1. Unbox Therapy

    Unbox TherapyHace 3 meses

    dbrand - Discount code = unbox

  2. Aban Delcid

    Aban DelcidHace 4 días

    Is it dual SIM?

  3. homegrowntwinkie

    homegrowntwinkieHace 11 días

    I really wanna buy that knife you use to open all the new products. It looks like a great unboxing knife, literally.

  4. Just in thyme

    Just in thymeHace 17 días

    @Perhaps he prefers Samsung

  5. Just in thyme

    Just in thymeHace 17 días

    @SG N8 yes they are. 3 1/2 months waiting on my s10+ grip case and skin. All for nothing. Ended up cancelling

  6. Kristina Craig

    Kristina CraigHace 9 horas

    Changed it from iphone7. Wanted to buy iphone X max but after researching decided that OnePlus 7 Pro much more useful and got more into it. After using iPhone for so many years I can say with confidence, don't waste your money on Apple as honestly it does not worth it.

  7. Odin Asgard

    Odin AsgardHace 21 un hora

    Would be my smartphone, if not: - No waterproofing - No wireless charging - Only 2 years of software support - 7T is coming out - Fragile - It’s literally a shovel... I don’t need such a huge smartphone I ended up with an iPhone 8 64GB Space Gray, which I got for 230 USD. Amazing performance, stunning TrueTone display, outstanding software, and an affordable price tag.

  8. Odin Asgard

    Odin AsgardHace 21 un hora

    FBI agents are crying right now, they can’t do their “Job” because the camera is motorized, and hidden inside

  9. MoCooper247

    MoCooper247Hace un día

    Hace to keep reminding myself there is no headphone jack and I have to remain stubborn cause if i conform then i will have bougth these wired ear phone for no reason when i should been investing in DONGOLS

  10. Alfi Azami

    Alfi AzamiHace un día

    OMG 😨😨😨😨 i want it the phone 😢😢

  11. Hugo Lopez

    Hugo LopezHace 2 días

    I own this amazing cell phone,the Best phone ever, and I had the last iphone xs max, and the last samsung...

  12. Lukas hallo

    Lukas halloHace 2 días

    Huawei p30 still is the best

  13. Yogesh Gurjar

    Yogesh GurjarHace 2 días

    Sound sucks!

  14. HAMZA

    HAMZAHace 2 días

    I wonder how much apple would charge for a 12gb ram phone

  15. sandesh subedi

    sandesh subediHace 2 días


  16. luke kin

    luke kinHace 2 días

    The oneplus 7 pro is a freaking BREAST. I just got it yesterday and I'm super blown away. The screen is so buttery smooth with the 90 Hz screen. it charges super fast. The Snapdragon 855 makes it all the better. Love this breast

  17. Zesty Jalapeno

    Zesty JalapenoHace un día

    luke kin breast? 😅

  18. chan

    chanHace 2 días

    I used to hate those pop-up camera design, but after having watched several reviews I'm impressed OnePlus .

  19. chan

    chanHace 2 días

    It's 2019 and still ppl talk about headphone jack? get a wireless headphones

  20. Kiran Buzza

    Kiran BuzzaHace 2 días

    Wired headphones have far superior sound quality, don't have latency issues, don't require charging and are generally cheaper than wireless headphones. And I own and use both on a regular basis.

  21. J Valdes

    J ValdesHace 3 días

    The last time he ever changed his tshirt

  22. Thanos 69

    Thanos 69Hace 3 días

    Did he say snapdragon 665😂

  23. horacio alfaro

    horacio alfaroHace 3 días

    What’s the name is the song he played at 6:35

  24. Kakha Khmelidze

    Kakha KhmelidzeHace 4 días

    No wireless charrging in Pro flagship phone. That is utterly ridiculous.

  25. Caiozizs

    CaiozizsHace 4 días

    I buy one, I wait the delivery. Guys what name song the 6:38?

