1. Hugh Carnahan

    Hugh CarnahanHace 2 días

    I may be late on this, but what if you put locking casters on your desks? You could move them to anywhere you like and reconfigure as you need to.

  2. T1g3rch3n

    T1g3rch3nHace 10 días

    Is Nobody pointing out that those 'Big Tall Computer' are way better to work long periodes of time? Because you don't stare downwards. It's horrible on your neck/shoulders. Look for Computer Ergonomics

  3. Alias KaSiin

    Alias KaSiinHace 11 días

    No Wandel jump test? :o ok..

  4. Dingo Jo

    Dingo JoHace 11 días

    Good wish well will. I da smart

  5. Craig Hall

    Craig HallHace 12 días

    moisture content of that wood before you started was..... ?? (nice and dry I hope :-)

  6. Trevor13666

    Trevor13666Hace 13 días

    Nord VPN protects your web browsing?? Are you sure? Their servers were hacked big time about a year ago, and only recently admitted it!

  7. مقبل علي الله

    مقبل علي اللهHace 14 días

    It’s a hulk table 🧪

  8. Patrick McGuire

    Patrick McGuireHace 15 días

    The next time you want to try legs like that just take some .1875 sheet , taper both ends from 8 inches to four inches. Hammer the hell out of it for appearance. Then bend it 90 degrees down the center. Just a suggestion.

  9. Attic Atty

    Attic AttyHace 16 días

    Your printer is kaput the sensor has a ADC circuit issue

  10. Timothy Archer

    Timothy ArcherHace 16 días

    @Alec Steele Why not cut the legs from plate steel, and run a bead of weld to join them? If you cut the pieces to 5" or 6" at the top, they would allow enough plate surface to drive in 3 or 4 lug bolts, and make a very Stout and stable leg. Just a thought! 🙂👍🏼

  11. Simeon Alcorn

    Simeon AlcornHace 16 días

    Such cool tables guys! impressed

  12. TheArsonsmith4242

    TheArsonsmith4242Hace 17 días


  13. William Joachim

    William JoachimHace 17 días

    I love watching you guys but I think if you haven't heard, you need to know about NordVPN. They had a massive security breach. They have not handled it well. They knew about the breach for some time (up to 7 months) before acting. Consider other ad revenue till this is sorted out please. I know Tech stuff isn't really your wheel house but if you have questions about the validity look at JayzTwoCents a tech youtube content creator that has recently dropped them from his service.

  14. Rap Doc

    Rap DocHace 18 días

    Alec is thicc

  15. Ramon Bolanos

    Ramon BolanosHace 18 días

    I mean, its no NDF, but it'll do!!! 😂😂💀💀

  16. Lee Schanck

    Lee SchanckHace 18 días

    So are these hammers going to be made of cheap Canadian steel?

  17. Christoffer Gravdahl Brzyski

    Christoffer Gravdahl BrzyskiHace 19 días

    I really wish i had your handy skillset, i would have so much amazing and hardy furniture

  18. Liam Tozer

    Liam TozerHace 19 días

    Iv just started watching these videos and they are brilliant, when he talks about the hammer and grinder updates, is he going to be selling grinders??? I would be very interested in buying one of these if he is?? Thanks for any info

  19. David Virebayre

    David VirebayreHace 19 días

    NordVPN has been hacked recently though.

  20. Maximus Plebius

    Maximus PlebiusHace 19 días

    Are you going to stop the Nord VPN sponsor since the hacking revalation? Other big ESreporterrs are coming out on their channels severing links until thinks at Nord are improved!!

  21. Belt King

    Belt KingHace 20 días

    Alec, sew yourself up some cool Leather office desk goodies. It adds some real man mojo to your work space.

  22. TaranTatsuuchi

    TaranTatsuuchiHace 21 un día

    Damn, I've finally caught up on the channel... What will I do with my free time now!?

  23. Jacob Williams

    Jacob WilliamsHace 21 un día

    Its time for a steel reinforced wooden chair series

  24. Viviana Vargas

    Viviana VargasHace 22 días

    Now I can’t wait to see the matching drink station table.

  25. Pina Colada

    Pina ColadaHace 22 días

    Pardon me. Alec is 21, huh.

  26. muhammad patel

    muhammad patelHace 23 días

    "The cancer box" hahahaha nice microwave

  27. Kenneth Anderson

    Kenneth AndersonHace 23 días

    Cancer Box! 🤣🤣🤣

  28. VashTS7

    VashTS7Hace 23 días

    Needs a stove.

  29. Jonny Polea

    Jonny PoleaHace 24 días

    A cancer box? Really?!

  30. jcar1966 MC jcarmichael1966 mixer twitch discord

    jcar1966 MC jcarmichael1966 mixer twitch discordHace 24 días

    When to make a better food station on that wall where the microwave is

  31. TaranTatsuuchi

    TaranTatsuuchiHace 21 un día

    Yeah, they need a proper kitchen again!

  32. TENDRIL77

    TENDRIL77Hace 24 días

    Dude, cut discs from the round bar, cut some threaded rod studs, weld HD nuts on the legs and the discs on the threaded rods, and BOOM! Save yourself some time and money. Nice craftsmanship though.

