NFL Biggest Hits of The 2019-2020 Season || HD


  1. Marcus Lau-Young

    Marcus Lau-YoungHace un día

    Helmet to helmet is ridiculous. Go play rugby. Hitting a defenseless receiver too smh.

  2. Omar Zuraiqi

    Omar ZuraiqiHace un día

    Deadre Hopkins on that body sla😯😯😯😯😯😯

  3. Terrence Holloway

    Terrence HollowayHace 3 días

    Not knocking the video but these hits look weak. Im going to go watch ray lewis highlights.

  4. Nascarcool

    NascarcoolHace 4 días

    bruh how tf is the first one a flag?? Im a hard hitter and I feel like when I go to college and hopefully the NFL ima be flagged like a mf XD

  5. Kilo Whiskey Sierra

    Kilo Whiskey SierraHace 5 días

    Just came from the XFL biggest hits and most of them are similar but not one flag in the XFL video. Crazy that they flag shoulder to shoulder hits now in the NFL

  6. Scruff Looking Nerve Hurter

    Scruff Looking Nerve HurterHace 6 días

    XFL barely flagged any big hits and of the ones they did only 1 was called incorrectly. The NFL is 50/50 in whether they get it right or not.

  7. Aisq

    AisqHace 7 días

    That man Hopkins was mad asf @6:48 with that body slam

  8. TheBigGame

    TheBigGameHace 7 días

    With Nfl rule changes you're getting more body crushing shots.. defenders lowering their center of gravity more when hitting. This allows you generate much more power for lethal hits. This rule will inadvertently change average hitters into hard hitters. Thank God The players are adjusting well because I thought football was done.

  9. potatoe deets

    potatoe deetsHace 8 días

    Dayum Olsen got knocked!!!

  10. 12BJJohnson

    12BJJohnsonHace 8 días

    Very disappointing season this year.

  11. Edwin Palacios

    Edwin PalaciosHace 9 días

    1:43 , did he die ? 😳

  12. John Doe

    John DoeHace 10 días

    everything is flagged why?

  13. Taylor Zimmerman

    Taylor ZimmermanHace 10 días

    holy hell lol

  14. Jamie Lancaster

    Jamie LancasterHace 10 días

    I’ve seen bigger hits from middle school kids! The new rules may be safer but they’ve ruined the game!

  15. Wys

    WysHace 12 días

    I don’t know American football but why go helmet first instead of shoulder, and hit lower

  16. potatoe deets

    potatoe deetsHace 8 días


  17. potatoe deets

    potatoe deetsHace 8 días

    It's easier and more of and instinctive move

  18. John Doe

    John DoeHace 12 días

    So a lot were penalties?

  19. Black Wolf

    Black WolfHace 12 días

    Did any players watch aaron Hernandez documentary? I know its aggressive and competitive sport. Delivering big hits are unnecessary fr.

  20. Josh Sanders

    Josh SandersHace 13 días

    It's funny af defensive players think they did something by hitting a player who ain't even looking at them they pathetic

  21. Jack Ashmore

    Jack AshmoreHace 13 días

    I like how each big hit come with free CTE and an extra 15 yards to the offense

  22. Nick Mancuso

    Nick MancusoHace 13 días

    Every big hit got flagged


    JAZZ GENTRYHace 14 días

    0:40 wass good

  24. 2007 Toyota Camry SE v6

    2007 Toyota Camry SE v6Hace 14 días

    8:05 what a pushover lmao

  25. Sir McFiggles

    Sir McFigglesHace 14 días

    NFL's turned into a soft bitch, these hits suck and have too many flags.

  26. Hershiser is anó̱teros

    Hershiser is anó̱terosHace 15 días

    You show the hit on Freeman but not the huge TD save hit by parks? for your viewing pleasure;

  27. Tevita Ruiz

    Tevita RuizHace 15 días

    I love this penalty montage!

  28. red red kroovy

    red red kroovyHace 16 días

    How is this not just a continuous replay of Rudolph getting knocked out and then hit by a helmet?

  29. Stronger_than_life

    Stronger_than_lifeHace 17 días

    Honestly half of these I wouldn't consider hard hits, the other half were deemed illegal. This is why I started watching and playing rugby

  30. John

    JohnHace 15 días

    Yeah a good lot of them are not hard hits its just from people being on unbalanced footing.

  31. die millis

    die millisHace 17 días

    Any of these hits would have sent Neymar Jr. rolling back home to Brazil.

