POKÉMON Detective Pikachu - Official Trailer #1


  1. Tairon Martins

    Tairon MartinsHace un hora

    this movie will give us good jokes in Dead Pool 3

  2. Marcelo's Toy Room

    Marcelo's Toy RoomHace un hora

    All I heard was Deadpool

  3. MintyRamen

    MintyRamenHace un hora

    Holy frick take my money please

  4. Super gaming Nino

    Super gaming NinoHace un hora

    Next big movie

  5. FrumiousReads

    FrumiousReadsHace un hora

    This looks amazing!

  6. Antonio Macias

    Antonio MaciasHace un hora

    Hollywood keeps having the weirdest ideas.

  7. Jake John

    Jake JohnHace un hora

    Fuck me I'm excited for that

  8. hope world

    hope worldHace un hora

    what in the fuck

  9. koyel Banerjee

    koyel BanerjeeHace un hora


  10. TheRichRoom

    TheRichRoomHace un hora

    Ok. I'm in!

  11. Matthew Paniccia

    Matthew PanicciaHace un hora

    My childhood dream has finally come true... I hope Ash Ketchum is in this movie!

  12. UmUrso Amarelado

    UmUrso AmareladoHace un hora

    Sounds pretty generic

  13. Beasty2792

    Beasty2792Hace un hora

    I can not wait to see this movie

  14. BrobroCM

    BrobroCMHace un hora

    The sequel to this Deadpool picachu

  15. Eric Brown

    Eric BrownHace un hora

    Question to everyone: What other comic-book characters do you think Ryan Reynolds would give great performances as?

  16. Crazy Gamer

    Crazy GamerHace un hora


  17. hspg

    hspgHace un hora

    Are there any pokeballs in this movie?

  18. Paul Knarr

    Paul KnarrHace un hora

    this is one of those trailers where it makes it look like the movie is going to good or horrendous i guess we will have to see

  19. Just A Normal Guy

    Just A Normal GuyHace un hora

    I wish it was an April Fools joke fan made trailer and it became real movie trailer...... Count me in!

  20. Death Stroke

    Death StrokeHace un hora

    Greninja.. !!

  21. Cotton Candy Queen

    Cotton Candy QueenHace un hora


  22. TheLonley Nub

    TheLonley NubHace un hora


  23. Faint366

    Faint366Hace un hora

    I’m not entirely sure what this is but I freaking love it

  24. K

    KHace un hora

    "i have been so lonely!" aww 😂😂

  25. fox mueller

    fox muellerHace un hora

    Since when Does Pikachu have fur

  26. terranova210486

    terranova210486Hace un hora

    Shut up and take my money!

  27. Carlosian

    CarlosianHace un hora

    .....Are we being memed?

  28. Chico Lee

    Chico LeeHace un hora

    Why tho

  29. Shade That Demon Cat

    Shade That Demon CatHace un hora


  30. Karina Tibes

    Karina TibesHace un hora


  31. yeeyee

    yeeyeeHace un hora

    I just wanna be here since this is #1 trending

  32. ePi Evo

    ePi EvoHace un hora

    More like Pokemon DEADtective POOLkachu

  33. Erik Hansen

    Erik HansenHace un hora

    Ok. This could end up super awesome, or absolute trash. The track record of video game movies isn’t great, but I’m hopeful.

  34. Hell oWorld

    Hell oWorldHace un hora

    Still waiting on that mf Roblox movie

  35. Daaraofthegesert

    DaaraofthegesertHace un hora

    Not even gonna lie this looks good as hell. I love Ryan Reynolds

  36. Booksds

    BooksdsHace un hora

    Live-action video game adaptations are always bad. Live-action anime adaptations are always bad. So why am I so excited?

  37. RyokoAsakuraLastFan

    RyokoAsakuraLastFanHace un hora

    Why are all the textures so bad on the Pokemon

  38. Miui

    MiuiHace un hora


  39. Common RaJ

    Common RaJHace un hora

    Woahhh !!! I am waiting

  40. By Rere

    By RereHace un hora

    omg omg omg i've been needing this movie for so long! i hope it turns out good

  41. TigerLily

    TigerLilyHace un hora

    How the hell are we supposed to feel about this?

  42. akosijondy

    akosijondyHace un hora

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! why?! pokemon into live action?? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  43. AB CD

    AB CDHace un hora

    What? a live action Pokemon movie???? Ohhhh myyyy gooodddddd (Sees WB logo) Iam not gonna waste my money on this shit rather watch all Pokemon series again

  44. Felipe Aviz

    Felipe AvizHace un hora



    DIGITALBEATBOX XHace un hora

    Why are there comments getting almost 1000 likes after being posted for like 10 mins or less?

  46. Random Rainbows

    Random RainbowsHace un hora

    Press F to pay respects to Stan Lee. Excelsior forever

  47. alex

    alexHace un hora

    holy shit

  48. TheGoldenWarrior

    TheGoldenWarriorHace un hora


  49. GamOholic spartan

    GamOholic spartanHace un hora

    Why is Ryan Reynolds pichakchu? It's werid but great at the same time!/it's 10:40 forgive my spelling

  50. Kaitlin Chow

    Kaitlin ChowHace un hora

    I am SHOOK

  51. Benji the hedgehog

    Benji the hedgehogHace un hora

    Wait is this real. If it is. I'm gonna flip if it is

  52. Jacob Stewart

    Jacob StewartHace un hora

    Ha. At least Yu-Gi-Oh will never be ruined by live action movie.

