Of Monsters and Men - Wild Roses


  1. Orion Dezine

    Orion DezineHace 8 horas

    Best song of 2019

  2. Thanos Joiadouniverso

    Thanos JoiadouniversoHace 2 días

    Essa musica deveria estar bombando cara

  3. Lee Parker

    Lee ParkerHace 2 días

    "Dim the Lights. We are wild eyed, and you've got me now."

  4. Lee Parker

    Lee ParkerHace 2 días

    "Sounds like the veins, they are breathing..."

  5. Lee Parker

    Lee ParkerHace 2 días

    World War means nothing to us...ONLY ONE MORE MEANS TO THE LONG CHAIN THAT LINKS TO THE END....

  6. Lee Parker

    Lee ParkerHace 2 días


  7. Kelvyn Ruydglan

    Kelvyn RuydglanHace 3 días

    Música de qualidade!!!!

  8. Slothi Deathi

    Slothi DeathiHace 4 días

    I see this music like "the life has no meaning how so ever but we must pretend that there is a meaning to we still living" I AM IN A DEPRESSION CRISIS GIVE ME A BREAK!

  9. dav rad

    dav radHace 4 días

    Is she really Nanna Bryndis? eyebrows shaved, making moves half naked in a shallow pool? I remembered a Goddess coming from Beowulf, Siegfrid, Galvan poems. Maybe i was mistaken.

  10. Christelle Esposito

    Christelle EspositoHace 5 días

    ça fait du bien cette chanson ça rend heureux !!!


    ABDUL KHALIQHace 5 días


  12. Minoo Seo

    Minoo SeoHace 5 días

    I love yoy, But... Why come in seoul

  13. Sunny Van Râi

    Sunny Van RâiHace 7 días

    they are one of the reasons I started writing my own songs.. they brought up the weird and naive side of music.. and I connected to it immediatly

  14. Michael Ray Round

    Michael Ray RoundHace 7 días

    I really enjoyed this track, Rock On! If you like what you hear, I posted some of my work on ESreporter. Enjoy the tunes! esreporter.com/v/v%C3%ADdeo-PcqycqzF5zk.html

  15. Khylle Dimaano

    Khylle DimaanoHace 7 días

    Don't listen to the words I say Screams all sound the same 🎶🎶

  16. VLanceV

    VLanceVHace 7 días

    this gives me LP and the xx vibes

  17. Gabino 999

    Gabino 999Hace 9 días

    Très bon son musical et la chanteuse a vraiment une bonne voix, un style à la Sia je trouve!

  18. David Jeffreys

    David JeffreysHace 12 días

    New verses? Nope...its an advertisement.

  19. The Spare Channel

    The Spare ChannelHace 15 días

    I’m going to their concert tomorrow; it’ll be my first one and I’m so happy that it’s them I’m going to see!!

  20. Marisa Copland

    Marisa CoplandHace 15 días

    I feel sorry for u ignorant fucks...look up mythology...or maybe have a real-life experience...

  21. Lee Parker

    Lee ParkerHace 16 días


  22. Alexandre Gomez

    Alexandre GomezHace 16 días

    4Jessy 4ever ❤

  23. Klebson Porfirio

    Klebson PorfirioHace 17 días

    Amo muito essa menina!

  24. nazgol001

    nazgol001Hace 17 días

    great tune, though it does not make a lot of sense to me lyric wise..

  25. nazgol001

    nazgol001Hace 10 días

    @Overwatch yes well, I'm supposed to get parts of the song, this is how you get to like a song or not. this song doesn't sound to riddley , but it still has me at a lost

  26. Overwatch

    OverwatchHace 14 días

    Maybe because you didnt write it? Try make a song, you be amazed how many riddles you make that only you understand, and no one else.

  27. Nengah Nemo

    Nengah NemoHace 17 días

    I am a fan from Indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩

  28. Ras giras

    Ras girasHace 15 días

    i hope ofmam to perform in indonesia

  29. Theresia Nababan

    Theresia NababanHace 19 días

    she getting beautifull

  30. Bruuuuuuh

    BruuuuuuhHace 21 un día

    Who else thought that she has resemblance to Catriona Balfe? :D

  31. jtghm

    jtghmHace 22 días

    Is that Bjork'?!

  32. Dark Angel

    Dark AngelHace 22 días

    estao ligados que tipo musica deles e indie neh ? queisso nao mude igual lady gaga ela mudou tudo e perdeu seguidores 👍🇧🇷

  33. Dark Angel

    Dark AngelHace 22 días

    eu amo eles quem tiver grupo ou quiser me add sou livre livreee a vida r uma so jovens amores vivam vivamenquanto puder vivam dentro dos limites mas vivam . +5527988510817 vamos bora fazer amizades fazer um grupo e facrmos vem informafos sobre eles shows etc..

