One Punch Man S2: A Step Down


  1. KoopaTroopaGamer

    KoopaTroopaGamerHace 4 días

    Umm. I’m not gonna lie. watching the second season, I wasn’t paying attention to the animation. I’m just finding out about it now 😅

  2. kensyre

    kensyreHace 5 días

    Garo is an incel.

  3. mwahahahahaha-guy

    mwahahahahaha-guyHace 8 días

    You talk too much.

  4. Faisal Alyahya

    Faisal AlyahyaHace 10 días

    whats the name of the opm background music in the last couple minutes?

  5. TheHolyLordsOfDrPepper

    TheHolyLordsOfDrPepperHace 11 días

    I'm sorry but the way you pronounce genos is annoying me XD

  6. Deathcheat 666

    Deathcheat 666Hace 11 días

    It's a spectacular season in my opinion.

  7. JosephTheGhost

    JosephTheGhostHace 12 días

    Steps to become a meme legend 1. Close your eyes to amplify this meme legend making asmr 2. Click this time stamp 2:17

  8. Artists Arcade

    Artists ArcadeHace 13 días

    I think season two was great but the first season set the bar where it should have been amazing

  9. reactro

    reactroHace 13 días

    Gigguk: Petit Milf FBI: Misssion failed we'll go next time

  10. Kyle A

    Kyle AHace 14 días

    Great job here, man. I like that you didn't go the "OPM2 is garbage" route and instead said that but in a positive way so the viewer doesn't leave thinking OPM is bad but /instead/ leaves appreciating the journey the creator took to get from A to Z and also realize there is a whole manga out there that looks outstanding. Also the other one that is pretty visually chuckle worthy yet respectable.

  11. Ultra Shield

    Ultra ShieldHace 15 días

    I hated the blurry and shaking scenes i mean keep the camera still

  12. AwesomenessX15

    AwesomenessX15Hace 15 días

    Honestly, I dont think i actually watched the last episode. I dont think it was on hulu

  13. Santiago Ruiz Valle

    Santiago Ruiz ValleHace 19 días

    I loved the new characters

  14. Mark Burns

    Mark BurnsHace 20 días

    In the world we live in today we need a story like one punch man.

  15. Mark Burns

    Mark BurnsHace 21 un día

    Let's hope season 3 gets a better production schedule.

  16. Dominik Huemer

    Dominik HuemerHace 23 días

    great vids :D i rly liked how they transition saitama from beeing the main char to beeing the side char in his own story :DD always thought its more about his impact on the world and the ppl around him :D and they portray that so damn well (mangareader)

  17. batu Oktay

    batu OktayHace 26 días

    season 3 wont come ;(

  18. Chandler Behn

    Chandler BehnHace 28 días

    One Punch Man Season 2 was a 7/10, but it was a disappointment and it had it's issues also I hope Season 3 is done by a different anime studio and the old animation team.

  19. Tetsura Zoldyck

    Tetsura ZoldyckHace un mes

    A step down is still a step Forward.

  20. Angell

    AngellHace un mes

    I actually loved season 2 more than season 1. We got Garou in season 2 and he’s like my favorite character in the whole show next to Saitama To me the only thing season 2 did bad was the ending cause it’s literally a terrible cliffhanger and that dojo match episodes were just stupid and pointless, don’t see how it was even into the original thing-

  21. Moh ld

    Moh ldHace un mes

    U stupid it not the same sense cuz the fight was less but in the next season it will very hype they’re making it like this so u get very hyped in the next season idiot

  22. TheHolyLordsOfDrPepper

    TheHolyLordsOfDrPepperHace 11 días

    The fuck are you even talking about?

  23. that one kid in school who eats glue

    that one kid in school who eats glueHace un mes

    Can we just get the saitma and king show

  24. lyfkat

    lyfkatHace un mes

    Mad House rarely did a 2nd season tho. But, imagine One Punch Man being animated by Ufotable.

  25. World Man

    World ManHace un mes

    Yeah, Garou, i dont feel any empathy for the guy. After what he did to Mumen, his hypocritical ass needs to be put down.

  26. Rimax_PL

    Rimax_PLHace un mes

    0:45 One Punch Man Story in 1 minute

  27. shanks akagami

    shanks akagamiHace un mes

    I hope blu ray can fix it after series end, july 2 (finished) to october 25 (bd release) almost 4 months Gap.

  28. FlippyGaming

    FlippyGamingHace un mes

    The bar was set too high in Season 1..

