Need for Speed™ Heat Official Gameplay Trailer


  1. Megadriver

    MegadriverHace 8 horas

    YES! No more gambling away for hours trying to earn stupid cards! Proper tuning is back. Swapping out parts. Can't wait to make a fleet of German tire shredders in metallic black.

  2. Waseem Akram

    Waseem AkramHace 10 horas

    I'm pumped!!!! Proomisingly looks like EA revisited the Gameplay of NFS Underground 2 and NFS Most wanted which

  3. Jonathan

    JonathanHace 10 horas

    I put down and got away from cops since 2005, lets see how good these guys are. 😠

  4. Riften Guard

    Riften GuardHace 10 horas

    *EA:* You can't escape COPS *Players:* Say something new...

  5. Catalin Florin Dinca

    Catalin Florin DincaHace 10 horas

    Is it just me, or the framerate is off somehow? It's choppy, a bit, like, it's ok and then for second sort of slows down. 1:37 is a good example I think.

  6. AnggiPut

    AnggiPutHace 11 horas

    0:04 Siapa sih ni telpon telpon bangsaaat...

  7. Twitch scaly Haiqal

    Twitch scaly HaiqalHace 11 horas

    Please just make one for ps3

  8. Twitch scaly Haiqal

    Twitch scaly HaiqalHace 11 horas

    Why it’s so weird why the only have it for xbox and PS4 why not ps3 or because ps3 has been soo old?

  9. Roberts Studio

    Roberts StudioHace 9 horas

    Damm ps4 is so old 2013, ps3 dinosaur

  10. Twitch scaly Haiqal

    Twitch scaly HaiqalHace 11 horas

    EA why won’t you add Need for speed heat in PS3

  11. Shyips

    ShyipsHace 9 horas


  12. Tommy Anderson

    Tommy AndersonHace 11 horas

    You need to add wheel Spacers or track with like you had In 2015 why you took it out of the new game's makes no sense

  13. Roberto Norambuena

    Roberto NorambuenaHace 12 horas

    Gta V 🤣???

  14. SonicBlueStreak

    SonicBlueStreakHace 13 horas

    I just hope that they have new pursuit music in the same style as NFSMW. I loved the orchestral tracks and the different variants and levels of the music depending on what you were doing in the pursuit.

  15. mark soraiz

    mark soraizHace 13 horas

    Can we just get a remaster/ (preferably) a remake of NFS: Most Wanted (2005) with new areas, few new cars, a day & night cycle please!! keep it true to the original mechanically just fix some of the bugs & glitches it had. Seriously we should start a petition for this. All these technical mods on race games are cool but the arcade racers hit different sometimes.

  16. addy

    addyHace 13 horas

    Seriously game comes out in less than 2 months. give us more gameplay man


    FELIXTRICKSHOTSHace 14 horas

    cross platform ps4-pc-Xbox pleaae

  18. Bioptic- Music

    Bioptic- MusicHace 14 horas

    Si tiene loot Boxes no gracias

  19. La napolitana de Javivi

    La napolitana de JaviviHace 14 horas


  20. Константин Журавлев

    Константин ЖуравлевHace 15 horas

    Говном отдает..

  21. Ace Crazer

    Ace CrazerHace 15 horas

    Has anyone realised that this is basically Nfs payback and nfs rivals and fh4

  22. Retno Suwarni

    Retno SuwarniHace 15 horas

    Im in Indonesia plss add game Nfs payback plss

  23. Sonic exe TV

    Sonic exe TVHace 15 horas

    Someone gone make the character look like razor

  24. ASTRO - //'GHOST_

    ASTRO - //'GHOST_Hace 15 horas

    honestly this game doesn't look better than payback

  25. ZeroTwoChan

    ZeroTwoChanHace 15 horas


  26. ZeroTwoChan

    ZeroTwoChanHace 15 horas

    Please ihate the PERFORMANCE CARD please dont add it again in this new game thank u.

  27. Stefania Ruggier

    Stefania RuggierHace 16 horas

    Most Wanted and Carbon will always be my favourite

  28. OFF-ROAD boi

    OFF-ROAD boiHace 17 horas

    0:46 that M4 tho.....

  29. Witchcatgaming

    WitchcatgamingHace 18 horas

    Will it have steering wheel support?

