Pillowcase - Gabbie Hanna (Official Video)


  1. Gabbie Hanna

    Gabbie HannaHace 6 meses


  2. Kateri [Kat] Levasseur

    Kateri [Kat] LevasseurHace 13 días

    Gabbie Hanna That NoSe....


    REEENMUSICBOY R.NHace 13 días

    I LOVE U GABBLE and oh my god AMAZING SONG

  4. Kateri [Kat] Levasseur

    Kateri [Kat] LevasseurHace un mes

    🍭🍦🍬 Gabbie Hanna Girl You really need to start WASHING your hair! Greasy as balls.......

  5. Virginia Scarbrough

    Virginia ScarbroughHace un mes

    Your awsome i have learned all the song

  6. KawaiiFemale_exe KawaiiFemale_exe

    KawaiiFemale_exe KawaiiFemale_exeHace 2 meses

    I'm gonna be honest, I only subscribe to you for the music.

  7. K-pxp plxyer

    K-pxp plxyerHace 4 horas

    tbh gabbie's music is actually really good people just hate on it because of her past drama. everyone makes mistakes. i know if people who are regular not famous people then you would want people to not hate on you if you did something and caused drama so why bring up the past? let gabbie do her thing please. i really like her music and if something happened to her cause of the hate then i know her haters and other people would feel bad. so please watch what you say. and the social world will become better and not full of negativity. thanks

  8. Jennifer Turner

    Jennifer TurnerHace 6 horas

    This is the first time i have ever listened to music from you and you have my skin CRAWLING. This hit so many nerves and buttons and i started to sing with you. Amazing job. Thank you.

  9. Zap Attack

    Zap AttackHace 22 horas

    I love you

  10. sswr100

    sswr100Hace 23 horas

    I hate the one RED NAIL… it’s killing me

  11. Marie Lady

    Marie LadyHace un día

    The more times I watch this the better it gets!

  12. Tabitha Pearson

    Tabitha PearsonHace un día

    Gabbie is so freaking beautiful. Love it.

  13. Chloe Rocker

    Chloe RockerHace un día

    The I Ted nail tho

  14. Marie Lady

    Marie LadyHace un día

    OMG I LOVE THIS!!!!💕💕💕💕🖤🖤🖤🖤

  15. Official Covers

    Official CoversHace 5 días

    Is is mean to say that, i would like the song more if someone else sang it

  16. kiwi Jones

    kiwi JonesHace 6 días

    Don't ever treat Miranda like that again

  17. kiwi Jones

    kiwi JonesHace un día

    Are you a boy or a girl and yeah I said what I said

  18. Mercy Sand

    Mercy SandHace un día

    kiwi Jones wtf

  19. kiwi Jones

    kiwi JonesHace 6 días

    If you sneeze then we all going to die

  20. Mercy Sand

    Mercy SandHace un día

    kiwi Jones bitch

  21. kiwi Jones

    kiwi JonesHace 6 días

    Why you nose so big

  22. kiwi Jones

    kiwi JonesHace 6 días

    Why your nose so big

  23. Mercy Sand

    Mercy SandHace un día

    kiwi Jones fuck you

  24. Dr. Sam Loomis 1978

    Dr. Sam Loomis 1978Hace 6 días

    If you think about it, Ricky Dillon was there the whole time.

  25. Joo

    JooHace 6 días

    Member flyleaf?

  26. Zari Belle

    Zari BelleHace 7 días

    I am so picky about the music I listen to and this whole album has been on repeat for two weeks!!! You did such a great job! It slaps!!!!

  27. Anna Marie

    Anna MarieHace 8 días


  28. Keevan Norton

    Keevan NortonHace 8 días

    Why is everyone so hateful? This songs literally amazing and people need to chill tf out, don’t like Gabbie don’t watch her, simple as. It’s sad to see how bored some people are, go and improve your own lives, not try and ruin someone else’s.

  29. Lindsey No

    Lindsey NoHace 10 días

    This is my favorite music video EVER not just gabbies , but EVER!

  30. crzyndn86

    crzyndn86Hace 10 días

    will admit I came for the soaking wet tits. Not disappointed.

  31. TheWeirdGal 17

    TheWeirdGal 17Hace 10 días


  32. Zahara Halsss

    Zahara HalsssHace 11 días

    What the fuck is this???😭😭😭 y’all she can’t sing or write poetry. What the fuck can you do well?

  33. Jessica Zhang

    Jessica ZhangHace 8 días

    Zahara Halsss you shouldn’t shit on people like that, even if the music does suck, which it doesn’t. If you look down on her so much then do better than her. She has a beautiful voice and the effects in the video is done quite well.

