1. Michell Petrecz

    Michell PetreczHace 4 días

    Why all these grandma's acting like they just watched a TRAUMATIC thing happen??

  2. Yoink Doink

    Yoink DoinkHace 4 días

    When they don’t take their time on the neck it makes me think they are accidentally going to break someones neck. Is that just me or....

  3. NR CG

    NR CGHace 4 días


  4. Cody beard

    Cody beardHace 4 días

    5:10 when I hit my brother with the nerf gun

  5. mastafunk _01

    mastafunk _01Hace 5 días

    I tried this on my brother. He isn’t waking up...

  6. Shay Smith

    Shay SmithHace 6 días

    Their faces are killing me!

  7. WOLFOX 77

    WOLFOX 77Hace 8 días

    2:41 now imagine that wasn’t crunch

  8. huntakilla1234

    huntakilla1234Hace 8 días

    This video is for the real crack addicts

  9. Victor Echefu

    Victor EchefuHace 10 días

    5:10 this girl fr slapped him 🤣🤣

  10. AlisAquilae92

    AlisAquilae92Hace 17 días

    I became crack addict after watching this

  11. Johnny Five

    Johnny FiveHace 19 días

    Why is this so enjoying to watch?

  12. Downwindyeti 06

    Downwindyeti 06Hace 19 días

    3:32 She came back to her body😂😂😂

  13. Nirwan Aswin

    Nirwan AswinHace 20 días

    Oh,it's so nice to ring the bones.😂😊👍

  14. Meren Kichu

    Meren KichuHace 21 un día

    3:30 🤣🤣🤣after the crack..she was like omg am I dead .🤣

  15. Hamdi ATI

    Hamdi ATIHace 21 un día

    i wanna snapp necks soo i 'm just here to get used to the sound ... soon breaking news 19 body found all of them neck broken some even lower back

  16. Izzat Badrulhisham

    Izzat BadrulhishamHace 22 días

    No one : Kratos : 5:15

  17. Abdul Hameed

    Abdul HameedHace 23 días

    Wish someone was available here in Fujairah, U.A.E. as well as I have swear click type pain in my chest and back really need adjustment. But, no one available in entire city even when its a Port City and need atleast one.

  18. Leo Basangan

    Leo BasanganHace 23 días

    5:09 when you realize that she doesn't love you anymore.

  19. Lei Lei

    Lei LeiHace 23 días

    I tried this to my sister now im in jail

  20. Chelsea Brause

    Chelsea BrauseHace 24 días


  21. Ayla ASMR

    Ayla ASMRHace 24 días

    I’m obviously no expert, but some of these adjustments look so unsupported 🙊. Especially from Advanced Relief.

  22. isre legendario ff

    isre legendario ffHace 25 días

    Bro the first ones if he was SNAPING their necks, like a movie hahaha

  23. Filo

    FiloHace 26 días

    looks dead to me

  24. Daan Vreugdenhil

    Daan VreugdenhilHace 26 días

    Who’s here ‘cause the daily recommendations, and to hear some nice cracks? Love it... 😆

  25. God

    GodHace 27 días

    Ya man I did this to my sister she loved it so much she’s laying on the floor with her eyes open

  26. NateOrious

    NateOriousHace 29 días

    great tutorial!! i did it to my brother and he was so relaxed that he slept with his eyes open

  27. Ri Za

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  28. Nicholas Digirolamo

    Nicholas DigirolamoHace un mes

    I need this

  29. Ajen Tubban

    Ajen TubbanHace un mes

    It looks like it broke the neck

  30. Justin Franklin

    Justin FranklinHace un mes

    Makes me laugh when I crunch my own knuckles, elbows, back, wrists and neck.... idiots be like "Justin don't do that, you'll get arthritis". Then the same morons go to professionals and pay money for the exact same thing thinking it is different. I'm 40. I play football, done martial arts and body combat for about for over 20yrs. Crunched my joints for as long as I can remember. I'm fit, supple, no joint pain.... yet people believe these old wives tales that crunching your own joints is bad, yet these people do the same. It is a fact.... IT IS THE SAME THING! Lol

  31. kamikaze !

    kamikaze !Hace un mes

    I know you searched for this yt ain't gonna recommend you this asmr

  32. aiki

    aikiHace un mes

    6:19 best one

  33. andi curly

    andi curlyHace un mes

    Yes mam good job

  34. Ethan Bachew

    Ethan BachewHace un mes

    The girl in green's jawline though 🤤🤤

  35. James Philip Ines

    James Philip InesHace un mes

    I tried this to my sister.... now I miss my sister

  36. Links234

    Links234Hace un mes

    *Crack* Very good

  37. TheFlamingCookie

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    I did this to my brother and now he wont wake up

  38. Russell Reiner Amojedo

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    I did this to my brother and now I miss him😔...

  39. Eye Patch Guy

    Eye Patch GuyHace un mes

    SCP-173: *Inhales Deeply*

  40. toytoy 0503

    toytoy 0503Hace un mes

    Bat hindi sila namamatay

  41. JhnDoa

    JhnDoaHace un mes

    I did this to my sister, and now i missed her😔😞

  42. Anita Martin

    Anita MartinHace un mes

    Y u kiling pipul by breking hed

  43. Thelifeof Pewpew

    Thelifeof PewpewHace un mes

    1:55 "just let it happen" 🤣🤣


    DAINELLEHace un mes

    i waaant!!! 5:27 😢❤️

  45. Spaint Eye

    Spaint EyeHace un mes

    Woman at 7:22 is dead

  46. Spaint Eye

    Spaint EyeHace un mes

    Her kneck is huge 6:29

  47. Random Name

    Random NameHace un mes

    ok, but the girl at 2:08 is lowkey fine...

  48. Random Name

    Random NameHace un mes

    OMG, I tried this on my dad and he's so relaxed that he's been asleep for 4 days!

  49. Sydney Abrams

    Sydney AbramsHace un mes

    When you think about it, the noise kinda sounds like you’re biting into a carrot

  50. Joseph H

    Joseph HHace un mes

    The catch is that now there all dead

  51. AquaVilla

    AquaVillaHace un mes

    5:41 He died

  52. markangelo carigma

    markangelo carigmaHace un mes

    That ambulance sound hahahaha

  53. k.j .m

    k.j .mHace un mes

    I did this to my brother and now i miss him

  54. Jxseph

    JxsephHace un mes

    Nobody: Patients in the video:☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

  55. Mr Fahrenheit

    Mr FahrenheitHace un mes

    "Very Good"

  56. mr. 1221

    mr. 1221Hace un mes

    A have a question how many people die to this

  57. C Velasquez

    C VelasquezHace un mes

    Is it bad that I can recognize who the chiro is by their hands? 🤣

  58. Larry Quicksave

    Larry QuicksaveHace un mes

    Is this really any good for them.

  59. Official JR15

    Official JR15Hace un mes

    3:17 baddie alert

  60. HBoogie

    HBoogieHace un mes

    if no one else loves you, just remember that the crack addicts will.