  29. NotSoSuperHero

    NotSoSuperHeroHace un mes

    Wait, Tokyo Ghoul has fans?

  30. Am I Toyrz

    Am I ToyrzHace un mes

    How do you watch season 2

  31. Adarrio Devonish

    Adarrio DevonishHace un mes

    Bring back the og team

  32. Kai Mikoshi

    Kai MikoshiHace un mes


  33. ArlanKels

    ArlanKelsHace un mes

    The team that did Season 2 of One Punch Man clearly fail at handling "Combat animation" and opt for some bad editing choices/camera angles.

  34. remi kazé

    remi kazéHace un mes

    Manga is going great tho

  35. guilherme pereira

    guilherme pereiraHace un mes

    Gigguk, could you please add subtitles to this video, my friend wants to match ir, but he doesn't understand English

  36. Daddy Kun

    Daddy KunHace un mes

    Genos needs more screen time and I wanna see saitama in a real challenge

  37. BaN Ee

    BaN EeHace un mes

    I loved one punch man s2

  38. drsupremo88

    drsupremo88Hace un mes

    King was such a waste time should have been just 1 episode at best

  39. Red Dean

    Red DeanHace un mes

    Shadow verse used to be called rage of bahamut

  40. CoffeeBeanZ 05

    CoffeeBeanZ 05Hace un mes

    Honestly thinking about the difference between the 1rst season and s2. The quality in s1 is really bright and expressive, when looking at s2 it's more dull. Idk if it's just me.

  41. Dimitrisaurus

    DimitrisaurusHace un mes

    I agree that One Punch Man manga looks more kinetic and bombastic than Season 2 animated. Still good tho.

  42. magicZora

    magicZoraHace un mes

    Im incredibly dissapointed at season 2, it was horrendous.

  43. Actually

    ActuallyHace un mes

    The last clip about berserk and opm was very funny 😄

  44. Mark. G

    Mark. GHace 2 meses


  45. Epic Sans

    Epic SansHace 2 meses

    Petite Milf

  46. Sekai

    SekaiHace 2 meses

    One punch man: "I need good animation" Madhouse: "I gotchu fam" JC Staff: "Haha no"

  47. Daan Danz

    Daan DanzHace 2 meses

    2:20 nice Joker reference 👌❤️

  48. ThrunkEx

    ThrunkExHace 2 meses


  49. No Name

    No NameHace 2 meses

    *Petite Milf* 🤣 🤣🤣

  50. TheNews1990

    TheNews1990Hace 2 meses

    05:37 What's with this sassy... Lost child?

  51. brave hunter 9

    brave hunter 9Hace 2 meses

    For me One punch man s1 & s2 is better than Attack on titan Cuz OPM it make me laugh everytime Attack on titan make me bored

  52. Czarek Nowak

    Czarek NowakHace 2 meses

    History in 2 seson is okay.. well The animation destroy it :C...

  53. Abdirahman Abdinor

    Abdirahman AbdinorHace 2 meses

    I don't understand the animations are more HD and better but somehow it's worser

  54. Mijukain Cynyx

    Mijukain CynyxHace 2 meses

    I dare you to wear the oppai shirt,buy coffee from Starbucks without dying inside.

  55. Red L

    Red LHace 2 meses

    Time to go read the manga

  56. Adam Zhang

    Adam ZhangHace 2 meses

    I think the point of Season 2 was intended to showcase Garou and the Monster Association. Saitama will get more of a chance to show up as the modest and OP, but most ideal hero in the following seasons. Season 1 is a introduction to the main heroes and the parody of the superheroes. With Garou established as the antithesis of Saitama (the anti-hero) throughout Season 2, their clash in either Season 3 or 4 will be that much more epic. Season 2 is just more sophisticated than Season 1, so the current season isn't a step down. Gigguk and others either didn't grasp this or is being deliberately dense when they call Season two a step down.

  57. Cloversicle

    CloversicleHace 2 meses

    I am an amateur at watching anime. And. I have no idea what you mean by weekly anime ;-; Ive never seen live anime/recently aired anime bc idk where to find it ·~· help me



    Legal loli more like legal reasons thats a joke

  59. CCosmin

    CCosminHace 2 meses

    Hope seson 3 will be better

  60. Milk Man

    Milk ManHace 2 meses

    *AYE* Black Clover Ep. 93 is Dope.

  61. sagar chowdhary

    sagar chowdharyHace 2 meses

    The over used saitama's music in s2