  33. Liam Watson-Barber

    Liam Watson-BarberHace 24 días

    when there's nothing left to forge you must forge yourself

  34. Liam Watson-Barber

    Liam Watson-BarberHace 24 días

    feel better will

  35. wyatt granger

    wyatt grangerHace 24 días

    We get those elk skin leather gloves at work for climbing poles! Theyre the best but if you want a tip, try putting cutting oil on them. They get so soft a fit so well!

  36. Luke Jermy

    Luke JermyHace 24 días

    Just like we’ve been waiting years for the next video to be available! Wasn’t it suggested that we would be viewing a journey. A blog of day to day shenanigans

  37. Jessica M.W.

    Jessica M.W.Hace 24 días

    Just started following you guys! Awesome videos! Nothing but good wholesome fun and fantastic craftsmanship!

  38. colpward

    colpwardHace 24 días

    Everyone wants you to print shirts, forge hammers

  39. Digby Sheild

    Digby SheildHace 25 días

    can you please make a bush craft knife and do a give away

  40. Fin wishart

    Fin wishartHace 25 días

    Do you have any ideas on where to buy knife steel in the uk online, can’t seem to find it anywhere ?

  41. John Cleary

    John ClearyHace 25 días

    Have any of you noticed that a while back Alec was trying forged in fire challenges and now watching forged in fire and seeing challenges/Will/Alec’s puns it’s so so great watching watching you after the years, congratulations on your success and to many more

  42. Nicholas Ellerbrook

    Nicholas EllerbrookHace 25 días

    4:58 Will has been waiting 8 months to do this

  43. chaseecho

    chaseechoHace 25 días

    @AlecSteele, just have Will hand sand them

  44. Spencer Williams

    Spencer WilliamsHace 25 días

    Challenge with will “chefs knifes from welding electrodes”

  45. Steven Horne

    Steven HorneHace 25 días

    These guys used to do blacksmith work. Now they do Keeping up with the Kardashians.

  46. Brad AmeerBeg

    Brad AmeerBegHace 25 días

    That’s not how I’d do that attachment......

  47. Jake Allen

    Jake AllenHace 25 días

    You guys should try making an anvil, like a big one! I’ve heard they are very difficult to make without the huge industrious tools the deep pocket anvil companies have.

  48. Kirwick S.

    Kirwick S.Hace 25 días


  49. Frank Novak

    Frank NovakHace 25 días

    I have covered my desktop with 1/4 inch tempered glass, and it makes a good place to display military and LE patches, easier to clean, and still see the nice wood too

  50. steprockmedia

    steprockmediaHace 25 días

    When buying a table simply will not do!

  51. ماجد بن رفاده آل مناكد

    ماجد بن رفاده آل مناكدHace 25 días

    Hi. اتمنى لك ايامً سعيده. ياصاح.

  52. Sam Dennis

    Sam DennisHace 25 días

    Can we get Will a proper respirator mask for the grinding room as well?

  53. Fil Stewart

    Fil StewartHace 26 días

    This is fun - BUT - cane sword completion?

  54. kuribo1

    kuribo1Hace 26 días

    Daewoo refrigerator?!?!?!?! Seriously!?!?!? Go Japanese or go home.....

  55. Art of the Ancients

    Art of the AncientsHace 26 días

    I have to admit being a little tepid on the hammers, until your explanation. How awesome to have them made by one of your former students! Next, I'd like to suggest you create a display wall or individual plaques for all your swords and other blades. A great mini project would be to make sword wall hanging mounts. Maybe fleur de lis?

  56. Art of the Ancients

    Art of the AncientsHace 26 días

    I'd suggest burned cedar (shou sugi ban) with brassed steel rings/posts for the swords & knives, maybe laid out exactly like the tshirt. Bonus points if you put in spot lighting to highlight individual pieces, like the kris (my personal favorite).

  57. Bigsky Guy

    Bigsky GuyHace 26 días

    I think you might have learned from the problems of Hoffman Blacksmith. Good on you for not releasing stuff for sale until you're ready. I'm still waiting on an order from Hoffman from 2017!

  58. Henryy SSark

    Henryy SSarkHace 26 días

    Hey Alec! I know you probably won’t see this but I had a idea for a vid I think would be cool and difficult. It would be one of those vids where it’s you vs Will but the challenge is you play some sort of song with a lot of or fast beat. But you have to hit the work piece with the hammer with every beat! No skipping a beat. At the end of the song you each show what you have built and we vote on what is better.

  59. BossmanEight

    BossmanEightHace 26 días

    I can fix your printer problem but you're not going to fly me out there to fix it.

  60. Mountain View Turning

    Mountain View TurningHace 26 días

    Great looking table 👍

  61. MoonFlux

    MoonFluxHace 26 días

    "Will is sick, wish him better" Me: I am sure you *WILL* Get better soon!

  62. Tom H

    Tom HHace 26 días

    A cancer box

  63. Erik

    ErikHace 26 días

    Anyone know if he'll be selling the hammers outside of North America?