New iPhone Xs DROP Test!! - I was wrong...


  1. Travis Burns

    Travis BurnsHace 2 días

    asphalt is soft, try stone or ceramic floors, these wont absorb collisions as good as asphalt

  2. Barbie and Lara world عالم باربى و لارا

    Barbie and Lara world عالم باربى و لاراHace 2 días

    Can you get phones under cars and crush them

  3. aniff mdpuad

    aniff mdpuadHace 4 días

    Me when see people can buy newest iPhone and test it =🤯🤯🤯(in my mind,just give it to meeee, cause I can’t afford it)😭😭

  4. It'sYaBoiBaylor

    It'sYaBoiBaylorHace 6 días

    This guys bank account must want to kill him. If he dies it’s a conspiracy theory.

  5. Mr. Krabs

    Mr. KrabsHace 7 días

    Phones always brakes on accident

  6. paternoster naterposter

    paternoster naterposterHace 8 días

    Hot damn you’re good looking 😍

  7. Maa Ny

    Maa NyHace 8 días

    " 'cause glass is glass, anddd glass can break!" ❤️

  8. resistance1207

    resistance1207Hace 9 días

    I think I’ve only ever dropped one of my phones a few times in the last decade. My girlfriend however, I swear drops her phone ten times a day, and cracks a screen protector in a few days.

  9. Mati Jaime

    Mati JaimeHace 11 días


  10. Bilal Grewal

    Bilal GrewalHace 11 días

    I'm an android guy but it's still painful to see phones go through this horror 😂

  11. blackman0902

    blackman0902Hace 13 días

    The reason I keep watching you diss iPhones, which I use, is that you actually call balls and strikes. This video is more proof of that 👍🏿.

  12. Bay por

    Bay porHace 14 días

    hey jerry sins please give us phone from ph thanks😍i watched all of your videos and also your brother's videos HAHAHAHA

  13. Tine Adivar

    Tine AdivarHace 17 días

    I like the iPhone. :D

  14. Goku Ssjb

    Goku SsjbHace 19 días


  15. Balli5tic_I4n

    Balli5tic_I4nHace 19 días

    Whats the difference with the X and Xs?

  16. SimplyStimulating

    SimplyStimulatingHace 19 días

    I would enjoy if ESreporter didn’t recommend me videos I’ve already watched in the past

  17. Siva Prasad

    Siva PrasadHace 20 días

    Boys are always Breaking the iPhone phones give me one phones

  18. Lady.Whatever

    Lady.WhateverHace 25 días

    DO THE iPhone 11 pro!!!! And 11

  19. Nayxf 0

    Nayxf 0Hace 25 días

    Why do i feel like the 11 pro will break cz of the frosted back and and the camera setup

  20. Tho Athome

    Tho AthomeHace 26 días

    You did not do a face drop. I dropped my phone in a case many times and to my surprise the phone mostly go down face flat to the ground.

  21. Alex Edwards

    Alex EdwardsHace 27 días

    Off topic but I’m not sure if I like the iPhone XS/XS Max camera... it seems to add this extra really bright light to some pictures/videos. It’s weird & I can’t explain it but watch the video and compare the two shots for yourself.

  22. Alex Edwards

    Alex EdwardsHace 27 días

    You can tell by the shoes, the iPhone does something to the natural light.

  23. Outdoors_ Manitoba

    Outdoors_ ManitobaHace 27 días

    Do a drop test on gravel. When I'm dirtbiking or running my s9 falls out of my pocket all the time and it's fine with a $10 walmart clear case but try a test on gravel and see if that's harsher on phones

  24. Pranjal Srivastava

    Pranjal SrivastavaHace 27 días

    Is the giveaway still open?! 🤭 my i7 just broke!😓

  25. Absolute Zero

    Absolute ZeroHace 28 días

    I'am sûre i saw the unprotected phone break many times during the slowmo did you replace them ?? O.o Like in 5:05 there is clearly a fissure there

  26. Monish Moolya

    Monish MoolyaHace 28 días

    Care it slowly it worth with my kidney

  27. Socal 1632

    Socal 1632Hace un mes

    Those aren't real life drops. Almost every time you drop it from an ear, you'll end up batting it about 6 feet. Hitting the bezel is actually protecting the glass on those drops.

  28. Melissa Cristine

    Melissa CristineHace un mes

    Please iphone 11 drop test

  29. BigBadBoogie

    BigBadBoogieHace un mes

    Basically, all your drop test are unusable. You need to make enough test to prove a 95% proof rate...and for that... you will need A LOT of phones ;-) I hoped till the end that both iPhones would prevent spreading rotten Appple virus :-)

  30. CapFindus

    CapFindusHace un mes

    how????? it falled to my friend, 1 meter completely cracked

  31. CapFindus

    CapFindusHace un mes

    but the music in the drop??

