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Post Malone & Swae Lee - Sunflower


  1. Ashu Atehboh

    Ashu AtehbohHace 20 minutos

    Post malone is better than swae lee

  2. ivan jenkins sosa

    ivan jenkins sosaHace 38 minutos


  3. Fatima Figueroa

    Fatima FigueroaHace un hora


  4. Big Money Films

    Big Money FilmsHace un hora

    This song is so criminally short.This song is so criminally short.

  5. Team Roblox

    Team RobloxHace 2 horas

    hi ooooooooiiif

  6. Dom

    DomHace 3 horas

    Sexy ladies

  7. Ronja Hallberg

    Ronja HallbergHace 3 horas

    I love this song so much but have you guys heard Swae Lee live?😂😂 omg noooo

  8. Thibe cotou

    Thibe cotouHace 3 horas

    La nouvelle génération Hip-hop! un couple terrrrriiiiiiiiibbbbllllle! Vos voix sont planantes les mecs et vous êtes so cute!

  9. OCxSA 1503

    OCxSA 1503Hace 5 horas

    Not gonna lie I wasn’t a fan of post at first with white Iverson. But I have grown to like him now. Looks like a humble person who just goes with the flow. Stay humble G.

  10. Luan Rs

    Luan RsHace 5 horas

    Cadê os BR🇧🇷🤘🏻

  11. FunTimePlayz 4000

    FunTimePlayz 4000Hace 6 horas


  12. Elizabeth Gomez

    Elizabeth GomezHace 6 horas

    No FLEX ZONE!!

  13. poppycocksa

    poppycocksaHace 7 horas


  14. Jeikel Chaves

    Jeikel ChavesHace 8 horas

    The music

  15. Jeikel Chaves

    Jeikel ChavesHace 8 horas

    Love the música👍👍

  16. leslie deleon

    leslie deleonHace 9 horas

    they need to make this song longer!

  17. Movic FX

    Movic FXHace 9 horas

    0:04 eeee eeee eee

  18. Fortnite pro

    Fortnite proHace 11 horas

    Swae lee sounds like Miles

  19. Dedeh Rahmawati

    Dedeh RahmawatiHace 13 horas

    I love post malone

  20. Ana Paula Tafernaberry

    Ana Paula TafernaberryHace 16 horas

    Very sweet this song. Muy dulce esta canción...

  21. Tricia Turner

    Tricia TurnerHace 17 horas


  22. ZachBaum

    ZachBaumHace 18 horas

    btw, smoking is bad kids

  23. muja MR

    muja MRHace 18 horas

    This song has such a good vibe to it

  24. Michael twenty

    Michael twentyHace 19 horas

    Y love this music in y like the muvie

  25. carla lopez

    carla lopezHace 20 horas

    Me. Encanta💓💓😘😘😘😘😘💋💕💕💕💕💕❤❤❤❤💗💎🌼

  26. DiamondJayla MSP

    DiamondJayla MSPHace 21 un hora

    good song i notice i kinda like rap

  27. Bold Top

    Bold TopHace 21 un hora


  28. Payton Swidersk

    Payton SwiderskHace 21 un hora

    I love this song good job guys!

  29. Olivia Cain

    Olivia CainHace 23 horas

    cool song

  30. carla lopez

    carla lopezHace un día

    Like love ❤ sunflower❤

  31. Abdullah Al-Rasheed

    Abdullah Al-RasheedHace un día


  32. Ella Barrett

    Ella BarrettHace un día

    Love this song

  33. Riah B

    Riah BHace un día

    Why does it seem like its shorter on youtube than on the radio in the car?

  34. Isabel Alvarado

    Isabel AlvaradoHace un día

    One of my class mate jake was singing this song while the teacher was teaching that was funny

  35. Absa Media

    Absa MediaHace un día

    From Somalia subscribe me plz

  36. Grace Great

    Grace GreatHace un día

    Is the Spider-Man version extended?

  37. Oscar Romo

    Oscar RomoHace un día


  38. Cheryl George

    Cheryl GeorgeHace un día

    Cool man you have have some skills there.

  39. Shanaia Abreo

    Shanaia AbreoHace un día

  40. Adriana Alexadra Ruíz

    Adriana Alexadra RuízHace un día

    I can see this video many many times, I always like it, actually, I listen this song every day.

  41. Anna

    AnnaHace un día


  42. Saood uae Almansoori

    Saood uae AlmansooriHace un día

    I went you come in UAE 😊😊😊

  43. Omar Hernandez

    Omar HernandezHace un día

    This feels like a song for summer 2019

  44. Ethan Thompson

    Ethan ThompsonHace un día

    Loving this song !

  45. Neal Harrison

    Neal HarrisonHace un día

    songs ok

  46. Danny Adgerson

    Danny AdgersonHace un día

    I think lee sings better

  47. bruh

    bruhHace 2 días

    post malone's original voice has this crazy split that's much cooler than his auto-tuned versions

  48. ricky peeples

    ricky peeplesHace 2 días

    I love this song

  49. spiffy216

    spiffy216Hace 2 días

    It's missing a whole section of swae's verse. why?

  50. Douglas Drummer

    Douglas DrummerHace 2 días


  51. Clank

    ClankHace 2 días

    Miles’ song to relax and detach from walls/ceilings.