  53. Joeh_3620

    Joeh_3620Hace un hora

    Out of this world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Hannah Smith

    Hannah SmithHace un hora

    Oh my god

  55. min.yoonji's. wig

    min.yoonji's. wigHace un hora

    omfg I want one

  56. SleepyOrKa

    SleepyOrKaHace un hora

    This movie looks disgusting but I wanna see it

  57. My20GUNS

    My20GUNSHace un hora

    This looks fucking ridiculous. I can't wait.

  58. Amazing Puppy Dogs 9

    Amazing Puppy Dogs 9Hace un hora

    Y tho

  59. a guy

    a guyHace un hora

    This is Mario and Rabbits in movie form, a clusterfuck of an idea, but it somehow looks good.

  60. nostal 10

    nostal 10Hace un hora

    Brasil alguém?

  61. Malak inspirit

    Malak inspiritHace un hora

    Baekhyun what are u doing here ?

  62. John Everyton

    John EverytonHace un hora

    This is the most stupidest concept. It’s like nowadays no one knows how to make movies

  63. Robin Coolidge

    Robin CoolidgeHace un hora

    I want to be mad at this...but the nostagia driven child in me is screaming too loud for me to feel negative emotions

  64. The Spanish Inquisition

    The Spanish InquisitionHace un hora


  65. Arrow xD

    Arrow xDHace un hora

    No one expects the Pikapool.

  66. 72027

    72027Hace un hora

    Live action anime

  67. J2 digital

    J2 digitalHace un hora

    Rip the best starter Squirtle T_T. Someones going to find you!!

  68. A H C

    A H CHace un hora

    Ryan Reynolds, how dare you make me want to watch a Pokemon movie!

  69. Official

    OfficialHace un hora

    Anime abuse

  70. Muffin Man Dan

    Muffin Man DanHace un hora


  71. Tiu lui

    Tiu luiHace un hora

    R.I.P stan lee ;-;

  72. Robert McDaniel

    Robert McDanielHace un hora


  73. SickNasty Gaming

    SickNasty GamingHace un hora

    Ash ketchum isn't black? 👀

  74. Stuffed Walrus

    Stuffed WalrusHace un hora

    Just imagine Ryan Reynolds in his room playing detective Pikachu

  75. Luna's Animations

    Luna's AnimationsHace un hora

    I have always wanted a pokemon movie that looks real to come out And One came out IM SO HAPPY❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  76. TSpuppies

    TSpuppiesHace un hora

    I don't know if I should be excited or worried

  77. Zefanya Lt

    Zefanya LtHace un hora

    A live action movie based on a video game that is...QUITE GOOD?!

  78. T. Butler

    T. ButlerHace un hora

    For a second there I thought he pulled an actual gun on Pikachu lol. Also idk why but it is kind've jarring to see actual cars in a pokemon world. Granted, I haven't played a pokemon game since Platinum, but I don't recall ever seeing cars. Only bikes and motorcycles.

  79. Karan soni

    Karan soniHace un hora

    I am crazy fan of Pokemon

  80. ユーミン !!

    ユーミン !!Hace un hora


  81. Smalf00 '

    Smalf00 'Hace un hora

    I love Ryan Reynolds, but I really wish they hired some voice actress that has a cutesy voice or something. That voice with pikachu immediately took me out of it (still probably gonna see it though)

  82. UnrealGeek Gaming

    UnrealGeek GamingHace un hora

    Pikachu should have female voice

  83. and9ew

    and9ewHace un hora

    only 1999 kids will get this...

  84. Felipe Rubinstein

    Felipe RubinsteinHace un hora

    I didn't know I needed this until it arrived.

  85. Ana Aburto

    Ana AburtoHace un hora


  86. Victor Santos

    Victor SantosHace un hora

    Que bosta

  87. Darnumi

    DarnumiHace un hora

    I want to hear some swear words from Pikachu

  88. Sonic the hedgehog

    Sonic the hedgehogHace un hora

    Looks they finally crack the code of making a good CGI movie.

  89. Armando Ebk

    Armando EbkHace un hora


  90. topopops

    topopopsHace un hora

    Looks gay

  91. Roxas Hester

    Roxas HesterHace un hora

    I didn’t play the game because the pikachu had too deep of a voice. The first few seconds of the trailer I was thinking this is terrible. Ryan sucked me in like a whirlpool and made me want to see this.

  92. Cilantro _

    Cilantro _Hace un hora

    I honestly love the art style for some reason, it has a very 'grungy' look that works very well and fits the atmosphere.

  93. Bobby Stackpoole

    Bobby StackpooleHace un hora

    Looks fantastic. And to anyone saying it should be battle oriented, I believe this will be a nice overall transition into the live universe.

  94. khal trumpo

    khal trumpoHace un hora


  95. Luke Haave

    Luke HaaveHace un hora

    This is a real thing..? I thought this was a joke

  96. TheLivingRecycleBin

    TheLivingRecycleBinHace un hora

    I hope we get to see some legendary pokemen

  97. shiningwizard327

    shiningwizard327Hace un hora

    Maybe I’ve gone crazy, because this looks good to me.

  98. ShoGo

    ShoGoHace un hora


  99. ZNAK

    ZNAKHace un hora

    Cara de quem vai ficar uma Merda...

  100. ACQ15

    ACQ15Hace un hora

    I use to play and watch Pokémon when I was little and I’m fine with it I hope I can see this movie without anybody saying anything

  101. Jeremy Ames

    Jeremy AmesHace un hora

    The thumbnail is so creepy