One Punch Man S2: A Step Down


  1. Robert

    RobertHace 38 minutos

    That is the problem. Season 1 was such an ungodly anime that the boots where just too big for season 2 to fill, its a good series but it will constantly be compared to season 1 and must either recreate or overcome the first season, or resign itself to bad reviews.

  2. 『Ignis Vis』

    『Ignis Vis』Hace 3 horas

    Tokyo Ghoul... oh yeah, that also existed

  3. int 2

    int 2Hace 7 horas

    just read the scan

  4. Solitary

    SolitaryHace 17 horas

    Translation: Garou was the best thing coming out of OPM

  5. Vincent Marble

    Vincent MarbleHace 8 horas

    Yes thank you I was looking for subtitles

  6. Ale Dro

    Ale DroHace 20 horas

    A season 2 shouldt not exist.

  7. Enh-Amgalan Ganbold

    Enh-Amgalan GanboldHace un día

    S2 was AMAZING. The problem is that S1 was TOO MUCH...

  8. Akbar Putra

    Akbar PutraHace un día

    OPM FAN: we neeed fvcking OVA B1CTH

  9. hockeynut4ever11

    hockeynut4ever11Hace un día

    so, is no one going to mention that the whole season left us on a cliff hanger?

  10. h2opro420

    h2opro420Hace un día

    Its funny that a show renowned for its story arc and campy comedy would be criticized about its animation team. For context when DB super was first animated in show form it was dog shit but you know what.... It was DBZ and it was back. same here.

  11. RickyRecruit

    RickyRecruitHace un día

    Saitama one punching big baddies will NEVER get old to me. I laugh every time!

  12. Epix Tank Man

    Epix Tank ManHace un día

    Okay I still really liked this season (probably because I haven't read the manga) but what really bothered me way more than the animation was the fucking sound design. I think it being all brickwalled to shit might have been part of the reason you really didn't feel the impact in this season.

  13. Mikhail Strubler

    Mikhail StrublerHace un día

    Honestly, I feel like the animation quality was there where it mattered, but the bigger issue for me was pacing. Throughout the entire second season, it felt like I was being dragged along through an endless subplot, probably because I kept expecting more from Saitama and never really getting any payoff (minus a couple moments like that guy at the end of the tournament). I was finally hooked in the last few episodes focused on Garou... and then cliffhanger.

  14. Rui Olavo

    Rui OlavoHace un día

    This last season i was really pumped with back to back fights. For me, this anime uses Saitama to solve problems that have no solution, an easy ending. One Punch Man would be better without Saitama

  15. Meme Sovereign

    Meme SovereignHace un día

    people who say s2 is bad never read the fucking manga. lmao this is what it has meant to be.

  16. Hattrick 03

    Hattrick 03Hace 2 días

    i is a step forward in terms of story and character development(especially garou) and a huge jump backwards in terms of animation and visuals(except ep3,10, 11 and 12) overall: 7/10

  17. Kinch

    KinchHace 2 días

    The "TOURNAMENT ARC! vs tournament arc" thing is fitting, though. Saitama was bored with it, and you could feel it. This Season really captures Saitama's feeling of boredom at being the strongest.

  18. GrimmBones

    GrimmBonesHace 2 días

    You do have to give them props for that Centichoro CGI. Probably some of the best looking CGI I've seen in an Anime.

  19. GrimmBones

    GrimmBonesHace 14 horas

    @David Burke I mean, you can look at it that way, but I choose to look at it in a more positive way. And that's the fact that, well, when most studios use CGI to cut costs, they usually make something of LESSER quality, that looks shitty, unrefined, and like the shittiest CGI you've ever seen. This case isn't that. Sure, it's a cost cutting way, but the fact that was implemented in a way to make it actually look GOOD, and to make it have HIGHER quality is rather impressive. So, in a way, it's a smart, and respectable, cost cutting. If more Anime were to cut costs, while making something high quality nonetheless, then I'd be all up for it, and I'd think it's a good step that every studio should do. Take a look at Devilman Crybaby. It looks good, and high quality, but, believe it or not, the animation is most of the times super simple, and minimalistic, mostly to cut costs, but it doesn't take away from it's high quality. Cutting costs doesn't equal "bad", or "sad".

  20. David Burke

    David BurkeHace 18 horas

    While it is good CGI, CGI is mainly for cost cutting so it's sad to see that they put so much effort into cutting costs.

  21. Daniel Capici

    Daniel CapiciHace 2 días

    I actually liked season 2, and looking forward to season 3 if there is one

  22. Rafa Lyp

    Rafa LypHace 2 días

    Season 2 has character development.

  23. Jason Grimstone

    Jason GrimstoneHace 2 días

    there is just no content here if you have watched the show

  24. mike smith

    mike smithHace 2 días

    i have to say that i dont agree with you. when i first heard of this show, sometime last year (2018), i wasnt really interested since i thought the artwork just wasnt that good (based on the first couple of episodes). then i saw a scene from one of the later episodes and thought i would give it a bit of a chance, but was in no hurry to do it. then, i saw someone post an episode from season 2 on youtube and i watched the entire first and second season. i believe that the artwork in season 2 is outstanding! i love where the story is going and leaving it on a cliff hanger at the end makes me want to see the next season. with that said, i never read the manga, so i dont have any reference, but for me, i base my opinions on what makes a great story, be it a movie, tv show or any form of media. i truly enjoyed this season and cant wait for the next.

  25. lobsterfork

    lobsterforkHace 2 días

    One Punch Man is it's own thing. It does what it must do.

