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    Done and today is my birthday

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    She said dada

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    living with construction sucks

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    Ya'll should put the ACE symbol on the center of outside entrance way!

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    Your bathroom is bigger than my house

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    Austin: is it real water? Catherine: Noo is not real water 😂😂 Love you guys the most You so amazing ❤️❣️💙

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    whatttt?!?!?!? lovin the sky lightsss. O I do think the closet island is a bit too high

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    Y'all disappointed because the construction workers arent done bulding your big ass house, when they are the ones working hard and busting their ass to finish your home the way you want it. Dont be too hard on them, your mansion will be done soon. It'll be worth the wait when its finished

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    austin be saying “flustrating”

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    oh lord your family is simply amazing. Every time I watch you guys I forget your famous and I look into your souls🤥💪🏼your wonderful human being and I’m sure your daughters will take the right path because you guys are amazing parents. Keep being ACE. Keep being the ACE family💘💘

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    Nobody: Austin: "how did you keep those lights on"

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    don't move in, its not safe to be at places where constructions are going on aka the landscape

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    Love you guys

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    I must ask what the hell u gonna do with such big ass house? Lol Best u invite me to come live with u all. 😁😁

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    Half the people who watch your videos just want to look at your girl

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    Why would u move in before its done ruins all the beauty of moving into a brand new place... and your going to record with all that noise!!

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    Nobody: Catherine : AUSTIN can you please not call me Cathy

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    As soon as he asked how did you keep the sky light on I was like oh no no no no 😂😂😂😂😂😂 rich people problems😂😂

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    She said dada omg so cute 🥰 my opinion is for u guys to wait a little longer bc every one is going to be coming in and your would want your privacy so it’s better for u guys to move until it’s a little bit finished but I support your decision LOVE U GUYS

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    I love how Catherine was like “I don’t need anything” in their second last video and now she be wearing that bag all the time😂😂

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