Pranking Escorts In Amsterdam! (CHASED BY POLICE)


  1. NELK

    NELKHace 6 meses

    If you're reading this right now, we're on our way to London, UK!

  2. Chris Whitfield

    Chris WhitfieldHace 24 días

    Danny 316 you little victim

  3. Rafael Garcia

    Rafael GarciaHace un mes

    Legend has that he is still on his way to london

  4. Jp

    JpHace 2 meses

    Still? It's been 3 months bro

  5. Danny 316

    Danny 316Hace 3 meses

    "hey wheres a coffee shop?" " its on 123 fuck you street". Unsubscribed. Not funny, worst content ive ever seen on ESreporter. Youre a bunch of unfunny cunts. OH and call someone a cunt in London, i beg you, youll get your jaw broke no matter how much you scream like little girls "its a prank!, its a prank!"

  6. Carlin Pendleton

    Carlin PendletonHace 4 meses

    Perpetually on the way to the UK.

  7. mc gamer

    mc gamerHace 9 horas


  8. Medhy wolf

    Medhy wolfHace 15 horas

    Steve is always chill

  9. UFOXB1 UF0XB1

    UFOXB1 UF0XB1Hace 19 horas

    I'll take ninos spot , he's boring as fukkk

  10. Modern Culture

    Modern CultureHace un día

    I’m glad for Steve not putting up with the abuse from 9-0 domestic violence is real

  11. Enrique Aguilar

    Enrique AguilarHace un día

    Fucking kick 90😂

  12. Victor Ramirez

    Victor RamirezHace un día

    90 is the biggest bitch I ever seen vidoes are way better without him

  13. ripwalsy

    ripwalsyHace un día

    when Steve got stuck LMAO

  14. chris ruiz

    chris ruizHace un día

    Y’all be bullying 90

  15. Zubair Kabuli

    Zubair KabuliHace 2 días

    dude wanted to explore the nature 09:02

  16. Joakim Gregoire

    Joakim GregoireHace 2 días

    You should come to Denmark. Small country, big hearts. A country known for its partying, so get here and lose your mind.

  17. Tommy Diesel

    Tommy DieselHace 2 días

    7:00 I was literally crying

  18. Tony Supreme

    Tony SupremeHace 3 días

    Thank fuck 90 is gone, not even a half sender

  19. alex haes

    alex haesHace 3 días

    A mob runned thing.... the police... really?

  20. Azrael Gaming

    Azrael GamingHace 4 días

    They are all simps. But 90... he’s next level

  21. Jeremy Wulff

    Jeremy WulffHace 4 días

    Jesse dad is straight outta trailer park boys, when he gets that limo and says I’m gonna show you how to party, it’s like the spirit of jrock was talking

  22. Ethnicity __

    Ethnicity __Hace 4 días

    Jesus now that I go back and watch these vids I’m realizing just how shit 90 was like omg he fucking sucked

  23. Proactive Intuition

    Proactive IntuitionHace 4 días

    Go to North Korea next

  24. ayyy 43

    ayyy 43Hace 6 días

    Incestry shit. Lol. Jessieisms

  25. Pacman

    PacmanHace 6 días

    This is my new favourite channel fuck yeah :DD

  26. Legion Designs

    Legion DesignsHace 7 días

    90 has to eat 2 pop tarts every hour of the day EXCEPT 7pm

  27. brandon holt

    brandon holtHace 7 días

    My grand pa told me and putting my grand mamas head between his legs and fart, never knew it was a Dutch oven

  28. Tony Bicycle

    Tony BicycleHace 8 días

    @13:27 Mtv Jesse was a bastard for about an hour . 😀

  29. icytrampoline

    icytrampolineHace 8 días

    NELK and TGF?

  30. Peter S.

    Peter S.Hace 9 días

    905 fucks the whole vibe up

  31. Anthony Wardia

    Anthony WardiaHace 9 días

    0:55 q-tip gets dirty

  32. Dan G

    Dan GHace 9 días

    I’ll take 90 place hahahahaha Nelk gang

  33. Jay Andrews

    Jay AndrewsHace 10 días

    Ofcourse they speak english! Its England, we invented it lol

  34. Pyrofreak 050

    Pyrofreak 050Hace 10 días

    100 smackeroonies

  35. PotatoChips2001

    PotatoChips2001Hace 11 días

    Woops, wrong site.

  36. Mason Mathews

    Mason MathewsHace 11 días

    Also u guys should do a collab with Danny Duncan

  37. Mason Mathews

    Mason MathewsHace 11 días

    How the fuck do u guys do this ?

