New iPhone Xs DROP Test!! - I was wrong...


  1. Liam Duff Carter

    Liam Duff CarterHace 9 horas

    I never steal im very honorable but if i see iphone X on the ground i grab it and run 40 Km/h

  2. Nadeen Hope

    Nadeen HopeHace 12 horas

    You are gorgeous

  3. Siddesh Gannu

    Siddesh GannuHace 15 horas

    The asphalt is a paid actor

  4. Alexey Souvorkin

    Alexey SouvorkinHace 15 horas

    If i had 2 iphones, i'd be drop testing and giving them away too. That's all they're good for other than making you look like a douche if you own one.

  5. Dhananjayan Dhana

    Dhananjayan DhanaHace 18 horas

    Jerry bro I'm your fan you break many phones all so wast but wastly mobile give me change usly because also backer family you wast any mobile you will think🤔 brack next mobile but im the think no want any mobile but I'm your fan jarry brother love you so much 🤗

  6. Gabriel Marques

    Gabriel MarquesHace un día

    My iphone 10 scratches for no reason

  7. sailor stone

    sailor stoneHace un día

    Why am I hooked on your videos 😩🙏🏼

  8. Chahal Harjit

    Chahal HarjitHace un día

    jerry I want i

  9. Chahal Harjit

    Chahal HarjitHace un día


  10. Chahal Harjit

    Chahal HarjitHace un día

    give the phone to me

  11. subhrajit das

    subhrajit dasHace un día

    Bro don't break it....please give me the iphone xs i never used a apple device

  12. AmericanoPT brawalha and more

    AmericanoPT brawalha and moreHace 6 horas


  13. emendatus1

    emendatus1Hace un día

    You drop them on asphalt. But you should have dropped them on some kind of stone or concrete.

  14. PsychLone

    PsychLoneHace un día

    Glass is glass and glass can break

  15. Andrzej Kowalski

    Andrzej KowalskiHace un día

    Shit i laughed way too hard at that jump 2:41

  16. Obeyvonte

    ObeyvonteHace 2 días

    Please buy me an Iphone or OnePlus


    DAILY TRENDHace 2 días

    Whaaaaat!! Zach said something positive about Apple😂

  18. Mina Yacob

    Mina YacobHace 2 días

    Can I have a iPhone XS I have a 6s I would even keep the broken one

  19. Mina Yacob

    Mina YacobHace un día


  20. Max TwT

    Max TwTHace un día

    He gave them away already

  21. fun tv

    fun tvHace 2 días

    You better go and give this to the people who are selling their kidnies for a iPhone X

  22. Yamaharider

    YamahariderHace 2 días

    It takes a big man to admit h was wrong

  23. Sathu Mathi

    Sathu MathiHace 2 días

    This hurts by just watching

  24. Oshae Osbourne

    Oshae OsbourneHace 2 días

    Very durable shoes

  25. Oshae Osbourne

    Oshae OsbourneHace 2 días

    I like ur viddy

  26. Lydelo

    LydeloHace 2 días

    I never dropped my iphone XR, but i once left it in the sun for way too long. It was 35 degrees Celsius outside and my phone bend a little and managed to shatter on the back Few days later my front glass shattered while charging Im switching to OnePlus now.

  27. Hisham Abdul Hadi

    Hisham Abdul HadiHace 2 días

    Like=android Comment=IOS (yes I liked my own comment)

  28. Ian Wilson

    Ian WilsonHace 2 días

    How many phones do you have sitting around your house? jeez

  29. Rocco Luppino

    Rocco LuppinoHace 3 días

    Anyone notice how he lets the case phone hit his chest so it slows it down a little bit assuring that one won’t break so his sponsor will be happy :)

  30. Hydro Pantheon

    Hydro PantheonHace 3 días

    Flexing on us? ......

  31. ᴄᴏᴏᴋɪᴇ ᴄʀᴜᴍʙʟᴇ•

    ᴄᴏᴏᴋɪᴇ ᴄʀᴜᴍʙʟᴇ•Hace 4 días

    This doesn’t happen to me since I use earphones,so when my phone almost hits the floor,i pull a bit my earphone up so it doesn’t hit the ground

  32. dallasOG

    dallasOGHace 4 días

    Insane! Still gonna use a case tho haha

  33. Katende Julius

    Katende JuliusHace 4 días

    Maybe you just want to give out broken shit😐

  34. Max TwT

    Max TwTHace un día

    They are not even broken

  35. Max TwT

    Max TwTHace 5 días

    3:51 the sad music he puts when he drops it

  36. dat boi

    dat boiHace 5 días

    Top ten saddest anime moments

  37. Angelina Lu

    Angelina LuHace 5 días

    How much money do you think apple makes from these youtubers that to drop test challenges?

  38. Fredrik Andersson

    Fredrik AnderssonHace 5 días

    Drop on concrete next time, asphalt is probably softer..

  39. Shivam Kumar

    Shivam KumarHace 5 días

    Can you give me iPhone Xs

  40. Max TwT

    Max TwTHace 3 días

    I think he gave them away already

  41. Justin likes Photography

    Justin likes PhotographyHace 6 días

    I don't understand because I work in phone repair and I can't tell you how many people have already broken there iPhone xs

  42. Yvonne Dunk

    Yvonne DunkHace 6 días

    Comment 100,000 times switch to iPhone

  43. Mark m

    Mark mHace 6 días

    I'm very relieved. I just bought an iPhone XS Max and was very worried by the prospect of it breaking, considering the prospect of it falling and shattering, considering the steep price.

  44. SynxLife

    SynxLifeHace 7 días

    MR. CLEAN!

  45. Wilfried007

    Wilfried007Hace 8 días

    Move your videos bro

  46. GAMING_FURY101

    GAMING_FURY101Hace 8 días

    Watching this on my 3310

  47. Ardyan Wijaya

    Ardyan WijayaHace 8 días

    He teach me to dont love your iphone too much..

  48. Fratele Cristi

    Fratele CristiHace 8 días

    I like ur hair

  49. Exotic Dough

    Exotic DoughHace 9 días

    I still cant belive My parents were Stupid buying a phone without a Home button with them asking me how to get to all their apps.

  50. Nicolas Faingold

    Nicolas FaingoldHace 9 días

    Agent 47, your target is iphone x

  51. Davide Markovski

    Davide MarkovskiHace 9 días

    Jerry: “throws phone” Me: “hugs phone harder than ever”

  52. Ze smajke

    Ze smajkeHace 10 días

    Fejk iphon

  53. Ze smajke

    Ze smajkeHace 7 horas

    Brate jes fejk bgm

  54. Cam& Magic

    Cam& MagicHace 9 días

    Ze smajke fejk

  55. Marco Cabrera

    Marco CabreraHace 10 días

    Why are you bald?

  56. Max TwT

    Max TwTHace 3 días

    Thats kinda rude

  57. Jaap Aap

    Jaap AapHace 10 días

    ten asses? what?

  58. Adude

    AdudeHace 10 días

    You weren't putting enough force into it. Planrock could haave broken it within 10 seconds