Of Monsters and Men - Wild Roses (Lyric Video)


  1. Thomas H.L.

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  2. Sogton Kottr

    Sogton KottrHace 7 días

    King Crimson.

  3. XxMasterJxX

    XxMasterJxXHace 10 días

    Anyone else realized at 2:26 “in the night I am wild eyed," an eye showed up...

  4. Randa Allen

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  5. Mandaloolu

    MandalooluHace 16 días

    I like that.

  6. ruthan turpin

    ruthan turpinHace 16 días

    my birthday :)

  7. Rick Kusters

    Rick KustersHace 22 días

    Rick Kusters 1 seconde geleden So glad they are back again. Wonderful and magic songs!, we had the honor to play with them a long time ago at a small festival in Rotterdam 29 august 2010. They were not known by the big audience then. Yet you could hear, it would only be a matter of time that they would breakthrough. im still proud to have been together on stage with these amazing and warm friendly musicians!

  8. Kiefer Graves

    Kiefer GravesHace 23 días

    What do you want me to say?

  9. Jane H.

    Jane H.Hace un mes

    Anyone prefers the esthetics of these lyrics videos to the actual videos?they are ipnotizing...

  10. Mandaloolu

    MandalooluHace 2 meses

    I've seen the way the seasons change If I just give it time... But I'm feeling out of mind. All of the time.

  11. Euan

    EuanHace 2 meses

    Woah.......should i be on LCD? Cool vid - outstanding tune! Enjoy your eveingin

  12. Oddly Couple

    Oddly CoupleHace 2 meses

    this lyric video looked like a promotional video that every TV in the store play in a loop to show the colour capacity of the display

  13. Katie Lest

    Katie LestHace 2 meses

    Everyone is saying that their new music isn’t as good as the old stuff or isn’t like them. It’s just different. Beneath the skin was different than my head is an animal. They’re made during different times in the bands life. They are a band that changes and write songs about change. So it makes sense to me that they’d strongly let whatever they’re feeling and going through effect their music. And it’s good. I don’t want an album that’s basically the same sounding songs with different words. I want to explore what these guys are feeling.

  14. Jose Javier Aguasvivas Santana

    Jose Javier Aguasvivas SantanaHace 2 meses

    Hoping to have this one included in #rickandmorty new upcoming season!

  15. MrMartinmarc

    MrMartinmarcHace 2 meses

    How many things in this video, for me ? Lava, volcanoes, energy, earth, fluidity, dark chocolate, fire, ice creams, colours, change ..and above all, I'm listening to great music, indelible in my head.

  16. Nathan Cramer

    Nathan CramerHace 2 meses

    Honestly this reminds me of when I would have my psychotic breaks from reality and my ex would argue constantly til all the pain came rushing back and reality hit

  17. おふ

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  18. custodi et serva

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  19. NitroCharizard

    NitroCharizardHace 2 meses

    I was really excited to hear this playing at my local Starbucks.

  20. To sem Dinheiro! E vc?

    To sem Dinheiro! E vc?Hace 2 meses

    I dont know why, but this song is so nostalgic... I'm having goosebumps haha I loved it

  21. coconutz van aubel

    coconutz van aubelHace 2 meses

    put this music in a master film btw beautiful song congratulation !!!!!§§§§

  22. sarah Courtway

    sarah CourtwayHace 2 meses

    3:11 the moth in the sky

  23. Multishipper 123

    Multishipper 123Hace 2 meses

    I've never heard of this song or the band but it connected with me in weird unknown ways and made me oddly emotional. I cried. that's a feat only humpty dumpty has managed. Ever. Colour me impressed

  24. Winter King

    Winter KingHace 2 meses

    This song is utter perfection

  25. UDS Gaming

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  26. Aventura e Conhecimento

    Aventura e ConhecimentoHace 3 meses

    My life is of Mosters and men

  27. Alex DeLeon

    Alex DeLeonHace 3 meses

    That was beautiful and delicate at the same time, just like the scent of wild roses! 🌹

  28. TheKobliska

    TheKobliskaHace 3 meses

    love the vibes oMaM ftw!

  29. Perplexing89

    Perplexing89Hace 3 meses

    I love watching bath bombs :)

  30. rmccp

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  31. Matías Torrejón

    Matías TorrejónHace 3 meses

    I just adore OMAM ❤

  32. Katy J.

    Katy J.Hace 3 meses

    Been listening to OMAM since 2014 I love their music so much. Their songs have helped me go through many things. I've grown through their music and I can see how they've have changed too. This album sounds different, but it's as amazing as the rest. I have dedicated Dirty Paws to my best childhood friend, my dog. He's no longer by my side, but when I listen to their songs I close my eyes and I can still see him walking by my side in the forest, like we used to do... March 29th 2015, worst day of my life. I miss you buddy.

