1. John C

    John CHace 4 horas

    It's hilarious how Tarantino ALWAYS has to put feet in his film. It's so strange for me: he has a foot fetish, and I have a foot phobia.

  2. J W

    J WHace 4 horas

    Fried sauerkraut!

  3. Асыл Умирова

    Асыл УмироваHace 9 horas

    Charles Manson's face is creepy)

  4. Magnus Blick

    Magnus BlickHace 10 horas

    I wanna see this movie but I'm getting anxiety about what will happen in it.

  5. Todd Price

    Todd PriceHace 10 horas

    This is lame

  6. Lia Calzà

    Lia CalzàHace 11 horas

    where is Johnny?

  7. RobTheDormouse

    RobTheDormouseHace 12 horas

    Hello, my little friends! Surely all the Pacino machine-gun shooting action is a nod to another of his famous films...

  8. Joshua Hernandez64

    Joshua Hernandez64Hace 13 horas

    Quentin Tarantino ,what's with feet man 0:45

  9. Caligula Perseus

    Caligula PerseusHace 14 horas

    Ending spoilers There's a bloody shootout/Kung Fu brawl between protagonists and the Manson family and in this movie Sharon tates survived.

  10. Eli Kronen

    Eli KronenHace 5 horas

    @Caligula Perseus. I know Booth kills Manson and that Booth dies. Can you add more details though pleases? Also, who plays Michelle Phillips?

  11. Eli Kronen

    Eli KronenHace 12 horas

    @Caligula Perseus. Do you know who plays Hugh Hefner in this?

  12. Eli Kronen

    Eli KronenHace 12 horas

    @Caligula Perseus. The Kung Fu part has nothing to do with the protagonists. It's Bruce Lee.

  13. Max Payne

    Max PayneHace 14 horas

    1:02 - 1:12 Leo Fucking Dicaprio

  14. scarv

    scarvHace 17 horas

    "dededede DEDEDEDE F*CK!!!"

  15. Thy Chemical Leaf

    Thy Chemical LeafHace 18 horas

    This starting five could beat the warriors

  16. Mo Garcia

    Mo GarciaHace 19 horas

    "Is that your son" " No, that's my stunt double Cliff Booth"

  17. Ill Kelsk

    Ill KelskHace 20 horas

    Yea I dunno about this hey

  18. Mike Garrens

    Mike GarrensHace 20 horas

    This is huge!!!

  19. Ryan Ross Loves cheese whiz Reacts

    Ryan Ross Loves cheese whiz ReactsHace 23 horas

    a Charles Manson movie

  20. Eli Kronen

    Eli KronenHace 18 horas

    @Ryan Ross Loves cheese whiz Reacts. No. He's in it for less than a minute.

  21. Alireza mhm

    Alireza mhmHace 23 horas


  22. Moises Hernandez

    Moises HernandezHace 23 horas

    Can we leave the nazis alone now they lost the war over 70 years ago.

  23. The Joker!

    The Joker!Hace un día

    Where is Samuel L Jackson!?

  24. Eli Kronen

    Eli KronenHace 13 horas

    @The Joker! We'll see but I don't think he's in it.

  25. The Joker!

    The Joker!Hace 13 horas

    @Eli Kronen in this movie..

  26. Eli Kronen

    Eli KronenHace 18 horas

    @The Joker! Shaft.

  27. Derek Escalante

    Derek EscalanteHace un día

    2:31 Want that to be my wallpaper

  28. Mr Fahrenheit

    Mr FahrenheitHace un día

    I love that refrence 0:24

  29. James Wagner

    James WagnerHace un día

    Anyone else see Mama Cass dancing and smoking a joint while Sharon twirls around?

  30. l .a

    l .aHace un día

    could someone tell mister Tarantino that we assure him that nazis are not still living?