  26. Dirk Nowitzki Anoyo Balasbas

    Dirk Nowitzki Anoyo BalasbasHace 4 días

    Hahaha willy doo!

  27. John Mwima

    John MwimaHace 4 días

    You don't seem impressed by this phone though in the video

  28. Nguyễn Bảo

    Nguyễn BảoHace 5 días

    how incredible it is for OnePlus to make headlines around the world. Meanwhile, Apple has been slipping to its bottom position as fast as I slip my naked ass down a wet slide.

  29. Students of SKPVMS

    Students of SKPVMSHace 5 días

    Can you give me phone like this sir


    MENTAL DISEASEHace 7 días

    Watching with my One Plus 7 Pro 12/256 🥰🥰🥰

  31. Jai J

    Jai JHace 7 días

    15:58 Lew was in a hurry. Snapdragon 86..55 xD

  32. JISHNU K

    JISHNU KHace 7 días

    Why do I need this phone, if I’m not a selfie person or not interested in setting front camera for face unlock?

  33. Ziko Pastoft

    Ziko PastoftHace 8 días

    In Denmark it costs about 825 USD. A lot of money. But compared to how much phone you get compared to a phone from samsung and apple at that price point, it's absolutely mad lad cheap. :O

  34. Julian Rodriguez

    Julian RodriguezHace 8 días

    Watching this on my one plus 7 pro

  35. Sandeep Arya

    Sandeep AryaHace 7 días

    Me too

  36. TheRichie213

    TheRichie213Hace 9 días

    It looks good except for that selfie thing that pops out. I don't like moving parts.

  37. Lovrec

    LovrecHace 9 días

    Unbox thearpy sold out long time ago

  38. XIKaMuIX

    XIKaMuIXHace 9 días

    > Never taking selfies. > No notch. > Already owns wireless headphones. Sold.

  39. JohnnyChul

    JohnnyChulHace 9 días

    Sell me that phone please 😬


    PRASAD KUMAR C NHace 10 días

    Hi sir i'm planning to buy a smart phone,can you suggest me the best phone in the range 30k to 40k

  41. Barryallen the flash

    Barryallen the flashHace 9 días

    Samsung a50 OnePlus 7 Pixel 3a

  42. Lord_ Vejen11

    Lord_ Vejen11Hace 10 días

    I want that Phone but im scared the camare Will break cuz im always snapchating so the camera would work alot and go up and down At least 50 Times a Day

  43. Barryallen the flash

    Barryallen the flashHace 9 días

    No it won't it has been tested for 300000 times even of u open the cam 50 times it will take approximately 20 years for it

  44. Monkey Bite

    Monkey BiteHace 10 días

    I just bought my OnePlus 7 pro, this is the first OnePlus I've ever own and the speed of the warp charging alone was worth the buy but the phone it's self is dope it's so smooth, I will admit though the phone speaker's isn't the greatest but still does the job...... Loving this phone.

  45. Monkey Bite

    Monkey BiteHace 3 días

    @Drjoudy for me personally I would definitely recommend it, still comes down to personal taste but the screen size without a notch, the speed and smoothness of scrolling and my personal favorite the speed of charging are all pluses for me.

  46. Drjoudy

    DrjoudyHace 5 días

    Would you recommend it ?

  47. Mark Lennard

    Mark LennardHace 11 días

    What’s the watch you are wearing please?

  48. Ayuwb Ihfran

    Ayuwb IhfranHace 12 días

    I'm here after the shitty note10 release to appreciate this amazing phone

  49. Barryallen the flash

    Barryallen the flashHace 4 días

    @Chris Williams not because of only dumping the headphone jack they reduced the features of note 10 and persuades consumers to buy the big phone no offence note 10 is a great phone but they are now following apple marketing strategy

  50. Hulet Liggins

    Hulet LigginsHace 7 días

    Note 10 is definitely disappointing. They stripped it of features but the 10+ with its price point, is worth it. This one plus def makes you reconsider though

  51. Chris Williams

    Chris WilliamsHace 9 días

    @Barryallen the flash Became of the no headphone jack thing? I always felt like Samsung was ahead of apple on most things. Samsung were doing things that apple didn't do.

