Pillowcase - Gabbie Hanna (Official Video)


  1. Gabbie Hanna

    Gabbie HannaHace un mes


  2. I see You:3

    I see You:3Hace 2 horas

    Gabbie Hanna you did so good but I wish you change the thumb nail to 1:51 that look nice!!

  3. Shayna Knowles

    Shayna KnowlesHace 2 días

    Song literally on repeat for 2 days now 😩☔️ Best song yet Gabbie , You’re gorgeous 🔥💕

  4. Aarushi Kishore

    Aarushi KishoreHace 2 días

    Did anyone notice that her middle finger of her right hand is painted red?

  5. Karlina Maples

    Karlina MaplesHace 7 días

    Do you remember when your biceps were noticeably different sizes? You've glown up well.

  6. james etue

    james etueHace 50 minutos

    love love love....

  7. Aphmau 111101

    Aphmau 111101Hace un hora

    can she really ever give too many dramatic looks at the camera

  8. Bumble Bea

    Bumble BeaHace 2 horas


  9. Imperfeito_Eu

    Imperfeito_EuHace 2 horas

    Indústria Musical: a. Gabbie Hanna: um tapa na cara da sociedade.

  10. pinkhoneybee

    pinkhoneybeeHace 3 horas

    i know i’m late but i still think this needs more attention because this is absolutely amazing

  11. Mckenzie Rose

    Mckenzie RoseHace 4 horas

    Love this song anyone else

  12. Lilyonalillypad

    LilyonalillypadHace 5 horas

    My favorite song and the music video did not disappoint 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏼

  13. Fallen Toast

    Fallen ToastHace 6 horas

    Where’s her upper lip?

  14. Alexis Ashe

    Alexis AsheHace 7 horas

    at 1:22 you can see she has one nail painted red , i love that!!!

  15. Kjana Deklerck

    Kjana DeklerckHace 7 horas

    ok but when gabbie is is laying on the bed and the paint is dripping down it gives me britney spears vibes

  16. Cassie Miller

    Cassie MillerHace 10 horas

    So she feels trapped and is drowning in her tears. That's my own theory

  17. Ellie B's Life

    Ellie B's LifeHace 10 horas

    Yo so cool

  18. Have A Good day

    Have A Good dayHace 10 horas

    This reminds me of Billie

  19. lulu jabro

    lulu jabroHace 17 horas

    Is it me or the only thing I've been looking at is that one colored nail. Love u Gabbie no hate nop shade.

  20. Alexis Wiley

    Alexis WileyHace un día

    🤣🤣 "Choke on my clarinet" (DRIP ON MY PILLOWCASE)

  21. Lunamoon221

    Lunamoon221Hace un día

    0:43 Am I the only one that was utterly amazed at how she went from the dramatic "Cry" to looking calm just before switching to the next scene? I'm nerding out, but my god that looked so good.

  22. Audrey Sexton

    Audrey SextonHace un día

    2:20 when the window breaks that us really cool!!!!!!

  23. Audrey Sexton

    Audrey SextonHace un día


  24. Eli Canaan

    Eli CanaanHace un día


  25. Henry Ojeda

    Henry OjedaHace un día

    Can't believe my favorite singer pillowcase released her new song Gabbie Hanna

  26. Jerrie’s Lyrics

    Jerrie’s LyricsHace un día

    Dear Gabbie... what have you done... it’s 2am and I’m listening to this after having a breakdown. Fuck.

  27. Kait Banks

    Kait BanksHace un día

    Drip on my pillow, my pillow case. Chills😬 Idk why🤷🏻‍♀️🖤

  28. Kashfa Ashraf

    Kashfa AshrafHace un día

    Ok I’ve listen to this song more then 15 times in the past three days, I maybe obsesssseddd💖💖

  29. Lunatic Pipeline

    Lunatic PipelineHace un día


  30. Dylan Burgess

    Dylan BurgessHace un día


  31. Joshua Hollister

    Joshua HollisterHace un día


  32. Jestar294 Gaming

    Jestar294 GamingHace un día

    First off fricken lit Secondly when she first said “I’ll come to your funeral but won’t promise to cry” I honestly thought there was gonna have some like dubstep skrillex stuff happening

  33. Sssniperwolf Yt

    Sssniperwolf YtHace un día

    It's kinda spooky but good

  34. Thrifty Fox

    Thrifty FoxHace un día

    i can't tell if this is ironic or not?

