NFL Divisional Round Mic'd Up, "Lets do something special they're already counting us out!"


  1. Brandon Winston

    Brandon WinstonHace un día

    5:04 Andy reed “ooh”

  2. Alexiz Gaming

    Alexiz GamingHace 6 días

    Texans: this is a easy team. Chiefs: are you sure about that?

  3. roobish boi

    roobish boiHace 6 días

    god damnit eugene

  4. Laurel Beeman

    Laurel BeemanHace 6 días

    Mr. Skittle is very funny.

  5. TheCephalon

    TheCephalonHace 7 días

    I’m convinced mahomes and Kittle need to be mic’ed up every game

  6. r83z 23

    r83z 23Hace 8 días

    😥😥😥😭😭😭😭😭😭my Ravens

  7. In ter Tane mint

    In ter Tane mintHace 8 días

    See Texans fans. You can tell the rest of the NFL that it wasn't just y'all. Chiefs do that to everybody

  8. Jonah G

    Jonah GHace 10 días

    Bruh thats actually crazy... mahomes is literally that player you create in madden ..

  9. My Youtube

    My YoutubeHace 11 días

    Kittle lied for clout/sake of simplicity

  10. Nathan S

    Nathan SHace 12 días

    Micced up for liv pls

  11. Rich Kendall

    Rich KendallHace 13 días

    22:50 you're welcome

  12. matthew labbe

    matthew labbeHace 13 días

    Derrick henry: LETS DO SOMETHING SPECIAL!!! patrick mahomes: what you doing special we won?

  13. Jax the Golax

    Jax the GolaxHace 14 días

    The twins @ 1:17 are teachers at my school lmao😂😂

  14. LJ Cool

    LJ CoolHace 14 días

    @8:34 “This will be the first of many” Anybody else super excited for the Mahomes-Watson-Jackson era of the NFL 🤩

  15. LJ Cool

    LJ CoolHace 14 días

    @8:34 “This will be the first of many” Anybody else super excited for the Mahomes-Watson-Jackson era of the NFL 🤩

  16. Slight Fear

    Slight FearHace 14 días

    That man was freezing up at 18:30

  17. gabriel bangert

    gabriel bangertHace 15 días

    Kittle: can I borrow your hat? Also Kittle: *throws hat into crowd*

  18. Theory Lol

    Theory LolHace 15 días

    I knew the chiefs was winning

  19. Dexter BOy

    Dexter BOyHace 15 días

    Tyreek Hill is like a little kid on Christmas 😂

  20. Soar_wyatt 0820

    Soar_wyatt 0820Hace 17 días

    At 9:08 idk why but it makes me laugh 😂

  21. Eldin

    EldinHace 17 días

    14:08 u just got the vikings fan over there getting pissed

  22. T B

    T BHace 18 días

    Barr knew he was going to get a flag if he even touches Jimmy there, then was off-balance. Must suck being a defensive player in today's NFL.

  23. DA Real ENT

    DA Real ENTHace 19 días

    0:36 Drug deal??

  24. Nelson Gomez

    Nelson GomezHace 19 días


  25. Tinofaatasi W.

    Tinofaatasi W.Hace 20 días

    We gone SMASH THESE guys...G0 Niners!!

  26. Cody Mickinak

    Cody MickinakHace 20 días

    whoever got that hat was pumped but it wasnt even his hat omegalul

  27. TakeoverClock89

    TakeoverClock89Hace 20 días

    Did kittle really just give away someone elses hat 🤦‍♂️

  28. Fam0usnobody

    Fam0usnobodyHace 20 días


  29. Boy Boy

    Boy BoyHace 21 un día


  30. Blended_Coconutz 5

    Blended_Coconutz 5Hace 22 días

    rip kobe

  31. Savage god404

    Savage god404Hace 22 días

    18:33 his hair is smoking 🚬

  32. FaZe FaiLed

    FaZe FaiLedHace 22 días

    13:55 when i had a quick glance at his arm, it looked weird asf

  33. Arhinda Pryce

    Arhinda PryceHace 23 días

    Man such a great team! Not even a fan but I hope to see them there this season

  34. Manuel Tovar

    Manuel TovarHace 23 días

    Meanwhile collin capernick thinking how he could create some more attention for himself the 9ers are doing just fine with out his stupidass