  26. Srejv

    SrejvHace 2 días

    The part about the passion behind it gave me the chills.

  27. Wouter Dekker

    Wouter DekkerHace 2 días

    Stop comparing the two studios! Talk like this gets shows CANCELLED! It won't be given back to Madhouse. All the bitching and moaning about the "quality" is going to fuck everyone over. It's fine. The comics are drawn like shit, and everyone still loves it. The show can look like shit, and we all still love it. Just stop getting so caught up about the animation quality. You're fucking everything up!

  28. AniqRTH

    AniqRTHHace 3 días

    80% of the comments is literally about "PETIT MILF"

  29. Tikky NoSurname

    Tikky NoSurnameHace 3 días

    Funny. When Season 2 was still airing I got pissed off, because the website I watched it on had a lot of comments under the episodes, of people whining about why Saitama wasn't there as often as he used to be. And I commented on how those great one punch-fights would get boring if they did them again and again as well as the cast, which was interesting but mere side jokes and world basis in Season 1, now get actual screen time and further characterisation. Something like that I said. So ... basically the same thing you say. As for the production ... I don't even get why they didn't take on Season 2. Really, just because Mad House doesn't do 2nd Seasons?! What a lot of nonsense.

  30. Casanuda

    CasanudaHace 3 días

    I just cannot fathom why they changed the opening song, which was perfect, to anything else. You're not going to get better than S1 opening.

  31. Amit Nag

    Amit NagHace 3 días


  32. ChaotiX

    ChaotiXHace 3 días

    Theory: Saitama and Tatsumaki fall in love and conceive a child that they named Mob.

  33. someguyfromcanada TBSL

    someguyfromcanada TBSLHace 3 días

    I feel like everyones only argument is the animation step down. Its a very small step down from what Ive seen so far. Not only that, we got a reliatable Anti-Villain in the form of Garou, who can relate to those who for example got used and abused by their peers since they weren’t popular enough and or were different.

  34. Zenkua

    ZenkuaHace 3 días

    Ah this gave me flashbacks of season one and i'm weeping. It was such a masterpiece. I'm of course going to continue following One Punch Man, i'll probably read the manga.

  35. Synyster Wolf

    Synyster WolfHace 3 días

    I couldn't feel the weight and power behind Saitama in season 2. I love seeing Saitama wreck some fools so I was super disappointed he barely did anything this season. When he did do something it didnt feel impactful like it did in season 1.

  36. Arsha Asgarizadeh

    Arsha AsgarizadehHace 3 días

    9:25 😂

  37. Joachim Lothrik

    Joachim LothrikHace 3 días

    Only A STEP down?

  38. Elyrx

    ElyrxHace 3 días

    i feel the issue was the pacing, with the manga you can pace yourself and have the dramatic scenes sink in. whereas the 2nd season felt rushed in some of the more dramatic scenes, and scenes that couldve been cut/shortened weren't and shoehorned so that the show could cram all the elements in evenly. example of this could be saitama punching the centipede. in the manga king gives saitama a more detailed briefing and we are given multiple pages to appreciate the amazing art of the centipede exploding in dramatic fashion, whereas the anime wrapped it up in 10 seconds.

  39. Archagent Everlasting

    Archagent EverlastingHace 4 días

    I feel like nothing in Season 2 mattered as much because the pacing was way too fast.

  40. Lilian de Britania

    Lilian de BritaniaHace 4 días

    do the minute anime again please

  41. cynide entertainment

    cynide entertainmentHace 4 días

    fuck you gigguk

  42. Micropulse7

    Micropulse7Hace 4 días

    aired 2015

  43. poop punch

    poop punchHace 4 días

    I do not know what is even point of the story since he kill with one punch so where is the point he is already OP too

  44. lasthumankind

    lasthumankindHace 4 días

    ... I feel as much as i hate to admit it and even tho you pointed out the very first animation was drawn by a 5 year old, the show was pretty much all about the animation. That's all it had for it that it was a spectical of a fight and the lighting and animation was beyond amazing for just a bald dude to ruin it with a punch.

  45. Rando Dando

    Rando DandoHace 4 días

    Haven't even been able to watch it because of the hulu only bullshit

  46. game zone

    game zoneHace 4 días

    The problem is the animation looks extra bright and that kills the awesome look that season 1 give. The action in season 2 is Blount and looks cheap.

  47. Michael Morris

    Michael MorrisHace 5 días

    Couldn't you just put "The studio Madhouse" effect on this? They are an picky studio and work slowly, which is why they make such great stuff. But production companies get impatient and in this case went with JC Staff and pressured them hard so we got a worse total product.

  48. thahoasje

    thahoasjeHace 5 días

    Downgrade, yes, still good though. Berserk would love this downgrade xD

  49. Mason Herst

    Mason HerstHace 3 días

    Let that poor show Rest In Peace

  50. Ben Shoshani

    Ben ShoshaniHace 5 días

    the second season was great. the best episode in the series was Suiryu vs Gouketsu. first season was about getting to know Saitama. second season was about getting to know the rest of the world.

  51. Purika

    PurikaHace 5 días

    And then on 3rd season the animation will be that of One Piece.

  52. Phenomenal 1

    Phenomenal 1Hace 5 días

    Just die you piece of shit.

  53. Rimos Abysswalker

    Rimos AbysswalkerHace 5 días

    I think season 2 overall was not great i prefer ones version even more it has a better pace

  54. Moonbae

    MoonbaeHace 5 días

    season 2 was good