  31. Eli Kronen

    Eli KronenHace un día

    @l .a. Nazis still exist. That's not what that scene is about though. It's showing that Rick Dalton played by Leo, was a top actor of the 1960's in the context of this film. All big name actors in the 1960's starred in WW2 films. And who is we btw?, because like I stated, nazis most definitely exist today.

  32. Rodrigo RJ

    Rodrigo RJHace un día

    0:16 - 0:18 - Scarface Reference

  33. eduardo solano

    eduardo solanoHace un día

    Man R.I.P Luke Perry :( His last movie.....

  34. Victor M

    Victor MHace un día

    It's official...Kurt Russell has officially joined Quentin Tarantino's troupe of actors...hes right up there now with Samuel L Jackson, Michael Madsen, Tim Roth, and Harvey Keitel

  35. Eli Kronen

    Eli KronenHace un día

    @Victor M. Zoe Bell and Bruce Dern too.

  36. Victor M

    Victor MHace un día

    Well it wouldn't be a Quentin Tarantino film without foot fetish shots

  37. Kaneda Shotaro

    Kaneda ShotaroHace un día

    Pfffff c deja un classique

  38. Kalani .H

    Kalani .HHace un día

    That flame thrower omg

  39. Mina Cruz

    Mina CruzHace un día

    Is this a video game🤣

  40. Shadab khan 2426 Shadab

    Shadab khan 2426 ShadabHace un día

    World war z is amazing movie

  41. Baryonic Matter

    Baryonic MatterHace un día

    As if Brad Pitt and Leo are not enough, Tarantino added Al Pacino to the cast. Definitely gonna watch it for Don Corleone.

  42. El Gazzo

    El GazzoHace un día

    Oscar number 2

  43. Efe Balcilar

    Efe BalcilarHace un día

    Watch carefully guys We may never watch them again

  44. Sal Varriale

    Sal VarrialeHace 2 días

    Great cast !

  45. B3T0

    B3T0Hace 2 días

    ya quiero verla

  46. Manny DeRosa

    Manny DeRosaHace 2 días

    i'm a huge Quentin Tarantino fan, but I have my doubts about this film. I just don't know about this one.

  47. Eli Kronen

    Eli KronenHace 2 días

    @Manny DeRosa. Why the doubts?

  48. diana Reiche

    diana ReicheHace 2 días


  49. Eli Kronen

    Eli KronenHace un día

    @diana Reiche. You're referring to Leo's character from Titanic?

  50. diana Reiche

    diana ReicheHace un día

    Eli Kronen han har ju gjort en film som heter Titanic som han heter jack i den filmen och då är han gör snygg...

  51. Eli Kronen

    Eli KronenHace 2 días

    @diana Reiche. Jack?

  52. Copy and Paste

    Copy and PasteHace 2 días

    Studio: What year do you want this movie to take place in? Tarantino: Yes.

  53. D G

    D GHace 2 días

    @00:40 I wish I could swing with Leo di caprio

  54. Jay Villa

    Jay VillaHace 2 días

    Brad Pitt and Leo are in the new Bruce Lee movie

  55. SubscribeItWontHURT

    SubscribeItWontHURTHace 2 días

    i can see Ego is involve in the movie business as well ,

  56. SubscribeItWontHURT

    SubscribeItWontHURTHace 2 días

    Quentin has a fetish for burning nazis

  57. D G

    D GHace 2 días

    May I go back in time and be a actor in the late 60’s and 70’s Hollywood..

  58. George Vreeland Hill

    George Vreeland HillHace 2 días

    Can't wait. This is going to ROCK!

  59. Eli Kronen

    Eli KronenHace 3 días

    Does anyone know who's playing Hugh Hefner in this?

  60. kiss my grits

    kiss my gritsHace 3 días

    lol. you as Americans let a criminal go! your movie is fucked! an yet. you don't understand George Carlin!

  61. Eli Kronen

    Eli KronenHace 3 días

    @kiss my grits. Wait a minute. Who's playing Carlin in this film?

