Only Eating Recommended Serving Sizes For A Day


  1. G Ł Ï T Č H Ÿ

    G Ł Ï T Č H ŸHace 31 un minuto

    I’m like you

  2. Woofy Fox

    Woofy FoxHace 55 minutos

    Yes I eat pizza for breakfast cuz I don't know why but I just can't stand to eat cereal. So my breakfast today was 1 slice of pizza and a cup of pepsi, even tho I prefer coke.

  3. Jillian Muise

    Jillian MuiseHace 2 horas

    I eat cold pizza for breakfast 😅

  4. jasmine rose

    jasmine roseHace 2 horas

    SAVORY! and yes i will eat pizza for brakfast anyday

  5. Hanna Leanda knutsen

    Hanna Leanda knutsenHace 2 horas

    Can you go to norway to aust - Agder Arendal

  6. Hanna Leanda knutsen

    Hanna Leanda knutsenHace 2 horas

    I dont like marsmelows

  7. Monique Mustra

    Monique MustraHace 4 horas

    Comment which one Sweet or Savoury I honestly prefer Savoury :)

  8. Kyah Green

    Kyah GreenHace 4 horas

    I'm savoury and I'm yo sis

  9. Prue Agar

    Prue AgarHace 8 horas

    2:11 eww who farted?

  10. vanessa/ nessa

    vanessa/ nessaHace 8 horas

    Who's Filipino like

  11. fury The vengeful one

    fury The vengeful oneHace 10 horas

    I love her personality her top. She’s adorable

  12. Brian Riegel

    Brian RiegelHace 10 horas

    I eat pizza for dinner or lunch this not Buckhurst cuz it's too early my parents say and I will go up them like they say oh and I will also follow the directions of what it says on the package of food if it's too little than I was put some more in it I don't care if it's like before something like something that makes you fat I would just eat a salad for 5 days

  13. Regina Z

    Regina ZHace 11 horas

    Ur meh girl. 😂#pizza4breakfastfamily 😙 ❤ u kassie!

  14. Kwifical

    KwificalHace 12 horas

    I actually eat rice with wings or fried chicken. The skin is yummy with rice

  15. Mike Hall

    Mike HallHace 12 horas

    I get u i luv pizza for breakfeast btw i 9 year old kid

  16. Ilda Quezada

    Ilda QuezadaHace 12 horas


  17. sunny days

    sunny daysHace 13 horas


  18. Shanti Almonte

    Shanti AlmonteHace 14 horas

    I don't like pizza but I would eat something like that that's not pizza like those breakfast sausages with 3 or 4 pancakes

  19. BlueDiamond

    BlueDiamondHace 56 minutos


  20. Grace Miller

    Grace MillerHace 14 horas


  21. Yesi Orozco

    Yesi OrozcoHace 15 horas

    i love sweet things but i eat pizza for breakfast

  22. NoahPC’s review channel

    NoahPC’s review channelHace 15 horas

    I ate celery AND cream cheese for breakfast

  23. Kieley Mcclannahan

    Kieley McclannahanHace 16 horas

    Your actually my twin CHICKEN WINGS!!!!!

  24. Natalie Carrasco

    Natalie CarrascoHace 16 horas

    Yeah who does not eat pizza for breakfast (btw I also eat chicken wings and pizza for breakfast lol)

  25. Brilyn Perryman

    Brilyn PerrymanHace 17 horas

    I’m ya best friend!!!!!! Who doesn’t eat pizza for breakfast?? Or anything like pizza. Who doesn’t??? Really though??

  26. Trenae Norfleet

    Trenae NorfleetHace 18 horas

    Do you have in and out burger in canada??

  27. Emilea Skinner 2

    Emilea Skinner 2Hace 18 horas

    Hi, im your savory sister!

  28. Pink Danyel

    Pink DanyelHace 19 horas

    2:22 "You can get these at the uh... You know what, you don't care where you can get these." I did care Gloom. I did. I want me some wings

  29. OPS_Crimson

    OPS_CrimsonHace 19 horas

    hey i’m a girl and i eat pizza for breakfast hit me up~

  30. London Blosser

    London BlosserHace 20 horas


  31. Tammy Dong

    Tammy DongHace 20 horas

    she measured the "recommended" 1/4 cup of uncooked rice wrong because when the 1/4 cup is cooked, it spreads and becomes more. one cup of white cooked rice is about 204 calories, so her serving size of "1/4" cup of cooked rice is about 51 calories.

  32. Dark Kitty0717

    Dark Kitty0717Hace 21 un hora

    I do but a little bit more

  33. Dancing__toast__trying I

    Dancing__toast__trying IHace 21 un hora

    Anyone else look at what there eating???

  34. rubyx xgrace

    rubyx xgraceHace 21 un hora

    #savorysquad 😆

  35. Infinity Bros

    Infinity BrosHace 21 un hora

    I eat pizza for breakfast

  36. TheUltimateWolf

    TheUltimateWolfHace 21 un hora

    Who else what’s part 2 or even more parts of this I love it

  37. Dianna Zwirnbaum

    Dianna ZwirnbaumHace 21 un hora

    Do you eat 🍕 or wing's for breakfast. I do. Am I weird.

  38. iixBeth Omo_

    iixBeth Omo_Hace 21 un hora

    clickfortaz did this? (Go watch her, she is soooo great and funny)

  39. Yeet Yoink

    Yeet YoinkHace 23 horas

    ok i’m making the pasta that she made now

  40. Julianne Gaming

    Julianne GamingHace 23 horas

    Kassie you are so like me!! I eat a bunch wings and rice and i have a lot of soya sauce

  41. Julianne Gaming

    Julianne GamingHace un día

    I eat pizza for breakfast Like if you do too

  42. Percival kidz

    Percival kidzHace un día


  43. IceyJulia

    IceyJuliaHace un día

    🍕👎🏻 👇🏼

  44. Shasta Holly

    Shasta HollyHace un día


  45. The_ Killer 590

    The_ Killer 590Hace un día

    I eat anything I want for breakfast bro. U would be my mom. Cuz I ten.

  46. Dana Buchanan

    Dana BuchananHace un día

    I know y’all might hate me for this but I don’t like pizza I actually hate it

  47. Mimi Shine

    Mimi ShineHace un día

    The recommended serving size is what they give you art fancy restaurant 😂🤣

  48. This is Cutie Ringo Joy

    This is Cutie Ringo JoyHace un día

    Who eats this much rice? Me, the rice expands and I eat with ingredients too

  49. This is Cutie Ringo Joy

    This is Cutie Ringo JoyHace un día

    Rice expand my family of 3 don’t even eat that Much of rice combine

  50. Angela Seman

    Angela SemanHace un día

    I like noodles for breakfast!

  51. Mena Akmam

    Mena AkmamHace un día

    I eat pizza for brealfast and i never eat real breakfast like cereal pancakes or waffle and other