Never Before Seen


  1. Stone Muzza

    Stone MuzzaHace 9 días

    There actually is a jumanjis game coming out now

  2. alwynd

    alwyndHace 9 días

    this show always makes me hungr.... mmm... fries... burger... mmm...

  3. FromFallToFlight

    FromFallToFlightHace 10 días

    please get the fuck out of youtube, you're a great actor but terrible youtuber

  4. Five5ofEyes

    Five5ofEyesHace 11 días

    Jablinski losing weight so fast his pants don't even fit at the end of his jump rope sesh.


    LOKI GAMINGHace 12 días

    MOVE YOUR BUTT that face 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Phister j. Nutimakeher

    Phister j. NutimakeherHace 13 días

    Health tip: Get off of Planet asap

  7. Alex Smithers

    Alex SmithersHace 13 días

    Jack, wheres the new video dude!! Hope All is ok?

  8. Windysaint

    WindysaintHace 13 días

    ❤️ your health tips and the turtle 🐢

  9. H20 P4nda

    H20 P4ndaHace 16 días

    Have you tried a Dicks burger??

  10. Kristyman 001

    Kristyman 001Hace 17 días

    Wow, they really do let a lot of shite go out on ESreporter. I've visited dome crap channels but this is the worst yet.

  11. mkmason2002

    mkmason2002Hace 17 días

    What a jerk!

  12. Tyler Hudson

    Tyler HudsonHace 18 días

    Health tip: Make sure to authorize all bean n cheez burrito and big mac's with fries.

  13. biq uinetto

    biq uinettoHace 18 días

    Got to keep on dancing, keep on dancing! Boogie nights!! Love your version Jablinski!

  14. Nikita Marie malu

    Nikita Marie maluHace 19 días

    I want asmr apple eating I demand asmr

  15. Saimoon Arif Sakib

    Saimoon Arif SakibHace 19 días

    Your videos are legendary, it's maybe because I m High lol!

  16. JEM 1

    JEM 1Hace 20 días

    Does he ever really do gaming?

  17. Baldoxxx4000

    Baldoxxx4000Hace 20 días

    Why doesnt he eat beans, why does it have to be the fiber medicine

  18. akahito1

    akahito1Hace 20 días

    Jack: "Someday they will crack through their cement cell and rule the world again" JoJo fans: *Pillar men theme intensifies*

  19. Sarah Even

    Sarah EvenHace 20 días

    Is your tortoise a sulcata tortoise by chance!?

  20. LPS Frappy

    LPS FrappyHace 20 días

    any one remembered SCHOOL OF ROCK? 💗🎶


    ESTEBAN DE LA FUENTEHace 21 un día

    4:15 Is this a Jojo reference?

  22. Blurghat

    BlurghatHace 24 días

    Happy birthday jack black!

  23. Alber B

    Alber BHace 24 días

    Step 1. Go to YT Search Step 2. Search this keyword: Mimi Kid Art Step 3. Enjoy! Never Before SeenThose who find ugly meanings in beautiful things are corrupt without being charming. This is a fault. Those who find beautiful meanings in beautiful things are the cultivated. For these there is hope. They are the elect to whom beautiful things mean only Beauty. There is no such thing as a moral or an immoral book. Books are well written, or badly written. That is all.

  24. Richard Benton

    Richard BentonHace 25 días


  25. Heather

    HeatherHace 25 días

    This makes me so happy.

  26. Sean Murphy hazzard

    Sean Murphy hazzardHace 25 días

    Bro u should hav called leggy the tortoise.... ooogway

  27. Ej H

    Ej HHace 26 días

    JB is the BEST!!!👏👍👍👍

  28. Two Eye

    Two EyeHace 26 días

    1:34 is that your stuntman? He looks exactly like you.

  29. HansZa

    HansZaHace 26 días

    "Health Tip" Breath so true!

