Original iPhone Unboxing! 11 Years Old Today


  1. Jim Chris

    Jim ChrisHace un hora

    Still have my original iPhone and its functional up to this day. The multi touch of its screen was on another level at that era.. Beyond any compare literally 2 gens ahead at least.

  2. Talitha Celis

    Talitha CelisHace 3 horas

    You got played and now you play us... your the same bro

  3. The one Lander

    The one LanderHace 3 horas


  4. 豪豪豪豪豪豪

    豪豪豪豪豪豪Hace 4 horas

    just fake

  5. Yahya Irfan

    Yahya IrfanHace 7 horas

    I’m sorry... :(

  6. Eddy Kardash

    Eddy KardashHace 8 horas

    Ill see you an original product but you cant see it and never open it, ya right. To good to be true that price, well each to their own. Is interesting but id not pay over $200 for interesting. Id just buy one out of box for interesting. Is just the same just to have one.

  7. Eddy Kardash

    Eddy KardashHace 8 horas

    This is why buying sealed products is very silly, to then never open and just hope the product is correct in the box. It just screams scam. Well unless the product box has some kind of window can see the product.

  8. Marie Martinez

    Marie MartinezHace 8 horas

    Dont buy that online ok;!☺☺☺☺

  9. DankMemermusic

    DankMemermusicHace 9 horas


  10. iamRON3TTA

    iamRON3TTAHace 11 horas

    Can you give me a some info about the Apple Watch 7000 series

  11. D Mer

    D MerHace 12 horas

    And iphone sucks just as bad today as it did then. Apple is the scientology of electronics

  12. GayleLaura xox

    GayleLaura xoxHace 12 horas

    "It was cheap" .... am I the only one who thinks $3,000 isn't cheap? Especially for a phone you can't get anymore

  13. mr legit

    mr legitHace 14 horas

    12 years today bro

  14. Kiatas Nick

    Kiatas NickHace 14 horas

    The middle finger at 7:40 lmao

  15. lexispatino

    lexispatinoHace 15 horas

    Skip to 4:47 if you actually want to see this guy unbox the thing!

  16. Yasmin Lee Shin

    Yasmin Lee ShinHace 17 horas

    Rule number 1 in this life is Never buy things from *EBAY*

  17. Derek Johnson

    Derek JohnsonHace 18 horas

    This gets a dislike because how long you took to unbox it o skipped through 7 min to see the unboxing

  18. LazarBeam

    LazarBeamHace un día

    who is watching after the iphone 12 pro max got releaseed why has it got dual cameraS

  19. Deformed Barney

    Deformed BarneyHace un día

    Did he ever get his money back? I guess the world will never know.

  20. miraculous jawel

    miraculous jawelHace 53 minutos

    Wow I didn’t know Barney watches these types of movies since he’s show is over

  21. David Retreage

    David RetreageHace un día

    11 years and the only thing they only managed to do was change the camera and it still does the EXACT same shit the iphone 7 does lmao well done apple , in 11 years you manage to still managed to do nothing different lol

  22. WalmartWizard

    WalmartWizardHace un día

    a heheheh thats *funne*

  23. Shogun San

    Shogun SanHace un día

    Watching this on my iPhone 11

  24. Wilkins Noriega

    Wilkins NoriegaHace un día

    A revolution


    15EVOXTINCTHace un día

    You would pay 10k and possibly get scammed fuck thatttttt

  26. Simon Johnson

    Simon JohnsonHace un día

    Get scammed by seller. Scams viewer’s with title to get millions of views. Gets money back from EBay. Not a bad days work.

  27. sid aj

    sid ajHace un día

    how did he know it was a reseal when he first saw it

  28. Maddie Hawkins

    Maddie HawkinsHace un día

    i hate when i watch these things and something goes bad and they freak out on the screen. like cut those parts out of ur editing

  29. Eren Yeager

    Eren YeagerHace un día

    I have the old one is it that good?

