Parked | The Carnival Of Secrets - Wengie Short Film


  1. Wengie

    WengieHace un mes

    Get ready for Halloween this year and settle in with me in "Parked" It's a crazy project I worked on and was amazing to see the idea come to life and I'm so thankful to the amazing team that I was able to work with for make this happen Hope you guys enjoy this!!! 😍😍😍

  2. Emma Appleby

    Emma ApplebyHace 4 horas

    Wengie we love it!!!

  3. Tegan Aspinall

    Tegan AspinallHace 2 días

    It's great Wengi love you

  4. mika higer

    mika higerHace 2 días

    Love you Wengie

  5. mika higer

    mika higerHace 2 días

    I live in Sydney Australia if you ever want to do a film with me I’m in

  6. b b

    b bHace 3 días

    Best after ever

  7. Wolfy Girl

    Wolfy GirlHace un hora

    😞 where did the kid friendly wengie go?😖😖😖 4:36

  8. Emma Appleby

    Emma ApplebyHace 4 horas

    WE WANT MORE!!!!!!

  9. Helpmebeforebanned Playz

    Helpmebeforebanned PlayzHace 5 horas


  10. memes_and_more_memes

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  11. Zoha Umer

    Zoha UmerHace 9 horas

    That's so scared

  12. B Wash

    B WashHace 13 horas

    Are you able to do more of these short films?

  13. Mousumi Das

    Mousumi DasHace 8 horas


  14. Angel Kitty

    Angel KittyHace 15 horas

    So is it a loop?

  15. Sophia and Evi

    Sophia and EviHace 18 horas

    I loved this

  16. Pyrogue

    PyrogueHace 21 un hora

    The protagonist isn't wrong though. Life's full of disappointments. You kids best learn to live with it now before reality catches you off guard.

  17. Whitney Mason

    Whitney MasonHace 23 horas

    Wengie, help it’s so scary I couldn’t even finish it and I only got to the part with the maze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Also this is my mom’s iPad and I’m 9

  18. Cookie Gacha

    Cookie GachaHace un día

    Uh so uh MOM IM SCARED

  19. Zakia Shahzeb

    Zakia ShahzebHace un día

    I watched this 15 times i love it so much

  20. dharshini Sekar

    dharshini SekarHace un día

    I want horror short film like this

  21. Marie Grace Fernandez

    Marie Grace FernandezHace un día

    Make mor episodes pls !!!!

  22. Wan Ling Huang

    Wan Ling HuangHace un día

    “I’m never having kids” but wengie....... Isn’t your cats your babies? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  23. gaming girls t_t

    gaming girls t_tHace un día

    That how they get the wingie dolls how did they get the wingie person

  24. Camila Diaz

    Camila DiazHace un día

    This is scary 😫😓😕

  25. Luis Camello

    Luis CamelloHace 2 días

    0:59 wengie looks so done with her life XD😂

  26. Luis Camello

    Luis CamelloHace 2 días

    Lol title - short film me - 11 mins

  27. Kaya Ahmed

    Kaya AhmedHace 2 días

    Please do more 👇:-O

  28. Kaylie Bogajczyk

    Kaylie BogajczykHace 2 días

    No offense but the video felt more uneasy and weird than scary

  29. wespiky :

    wespiky :Hace 21 un hora

    Is that.. not what horror and a thriller is supposed to be..?

  30. Landis Hershey

    Landis HersheyHace 2 días

    Those dislikes are from the unhappy costumers

  31. Max Rules

    Max RulesHace 2 días

    To all the people comforting me about Wengie's language in this video I would just like to say, thank you so much!!!! To all the people being rude about it, (something like this, "you haven't watched her long enough to know blah blah blah) Keep your mean thoughts to yourself nobody needs to hear your rudeness Once again the people who have comforted me you are a legend and a really kind person thanks

  32. Aileen Lee

    Aileen LeeHace 2 días

    Is that a movie

  33. Sarah Douglas

    Sarah DouglasHace 2 días

    Wengei if you are making A second film put it on You tude and I will whach it I love you wengei

  34. Sarah Douglas

    Sarah DouglasHace 2 días

    Please make second film I loved it wenge

  35. ruiyi wang

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  36. india-Rose moore

    india-Rose mooreHace 2 días

    who remembers wengie with like 15million subs and now she only has 13million...i.. am confused.... comment why this happened

  37. Adelene Nathasia

    Adelene NathasiaHace 2 días

    I heard cwack cwack cwack cwack cwack cwack cwack i have that duck toy say that!

