One Man - One Engine - Finish I Rebuild l No Music l ASMR l Enjoy l Relax l Subi-Performance


  1. Pavel G

    Pavel GHace un mes

    You can hear shop manager walk by @16:11

  2. HajoTanzmaster

    HajoTanzmasterHace un mes

    Hahaha it's the boss! ❤️

  3. CrashPilot1000

    CrashPilot1000Hace un mes

    That is exactly what I thought!

  4. Johnny Blue

    Johnny BlueHace 3 días

    I think I must be the only person in the world who has built one of these units without using the small end wholes in the block.I just thought it was a tricky engine to build. I did it though with absolutely no experience and it worked really well.. The last gig end bolt did not have enough clearance between the two crank cases so I had to use a long combination wrench grunt tight. If only we had had the internet then.: )


    DARIO SUTERHace 4 días

    I never saw a workshop as well equipped as yours .......!

  6. valiosubaru

    valiosubaruHace 9 días

    Did you weight the pistons and the con- rods ?

  7. Jay

    JayHace 15 días

    I'm about to do my first rebuild on an ej20 and your videos are inspirational, thank you. Where is the best source for all the bolts torque specifications?

  8. Александр Графский

    Александр ГрафскийHace 19 días

    У нас во всей России нет такого инструмента.

  9. douro20

    douro20Hace 22 días

    What happened to the Fein impact driver? The Snap-On ones are a bit behind the times...and I'd imagine the Fein one is still better quality.

  10. cesão motos

    cesão motosHace 22 días

    Gostei interessante sacar parafuso quebrado com chave torks .

  11. dErWixxer63

    dErWixxer63Hace 22 días

    Deine Videos haben einfach etwas beruhigendes. Könntest du mir bitte verraten womit du die Ventile geschliffen hast in deinem Zylinderkopf-Restaurationsvideo, als du sie in der Bohrmaschine eingespannt hattest? Welches Grid hatte das Papier und das Schleifvlies? Achtest du hier noch auf etwas bestimmtes? Ganz lieben Dank und bitte weiter so gute Videos! LG

  12. Gravelord Nito

    Gravelord NitoHace 23 días

    Man i wish i could afford to turn my 2001 forester into a sleeper.

  13. Joss Fitzsimons

    Joss FitzsimonsHace 23 días

    This man deserves a bonus.

  14. Ricardo Failace

    Ricardo FailaceHace 23 días

    The song of the bird, we have the same song here.

  15. Saulo Borba

    Saulo BorbaHace 24 días

    Isso é uma obra de arte!

  16. Moto Dork

    Moto DorkHace 24 días

    Still though, superb craftsmanship.

  17. Moto Dork

    Moto DorkHace 24 días

    Was waiting for the heads. :-/

  18. Oban Cameron

    Oban CameronHace 24 días

    Great work! Nice to see step by step pro level building, 9/10 build. Hard to do better without a sealed/climate controlled room and checking all parts are at same temp etc. Only flaw was the open air room along with the ring grinder with no dust collection measures. Minor stuff and the grinder may be separated from building area, I have no idea.

  19. justin turner

    justin turnerHace 24 días

    I really enjoyed this, I’d love to have a mentor like you that could teach me this. I live on Maui and there aren’t many guys like you here. I love building things and I know I’d enjoy building a motor for my beloved 2018 STI.

  20. Justin Couch

    Justin CouchHace 24 días

    I was wondering how you were supposed to get the wrist pins on the pistons. They have holes in the block casing for that. Interesting.

  21. sc0tte416

    sc0tte416Hace 24 días

    What's up with the chipped yellow paint on the thrust bearing?

  22. Greg Lister

    Greg ListerHace 24 días

    that was so satisfying. Thank you.

  23. sostareci

    sostareciHace 25 días

    Nice and precision work

  24. Sha Dow

    Sha DowHace 25 días

    So the 2 block halves have no gasket or seal? also whats with the yellow paint. would not like a clean built engine with little bits of yellow paint all over it. :D

  25. dielauwen

    dielauwenHace 26 días

    What is the pink stuff brushed on the cylinder walls?