  30. Neal Archbold

    Neal ArchboldHace 26 días

    FILMS: Jamangi School of rock Kunfu panda T natios d

  31. Neal Archbold

    Neal ArchboldHace 26 días

    PS sorry for the spellings only ten after all

  32. Neal Archbold

    Neal ArchboldHace 26 días

    I love jamangi your the funniest person ever your awesome keep up the good work

  33. Pieter Post

    Pieter PostHace 26 días

    Yo JB just wanna let you know that you can make cheese and apple work together in one of my favourite salads: Apple cubes Gouda cheese cubes Walnuts Cikory (main ingredient) Raisins A good ol vinegrette will do perfectly as a dressing for this powerhouse of a sal'.

  34. Joshua Booth

    Joshua BoothHace 26 días

    For best results, make sure the walnuts, cikory, and raisins are also cubes

  35. d3ath360

    d3ath360Hace 26 días

    Can i have a copy of school of rock por favor?

  36. HaloInverse

    HaloInverseHace 27 días

    4:40 "...and the people thought that I was an insane man...coming from the trees." ...were they actually _wrong,_ though?

  37. TigrrGoesOHAI

    TigrrGoesOHAIHace 27 días

    Was that marcel the shell??

  38. Sainty

    SaintyHace 27 días

    Jablinski meets Micheal at the observatory

  39. Mickey 16

    Mickey 16Hace 27 días

    Your content is my life force Jablinski

  40. Victor Rosario

    Victor RosarioHace 27 días

    WTF Uber drivers in LA drive Mercedes Benz cars?

  41. Adolf Hitler

    Adolf HitlerHace 27 días

    You are so funny! Great actor, great youtuber!

  42. Apple Song

    Apple SongHace 27 días


  43. Bert Planes

    Bert PlanesHace 27 días

    JekBlek Mutah Nija Turols!!! Hahaha

  44. mroll1000

    mroll1000Hace 27 días

    Come on Jable, you are slacking with posting new vid's. Miss you!. lol

  45. sombertownDS 1

    sombertownDS 1Hace 27 días

    Hey, how was school of rock?

  46. Utav Takt

    Utav TaktHace 27 días

    Jables: When are we going to see a gaming video? Jack Black: Yes.

  47. rdillon517

    rdillon517Hace 27 días

    cheese + apple = no for me

  48. Venom Private

    Venom PrivateHace 27 días

    I remember when you were filming King Kong, now you’re playing Minecraft lol

  49. Cookie bro

    Cookie broHace 27 días

    only jack black would put string cheese on a apple

  50. nome cog

    nome cogHace 27 días

    Pear and cheese is the just mix! Trust me. ;)

  51. Alex Lawson

    Alex LawsonHace 28 días

    PewDiePie just hit 100 million subscribers 🎉🎉🎉

  52. Mm Food

    Mm FoodHace 28 días

    Do exercises oh I just ordered a Uber 😂😂

  53. Nancy Davis

    Nancy DavisHace 28 días

    love your vids

  54. Nancy Davis

    Nancy DavisHace 28 días

    You said oh God!! Hmmmm

  55. NotOver BGツ

    NotOver BGツHace 28 días

    Pena que eu não entendo nada oque você fala :((((((((((

  56. Random Human

    Random HumanHace 28 días

    Woo twomanji

  57. Jonathan Tromp

    Jonathan TrompHace 28 días

    Subscribers:When are we gonna get the gaming videos? Jablinski: Yes

  58. Mateo Medina

    Mateo MedinaHace 28 días

    My mom is 43 and she’s loves these so much and loves u jablinski

  59. TiaanYTP

    TiaanYTPHace 28 días

    I forgot to subscribe, but I fixed that.

  60. Ssundee l

    Ssundee lHace 28 días

    Please jack make a tiktok. One day i wish to meet you, but you getting a tiktok is good enough

  61. Sebas BB

    Sebas BBHace 28 días

    Where's the jabling jablinski jaballs?

  62. Jennie The Cavalier

    Jennie The CavalierHace 28 días

    Is there another goosebumps film coming out any time

  63. Claymoreking YT

    Claymoreking YTHace 28 días

    Jack would you adopt me ? Let me be your Wonderboy! XD