1. brennan sulton

    brennan sultonHace 12 días

    I feel for u jonny! Start waxin the fuckboys

  2. Cole Fawcett

    Cole FawcettHace 16 días

    When the next model comes out I'm jumping on one and when someone dies and leaves me some cash I'm going to build a billed 1000hp monster twin turbo with half of each turbo protruding from the bonnet and when I kill another family member that is leaving me cash I mean when they pass away and leave me cash I'm going to wide body it but no stupid rear spoiler that only a dick eater would have and then my friend's I will be Tully happy with life

  3. Periko Glopez

    Periko GlopezHace 17 días

    This is how a car is supposed to be driven not like TJ Hunt soft ass scared to put his foot down

  4. Hunter

    HunterHace 20 días

    Great vid

  5. overanDownUnder

    overanDownUnderHace 21 un día

    And how long will it take without Dave being there? Or tying him up in the corner?

  6. daniel kennedy

    daniel kennedyHace 21 un día

    Just by flashing it gave he say 70 more ftlbs

  7. Mitiksh

    MitikshHace 22 días

    Mo pooowerrr baby😂😂.

  8. Izz Din

    Izz DinHace 23 días

    The supra after upgrade looks like a proper Hoonmobile. Makes more smoke than a bonfire.

  9. I'm Batman

    I'm BatmanHace 23 días

    It doesn’t have a blow off/bypass valve 11:15

  10. Oh Jack

    Oh JackHace 24 días

    Is buying the Supra a trend?

  11. J_ Spool

    J_ SpoolHace 24 días

    I really hope they primed the turbo 🤦🏻‍♂️ because it doesn’t seem like it. Then people wonder why the turbos fail prematurely

  12. DANIEL James

    DANIEL JamesHace 25 días

    First burn out legit sounds like a vacuum haha

  13. jajupa78

    jajupa78Hace 25 días

    Hope uall ain't charging by the hour cuz u gonna go to the poor house quick.

  14. Hardyboy Lifestyle

    Hardyboy LifestyleHace 25 días

    Sweet. The first I've seen

  15. Jurgen Meiling

    Jurgen MeilingHace 26 días

    Nice video good job

  16. Youngsauuce 4pole

    Youngsauuce 4poleHace 26 días

    Go to 10:05and put captions on and it says nigga

  17. Laci N

    Laci NHace 27 días

    DDE-dailydrivenexotics= toyota supra what an exotic haha

  18. Dahveed

    DahveedHace 27 días

    You had to cut out the convos and Dave never shuts up.

  19. VW R32

    VW R32Hace 27 días

    Was that an after hrs cash in hand job ? Don't tell the owner ;) Air induction kit , Turbo , DeCat down pipe , bigger upgraded flowing intercooler and a better flowing Exhaust system with a rolling road remap please ! To take away thanks, how long is that going to take ! Today's sponsor is Pure Turbos ;) Dave what else can we get for free to through onto this Supra , "I am working on it "

  20. krome dome

    krome domeHace 27 días

    "It's just the beginning, we're going FULL DDE on this b*tch" -Damon Fryer

  21. krome dome

    krome domeHace 27 días

    💯% DDE FULL F'N SEND BABY!!!!! While all the other ESreporterrs were installing new wheels and wraps DDE is upgrading to a bigger turbo, (for the soul purpose of faster tire slayage btw), IMMEDIATELY off the showroom floor fam!!! And THAT boys and girls, is how DDE does shit!

  22. lml6.6

    lml6.6Hace 27 días

    johnny prolly cant stand dave in all honesty.... dude is so annoying....

  23. Chief60

    Chief60Hace 28 días

    First of all it’s NOT a Supra ITS A FRIGGIN BMW Second......need BIG BIG BIGGER TURBO 😆😁

  24. I am Mitch

    I am MitchHace 28 días

    ....go and see TJ hunt.

  25. millennial meme

    millennial memeHace 28 días

    Things they said about the turbo really confused me 😕😶😶😶

  26. Keith Godat

    Keith GodatHace 28 días

    WTF happened to the gallardo?