  26. Jay

    JayHace 15 días

    Assembly lube, helps reduce friction on first start up

  27. MrDehielo

    MrDehieloHace 26 días

    Gran trabajo, amor al detalle y ninguna prisa, así se asegura de que se ha hecho todo correctamente.

  28. John Jones

    John JonesHace 26 días

    Local car club guys: "Getting your car wrapped won't make it go faster." Me, a Subaru owner: "23:07"

  29. Jensen Niemaier

    Jensen NiemaierHace 26 días

    Zwei Fragen:Was für Gehäusedichtmittel nehmt Ihr?Dienen die Nasen an den Pleuellagerschalen nur zu montagezwecken oder auch als Verdrehschutz?MfG Jens

  30. ittotaq

    ittotaqHace 26 días

    aint ASMR with all these stupid commercials

  31. doinks SRB

    doinks SRBHace 26 días

    When she says it's here first time but you think she lying 12:42

  32. Ro Bert

    Ro BertHace 26 días

    While watching as he carefully inserts the conrod pins, suddenly I thought: how the hell they do it on the 6 cylinder Subaru boxers, on the mid pistons?

  33. IAm And

    IAm AndHace 24 días

    Magic mate

  34. Andy Solomons

    Andy SolomonsHace 26 días

    *ONLY ASE MECHANICS* Will truly appreciate thie "quality" of this video. Bravo. Five star medal of respect 🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅

  35. Andy Solomons

    Andy SolomonsHace 23 días

    @Shawn McCarthy every ase mechanic/engineer _specializes_ in ball busting....hence the term _dead on balls_ lol! (Just having fun too👍)

  36. Shawn McCarthy

    Shawn McCarthyHace 24 días

    @Andy Solomons I'm just busting balls, I hope everyone enjoyed this. I'm a MechE/engine builder with no ASE certs.

  37. Andy Solomons

    Andy SolomonsHace 24 días

    @Shawn McCarthy as one ASE(-T2) to another? Or are you just guessing. (Im also an engineer, but thats a different subject)

  38. Shawn McCarthy

    Shawn McCarthyHace 24 días

    ASE mechanics would be confused by most of this.

  39. Andy Solomons

    Andy SolomonsHace 26 días

    @Michael James or people with mechanical engineering understanding.....even just regularly smart people.... Is that inclusive enough for you? What this guy does is probably missed by people who have not rebuilt engines. Ie. measuring ring gap..and many other things im not going to try to explain.

  40. Myles Harrison

    Myles HarrisonHace 26 días

    best porn i’ve ever watched in my life

  41. running90s

    running90sHace 27 días

    10:20 are you using oil? Nice work!

  42. Seth Pittham

    Seth PitthamHace 27 días

    Great. No stupid music.. xx

  43. buba garcia

    buba garciaHace 27 días

    What brand of inspection paint are you using at 20:41, please?

  44. buba garcia

    buba garciaHace 27 días

    @Sheep It would be nice that color of paint or another as a form of inspection/reminder that something has been checked over(torqued).

  45. Sheep

    SheepHace 27 días

    THIS, i need it

  46. LanExtreme

    LanExtremeHace 27 días

    Gloves are soo cheap 😭🤟🏽

  47. Jordan c.c.

    Jordan c.c.Hace 26 días

    look how clean the engine assembly is and the shop is. No need for gloves..takes away from craftsman ship and a precise feel.

  48. Ro Bert

    Ro BertHace 26 días

    Such a detailed and precise job can only be done by pure hands. I work as a technican, for example I can't work with gloves on if I have to something precise. I simply can not feel the small details.

  49. Robert Reynolds

    Robert ReynoldsHace 27 días

    Overall good job. Wondering why no weighing of internals?

  50. Robert Reynolds

    Robert ReynoldsHace 26 días

    @Ro Bert well he did go to great pains to show all mike measure, honing etc but no weighing? All that trouble and no weights? Still i will give him benifit of doubt! Due to overall professionalism.