  62. Brian Filter

    Brian FilterHace 3 días

    Hit like before started playing.

  63. Tammy Porter

    Tammy PorterHace 3 días

    Does any one no what the age rating is for this film ?

  64. Eli Kronen

    Eli KronenHace 3 días

    @Tammy Porter. Ok. I don't know what an age rating is. It doesn't have an MPAA rating yet though, if that's what you mean.

  65. Tammy Porter

    Tammy PorterHace 3 días

    Eli Kronen ok thanks I was just wondering what the age rating was to see it in the cinema

  66. Eli Kronen

    Eli KronenHace 3 días

    @Tammy Porter. It doesn't have a rating yet. Or are you asking how old it is?

  67. The Dude

    The DudeHace 3 días

    I wish I could meet Leonardo DiCaprio just so I could walk up to him and tell him "HEY your Leonardo fuckin DiCaprio" and dont you forget it

  68. Leggo 12guy

    Leggo 12guyHace 3 días

    Ieonardo keeps reminding me of candy man

  69. Sitizen

    SitizenHace 3 días

    I'm waiting for Charles Manson.

  70. Eli Kronen

    Eli KronenHace 3 días

    @Sitizen. He's in the movie for less than a minute. He's in the trailer.

  71. Ricky Miller

    Ricky MillerHace 3 días

    Don't think for a second that I didn't notice the subtle jab at Clint Eastwood and Guy Ritchie at 0:15

  72. Eli Kronen

    Eli KronenHace 2 días

    @Ricky Miller. That makes more sense. The Dalton character is the biggest homage to Eastwood. An actor who has a hit western tv show in the late 50's and early 60's and then goes to Italy in the late 60's to make Spaghetti Westerns, just like Clint.

  73. Ricky Miller

    Ricky MillerHace 2 días

    @Eli Kronen Now that I think about it, I'd consider it an act of paying homage rather than a jab.

  74. Eli Kronen

    Eli KronenHace 3 días

    @Ricky Miller. Jab? How so?

  75. Aditya Pathak

    Aditya PathakHace 3 días

    Crush - Hi Me - 1:10

  76. P puh6tfrz

    P puh6tfrzHace 3 días

    'The 9th Film From Quentin Tarantino'.... How pompous.

  77. Eli Kronen

    Eli KronenHace 3 días

    @P puh6tfrz. More talented is a matter of opinion. How is it pompous? He doesn't edit the trailers.

  78. P puh6tfrz

    P puh6tfrzHace 3 días

    @Eli Kronen It's a fact but it's still pompous and unnecessary. It's not something you see other film-makers do, including more talented ones than Tarantino.

  79. Eli Kronen

    Eli KronenHace 3 días

    @P puh6tfrz. Not really. Just a fact.

  80. Hastin Nuraini

    Hastin NurainiHace 3 días


  81. t Herm

    t HermHace 3 días

    Did Brad Pitt using stuntman to play as stuntman?

  82. Cole Thrash

    Cole ThrashHace 3 días

    Rick Dalton: *exists* Cliff Booth: “Hey! You’re Rick fuckin Dalton. And don’t you forget it!”

  83. James Smith

    James SmithHace 3 días

    Screw Tarantino.....dimented loser

  84. Bryan Liu

    Bryan LiuHace 4 días

    I came here for Bruce Lee, and I see this movie is not about Bruce Lee

  85. Daniel Martinez

    Daniel MartinezHace 4 días

    Finally a movie about the Manson family murders

  86. Eli Kronen

    Eli KronenHace 4 días

    @Daniel Martinez. That's not what this films about. They're not even in it. The film is fictional.

  87. Mick Ingram

    Mick IngramHace 4 días

    Did they resurrect Bruce Lee? Him and guy playing Charles Manson are enough to make me wanna see this. Oh and Margot of course:)

  88. Grant Loren

    Grant LorenHace 4 días


  89. Joe Z

    Joe ZHace 4 días

    Nobody: Quentin: 0:45

  90. Cancel Ok

    Cancel OkHace 4 días

    This looks absolutely incredible. I'm super stoked for this one.