  33. Ultra

    UltraHace 3 meses

    This is what mainstream pop should sound like. Not this cardi b crap

  34. Matheus Ancelmo

    Matheus AncelmoHace 3 meses

    Minha banda preferida. Espero vê-la no Rock in Rio em breve

  35. Misman Music

    Misman MusicHace 3 meses

    My girl

  36. Ezekiel Enebeli

    Ezekiel EnebeliHace 3 meses

    My favourite band..give me chills whenever I listen to them..whenever I’m driving I have my karaoke session and my girlfriend just looks at me but she can never understand the feeling I get whenever I listen to them..💖

  37. Tusuk GameJr

    Tusuk GameJrHace 3 meses

    Woah, i felt so happy while listening this !! Thanks for making such a great music !!😆, i'm looking forward for the album 😁

  38. Moli

    MoliHace 3 meses

    I love you!

  39. myu2k2

    myu2k2Hace 3 meses

    the thumbnail to the vid looks like the cover to Metallica's Load album.

  40. benjamin goldmanmoshiachbenyosef

    benjamin goldmanmoshiachbenyosefHace 3 meses

    "I think I write my own pain" .Trump warned that Portland's Antifa Rose Chapter was/IS being watched closely. Quite certain that after yesterday's pathetic display here in Portland (not to mention the ridiculous previous attack on our (our=We the People who are fed up with this type of domestic violence) ICE facility here in Portland... Pretty certain that by the time I leave L.A for Canada, there will be a final proscription of Antifa as a domestic and national terrorist organization and a plethora of attendant arrests.

  41. Michael Shelly

    Michael ShellyHace 4 meses

    love you Nanna,

  42. BarryEssex

    BarryEssexHace 4 meses

    It's having no real summer that made them mad

  43. Jhon Salamanca

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  44. Jude Tyler

    Jude TylerHace 4 meses

    Wish i could by their album here in philippines🥺

  45. 沈曉白

    沈曉白Hace 4 meses

    You guys have changed.

  46. FKBUSH1

    FKBUSH1Hace 4 meses

    Not digging this one🤷

  47. azeon gatsby

    azeon gatsbyHace 4 meses

    You can't say that person doesn't care anymore because I think this might be something you could say for sure

  48. JohnnyFumblez

    JohnnyFumblezHace 4 meses

    Welcome back, OMAM

  49. Jen

    JenHace 4 meses

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  50. Jen

    JenHace 4 meses

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  51. Jen

    JenHace 4 meses

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  52. Felicity K

    Felicity KHace 4 meses

    Bath bombs. Bath bombs everywhere...

  53. Ian Santos

    Ian SantosHace 4 meses

    i super love the lyric videos of omam ❤

  54. Achmad Farid

    Achmad FaridHace 4 meses

    first album still the greatest

  55. Nick Sheldon

    Nick SheldonHace 4 meses

    I'm so sad I missed the release of the album and them coming to my city. Breaks my heart man ;-;

  56. Samuel Jean

    Samuel JeanHace 4 meses

    I'm a black man, this band is caring me through my 30s. Music has no race.

  57. Ororo Munroe

    Ororo MunroeHace 29 días

    I'm the gingerbread man

  58. Jose De freitas

    Jose De freitasHace 3 meses

    Samuel Jean Art is an Universal language, and everybody needs to feel the pleasure of experiencing it... Greetings

  59. Dion Pryor

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  60. cpt191021

    cpt191021Hace 3 meses

    race creates culture, and culture creates music .....so kinda disagree not completely

  61. thmswalters

    thmswaltersHace 3 meses

    Greetings men, I am the backwards man. I can walk backwards as fast as you can.

  62. Edwin Lungu

    Edwin LunguHace 4 meses

    This is this the best band

  63. Rose

    RoseHace 5 meses

    i’m such an idiot i thought it said of mice & men and almost rioted at the first second -

  64. TaiStar

    TaiStarHace 5 meses

    how did this video happen? is it real photography?

  65. Katie Cregan

    Katie CreganHace 5 meses

    I feel like the first album was when a person was asleep and a series of dreams about a mystical world full of creatures the secound album was about them riseing up from their bed and reliseing the truth of how it was only a dream and the third album was about them going back to sleep.

  66. Alex Blatter

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  67. Ada K.

    Ada K.Hace 5 meses

    I love it.