  51. Ro Bert

    Ro BertHace 26 días

    I noted it myself as well. 1.) He just did not show it on the video 2.) They meight come already balanced as a set? I don't know.

  52. Matias Figueroa

    Matias FigueroaHace 27 días

    Watch these videos gave me full of peace.

  53. tjm 2001

    tjm 2001Hace 27 días

    Sitting there all smug thinking he's gonna have to rip the engine apart because the pistons don't have the heads and gudgeon pins then it turns out theres a fucking hole in the side of the block to put them in, Fuck sake Subaru 😂😂 great video, great engineering

  54. Stefan Stojanovski

    Stefan StojanovskiHace 27 días

    This guy better charge 10k for a engine rebuild ... He triple cheks evrything :D @SubiPerfomance

  55. SovL:Remedy

    SovL:RemedyHace 28 días

    Soo many tools, yet he still puts in the ring by piston without a ring on it! WTF?!

  56. SovL:Remedy

    SovL:RemedyHace 27 días

    @Martin Rodrigue Nah that's OK mate, we all do it sometimes, was just stating it cos he went through all that effort just to skip a tiny step.....Have a good one :)

  57. Martin Rodrigue

    Martin RodrigueHace 27 días

    @SovL:Remedy just looked at it again and must admit he's dodging it.could of done it to before closing the case.sorry for being rude.

  58. SovL:Remedy

    SovL:RemedyHace 27 días

    @Martin Rodrigue You will never get the ring sitting straigh without a even/flat stop! There's my point <<<<

  59. Martin Rodrigue

    Martin RodrigueHace 27 días

    He sure did, what's your point?

  60. MRworldEtIkA

    MRworldEtIkAHace 28 días

    Hey. Can u guys converting ej25 to a closed deck block?

  61. Jörn Helmich

    Jörn HelmichHace 28 días

    Das Vogelgezitscher dazu ist fast wie ne Entspannungstherapie!

  62. Walter Sobchak

    Walter SobchakHace 28 días

    These engines are janky as hell. I wouldn't run one on a lawn mower.

  63. Sam Oak

    Sam OakHace 26 días

    @Walter Sobchak I just like to stir the pot 🤷‍♂️

  64. Walter Sobchak

    Walter SobchakHace 27 días

    @Sam Oak I actually rebuilt a Subaru motor long ago. An 80's something wagon. A couple VW engines. A Toyota 22RE. Several dirt bike engines, 2 and 4 stroke. Honda 3 wheeler engines. And a half dozen or so Chevy V8's. Couple tractors. Probably some I forgot. Machinist almost 25 years now. I just think they're janky. Don't get butt hurt over it. Just an opinion.

  65. Sam Oak

    Sam OakHace 27 días

    Sounds like it's too complicated for your simple mind 😂. Stick to your lawn mower engines

  66. zo1dberg

    zo1dbergHace 28 días

    "One Man - One Engine"?? Is this like 1 guy 1 jar? You're not gonna put that engine up there, are you?

  67. zo1dberg

    zo1dbergHace 27 días

    @agusbarcia Before or after he starts it?

  68. agusbarcia

    agusbarciaHace 27 días

    I can still hear the screaming in my head.

  69. Smitty

    SmittyHace 28 días

    Seems easy enough I’ll be right back 😂

  70. B P

    B PHace 28 días

    Are you still alive? Or did you blow your brains out when you couldn't put the engine back together?

  71. d t

    d tHace 29 días


  72. philip lytle

    philip lytleHace 29 días

    To say you are a professional is not enough. You sir are an artist. Do you ship builds?

  73. Jonathan

    JonathanHace 29 días

    The clear work of a master of his craft.

  74. Lucas

    LucasHace 29 días

    Dá gosto de ver!! Técnica, conhecimento, capricho, zelo. Excelente!

  75. Sot Rudnik

    Sot RudnikHace 29 días

    I thought porn is forbidden on ESreporter