  52. Barryallen the flash

    Barryallen the flashHace 9 días

    @Chris Williams Samsung following the footsteps of apple

  53. Jon Saridjan

    Jon SaridjanHace 9 días

    @Chris Williams 1080p, no 90hz display, no jack, no sd card slot...for $950

  54. Hani Bou Haidar

    Hani Bou HaidarHace 12 días

    the discount code has expired, can we get a new one plz!!!

  55. Yan Lovsi

    Yan LovsiHace 14 días

    Thanks for showing just how inferior the speaker is to the iPhone.

  56. Yan Lovsi

    Yan LovsiHace 13 días

    xXuidmod Nope, its not.

  57. xXuidmod

    xXuidmodHace 13 días

    Yan Lovsi it’s visa versa

  58. imserious2187

    imserious2187Hace 14 días

    Is this better than the s10+??

  59. James Dean

    James DeanHace 14 días

    To let you know, the face unlock is substantially quicker on the OnePlus as it only maps your face as a 2D image, the Samsung creates and matches points on a 3D model. This means that if someone has a picture of your face, they can unlock your phone.

  60. sourav sekhar Nayak

    sourav sekhar NayakHace 14 días

    Does this phone contain a stylus pen?

  61. SaltySoySauce

    SaltySoySauceHace 13 días

    Nope, doesn't

  62. TDogB404

    TDogB404Hace 14 días


  63. spieletippser

    spieletippserHace 14 días

    I went from iphone (because of ios 12.4 issues) to this Phone. Oneplus 7 PRO 256 Edition. ITS A FREAKING DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Back to Android! LOVING IT !

  64. Riwanki Wahlang

    Riwanki WahlangHace 15 días

    That "uhhhh" when checking the finger print😂😂😂

  65. Jay8stefan

    Jay8stefanHace 15 días

    Every case for OP7pro had a ear bump which accualy hurts. I don't know if you guys have the same problem but OP has it's top speaker so high that every case is uncomfortable to hold by the ear. I'm still looking for something which doesn't cover the beatiful blue color of OP7pro and something which doesn't have bump on the top of the phone - the best will be something like "mod-3" or "radius X cases" for iphone but noone maks such cases for OP:(

  66. BlueRice

    BlueRiceHace 16 días

    OnePlus is a Lamborghini killer in the phone world.

  67. خالد قندوسي ثاني

    خالد قندوسي ثانيHace 15 días


  68. Rukalion

    RukalionHace 17 días

    flagship this year racio hardware price is going to k20 redmi pro sorry

  69. Hmachhuana Pachuau

    Hmachhuana PachuauHace 17 días

    Lew .. do the review of Redmi Note 7pro Snapdragon 675 version

  70. Denkan

    DenkanHace 18 días

    I might get this phone, I never take selfies so the camera thing doesn't bother me what-so-ever, and the 90hz screen without the notch is great and that fast fingerprint is incredible.

  71. Roshan Singh Tech

    Roshan Singh TechHace 18 días


  72. Alex Mercer

    Alex MercerHace 19 días

    Oh boy. I’d love to own the 7 pro. I’m tired of using Apple products now. It’s time for a change

  73. Dexterity Drakon

    Dexterity DrakonHace 16 días

    Im about to get one myself :D

  74. I live for suga's chop chop chop in Cyper 3

    I live for suga's chop chop chop in Cyper 3Hace 19 días

    ah, the "most famous fake grass" that has been the model for many flagship phones.

  75. My EdItS

    My EdItSHace 19 días

    why does onplus pro looks soo sexy ..hahaaa

  76. suthesan arasu

    suthesan arasuHace 19 días

    When does the camera motor die?🤔

  77. MuscularBye

    MuscularByeHace 8 días

    150 times used in a day for 5 years straight

  78. Maricris Alunday

    Maricris AlundayHace 19 días

    Wait for Snap Dragon 1000

  79. Khalid Etm

    Khalid EtmHace 19 días

    I want to buy phone but im confused between oneplus 7 pro & galaxy s10+ Which one i should buy ?

