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Pacquiao vs. Broner: Highlights | SHOWTIME PPV


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    Let’s goo

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  5. school pizza

    school pizzaHace un hora

    Wtf there was a Pacman fight? Fuck I thought it was only the ShitFL football games on

  6. The Wheat Is Growing Thin

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    oh yeah yeah

  7. Mydas Knight

    Mydas KnightHace un hora

    IDK what fight broner was watching, he was so upset 😂😂😂

  8. manga3040

    manga3040Hace un hora

    Lmao Broner plays the victim when he loses but had big mouth leading up to event. Funny how his behavior makes him a living stereotype.

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    Don't mind me, just asking people if they like jazz.

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  13. Eyema Duhmass

    Eyema DuhmassHace un hora

    Broner embracing his feminine side with that sick ass skirt.

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  19. Vincent Washington

    Vincent WashingtonHace un hora

    Broner got his ass kicked

  20. AdamTheTiger

    AdamTheTigerHace un hora

    Warren and broner both concentrated more on their shorts than boxing And you saw the results.

  21. Yeet On The Beet

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  24. Vell Hell

    Vell HellHace un hora

    Everybody wanna suck paquiao dick cause they don't like broner mentality broner mentality don't have nothing to do with his hands

  25. Tyler Joseph Smith

    Tyler Joseph SmithHace un hora

    Did Mauro Ranallo call this fight?

  26. Jon Marco The Asian

    Jon Marco The AsianHace un hora

    "I BEAT DAT BOI" "well you only scored 3 bodyshots" *looks at camera* "I STILL BEAT DAT BOI"

  27. Vell Hell

    Vell HellHace un hora

    They robbed broner he won 1-6 round 8 went either way pac won 7,9,10,11 paquiao was throwing a lot of punches but wasn't even landing them broner was dodging most of his punches horrible judges what has boxing come to

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    They sleeping on PAC😂

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    oh *yeah yeah*

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    2019 time to try something new! remember this name

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    So ummmm question, why so many “oh yeah” comments from different YT accounts with the same profile picture? Lol

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    oh yeah yeah!! yobama and luigi

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    Damn kids and their shitty fortnite memes

  37. Daniel Rodriguez

    Daniel RodriguezHace un hora

    Broner has mental issues.

  38. prima materia

    prima materiaHace un hora

    I like when broner fights mayweathers opponents, it shows skill contrast.

  39. Chase Austin

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  40. barthj21

    barthj21Hace 2 horas

    Broner is a bum

  41. Herman Duke

    Herman DukeHace 2 horas

    Paquiao is already a legend and for more than two decades he has been on top with puts him in contention to be the greatest of all time a truly forward style (not running away or sticking his head out bet ropes or winning fights peddling the back or “showboating”. like some “boring” so called champs do). When you see mr Paqueao you true a fight win or loose . Probably the greatest due the “Many-years of Manny- Paqueao”... on top in some of the most crowded divisions............

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    The hood no longer welcomes Broner

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    Oh yeahhhh oh yeahhhhh

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    My man Pacquiao. 🇵🇭

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