Pranking Escorts In Amsterdam! (CHASED BY POLICE)


  1. NELK

    NELKHace un mes

    If you're reading this right now, we're on our way to London, UK!

  2. Chad Folmar

    Chad FolmarHace 26 días

    Eat out every escort

  3. Jack Killer

    Jack KillerHace 28 días

    NELK come to Ireland pleaseeeeeee

  4. connor1ightning #

    connor1ightning #Hace un mes

    Colab with the sidemen

  5. sean oloan

    sean oloanHace un mes

    NELK come to Belfast Ireland

  6. Conor Liverpool

    Conor LiverpoolHace un mes

    Go ireland next🇮🇪

  7. Westley Higgins

    Westley HigginsHace 4 horas

    Poor Steve lmao

  8. Westley Higgins

    Westley HigginsHace 4 horas

    I subbed and watched every video cuz i was drunk you’re welcome

  9. av games

    av gamesHace 10 horas

    Go to Denmark (Copenhagen )

  10. Oscar Valdez

    Oscar ValdezHace 21 un hora

    Go to Brazil!!!!

  11. J. Carson

    J. CarsonHace un día

    What's the song at 6:48

  12. Oleg Lisanets

    Oleg LisanetsHace un día

    Go to Chernobyl Ukraine 🇺🇦

  13. Vitaly Greddy

    Vitaly GreddyHace un día


  14. lebaron420thegreat

    lebaron420thegreatHace un día

    Force him to marry steve or bootem eh

  15. Mar Tin

    Mar TinHace 2 días

    The punishment should be to keep him off camera until a certain amount of people request his return. I have a feeling that day would never come.

  16. OfficialJoelAnthony

    OfficialJoelAnthonyHace 2 días

    literally every fucking comment is about 90 lmaooo

  17. Xavier Santana

    Xavier SantanaHace 2 días

    "It's on 123 fuck you street" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. Itz- Erick10

    Itz- Erick10Hace 3 días

    Why is 9.o so mad and mood killer

  19. Justin O'Connell

    Justin O'ConnellHace 3 días

    Come to Prague

  20. bassHopper

    bassHopperHace 3 días

    Take nine o off the vids. He’s a buzz kill!! Lol

  21. Jimmy McShlong

    Jimmy McShlongHace 3 días

    Ireland bro

  22. Mason Matthews

    Mason MatthewsHace 3 días

    i vote 9-0 out of the nelk boys

  23. Dillon Weaver

    Dillon WeaverHace 4 días

    Why’s 9-0 being such a fuckin killjoy loser

  24. Wook Reacts

    Wook ReactsHace 4 días

    Condom sex with HIV POSITIVE woman 😂😂

  25. Christian Ramirez skating

    Christian Ramirez skatingHace 4 días

    Kick him out

  26. Christian Ramirez skating

    Christian Ramirez skatingHace 4 días

    Kick him out

  27. Christian Ramirez skating

    Christian Ramirez skatingHace 4 días

    Kick him out


    oO xMAKExOUTxHILLX OoHace 4 días


  29. yamageyorker

    yamageyorkerHace 4 días

    As a person who lives in amsterdam it was really nice to see them tell tourists to get fucked

  30. Zach Lee

    Zach LeeHace 4 días

    I'm not a fan of 90. He is a killjoy

  31. max moore

    max mooreHace 4 días

    22mins for that

  32. LeBron James

    LeBron JamesHace 4 días

    if you cunts wanna party hard come to australia and we can show you how to properly sink cones

  33. YG Scar

    YG ScarHace 4 días

    9 0 Is a bitch wtf

  34. Bladimir Abarca

    Bladimir AbarcaHace 4 días

    Make nano eat a gang of truffles and mushrooms have him tripping balls till he ends up in a mental institution

  35. Jeremias Andre

    Jeremias AndreHace 4 días

    123 fuck u street😂😂😂

  36. N A

    N AHace 5 días

    This shits bizarre. Is this what happens to frat bro's after college? They just go to various places and piss people off? Yeeeesh.