  30. GALAXY band

    GALAXY bandHace un día

    Never believe in ebay

  31. KemmTupica

    KemmTupicaHace un día

    just here because of iphone 11

  32. sky

    skyHace un día

    I have white and black... trash phone

  33. The gaming Channel

    The gaming ChannelHace un día

    Here the revolution began

  34. Zombiemyx

    ZombiemyxHace un día

    Remember i had the 3gs or sommerhusgrunde

  35. Harambe Jr

    Harambe JrHace un día

    Lol dumbass

  36. Awesome Aaron!

    Awesome Aaron!Hace 2 días

    When the worst iPhone is better than the best Nokia

  37. rabah awadallah

    rabah awadallahHace 2 días

    SOLD AS IS No refunds. I am just kidding. I hope you get your money back

  38. Chrisp RNN

    Chrisp RNNHace 2 días

    Fake video, terrible acting. Click bait, streeeeetch those minutes.

  39. Dylan Cohen

    Dylan CohenHace 2 días

    I have the 16gb one. Is that worth anything

  40. A.R.C.

    A.R.C.Hace 2 días

    I really right then and there felt bad for him. Dang bruh.

  41. I M A N I !!

    I M A N I !!Hace 2 días

    When he said 3,000 my eyes opened real wide 😭😭

  42. Absolute Longplay

    Absolute LongplayHace 2 días

    Back when Apple built it to last.

  43. Carmine De Matteis

    Carmine De MatteisHace 2 días

    And you scammed us, thanks mate

  44. Lee Shelton

    Lee SheltonHace 2 días

    Dude that sux so fucking bad. People scamming others out of hard earned money. Dude you’re not an idiot people can be pieces of shit. Good stuff tho. Hope you find the real one.

  45. Marlon Herrera

    Marlon HerreraHace 3 días

    Where can I get the case I love it

  46. Dani

    DaniHace 3 días

    i think you would be idiot if you even find a real original one with this price

  47. MVP Music

    MVP MusicHace 3 días

    This man really flexing a 4 not even a 4s and I’m really watching wanting the latest

  48. Paint lol

    Paint lolHace 3 días

    5:11 lmao

  49. Abbigail Crutcher

    Abbigail CrutcherHace 3 días

    Am I the only one that noticed Jim halpert at 3:57

  50. Maria Sanchez

    Maria SanchezHace 3 días

    My dumbass thought this was an iPhone 11 unboxing 💀

  51. Dannie Irene

    Dannie IreneHace 3 días

    I got to ask “you get your money back?”🧐 it sucks you got ripped off. Hopefully you found a legit original iPhone

  52. Zuhayr Ahmed

    Zuhayr AhmedHace 3 días

    Did u get ur money back

  53. Laura Vandzura

    Laura VandzuraHace 3 días

    What are all the dislikes for?


    REKKONTITEtvHace 3 días


  55. SavageGod25 Luxurious

    SavageGod25 LuxuriousHace 3 días


  56. DearSis

    DearSisHace 3 días

    He laughs, not because he got scammed but because his channel can probably recoup the cost in no time at all

  57. Jon Amarh

    Jon AmarhHace 3 días

    Look bro this all good it still looks cool!😃

  58. Nikolas Schmid

    Nikolas SchmidHace 3 días

    Hab das selbe noch zuhause 🤗👍🏻

  59. normie432

    normie432Hace 3 días

    Awe I feel so bad for him :(((

  60. CaptainGaming360

    CaptainGaming360Hace 3 días

    Lol I still have my iPhone 3GS

  61. Eduard Mendoza

    Eduard MendozaHace 3 días

    I love the passion you give out for the people. It’s sad to see you get rigged and I know you said not to pity you, but I can really feel your emotion when you said that it was resealed 😔. Hope you can unbox the original iPhone that’s not been used for real in some other time. Don’t lose hope and someday you’ll be the greatest Apple reviewer the world has ever known. Bless up! 🤗