Pencilmate Needs Therapy! -in- SYSTEM OF A CLOWN - Pencilmation Cartoons for Kids


  1. Karla Diaz

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    Imposible to beating

  2. Karla Diaz

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  3. []Minecrafty Woman[]

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    The Blue Man Is Me, Beacuse I Have Nightmares From Clowns!

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    I love pencilnation

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    0:17 BOO!

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    AYDEN DAFFRONHace 20 días

    arrested then she didn't cry no taking someone else's house you need to put that in one of your little short films this Time pictures of pencil made to get beat up he always gets beaten up by a pencil and I don't appreciate it

  20. Tasya Rachela

    Tasya RachelaHace 22 días

    y walau pun itu aku subrice and aku lonceng si tp kok di gambar nya ngk sama ama yg di pilm

  21. Tasya Rachela

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    kok ngk sama si ky yg di gambar

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    Uuuuu 😒🌏

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    Amo a Pencilmation

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    Jajajajajajaja 😄😄😄😄😄

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    Is that statue of liberty 22:08

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    Pencilmate love

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    Pencilmiss fell in love with pencilmate

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    Oh by the way I’m still watching your videos

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    And then I gave you a thumbs down

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    Eww your shirts cost so much so I unsubscribed

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    10:47 big chungus

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    You ' re afraid

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    Pencilmate is fear of clowns

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    You are silly and I love you so much 😍

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  62. Kids Art & Drawing - Jija Art

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    Very Nice!

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    Dose this person even read Harry Potter or watch the movies???????????

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    nice video

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    Funny video

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    At 26:24, an awesome music starts. What is the name?

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    This is a pun of "System Of A Down" which has nothing to do with the story line!

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