  80. The Unknown

    The UnknownHace 20 días

    I play cs go on my potato pc 4GB ram and this phone has 12GB?? They will be playing angry birds man

  81. Elite Spanker

    Elite SpankerHace 20 días

    I am getting this phone on Saturday.

  82. Mustafa Shulqamy

    Mustafa ShulqamyHace 21 un día

    Apple: _ OnePlus: Hold my beer & Clean my Bugatti

  83. Adriel_

    Adriel_Hace 22 días

    the power of android at it'a finest

  84. DerOta

    DerOtaHace 22 días

    Why is there no f*ing headphone jack - I'll never understand that - I was tempted to buy that beauty mainly because I'm one of those people who love full screen frontside - but without the headphone jack I just refuse to buy it... Can somebody explain to me why more and more manufacturers don't include the headphone jack anymore?

  85. OniNyx

    OniNyxHace 20 días

    DerOta wireless earbuds are becoming more common and affordable.

  86. Moamen Nasser

    Moamen NasserHace 22 días

    Oneplus 7pro : what is loading?

  87. Feroj Ali

    Feroj AliHace 22 días

    I am your huge fan bro you're fantastic unboxer

  88. MarSH

    MarSHHace 22 días

    sounds sucks

  89. Saygin Boateng

    Saygin BoatengHace 23 días

    Girlfriend: what phone do you use ? Me: one plus 7 Girlfriend: 8.... now tell me Me:???🙁

  90. yes_im_pedro

    yes_im_pedroHace 23 días

    Im still not sure if I want to buy the one plus or not because if the speakers. Can anyone with the phone tell me if its gonna be a problem in real day use

  91. TheWarrior

    TheWarriorHace 24 días

    This review is awesome. I'm using this phone watching this. It sounds a ton better than the sound tests in the video. This phone is dope.

  92. Sage Red Gaming

    Sage Red GamingHace 24 días

    When there is low light the zoom function switches to the main camera for zoom instead of the zoom/portrait lense. Very smart, I have done testing.

  93. Ashley Breaux

    Ashley BreauxHace 25 días

    Yes please!!! Hang loose🤙

  94. Daddy raising baby

    Daddy raising babyHace 25 días

    No headphones?? Now hw much extra we pay for it?

  95. Soy Sauce

    Soy SauceHace 25 días


  96. haazeMAX

    haazeMAXHace 26 días

    If you have face unlock and the camera pops up when pushing the power button, will the camera pop up if you hit the power button accidentally, like in your pocket? Or did they think about that as well?

  97. Joel Lucero

    Joel LuceroHace 26 días

    How many gb

  98. alex Pious

    alex PiousHace 26 días

    Can you make a video on oneplus 7

  99. SturdyTuber

    SturdyTuberHace 26 días

    This is my favourite phone haha, I still have the Samsung Galaxy s5

  100. Echo Cabello De villa

    Echo Cabello De villaHace 27 días

    why i fcking buy iphone xs😭😩

  101. Blindead

    BlindeadHace 27 días

    If it, like galaxy s8 and s9 has black frames, it’s not ALL SCREEN!

  102. Blindead

    BlindeadHace 26 días

    Nope. True edgeless displays are being developed as we speak but still people hype about these ones.. the camera popup is cooler than Samsung A80 but front still looks exactly the same! Great thing they got rid of the hideous notch at least :)

  103. Mr. Tadakichi

    Mr. TadakichiHace 27 días

    Close enough

  104. Ray Devitt

    Ray DevittHace 27 días

    What's the call quality like

  105. Umar Kabz

    Umar KabzHace 27 días

    For someone who doesn't take selfies MOST of the time it's really appreciated.