Original iPhone Unboxing! 11 Years Old Today


  1. Honey

    HoneyHace 57 minutos

    the title should be "I Got Scammed and Made You All Wait 5 Minutes to Finally Unbox"

  2. Ricardo Milos

    Ricardo MilosHace un hora

    I’m guessing this dude was SCREAMING and RAGING after he ended this video

  3. Aisha Alsharafi

    Aisha AlsharafiHace 4 horas

    It was invented the day I was born 😂

  4. Yeri Hotsuka

    Yeri HotsukaHace 8 horas

    5:14 i can see the cameramen

  5. rєquírєdαєsthєtícs

    rєquírєdαєsthєtícsHace 10 horas

    i have an old phone like that? if you want it 😹 i mean

  6. Travis Downs

    Travis DownsHace 10 horas

    Try pairing it to a series 4 watch 🤪

  7. Fortnite Username: SWEATUNTILDEATH

    Fortnite Username: SWEATUNTILDEATHHace 19 horas

    I'm mad that you spent that much for an old phone

  8. Minecraft Deaths

    Minecraft DeathsHace 20 horas

    rip me can not afford iPhones my life is hard lol

  9. Noble6

    Noble6Hace 21 un hora

    Did you get your money back??

  10. User 870242424

    User 870242424Hace un día

    R I P ❤️ Legend

  11. TID3P0D

    TID3P0DHace un día

    I watch ESreporter on that

  12. Aisha Yassy

    Aisha YassyHace un día

    Not only did we lose Steve jobs.. But we also lost the home button. Tragic 😪

  13. MarZ

    MarZHace 3 horas

    yeah because you need a full display lmao

  14. Life Of Marco

    Life Of MarcoHace un día

    I dare someone to subscribe to my ESreporter channel

  15. A d editing

    A d editingHace 2 días


  16. David Arredondo

    David ArredondoHace 2 días

    Dude I have one but it’s unpacked and has a little crack on it u wanna it

  17. JSS Bros

    JSS BrosHace 2 días

    My mom has a apple computer that only has around 1gp

  18. Isaiah Fields1398

    Isaiah Fields1398Hace 2 días

    I have two of those one of the backs to one of them exploded though

  19. ismael calderon

    ismael calderonHace 2 días

    I like that case what is it called ?

  20. Justin Freimark

    Justin FreimarkHace 3 días

    What makes a old phone worth money when it cant do shit

  21. Justin Freimark

    Justin FreimarkHace 3 días

    Yau are because no iphone is worth 3000 let alone 10000 wake the dummy up

  22. Rain Fall

    Rain FallHace un día

    Clearly it is if there’s a market for it. You can say the same thing about a lot of thing but if there’s a market for it then it’s worth whatever price people want to play for it.

  23. Mr Llama129555

    Mr Llama129555Hace 3 días

    One of my dads friends qued for the iPhone 1

  24. Pablo Gonzalez

    Pablo GonzalezHace 3 días

    Deberias cambiarle el titulo a tu video, por ejemplo, estafado en ebay o algo asi, porque asi nos estas estafando a nosotros pensando q estas haciendo un unboxing al iphone original y no lo es. y ya vamos 4.600 millones de estafados con el titulo de tu video, gracias

  25. Kingston Bonnett

    Kingston BonnettHace 3 días

    i dont get it and that is the iphone you wanted there are people dont even have phones SPOILED

  26. Ricardo Milos

    Ricardo MilosHace 3 días

    Why is this dude looking at the phone In the thumbnail like its KFC

  27. Adameme

    AdamemeHace 3 días

    Idk Ricardo

  28. madz 097

    madz 097Hace 4 días

    bahala ka kung maintindihan mo hahaha. bkit kaya kpg amerikano ang daldal mas marami pang salita sa gawa..

  29. Carlyce Simpson

    Carlyce SimpsonHace 4 días


  30. Hùng Đỗ

    Hùng ĐỗHace 4 días

    How much do you use apple watch series

  31. Tigz Tutorials

    Tigz TutorialsHace 4 días

    Wait these are expensive? My dad got one for me when I was 5 to play games on I still have it in my garage

  32. Seth Munoz

    Seth MunozHace 4 días


  33. Alexia Salafia

    Alexia SalafiaHace 4 días

    I think my mom still has her first iPhone, the first one

  34. Arab Millennial

    Arab MillennialHace 4 días


  35. Ezequiel fFlores

    Ezequiel fFloresHace 4 días

    Everyone watch the ads to get him his money back

  36. Ezequiel fFlores

    Ezequiel fFloresHace 4 días

    He should have really bought a 20 thousand dollar one waited another decade and sold it for like 40 k

  37. Oscar Garcia

    Oscar GarciaHace 4 días

    You’re the GOAT man.

  38. Oscar Garcia

    Oscar GarciaHace 4 días

    Why do you call yourself dumb dude. Mad respect. You went online twice and bought expensive ass retro grade iPhones to try and entertain your fans

  39. George Philip

    George PhilipHace 4 días

    Guys I have one too how can I sell em

  40. Paul Thomson

    Paul ThomsonHace 4 días

    He seems pretty ungrateful I mean he got a iPhone 2g and Is acting like the box was completely empty

  41. Summer Rain

    Summer RainHace 5 días

    Stop shopping on EBay maybe u won’t get scammed

  42. Mysteries Of Mankind

    Mysteries Of MankindHace 5 días

    And I oop! Dang he got mad 😂 (Don’t blame him)

  43. GXR4T 263

    GXR4T 263Hace 5 días

    they was over priced junk then and over priced junk now.

  44. YourDailySmile

    YourDailySmileHace 5 días

    I was alive when the iPhone 2 came out lol

  45. דניאל רמרזקר

    דניאל רמרזקרHace 5 días

    You so loser

  46. K Tarabay27

    K Tarabay27Hace 5 días

    I have it

  47. FunnyAyeHoles

    FunnyAyeHolesHace 5 días

    That’s so crazy... I can’t believe you paid that much and it didn’t come with a blanket or pillow before they fucked you.

  48. jaeda richardson

    jaeda richardsonHace 5 días

    Tbh that phone looks like it cost 60-100 dollars not 3k or 600

  49. Christopher Alias

    Christopher AliasHace 5 días

    I actually bought the first iphone 11 years ago.... if I had only somehow kept it... I dropped it on my way out of the car and someone just picked it up!

  50. YourPalTB _

    YourPalTB _Hace 5 días

    $500 to $600 for first iPhone now a new iphone is $1000

  51. Xavier Vratny

    Xavier VratnyHace 5 días

    Is it fake or just resealed

  52. Caz Showalter

    Caz ShowalterHace 5 días

    did you ever get your money back?

  53. H. D-B

    H. D-BHace 5 días

    So this Video is Clickbait...

  54. Rain Fall

    Rain FallHace un día

    H. D-B not really he did do a unboxing even if the iPhone was resealed