1. Jerry Hamilton

    Jerry HamiltonHace 2 horas

    5:08 dude saw life for the first time

  2. Omar Jubairi

    Omar JubairiHace 11 horas

    5:12 😮

  3. ARMatty12

    ARMatty12Hace 6 días


  4. Aiden Wren

    Aiden WrenHace 8 días

    Umm me and my brother wached this video and he let me try it on him he liter has been napping for four days this is crazy

  5. Aaron Mayernik

    Aaron MayernikHace 8 días

    Snap,Crackle and Pop are so jealous right now.

  6. Nate M

    Nate MHace 9 días

    *snaps neck* "Yes sir"

  7. Imran Ullah Khan

    Imran Ullah KhanHace 12 días

    3:42 I em *_creckhed_* on record now.

  8. Kaiba

    KaibaHace 13 días

    How to get heritage 1:17

  9. Johnberrys Official

    Johnberrys OfficialHace 13 días

    I will ruin your day but its just someone behind the camera playing with a water bottle


    ENTEGRAL PHHace 14 días

    am I weird being satisfied with the crack sound?

  11. Heru- deshet

    Heru- deshetHace 15 días

    This was so satisfying that I feel good.

  12. Y perm

    Y permHace 19 días

    I did this to my brother he fell asleep instant lying

  13. doobiesmoke15

    doobiesmoke15Hace 26 días

    let me ask a question to all chiropractors: Could I make an appointment with a chiropractor just to get these cracks with out any specific medical reason

  14. TonyBar Asmr

    TonyBar AsmrHace 27 días

    0:57 it's like she died and came back to life 😆

  15. Marvin Canlas

    Marvin CanlasHace 28 días

    so very dangerous.


    ELIJAH FERNANDEZHace 28 días


  17. farhadinho9

    farhadinho9Hace 29 días

    Some are crackly and some are crunchy. Its like listening to Rice Krispies in milk

  18. F L E X

    F L E XHace 29 días

    I want this kind of husband

  19. BLOB 13TNT

    BLOB 13TNTHace un mes

    You see these guys are actually trained assassins getting ready to kill Donald Trump

  20. Astral Architect

    Astral ArchitectHace un mes

    Crack!!!!! Doesn't open eyes😂


    ONE WORLDHace un mes

    So this people come here for cracks lool easy money 💰

  22. Evan erectus

    Evan erectusHace un mes

    i went to a chiropractor for about a year, i realized, this is bullshit no science involved, wake up people there is no help is pseudo science, see a real doctor!

  23. BullDog Gamer

    BullDog GamerHace un mes

    Chips:We have the best crunchy sound Humans:Hold my bones

  24. NotFunny

    NotFunnyHace un mes

    I kEEP IMAGINING theyre gonna crack their necks and one of them fucking dies I can't stop laughing

  25. Enrique Padilla

    Enrique PadillaHace un mes

    *Where was **4:46** taken from?* Your reply is highly needed! 😂

  26. Deux Solaris

    Deux SolarisHace un mes

    Who crack their own Bones all the time? X"D

  27. travel shravel

    travel shravelHace un mes

    Now you are officially dead sir

  28. gman4351

    gman4351Hace un mes

    5:12 I lose it every time I see this clip of the lady slapping Dr. Rahim after he adjusts her

  29. Bramantya ajitama

    Bramantya ajitamaHace un mes

    Fatality in mortal combat

  30. Kratos Son Of God

    Kratos Son Of GodHace un mes

    The People In The Video Moans

  31. HaileyPawz

    HaileyPawzHace un mes

    This scared me...

  32. Your Daily JensiBoi

    Your Daily JensiBoiHace un mes

    I finally reached my goal. I am now a crackhead

  33. Fortune Teller

    Fortune TellerHace un mes

    3:33 damn grandma!

  34. Sophia Christopoulos

    Sophia ChristopoulosHace un mes

    Nobody: Chiropractors: YES GOOD THERE WE GO

  35. joseph roseelan

    joseph roseelanHace un mes

    Did somebody farted while watching this cracks

  36. maysa

    maysaHace un mes

    what am i doing here in the middle of the night

  37. DedSec

    DedSecHace un mes

    Can we get a r.i.p for the people that got cracked and didn’t open their eyes

  38. Impédimenta

    ImpédimentaHace un mes

    6:19 the best so far

  39. BoscoeDashOO7

    BoscoeDashOO7Hace un mes

    *Very Good*

  40. Candy Pheonix

    Candy PheonixHace un mes

    5:25 Thank me later

  41. batpoolismax4

    batpoolismax4Hace un mes

    i swear if they go too far and kill me, i’m suing..

  42. batpoolismax4

    batpoolismax4Hace un mes

    1:16 we all know she’s dead

  43. Jason Reginald

    Jason ReginaldHace un mes

    5:11 i knew megan rapinoe was a mean girl

  44. GreenCanine

    GreenCanineHace un mes

    A lot of neck breakings

  45. Wig Snatched

    Wig SnatchedHace un mes

    *C R O N C H Y* HUMANS

  46. Bruh Moment

    Bruh MomentHace un mes

    Take a shot every time they say good

  47. Cecil W.

    Cecil W.Hace 2 meses

    There we go

  48. Snickers Boi

    Snickers BoiHace 2 meses

    The perfect job for Agent 47

  49. Tingy

    TingyHace 2 meses

    There We go

  50. Goosfraba

    GoosfrabaHace 2 meses

    i feel like my neck is getting stiff

  51. arjav singh

    arjav singhHace 2 meses

    3:02 bruh that's shaggy

  52. Jessica Cardozo

    Jessica CardozoHace 2 meses

    3:10 FATALITY

  53. Jonah Anguay

    Jonah AnguayHace 2 meses

    I'm just here thinking "these fuckers could kill anyone so quickly like just one quick twist and boom gone"🤣🤣🤣

  54. ghiannah yt

    ghiannah ytHace 2 meses

    5:26 - 5:32 😍

  55. Queen DK

    Queen DKHace 2 meses

    DR RAHIM🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  56. amateurranconteur

    amateurranconteurHace 2 meses

    how do chiropractors know that their adjustmentsare correct? just simplyby the sounds of nitrogen gas released during the adjustment? What if there was no sound?

  57. محمود الوهيبي

    محمود الوهيبيHace 2 meses

    I would not put my neck in the hands of nobody even if they would do it for free

  58. Sunny Island

    Sunny IslandHace 2 meses

    8:05 8:08 9:43. 9:47 3:32. 1:44

  59. R0BIN—X7

    R0BIN—X7Hace 2 meses

    3:03 3:04 shaggy or avicii ?!


    BEST WORLD ASMRHace 2 meses

    I gottahhhh 😂😂