  91. Jay Cee Productions

    Jay Cee ProductionsHace 4 días

    Ahh, a Quentin Tarantino slice of life film... What could go wrong?

  92. GreenAndMeat paw

    GreenAndMeat pawHace 4 días

    Hateful Eight is the best Tarantino movie for me till now. I sure hope this one will beat it ✌️

  93. Ethernet Cables

    Ethernet CablesHace 4 días

    That Charles Manson sub plot is gonna be epic

  94. Ethernet Cables

    Ethernet CablesHace 4 días

    @Eli Kronen ah thanks for letting me know

  95. Eli Kronen

    Eli KronenHace 4 días

    @Ethernet Cables. Leo's character does live next door to Sharon Tate in the film. Polanski and her move in next door to him in this film. The character of Charles Manson is only in one brief scene in this film and appears for less than a minute. This movie has a fictional plot and I don't think it's what you're expecting. That being said, in real life, Charles Manson did not personally participate in the murders on Cielo Drive. Some of the people in his group referred to as "The Family," did.

  96. Ethernet Cables

    Ethernet CablesHace 4 días

    @Eli Kronen he will be a key player in the full movie if leos character live right next to sharon tate

  97. Eli Kronen

    Eli KronenHace 4 días

    @Ethernet Cables. Manson is in it for less than a minute.

  98. Aiman Iqmal Azhar

    Aiman Iqmal AzharHace 4 días

    Why is it always wrote "The 6th film, the 7th film or The 9th film from Quentin Tarantino" like that?

  99. Eli Kronen

    Eli KronenHace 4 días

    @Aiman Iqmal Azhar. To generate excitement.

  100. Scryndi #mswhitesclass

    Scryndi #mswhitesclassHace 4 días

    Must watch 1000 times

  101. Wesley Walker

    Wesley WalkerHace 4 días

    I was hooked when I saw Bruce Lee pop up

  102. Xander Ellem

    Xander EllemHace 4 días

    Not even 10 seconds in and i was like "huh, this feels like a Tarantino movie", he has such a distinct style, 10 seconds watching a trailer for a movie I'd never even heard of and i knew it was him.

  103. John Beatty

    John BeattyHace 4 días

    i probably won't see this because I hate everything about the 60's

  104. cschoen100

    cschoen100Hace 5 días

    Can't wait for opening night

  105. Zachary Siple

    Zachary SipleHace 5 días

    I've never seen a Tarantino movie in theaters. I can't sit for a long time in a theater, but even if I have to use the bathroom in the middle, I'd REALLY like to see this!

  106. Avenge Basketball

    Avenge BasketballHace 5 días

    NOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I thought it is a movie about BRUCE LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE T.T

  107. x x

    x xHace 5 días

    Bruce lee impression..👍

  108. Ammar Troy

    Ammar TroyHace 5 días

    Hello I want go to American In jop movies

  109. MoReNo18heal

    MoReNo18healHace 5 días

    new gaged: @

  110. MoReNo18heal

    MoReNo18healHace 5 días

    new gaged: @

  111. Righteous Dude

    Righteous DudeHace 5 días

    Was that the Afghan Bruce Lee?

  112. Eli Kronen

    Eli KronenHace 5 días

    @Righteous Dude. No. He's Korean.

  113. Bear

    BearHace 5 días

    Bruce Lee actor looks insane

  114. Marta Soares

    Marta SoaresHace 5 días

    Omg, i'm waiting

  115. KingOmeasoo

    KingOmeasooHace 5 días

    How many people got excited when they seen Bruce lee

  116. Fran Rasyan

    Fran RasyanHace 5 días

    0:45 QT:Oh, yeah I have a fetish!