  38. • Potato Potahto •

    • Potato Potahto •Hace 2 días

    Wengie : *tries pulling the door* Me: wait... But it was open inside after...

  39. Aly Fong

    Aly FongHace 2 días

    Wengie this is super spooky

  40. Venkata Chengalvala

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  41. Pink101dragon hulio

    Pink101dragon hulioHace 2 días

    I haven’t watched wengi in like 2 yrs and I watched this 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😨 what has happens to her!!!!!

  42. Gracie Piercy

    Gracie PiercyHace 3 días

    Why did you swear wengie

  43. LaurenGacha LazyTuber

    LaurenGacha LazyTuberHace 3 días

    uhhhhh 11:45

  44. McGinley Kids

    McGinley KidsHace 3 días

    I just watch it over and over all day I hate the trow up part

  45. Nash Wa

    Nash WaHace 3 días

    "Im never having kids" 10 years..............🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  46. Faye Thea Servidad

    Faye Thea ServidadHace 3 días

    7:23 you can see Summer(Wengie) at the other side of the pond

  47. OwO

    OwOHace 3 días

    i am sPo0kEd!

  48. Faith Rose

    Faith RoseHace 4 días

    did you see that person standing there when the manager and wengie were talking at the pond

  49. Vanessa Balendra

    Vanessa BalendraHace 4 días

    I swear if thriller came on at the maze scene and everyone started doing the thriller dance I would have rated this my favourite short movie ever. I mean, it is anyway.

  50. craft lovers

    craft loversHace 4 días

    Who found it a little scary mostly kids under 10 years I am 8 and I was so scared and got nightmares but still seen it because I love wengie

  51. Sujita Raj

    Sujita RajHace 4 días

    Was this a horror flim?

  52. hijklmnop abcdefg

    hijklmnop abcdefgHace 4 días

    Wengie u sound like rosè from bp

  53. Ramielle Xianne

    Ramielle XianneHace 4 días

    I wish this show up at the cinemas

  54. 吴丹

    吴丹Hace 4 días

    Sooooo creepy

  55. Hazim Rohani

    Hazim RohaniHace 4 días

    It scary for me because I a kid

  56. ninja210 Juarez

    ninja210 JuarezHace 5 días

    Wow are you going to turn that into a movie?

  57. hazel gacha

    hazel gachaHace 5 días

    Kindness is always da way Unless you work with Satan 😉

  58. Adriana Reyes

    Adriana ReyesHace 5 días

    9:32 I thought that you were about to play the Minecraft theme there

  59. Amy Emma

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  60. Amy Emma

    Amy EmmaHace 5 días

    I still loved the vid

  61. Amy Emma

    Amy EmmaHace 5 días

    I didn’t like the throw up 🤢 part

  62. Lynda Standley

    Lynda StandleyHace 5 días

    Their calling you summer wengie don't you care

  63. Abby Hansen

    Abby HansenHace 3 días

    Lynda Standley! Bruh it’s a short film it’s acting

  64. -Charløttes Wørld-

    -Charløttes Wørld-Hace 5 días

    I really miss the old wengie...with her unicorn hair, and would scream if you yelped. Not wengie running from crazy people chasing her.


    GALATIS’S WORLDHace 5 días

    In this video her voice sounds so smooth and perfect!

  66. Juniordesi Garcia

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  67. Sammy PlayzRoblox

    Sammy PlayzRobloxHace 5 días

    Make another one

  68. Nour ElZaghir

    Nour ElZaghirHace 6 días

    :] :33