  38. Aaron Martinez

    Aaron MartinezHace 11 días

    On call pushups at least 150 that's the one if u put me on if u do it

  39. Long Lasting

    Long LastingHace 11 días

    9/0 finally woke up to see how annoyingly cocky you guys act and how unloyal you guys are to one another esecially on friendship. Especially the guy with buck teeth and lisp

  40. Jakon Bruh

    Jakon BruhHace 11 días

    They should get rid of 9 0 he’s lame as fuck

  41. Bryan Spilner

    Bryan SpilnerHace 11 días

    dude fuck that half sender 905 yo he deserved to be kicked

  42. Boats and Hoes

    Boats and HoesHace 12 días

    Fuck all these young fans. There’s no replacement for 90; he’s definitely missed from the Nelk boys. And despite his “bad vibes” he had some of the best one liners. And let’s be real, we all miss the gay play between 90 and Steve. That was gold

  43. Djpaxdiesel

    DjpaxdieselHace 12 días

    Netherlands 💪

  44. Rgotto2

    Rgotto2Hace 13 días

    90 is a pussy

  45. AK Assassin

    AK AssassinHace 13 días

    90 was a D-bag anyways... good choice gettin’ rid of him, boys!

  46. Arjun Srinivas

    Arjun SrinivasHace 13 días

    "its on 123 fk you street" bruhhh i lost it over there lmaooooo

  47. A Dro

    A DroHace 13 días

    I would pay to whatch you guys torture 90 !😂😂

  48. Xavier Silva

    Xavier SilvaHace 14 días

    💌💜Jesus suffered and died on the cross to pay the price for your sins, he was buried and he rose again the third day 🙌He is Alive! Trust in what he has done for you on the cross and trust in his precious blood to cover ALL your sins and he commands everyone to turn away from their sins🙏💜🌻

  49. Faker Playmaker

    Faker PlaymakerHace 8 días


  50. Mxchaelfxscher

    MxchaelfxscherHace 14 días

    I wish my dad was like pat

  51. Joaquin Estrada

    Joaquin EstradaHace 14 días

    Kick him off nelk 🤣🤣🤣

  52. Chris Mc

    Chris McHace 14 días

    Dude come Scotland man that's in UK but alot better

  53. Poosi Master

    Poosi MasterHace 15 días

    Big nigga

  54. Aimadrakou

    AimadrakouHace 15 días

    9-0 The type of guy that is so insecure about his status in the group and also worries that other people dont see him as cool, such that he takes him self way too serious and never fools around with the others, because hes afraid of seeming less cool. We all met this person in our lifes.

  55. Arczethus

    ArczethusHace 5 días

    @Holly Spilotro You are a weird bltch.

  56. ayyy 43

    ayyy 43Hace 6 días

    @Arczethus mmmmhmm

  57. Bob Marley

    Bob MarleyHace 6 días

    Holly Spilotro word to my mothaaaa

  58. Holly Spilotro

    Holly SpilotroHace 8 días

    Nah I think ur spot the fuck on that guys just a pussy

  59. Aimadrakou

    AimadrakouHace 8 días

    @Arczethus ok

  60. Ruben Santillan Ochoa III

    Ruben Santillan Ochoa IIIHace 15 días

    bro when did 9-0 turn into a dick? i can tell he's jealous of Steve when he had a different vibe; not necessarily better but hes being a doucher

  61. Aimadrakou

    AimadrakouHace 15 días

    Hes afraid that the audience thinks he isnt cool and hes also really insecure about his status in the group (cuz hes obviously the at least liked of all of them). Hence he takes him self waaay to serious and doesnt fool around. We all met this person once in our life, that just acts like that cuz of insecurities.

  62. Braindamage Taylor

    Braindamage TaylorHace 15 días

    Come too ny ...


    TOPSPOTHace 15 días

    RIP 9-0

  64. Gregory Wagner

    Gregory WagnerHace 15 días

    lmao "it's run my the mob", sounds so dangerous of you bruh. That statement couldn't have been farther from the truth. It's run by the government and strictly regulated. Every chick that stands there pays taxes to the Dutch government. Only reason police came to you is to prevent you from harrassing girls to maintain a safe working environment.

  65. Wout de Roy van Zuydewijn

    Wout de Roy van ZuydewijnHace 16 días

    Lol the cops are not controlled by the mob in the red light district your’re just not allowed to film there for privacy reasons

  66. ThisTrainRunsOnKushNotCoal

    ThisTrainRunsOnKushNotCoalHace 16 días

    I love the side skits lol


    PYRAMIDPRANKSHace 16 días

    9-0 is not happy around u guys , then on top of that you guys dont like him lol

  68. Clement Rappe

    Clement RappeHace 16 días

    so you people just pretend to wanna help people and then u insult them because apparently that's a "prank". 9:30 "you fucking dumb prick" i absolutely agree with that legend

  69. Blueboy UK grower

    Blueboy UK growerHace 16 días

    Yoooo where you guys at????? Get to manny

  70. Kimo Bourne

    Kimo BourneHace 16 días

    Make nano wear makeup

  71. Jesse Mueller

    Jesse MuellerHace 17 días

    They better be careful drinking those coronas the corona virus is deadly (;

  72. one truth

    one truthHace 17 días

    I cannot believe you scumy bitchs treated the tourist like shit. F**k your videos.