  35. TH_ MobileCrush

    TH_ MobileCrushHace 23 días

    18:35 is there steam coming from this dudes head? lol

  36. xDawn dk

    xDawn dkHace 23 días

    49ers or chiefs

  37. Lunar 703

    Lunar 703Hace 24 días

    Im am ravens fan and im goin with the cheifs

  38. DeeqoGotFlow

    DeeqoGotFlowHace 24 días

    Travis Kelce looks like thor

  39. Thrasher04

    Thrasher04Hace 24 días

    kittle scares me sometimes

  40. Jordan Byrne

    Jordan ByrneHace 25 días

    Kittle borrowed a hat to just give it away

  41. Dark Paladin

    Dark PaladinHace 25 días

    2:56 I wonder what happened to him after the game

  42. Tyler Basho Brandon

    Tyler Basho BrandonHace 25 días

    0.35 did he ask him if he had any? Like Bud? Lol

  43. Xavier Swain

    Xavier SwainHace 25 días

    18:30 he’s steaming

  44. Yung Aden

    Yung AdenHace 25 días


  45. Marc Pura

    Marc PuraHace 25 días

    I bet your franchise qb never got a pancake block

  46. Geasy Louisy

    Geasy LouisyHace 25 días

    18:29 Kenny Clark got a superpower look at his head

  47. the highlight

    the highlightHace 26 días

    I have a feeling this is going to be a crazy SUPERBOWL. Going Chiefs 38 49ers 35.

  48. Mark Douglas

    Mark DouglasHace 26 días

    26:40 earl Thomas pulled up so his teammate would tackle Henry instead. Shitty

  49. TMB_Sloppy

    TMB_SloppyHace 26 días

    14:08 Look at that one Vikings fan he must be depressed I feel bad

  50. one moist mothefucker

    one moist mothefuckerHace 26 días

    am i the only one who just absolutely lost it when that ref decked vrabel?


    MASSIMO FETTAHace 26 días

    I'd mistake the chiefs crowd with a soccer crowd.

  52. Joeboi 22

    Joeboi 22Hace 26 días

    I love havin ... Patrick Mahomes........ on my team

  53. TTVwolvessbtw

    TTVwolvessbtwHace 26 días

    My ravens lost

  54. Anita Squire

    Anita SquireHace 26 días

    "They ain't the best corners in the world, so you know how they'll do" wo fu how did that work for ya?

  55. Jay Davis

    Jay DavisHace 27 días

    How many times we gonna score in a row? Four? Good old Tyreek

  56. Connor Schartz

    Connor SchartzHace 27 días

    1:17 “F**K YEAH!!”

  57. Bruce Lick

    Bruce LickHace 27 días

    The confidence on the chiefs players when they were down 0-24 is something else like they were not even worried they knew they were better . That team is legitimately special if they don’t win I’m gonna be very surprised. I honestly think the only way to beat the chiefs is for ur offence to keep scoring u can’t play defence vs them ur offence has to make sure ur scoring or else ur gonna be down 21 points in less than a quarter

  58. agreensubstance

    agreensubstanceHace 27 días

    Sperman Merman is going to give up multiple deep balls in the SB.

  59. Eric Horner

    Eric HornerHace 27 días

    Lol. The fan that caught Kittle’s hat has NO idea that it’s not Kittle’s hat. Classic. They are going to have it framed and displayed and it’s all a lie. Hilarious.

  60. John Mathew

    John MathewHace 27 días

    Patrick Mahomes is a good kid. Very humble.