  27. Jessie Kruse

    Jessie KruseHace 28 días

    Hey fellas , been watching for a long time and just a thought about the montages , the dyno scene should 100% always be raw with strap down and everything .

  28. John Jones

    John JonesHace 28 días

    After market air induction

  29. CJ StanceKings

    CJ StanceKingsHace 28 días

    Nice bmw 😆

  30. Hot Republic

    Hot RepublicHace 28 días

    This guys lolll. Best channel on youtube. keep it up D

  31. Intel Nuc

    Intel NucHace 28 días

    MOOAARRR POWAR!!!!!!!!!

  32. Jeff Aka torch

    Jeff Aka torchHace 28 días

    It’s was pretty cool but more commercials then fox 11 👎🏻

  33. Kevin Nilsen

    Kevin NilsenHace 28 días

    10:39 what the heck is that sound

  34. Nader Sabeh

    Nader SabehHace 29 días

    Did you guys bought the GI Porsche ???

  35. Roberts Remy

    Roberts RemyHace 29 días

    Hate to be an asshole but Started at 7 and finnished at 10?

  36. Cody Simpson

    Cody SimpsonHace 29 días

    Lz is giving away a 670hp Supra. Y’all late

  37. Gamingo Cs

    Gamingo CsHace 29 días

    the old intro

  38. Thomas Mueller

    Thomas MuellerHace 29 días

    Y’all are RIGHT BY my house!!!! I’d love to meet you guys I watch all the videos!!! #tireslayerislife

  39. alida flus

    alida flusHace 28 días


  40. MEXTUNA !

    MEXTUNA !Hace 29 días

    Johnny looks mad

  41. alida flus

    alida flusHace 28 días

    put a hydro handbrake in next

  42. Ender Milan

    Ender MilanHace 29 días

    I'm loving it ❤ just keep doing to it !!


    JOE GOTTIHace 29 días

    lets go

  44. Jake Kerr

    Jake KerrHace 29 días

    The supras gonna be fucking nuts when it’s done

  45. xoobo vola

    xoobo volaHace 29 días

    That moment when Johnny tries to explain but they just dont listen and also leave Johnny alone !!!

  46. Eduardo Gonzalez

    Eduardo GonzalezHace 29 días

    No check engine light? Look at the dash the entire time after the install CHECK ENGINE LIGHT ON

  47. Scooby F’n Doo

    Scooby F’n DooHace 29 días

    ESreporter Supra show down needs to happen.

  48. ali hamzah

    ali hamzahHace 29 días

    Get the bootmod3 flash tune now

  49. xoobo vola

    xoobo volaHace 29 días

    PLEASE Twin Turbo The SUPRA

  50. Aldo Funes

    Aldo FunesHace 29 días

    Cant wait till they wrap it

  51. June Brown

    June BrownHace 29 días

    Down pipe the Supra

  52. Fake Gangstas

    Fake GangstasHace 29 días

    Should break in the car first😆

  53. Tyler Larson

    Tyler LarsonHace 29 días

    It is lame that people care about this Z4 so much

  54. mat werry

    mat werryHace 29 días

    anyone else wonder how long it's going to be until they get kicked out of this shop ?

  55. mat werry

    mat werryHace 29 días

    put a hydro handbrake in next

  56. Steven Nickholdson

    Steven NickholdsonHace 29 días


  57. joshua holiday

    joshua holidayHace 29 días

    Factory warranty voided😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  58. Aaeron George

    Aaeron GeorgeHace 29 días

    Y'all definitely need a Hydraulic E-Brake

  59. Short to Ground

    Short to GroundHace 29 días

    They are lying look at the clock start and finish. Shm DDE for fooling the viewers

  60. Ludde 10

    Ludde 10Hace 29 días

    Put the rocketbunny bodykit on it

  61. Marco Bongiorno

    Marco BongiornoHace 29 días

    love the improved videos! straight car content none of that other bs

  62. chuckswhip

    chuckswhipHace 29 días


  63. Jonathan Ceja

    Jonathan CejaHace 29 días

    Widebody And A Huge WING!!!!!

  64. bilias hour

    bilias hourHace 29 días

    Sheepey race achievement : DDE donuts outside the shop