  52. Jonesy

    JonesyHace 6 horas

    Carson Parker r/whooooooosh

  53. Carson Parker

    Carson ParkerHace 17 horas

    Clank yeah they made it for the movie

  54. Douglas Drummer

    Douglas DrummerHace 2 días


  55. EdsPatrick C.C.

    EdsPatrick C.C.Hace 2 días

    Post, Swae, both of you are a Sunflower

  56. spiffy216

    spiffy216Hace 2 días

    I even wake up with this song stuck in my head lol

  57. pomba gira games pomba mil gral

    pomba gira games pomba mil gralHace 2 días

    Melhor milsic de 2019

  58. sol arroyo

    sol arroyoHace 2 días

    Post malone kinda ruined the song

  59. Hace 2 días

  60. Aaron Daiz

    Aaron DaizHace 2 días

    It make me feel like I'm going back home😘😍😻💑💏👫

  61. Olu Akin

    Olu AkinHace 2 días

    Now they are post lee

  62. mellogang

    mellogangHace 2 días


  63. Maddy Deleon

    Maddy DeleonHace 2 días

    I glad they made sunflower song it’s my favorite song

  64. Mafalda Fernandes

    Mafalda FernandesHace 2 días

    Hey Post, I'm from Portugal and I see you on #SsF and see you soon again #SeeyouonMeosudoeste

  65. Moses Kailea

    Moses KaileaHace 2 días

    Has swae Lee heard of the shoulder touch Hey

  66. Jay Den

    Jay DenHace 2 días


  67. Carson Parker

    Carson ParkerHace 2 días


  68. Mercedes Cruz

    Mercedes CruzHace 2 días

    I love this song so much I listen to the song every day❤️💞💕

  69. Ninjas game,s

    Ninjas game,sHace 7 horas

    Me to

  70. Chanel Halmon

    Chanel HalmonHace 23 horas

    Me to

  71. Deadrising Ninja

    Deadrising NinjaHace 2 días

    I didn't even know post malone was on this song

  72. lolguy 5677

    lolguy 5677Hace 2 días

    I am going to make a earrape out of this song you are not stopping me!!

  73. joanne berg

    joanne bergHace 2 días


  74. Tanner Cass

    Tanner CassHace 2 días

    Hey love this song

  75. Mai M

    Mai MHace 2 días

  76. I Missed Her

    I Missed HerHace 2 días

    Swae Lee

  77. Adi’sYT Gaming Vids

    Adi’sYT Gaming VidsHace 2 días

    Why does the kid smoke??

  78. isaac fernando

    isaac fernandoHace 3 días

    El comentario en español que esperabas :)

  79. Juelz Jashunn

    Juelz JashunnHace 3 días

    Its really good with spider man to the spider vers

  80. spiffy216

    spiffy216Hace 3 días

    0:31 Swae gets the words wrong. Well, forgets a word. kinda foreshadowing their live performance 😂

  81. harm4life

    harm4lifeHace 3 días

    Omg. Hip Hop is dead. 1994 will never return.

  82. Mel Rivera

    Mel RiveraHace 3 días

    Love guys great job 😎🤗🤗

  83. Yaivel

    YaivelHace 3 días

    Best Song

  84. A Gaming

    A GamingHace 3 días

    I love this song

  85. edmundo huerta

    edmundo huertaHace 3 días


  86. edmundo huerta

    edmundo huertaHace 3 días

    Millas Morales

  87. dinys torres

    dinys torresHace 3 días

    And post Malone has a best voice

  88. dinys torres

    dinys torresHace 3 días

    You know swag lee has the best rittle and I watched the Spider-Man into the spider verse

  89. FocusFanatic

    FocusFanaticHace 3 días

    This should have a guitar riff and make in 30 seconds longer.

  90. caracalla

    caracallaHace 3 días

    Esta cancion me recuerda al 2010-14

  91. caracalla

    caracallaHace 3 días


  92. Tim Cook

    Tim CookHace 3 días

    Please Guys Don't Smoke... we Want You

  93. 웹상에서꧂꧁누군가

    웹상에서꧂꧁누군가Hace 3 días

    this "ayy ayy ayy" was amazing! I come back every time to listen again.❤️

  94. I Missed Her

    I Missed HerHace 2 días

    Swae Lee (灬♥ω♥灬)

  95. Sclxe_ 123

    Sclxe_ 123Hace 3 días

    This sounds quite good in x1.75 speed

  96. N o

    N oHace 3 días

    Your a 🌻

  97. Immy Wolf

    Immy WolfHace 3 días


  98. Diane Britton

    Diane BrittonHace 3 días

    Favorite song

  99. Ricardo Farias

    Ricardo FariasHace 3 días

    Toque ...lembra a música filme ases indomáveis

  100. Bryan Maxwell

    Bryan MaxwellHace 3 días

    Pure Geniuses 2 monsters in the game

  101. CorujaMarrom

    CorujaMarromHace 3 días

    I Love this music!

  102. Lloyd Garmadon

    Lloyd GarmadonHace 3 días

    Also when my brother sings it he sounds like if he was a rockstar

  103. Lloyd Garmadon

    Lloyd GarmadonHace 3 días

    Then I’m like listen to me sing it then my voice changed into yours

  104. Lloyd Garmadon

    Lloyd GarmadonHace 3 días

    Lol my freinds sing it at school they sound like a total noob group

  105. Lloyd Garmadon

    Lloyd GarmadonHace 3 días

    It worked I was like yes

  106. Lloyd Garmadon

    Lloyd GarmadonHace 3 días

    Then the 2nd time I was gonna try using your guys voice