  34. Locke Haybeck

    Locke HaybeckHace 22 días

    I implore them not to change their genre (chamber rock)...that voice that syncs perfectly with the bass that makes your heart tremble and makes you feel you are in a vast grassland with the sun and wind on your face...but this is just me, just my opinion...

  35. Edwin Lungu

    Edwin LunguHace 23 días

    2:32 whatver she was doing with her hands worked for me

  36. Nervous Pulp

    Nervous PulpHace 24 días

    We have your next hit! esreporter.com/v/v%C3%ADdeo-9XAujrmFEwE.html

  37. Al Nevsky

    Al NevskyHace 25 días

    WTF! I click on the 555 video image and it keep sending me here. Very annoying because this song SUX!

  38. Al Nevsky

    Al NevskyHace 25 días

    Just effing drown already!

  39. hatchbx

    hatchbxHace 25 días

    How is any of this Alternative? It mostly sounds like gym music

  40. Chris Anderson

    Chris AndersonHace 28 días

    Damn they are getting good


    NOBODYNOSE1Hace 28 días

    'Hi, can I take your order?' '0:00'

  42. Anna Mitford

    Anna MitfordHace 29 días


  43. Raw Rats

    Raw RatsHace 29 días

    OMAM changed but they’re still making good music lol

  44. Lee Parker

    Lee ParkerHace un mes

    This song touches the heart of a Russian who is native to sorrow and...the typical Slavic mercurial disposition...LIKE NO OTHER..."OH, ROSES, THEY DON'T MEAN A THING..."



    Me encantan desde que los veía en MTV todas las mañana de verano, como por el 2010, se convirtieron en mi banda favorita❤🇨🇱

  46. Marco Maiz Aguilera

    Marco Maiz AguileraHace 9 días

    Yo ya había abandonado MTV para ese entonces, y pensar que pude haberlos conocido antes de haber visto ese canal cutre 😭 Yo los conocí por un cover de Daniela Andrade el 2013

  47. Kasper Laugesen

    Kasper LaugesenHace un mes


  48. Lee Parker

    Lee ParkerHace un mes

    "Before I close my eyes I saw a moth in the sky, and I wish I could fly that high..."

  49. Lee Parker

    Lee ParkerHace un mes

    As I said back in L.A, I am a Jewish medium who claims to be in contact with the spirits of Sharon Tate and Jon Benet Ramsey, among others...many others.

  50. Kenneth Hammon Jr.

    Kenneth Hammon Jr.Hace un mes

    Izzy GiGi

  51. Laura Breseghello

    Laura BreseghelloHace un mes

    Okay. They never cease to hit me right in the feels. And no matter what style they play, I always feel like I'm listening to them for the first time. I love this band.

  52. Ismene Edecaste

    Ismene EdecasteHace un mes

    These lyrics are powerful ....

  53. Patti M

    Patti MHace un mes


  54. Locke Valoren

    Locke ValorenHace un mes


  55. Israel Salinas

    Israel SalinasHace un mes

    ¡Por favor vengan a la Ciudad de México!

  56. Belén Yeri

    Belén YeriHace un mes

    Saved this song in the playlist of my life💓

  57. Juan Carlos Santti

    Juan Carlos SanttiHace un mes

    ..nose como vine a parar aqui, pero que bonita canción💙👍

  58. Chocola En pupies

    Chocola En pupiesHace un mes


  59. Wellia Santos

    Wellia SantosHace un mes

    vcs são demais ❤❤❤❤💘💘👊👊👊👊👏👏👏

  60. RowantheRed

    RowantheRedHace un mes

    This music video in a nutshell: Nanna doing a variety of yoga poses in water.

  61. Lee Parker

    Lee ParkerHace un mes

    "I couldn't sleep. Seems like the veins, they are breathing. " Passion!

  62. p e a c h y _ l e m o n _ t e a

    p e a c h y _ l e m o n _ t e aHace 4 días

    Lee Parker it’s vines... but yeah, that’s passion.

  63. Lee Parker

    Lee ParkerHace un mes


  64. Lee Parker

    Lee ParkerHace un mes

    ..."Sunlight, Sunlight, Sunlight...In the night I'm wild-eyed...BEFORE I CLOSED MY EYES I SAW A MOTH IN THE SKY AND I WISH I COULD FLY THAT HIGH...OH DON'T YOU"?

  65. Intan ayu Purnama

    Intan ayu PurnamaHace un mes

    Beautiful souls gathered together making music esreporter.com/v/v%C3%ADdeo-oEkwmJRXBKs.html

  66. InfinitCheez™

    InfinitCheez™Hace un mes

    7-year-olds in public swimming pools like