  32. Naxio

    NaxioHace un mes

    This is so painful to watch, those phones looking so beautiful and i just got a cracked 4s..

  33. Mig 28

    Mig 28Hace un mes

    Doesn't Apple just use gorilla glass? Gorilla Glass has been improved over the years. What's different if it still scratches easily? Well, it's less, less likely to shatter. That's what Gorilla glass is all about. I'm not impressed but I am relieved how far along glass has come. Also, most cracked phones are a result of angular momentum built up as a result of falling/being pushing in sports. At least, that's what happened to everyone I knew with a cracked phone (with newer models). This is general, not just iPhones.

  34. yut suneki

    yut sunekiHace un mes

    Please test iPhone 11 Pro

  35. NoScopeSniper001 YT

    NoScopeSniper001 YTHace un mes

    Who else wipes their phone on their shirt or something? Even tho it won’t do nothing

  36. Ryang Sohn

    Ryang SohnHace un mes

    He would soon AirDrop the phone to break it XD

  37. Keith

    KeithHace un mes

    Tbh, I'm only watching this to see apple phones get murdered.......I'm pretty disappointed.

  38. Homanzi

    HomanziHace un mes

    How are you disappointed with an iphone passing a drop test?

  39. Siddharth Rodrigues

    Siddharth RodriguesHace un mes

    Music on 5:33 ?

  40. Ghenadie Covali

    Ghenadie CovaliHace un mes

    I love watching drop tests,specially with Iphones.

  41. Suman Kumar

    Suman KumarHace un mes

    Johny sins spotted this time fucking phones instead of girls

  42. Shane Liberty

    Shane LibertyHace un mes

    Zach’s gotta admit an apple product is durable. Hell has frozen over

  43. DarkShadow

    DarkShadowHace un mes

    My iPhone literally does what you were advertising in the setting

  44. lemon diesel

    lemon dieselHace un mes

    Wonder who puts a $5 case on their $1,100 phone

  45. Random Kid on YouTube

    Random Kid on YouTubeHace un mes

    That hurt 😞

  46. funny G

    funny GHace un mes


  47. TheSky Lord

    TheSky LordHace un mes

    When i was watching no case dropping...i am almost ded...and my spirit like...wanna fly off

  48. Kofi Max

    Kofi MaxHace un mes

    Please stop dropping these brand new babies and just give me one for free🙄🙄🙄

  49. Temps

    TempsHace un mes

    I've literally placed my phone on the ground when locking my bike up and the screen cracked.

  50. Temps

    TempsHace un mes

    The most common drop is people on the toilet lol

  51. Savage Kyng

    Savage KyngHace un mes

    They used flexaglass for the phone i think

  52. QBuild Pro

    QBuild ProHace un mes

    The music you play during slo mo in this video is awful.

  53. Max Max

    Max MaxHace un mes

    What you doing jerry :(

  54. ArT AnD CrAFt

    ArT AnD CrAFtHace un mes

    Are u jony sins

  55. :Kevin-Van: Helfenstien:

    :Kevin-Van: Helfenstien:Hace un mes

    I would be hesitant to credit Apple with building a shock resistant product since nano plastic added to chemtrails penetrates in to asfult makeing it extremely shock absorbing to prevent damage to members of ze Iluminati as they fall off their mopeds. Please repeat the same test on the floor of Hillary Clinton's concrete bunker in New Zealand whilst compleatly naked and checking Hillary for damage.

  56. klodian koltraka

    klodian koltrakaHace un mes

    cracks at meter 6 with deeper groves at mater 7

  57. Daniele Ottaviano

    Daniele OttavianoHace un mes

    Mister capocchia

  58. Kyle McGrath

    Kyle McGrathHace un mes

    Apple could be so much better if everyone stopped giving into their bullshit

  59. Casual-KĪŁŁŽ_ PLAYZ KpopGamer

    Casual-KĪŁŁŽ_ PLAYZ KpopGamerHace un mes

    BRO you still bald

  60. Casual-KĪŁŁŽ_ PLAYZ KpopGamer

    Casual-KĪŁŁŽ_ PLAYZ KpopGamerHace un mes

    (mum&andDad)-JEFF your still cold

  61. Casual-KĪŁŁŽ_ PLAYZ KpopGamer

    Casual-KĪŁŁŽ_ PLAYZ KpopGamerHace un mes

    MUM your still old

  62. Tyfler 000

    Tyfler 000Hace un mes

    Me i’m why you d’ont give me this phone 😭😭😭

  63. Anita Szédelyi

    Anita SzédelyiHace un mes


  64. Homanzi

    HomanziHace un mes

    is no one gonna talk about the gold smoke coming from the iphones back? 6:16

  65. Homanzi

    HomanziHace un mes

    @Mike Jim it's beautiful dust haha

  66. Mike Jim

    Mike JimHace un mes

    Homanzi we call that dust