  34. jared M

    jared MHace 11 días

    this was uploded on my birth day

  35. Ella Wright

    Ella WrightHace 11 días

    I just came here from "broken girls" basically explaining how she was giving melanie vibes..... The party's over just got intense....giving off billie vibes...like dont get me wrong,gabby has a good voice but it seems like she wants to be someone shes not,i can remember one time she said "be who you are and never anyone else" and she isnt following her own advice,gabby should honestly just be herself and apologize after everything she's done..

  36. Gabriel Doboyou

    Gabriel DoboyouHace 12 días

    When u live under Billie eilish while shes filming «when the Party is over»

  37. sumit sarkar

    sumit sarkarHace 12 días

    She has both big titnose

  38. Qunell carson

    Qunell carsonHace 13 días

    Her voice is like listening to a goddess go gabbie

  39. Riley Gordon

    Riley GordonHace 13 días

    Wow really tryna be Billie

  40. Soumita Chakraborty

    Soumita ChakrabortyHace 13 días

    This is actually a really good song

  41. Kiylen Haywood

    Kiylen HaywoodHace 13 días

    *I literally see zero people talking about how good the song is--*

  42. NeedToPooNow

    NeedToPooNowHace 14 días

    Ngl, I really like this. The shots are all really cool, too. I feel like it’s a tiny bit too long, but other than that, I like it.

  43. SPT

    SPTHace 14 días


  44. Charli d'amelio Dixie fan

    Charli d'amelio Dixie fanHace 14 días

    You copy Billie eilish black eye thing

  45. Tooey XO

    Tooey XOHace 14 días

    She looks like Ganondorf. Same nose too. I've seen her without makeup. Don't be fooled.

  46. Nico Nico nii

    Nico Nico niiHace 15 días

    Hadn’t watched you in so long. Came back to my favorite ESreporterr being a singer!

  47. Bunny

    BunnyHace 15 días

    I bet the black liquid was from Billie Eilish

  48. Bunny

    BunnyHace 15 días

    I bet that black liquid was from Billie Eilish

  49. Blinding 'Light

    Blinding 'LightHace 15 días

    This is amazing

  50. Carli Hinson

    Carli HinsonHace 15 días

    at the time 2:19 when she is singing is kind of gives 8D audio without headphones. i am using my laptop and i legit hear the first whatever on the right and the second whatever on the left

  51. ? S u n i t a ¿

    ? S u n i t a ¿Hace 15 días

    Gabbie can you explain??

  52. Games 4 life xxx

    Games 4 life xxxHace 15 días


  53. Agent Nightlock

    Agent NightlockHace 16 días

    Pretty good music and beat, love the visuals

  54. Sir Apolo

    Sir ApoloHace 16 días


  55. mikki shipe

    mikki shipeHace 18 días

    I love the red finger nail and this song is so good good job Gab

  56. Jayla Babee

    Jayla BabeeHace 19 días

    She was sooo fyeee in this video🥰🥰🤪

  57. Lidia S

    Lidia SHace 19 días


  58. Tia Rose

    Tia RoseHace 18 días

    Oo what an original comment, im sure this is the first time shes heard this. Want a cookie fatty?

  59. leto elise

    leto eliseHace 19 días

    Yikes..😐 kinda wished it was better but what should i really expect from a lying annoying middle aged ESreporter

  60. Melanie Terry

    Melanie TerryHace 20 días

    I love this video and song

  61. Nova

    NovaHace 21 un día

    How much fucking Auto tune do you need like fuck its worse than Jaystation who NEEDS to be taken off youtube #StopJaystation

  62. neena burns

    neena burnsHace 21 un día


  63. Btchzplzz

    BtchzplzzHace 21 un día

    WOW.. I have never been into her music but she KILLED this one.

  64. Pamela Warwick

    Pamela WarwickHace 21 un día

    Gabbie looks so different with wet hair in the tank scenes 😨 but still has gorgeous as ever

  65. Igor Lipiec

    Igor LipiecHace 21 un día

    At first I didn’t like this song, but now I’m like in love

  66. Timothy Ramey

    Timothy RameyHace 22 días

    I love this song so much !!!!♥️♥️♥️💗💗💗

  67. Madilyn Mossman

    Madilyn MossmanHace 23 días

    What if the tank Gabby's in was the glass of black fluid that Billie Eilish drank in When The Party's Over... GABBY: 2:51 BILLIE: *starts picking up the glass* ME: "Billie..." BILLIE: *tastes the black liquid* ME: "BILLIE DON'T YOU DARE!" GABBY: "OH SHIT!" 2:56 BILLIE: *proceeds to chug the whole glass* ME: "BILLIE NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  68. martin fremming

    martin fremmingHace 24 días

    cute nose

  69. Holley Welch

    Holley WelchHace 25 días

    I love this song I have listen to it non stop since it was released 💜💜

  70. SJ FoxX

    SJ FoxXHace 25 días

    Garbage person

  71. Isa Ray

    Isa RayHace 26 días

    This is probably (for me) the best song she's done yet ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️