  35. ox_carlos m

    ox_carlos mHace un día

    Is this like a billie eilish video but gay

  36. Warenai

    WarenaiHace 2 días

    Gabbie lookin like a popstar!

  37. Jacey Green

    Jacey GreenHace 2 días

    Conspiracy Theory: Copying Billie Eilish

  38. R scott

    R scottHace 2 días

    *Plot Twist:* The black liquid is just all the extra mascara from her hoarding room she put into a tank

  39. Violet Smith

    Violet SmithHace 2 días

    R scott Plot twist: It was water from a future video titled "I Clean My Carpet After 5 Years *EMOTIONAL* ".

  40. Travis Rose

    Travis RoseHace 2 días

    When this song first came out: Eh, not my favorite. Me now: “My reflection on my windowpane, SHOWS THE NIGHTMARE, CALL ME BY MY NAME!”

  41. III_anmexia

    III_anmexiaHace 2 días

    Normal People : ESreporterr's cant sing Gabbie : HOLD MY VOCAL CHORDS

  42. Mochi Gacha UwU

    Mochi Gacha UwUHace 2 días

    You can tell this is Eilish approved.

  43. Violet Smith

    Violet SmithHace 2 días

    Mochi Gacha you really can.

  44. Destiny Fruchey

    Destiny FrucheyHace 2 días

    My 4 year old son loves this video and song loll He had me explain why you were in black water

  45. ilovemyskittlesbaby

    ilovemyskittlesbabyHace 2 días


  46. Z0e

    Z0eHace 2 días

    this is so shit

  47. Meme E.

    Meme E.Hace 2 días

    Gabbie, I found out about pillowcase while watching ur book clock video which after that went to the behind the scenes of pillowcase.. I must admit I am obsessed with this song. I get goosebumps everytime I listen. I love it and u are gorgeous and very talented. I would love to hang with u and irene one day. I love her 😘


    I DONT KNOW FOOLHace 2 días


  49. balqees Khanum

    balqees KhanumHace 2 días

    0.48 she only has one finger painted red

  50. molly halimeh

    molly halimehHace 2 días

    wait is she in that cylinder thing with black water to represent her literally drowning in her tears and it's black because of her mascara

  51. Callum Dennis

    Callum DennisHace 2 días

    Who else thought that the start said sponor

  52. Callum Dennis

    Callum DennisHace 2 días

    Me x

  53. KrYpt1c Crazyy

    KrYpt1c CrazyyHace 2 días

    0:49 if you have subtitles on it says do you charge online okay bye mascara 😂

  54. Lyfii

    LyfiiHace 2 días

    so i get that all of this is just a traumatic asmr mv ok

  55. ribug 556

    ribug 556Hace 3 días

    i loved this so much

  56. J B

    J BHace 3 días

    Powerful. 👏🏻

  57. CJ

    CJHace 3 días

    "I'm so fucking exhausted" that's literally me

  58. MsDevoreMoi

    MsDevoreMoiHace 3 días

    What's the history ?

  59. silke can i taste the Rainbow

    silke can i taste the RainbowHace 3 días

    Very good ! :)

  60. Carly Brown

    Carly BrownHace 3 días

    I love the cinematics of her music videos

  61. Chryssa Duran

    Chryssa DuranHace 3 días

    1:40 beautiful sound and visual at the same timeeeeee

  62. Emily Henain

    Emily HenainHace 3 días

    Gabbbbiiieeee this is.my new favorite song ughhhh

  63. Kristine Abegail Servidad

    Kristine Abegail ServidadHace 3 días

    why did you sound like tana when you said die...;-;

  64. YURIalter3gø

    YURIalter3gøHace 3 días

    is this what having a period feels like? 🤔

  65. istealcookies

    istealcookiesHace 3 días

    OMG Gabbie is freaking talented and the video is visually amazing! *mind blown*

  66. Stephanie Sapiens

    Stephanie SapiensHace 3 días

    R.I.P White Dress Died because Gabbie Hanna wanted a cool music video

  67. meeeg -

    meeeg -Hace 3 días

    what’s the point w the one painted fingernail

  68. Taylor Crass

    Taylor CrassHace 3 días

    This got those Billie Eilish vibes