  37. Marsha Montgomery

    Marsha MontgomeryHace 5 días

    What’s up with this gay shit they been doing with Steve and Nine oh five. I ain’t wit it, all these juicy asshole and dick talk is just way to fuckin much. They need to quit with that shit while they can 🤦‍♂️

  38. Marsha Montgomery

    Marsha MontgomeryHace 5 días

    Did that guy just out drink Steve?????

  39. Marsha Montgomery

    Marsha MontgomeryHace 5 días

    Lmao whenever Steve took his shirt and his pants off them birds were all getting the fuck out of there! I’m fuckin deceased!! 😂 🤣 💀 Steve be really going the extra mile lmao 😂 Kyle too!

  40. Liam Stewart

    Liam StewartHace 5 días

    and pretend to fall asleep

  41. Liam Stewart

    Liam StewartHace 5 días

    you should do a video where you park golf carts if front of people so they can't hit

  42. ImDatYDD

    ImDatYDDHace 5 días

    Make 9o wear a costume till thanksgiving

  43. Ryan McCallister Vlogs

    Ryan McCallister VlogsHace 5 días

    |Read Full| Hilarious🤣🤣 #FULLSEND! keep up the work sorry I missed you in Scotland boys 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🤦‍♂️Come check me out people I'm a Scottish ESreporterr Vlogger living in Glasgow, 23 years old & loving life to the fullest would love to connect with a great & new audience trying to get myself out there I love to party aswel! I visit abandoned buildings, love to explore and be goofy in my vlogs to be entertaining but come show some love boys n gals if you find my videos interesting hit me with a sub yeoo🔥 if ya read this far your a legend

  44. nigskillz

    nigskillzHace 5 días

    Reads comments Everything is about 90😂

  45. Tryton Coe

    Tryton CoeHace 5 días

    He has to jerk y’all off at y’all a discretions the rest of the trio lol

  46. Jonny Rocket

    Jonny RocketHace 5 días

    I think 90 should work on things with Steve...... He should give Steve a nice juicy beejay

  47. JIGA BOO

    JIGA BOOHace 5 días

    I thought Kyle was supreme patty

  48. muddy_dirtbike

    muddy_dirtbikeHace 6 días

    Take steve on a date and make up

  49. Zarah levi

    Zarah leviHace 6 días

    I feel like these fairys are picking on 9-o lol hmu 9o I got you bruh I'll sleep these F Boyz.

  50. Justin Shergill

    Justin ShergillHace 5 días

    Zarah levi ur a snowflake boi

  51. Zarah levi

    Zarah leviHace 6 días

    My man got a beer belly now GG's

  52. The hip-hop prophecy

    The hip-hop prophecyHace 6 días

    God Steve is annoying

  53. Mr. Hooligan

    Mr. HooliganHace 6 días

    Steve is just Vitaly's more crazy son.. Don't @ me

  54. Burger Turtle

    Burger TurtleHace 6 días

    What’s the song on 12:45

  55. charlie kenny

    charlie kennyHace 6 días

    90 BUDDY

  56. MC_ wachin

    MC_ wachinHace 7 días

    Imagine stev-o joining the nelk bois

  57. T Ty

    T TyHace 7 días

    123 fuck you street

  58. Joey Caruso

    Joey CarusoHace 7 días

    Imagine 90 without nelk

  59. Timo Anthony

    Timo AnthonyHace 7 días

    Literally every comment is about 90

  60. Tyler Blevins

    Tyler BlevinsHace 7 días

    I love you steve and nelk boys if you’re reading this

  61. Endo Entusiasmo

    Endo EntusiasmoHace 8 días

    the american idea of fun = bothering people


    HAAS MONKEYHace 8 días

    That sucks ass to lose your cameras

  63. Carlo Marques

    Carlo MarquesHace 8 días

    God that asian kid is cringe

  64. star galaxy

    star galaxyHace 9 días

    Terrible lack of effort.



    I don’t think 9 0 is having fun

  66. Caleb Greene

    Caleb GreeneHace 9 días

    Go to Dallas TX