  32. Alive Skateboarding

    Alive SkateboardingHace 17 días

    Football is become less and less entertaining. Even in high school now, full contact is limited to only 1 day a week IF THAT. The type of hits that get flagged in modern NFL is redicioulouss. I played TE and DE and was taught to lead with the crown of the helmet. I can't recall the number of times I headbutt a lineman when firing off the line or planting the crown of my helmet into the side of another players head while doing a lead block. It's football. Concussions are going to happen.

  33. Tommy Pinewood

    Tommy PinewoodHace 17 días

    I’m so fucking sick of seeing players flagged for good, hard, LEGAL hits! And the “defenseless receiver” rule is horseshit. There’s no such thing. Don’t want to get lit up? Don’t catch the ball and protect yourself.

  34. Corey Barber

    Corey BarberHace 18 días

    Some of these are normal hits? Not really all that bad. Also, it would be nice to see the results of these flags.

  35. J Patt

    J PattHace 18 días

    Gardner Minshew (the victim in the thumbnail) is a great guy, he’s young now but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was mentioned as one of the greatest some day

  36. Trevor Larosa

    Trevor LarosaHace 19 días

    Larry was unfazed !!

  37. West Virginia Railfan

    West Virginia RailfanHace 19 días

    Jets were in this video a lot

  38. Jeff Young

    Jeff YoungHace 20 días

    BRUTAL! Saints STILL dirty as fuck years after bountygate... every team should headhunt EVERY SINGLE saints player and knock their fucking blocks off, maybe then they’d learn to stop playin like pieces of 💩

  39. Lilslim 650

    Lilslim 650Hace 20 días


  40. Nick D

    Nick DHace 21 un día

    Your intros are pure ass so don’t worry about it

  41. drxsl fortnite

    drxsl fortniteHace 21 un día

    as a Saftey, my coach says it doesn’t count as a good play or hit unless you get a interception or he loses the football or their helmet

  42. [Banned User]

    [Banned User]Hace 22 días

    Watching this hurt my head

  43. Kingme

    KingmeHace 22 días

    Stopped watching basketball after the 2002 lakers vs kings game. I'm about to stop watching football now...smh.

  44. Faze Carpet

    Faze CarpetHace 22 días

    The seahawks never played the broncos this year

  45. AC Stupid stuff

    AC Stupid stuffHace 23 días

    2:56 I mean kiiiinnnda a big hit

  46. Dhany Lila

    Dhany LilaHace 23 días

    Some of these are not the 2019-2020 season

  47. Papurri en Europa

    Papurri en EuropaHace 24 días

    Uuuu you can feel the CTE killing them at 32.

  48. Jared Clarke

    Jared ClarkeHace 24 días

    All these kids saying “nfl is boring” have obviously never been hit while trying to catch the ball. Lmao go look at the young players that are starting to retire early.

  49. Lindsay Crain

    Lindsay CrainHace 25 días

    You suck

  50. Marcus Johnson

    Marcus JohnsonHace 25 días

    Nowadays if you hurt a QB you are out of the game

  51. Traci C

    Traci CHace 26 días

    9:25 when the offense starts fighting back

  52. justmadden111

    justmadden111Hace 26 días

    7:07 that was the moment he knew he fucked up

  53. Ice2Watcher

    Ice2WatcherHace 26 días

    I thought physical contact is forbidden now in american football...Sanctions?

  54. Justin Grobbel

    Justin GrobbelHace 27 días

    Do "NFL biggest hits that were legal" oh that's right you can't considering nothing is legal anymore. What a joke.

  55. Arnel Lozic

    Arnel LozicHace 27 días

    As long as there is no helmet to helmet contact, I feel like it should be considered clean.

  56. michael baker

    michael bakerHace 27 días

    when did hitting the receiver below the knees become allowed again?

  57. Levi Kelly

    Levi KellyHace 28 días

    just put Vontaze Burfict

  58. Kenneth Ketron

    Kenneth KetronHace 28 días

    i thought they were gonna show myles garret hit mason rudolph on the steeler cleveland game


    BRANDON KINGHace 28 días

    NHL is still better, no flags....

  60. Self xXbarwingsXx

    Self xXbarwingsXxHace 28 días


  61. Navas

    NavasHace 29 días


  62. Brian Felshaw

    Brian FelshawHace 29 días

    No such thing as a hard hit anymore

  63. - Aider

    - AiderHace 29 días

    “hey guys, sorry for no intro this video. It will be back next vid!” .... dude your grammar is fucking shit. Fix that. Made me not even want to watch this video.