  117. Slim Jim

    Slim JimHace 5 días

    0:24 is that Inglorious Basterds 2

  118. lananah mananah

    lananah mananahHace 5 días

    Kurt Russell bringing the DEATH PROOF vibes

  119. lananah mananah

    lananah mananahHace 5 días

    Thought you said you werent gonna make old man movies, Tarantino! I dont care and Im glad you lied.

  120. Eli Kronen

    Eli KronenHace 4 días

    @lananah mananah. Ten more would be cool but he has said he is only going to make ten in total, which would leave only one more. Who knows. He's working on a Star Trek movie. So I'm guessing that'll be his last one. He said he wants do a tv show though.

  121. lananah mananah

    lananah mananahHace 4 días

    @Eli Kronen **the interview I saw was around the Kill Bill era I believe. Hes obviously changed his mind! (True sign of genius ;) )

  122. lananah mananah

    lananah mananahHace 4 días

    @Eli i suppose what I got from this was he didnt want to turn into Sly Stallone (expendables? Lol) but i dont think Tarantino could write something like Gran Torino or Expendables 2. His movies are too damn awesome. Hes not capable of producing something reminisint of obvious self indulgent last hurrah type thing. Those are my thoughts...also CANT WAIT FOR 10 MORE TARANTINO FLIX!!!!!!!

  123. Eli Kronen

    Eli KronenHace 5 días

    @lananah mananah. My bad. I should've elaborated. What do you mean by old man movies? Also, I swear that he said he was going to make ten movies when interviewed when the Hateful Eight came out. That would mean one more after this one. I've heard he's interested in TV after that.

  124. lananah mananah

    lananah mananahHace 5 días

    It was in an interview with Tarantino he said the movie before this was his last because he doesnt want to make "oldman movies" maybe it was a joke I cant wait to see this!!

  125. UsirRaMaroon

    UsirRaMaroonHace 5 días

    "Every RockStar game feels like it's a Quentin Tarantino movie." There I fixed it for you.

  126. Vinny Prada

    Vinny PradaHace 5 días

    Its not a Tarantino movie without Christoph Waltz! Wtf!

  127. Eli Kronen

    Eli KronenHace 5 días

    @Vinny Prada. So Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill aren't QT movies?

  128. Vinny Prada

    Vinny PradaHace 5 días

    It's wolf of wall street all over again.

  129. Kristine Mae Bidua

    Kristine Mae BiduaHace 5 días

    Show me more of Tim Oly please!

  130. Kay Lin

    Kay LinHace 5 días

    You're my favorite actor Leo, one and only favorite. You give justice to every character you portray. More project to come to you, so I could watch more movies from you.

  131. Mace Windu

    Mace WinduHace 5 días

    Looks bad

  132. Eli Kronen

    Eli KronenHace 5 días

    @Mace Windu. How so?

  133. Thomas Leahy

    Thomas LeahyHace 6 días


  134. Demonic Rico

    Demonic RicoHace 6 días

    We just gonna look over the fact that there’s going to be a movie with Bruce lee and Charles Manson

  135. Eli Kronen

    Eli KronenHace 6 días

    @Demonic Rico. And Steve McQueen, Hugh Hefner, Mama Cass, and Roman Polanski.

  136. Kevin Avery

    Kevin AveryHace 6 días

    Confucius say, person who watch this movie is one smart cookie.

  137. Suz Valentino

    Suz ValentinoHace 6 días

    OMG I am going to Cal. and that restaurnt Musso and Franks is the first place we will eat at. See you in 2 weeks CALIFORNIA.

  138. Miguel Angel

    Miguel AngelHace 6 días

    Kurt Russel and Al pacino fill the movie!

  139. Sly Silver Skull

    Sly Silver SkullHace 6 días

    Who do you think is going to say the n-word?

  140. Eli Kronen

    Eli KronenHace 6 días

    @Sly Silver Skull. David Duke.