all the stuff the Dems said when he was running in the '16 election. Funny how he still "came from behind" and won. Most of his voters are middle-class and don't come out to vote until it's actually time to vote. Something tells me this isn't Trumps last term.... Thankfully TRUMP 2020

  24. iamav15

    iamav15Hace 4 días

    3:05 George:"Where do you make your biggest decisions at?" Orange Man: "Oh on the planes sometimes, everywhere but mostly on the toilet."

  25. Jo H

    Jo HHace 4 días

    The little guy George

  26. Ozzi tha Plug

    Ozzi tha PlugHace 4 días

    This guy argues with trump like he’s fuggin president

  27. Asher Greenfield

    Asher GreenfieldHace 4 días

    I believe him that the poll was fake. The polls should show that Warren and Sanders are ahead, Biden isn’t a real candidate. He’s propped up just like Trump

  28. SAlexW Wam27

    SAlexW Wam27Hace 4 días

    A photo of Margaret Thatcher, loll, in the White House. 0:18

  29. Mani Bharathy

    Mani BharathyHace 5 días

    6:10 Is that Melania on the left

  30. Lee Johnson

    Lee JohnsonHace 5 días

    They have great chemistry Seems George is forced to report shotty poll numbers Weird

  31. Flavius Belisarius

    Flavius BelisariusHace 2 días

    Good chemistry what 😂, hes interrupting and didn't agree with anything in trumps favour.

  32. Lee Johnson

    Lee JohnsonHace 5 días

    Trump has 0% according to abc

  33. A-GEAR keep moving

    A-GEAR keep movingHace 5 días

    Motherfucker USA

  34. Christopher Bruce

    Christopher BruceHace 5 días

    I'm confused. Why are president Trumps tweets such a bad thing? I feel like the tweets are good, because you read the words straight from his own mind. Its not been cut to fit the democratic agenda. President Trump for 2020

  35. Kyle Larson

    Kyle LarsonHace 6 días

    I make my big decisions in my small rectangular office.i make my decision on the shitter

  36. Vincent Padden

    Vincent PaddenHace 6 días

    i take that back, you got treated at the end lol! ! !

  37. Vbrinxy

    VbrinxyHace 6 días


  38. Justin Chase

    Justin ChaseHace 6 días

    I lost all respect for george!!!!! This is the president of United States telling us how corrupt the democratic system is and the main new media is!!!!! This should tell everyone what is going on and people should be voting for!!!!!! TRUMP 2020!!!!!

  39. Benedict Dela Cruz

    Benedict Dela CruzHace 6 días

    the real proper solutions, would u prefer it Austrian way.

  40. Omari jackson

    Omari jacksonHace 7 días

    KAG! Vote Trump 2020

  41. Glowgirl

    GlowgirlHace 7 días

    Trump is a liar. A fat ass, loser, liar.

  42. Diss Info

    Diss InfoHace 7 días

    TV actor is "actually a very honest guy".

  43. sydney

    sydneyHace 7 días

    Wow, Seeing the president in a different light, Not use to it but enjoyed the interview.

  44. Eddie Hizo

    Eddie HizoHace 8 días

    Trump hates anybody who's not loyal to him. Period!

  45. Bise Boy

    Bise BoyHace 8 días

    Seriously, is there a human being out there who truly believes that Joe Biden is more popular that President Trump??

  46. Joe Vasquez

    Joe VasquezHace 8 días

    If this Russian-Cohesion report does not get Trump impeached; than the report exonerates President Trump. George is making an ass of himself, so let it go already, enough !!!

  47. thomasmageddon

    thomasmageddonHace 8 días

    Trump's with the no fap program he got super powers

  48. Ryan Carroll

    Ryan CarrollHace 8 días

    The poor little baby had to stop and pout when George said the colonnade they were walking in was Obama's favorite part of the White House.

  49. Lion Heart

    Lion HeartHace 8 días

    Robert Mueller did find that there was no collusion. These libs are so biased they think of they just keep reading a narrative that people will believe them. The report says there is no evidence that he collided and committed a crime. This is how any legal decision is met. A lack of evidence means they can't convict. No one ever says we are 100 percent sure they didn't but that there is a lack of evidence. This IS exhoneration. Stopping trying to spin that fake news.

  50. Brad Edwards

    Brad EdwardsHace 8 días

    Fakkke news!!

  51. C Alex

    C AlexHace 8 días

    Trump just couldn't get off his salesman trait. He was literally selling everything he talked about, INCLUDING the White House.

  52. C Alex

    C AlexHace 7 días

    @BRUCE Phillip Watch your language.

  53. BRUCE Phillip

    BRUCE PhillipHace 7 días

    Welcome dumphuk. It's called being a POTUS. WTF would you know about any of that?