  30. Poindexter0712

    Poindexter0712Hace 18 horas

    Hope they got some good Soundtrack (e.g rap, hip-hop, edm like future bass etc) in NFS Heat. Cuz I'm ready to get this game, unless I can wait for it on sale

  31. Raffi 22008

    Raffi 22008Hace 19 horas

    Anjer Ada lagu Indonesia sama suara indonesia

  32. GilangFR 13.

    GilangFR 13.Hace 21 un hora

    Sedang menunggu yang ngebacot ttg lagu nya ramen gvrl

  33. Han Samuel

    Han SamuelHace 21 un hora

    Does anyone realize the theme song is made by an indonesian?

  34. Barry.B BenBlox

    Barry.B BenBloxHace 21 un hora

    should of just called it NFS Horizon

  35. King_j100

    King_j100Hace 22 horas

    kinda has a nfs most wanted vibe to it 😂

  36. Alice Carter

    Alice CarterHace un día

    This is like need for speed rivals, need for speed most wanted, and need for speed pro street put together

  37. Just Pepe

    Just PepeHace un día

    Ok I hope it’s not like rivals cuz OHHHH BUDDDY THIER COPS ARE FRIKIN HARDD

  38. Civilian Soldier

    Civilian SoldierHace un día

    U will never be like forza we ps4 player we need a game like forza big map not like ur old version full game in a naiberhod we need bugatti i mean whats wrong with 100 type of the same brand car realy i hope u do some change or ur game will be like bf5 no one even buy it trash game

  39. Civilian Soldier

    Civilian SoldierHace un día

    U can put bugatti chiron in this game what wrong with u we need bugatti

  40. Civilian Soldier

    Civilian SoldierHace un día

    U can put bugatti chiron in this game what wrong with u we need bugatti ..

  41. Civilian Soldier

    Civilian SoldierHace un día

    U can put bugatti chiron in this game what wrong with u we need bugatti

  42. Civilian Soldier

    Civilian SoldierHace un día

    U can put bugatti chiron in this game what wrong with u we need bugatti

  43. Overlord

    OverlordHace un día

    Petition for NFS to Remaster or Remake Most Wanted with Current Gfx and physics.

  44. Damien Buhr

    Damien BuhrHace un día

    Can you play as a cop?

  45. So you said you want to Blank her Blank

    So you said you want to Blank her BlankHace un día

    IF NFS want to kill it in the racing market, they should scrap the Arcade gameplay and make the cars driving physics as simulated as possible....then players would focus less on the flashy and more on the driving experience...

  46. pharmacie narvalo

    pharmacie narvaloHace un día


  47. Vinay Srivastava

    Vinay SrivastavaHace un día

    It's for pc or android

  48. AbsoluteNoobGamer

    AbsoluteNoobGamerHace un día

    Does it have a story mode though??? Something similar to the original most wanted and carbon

  49. IslandSoundz

    IslandSoundzHace un día

    This needs to be made into a that actually sticks to cars being the focal point of the movie.

  50. Brandon Arizmendi

    Brandon ArizmendiHace un día

    I miss Midnight Club 3. Hopefully this game is for me

  51. UnraisedChunk

    UnraisedChunkHace un día

    I still have a special spot for Own The City

  52. David Nunes

    David NunesHace un día

    Please ghost bring back the track width it was in nfs 2015 why remove a cool feature

  53. War Hog

    War HogHace un día

    I love the game I can't wait to get it is fire 🔥 🔥 🔥 Boyz

  54. Humbler32

    Humbler32Hace un día

    I hope they have the C8 Corvette, 2020 Shelby GT500, the New Supra, it’s been a while since we’ve seen a decent Honda or Acura car so hopefully a Civic Type R, an S-2000 & the newer Acura NSX. Maybe make it to where the Car pinks you win are completely unique from the one’s you buy in the stores like an LS7 Swap 370 Z, or a Miata with an older push rod 5.0.

  55. Aditya Mestry

    Aditya MestryHace un día

    These guys knows how to make trailer 😎👍

  56. something not fishy

    something not fishyHace un día

    are you guys cropping vanoss thumbnail?

  57. Ronald McDonald

    Ronald McDonaldHace un día

    2:33 lol gta had that since 2013 😂

  58. Sonic exe TV

    Sonic exe TVHace un día

    Nfs i gone be soo mad if bmw m3 gtr don’t have the right sound

  59. Dark Tubular

    Dark TubularHace un día

    Basically a MW remaster with different IP and new avatar content

  60. Ing. Willian Sepúlveda

    Ing. Willian SepúlvedaHace un día

    NFS FD = Need For Speed Frame Drop

  61. rxibot

    rxibotHace un día

    Is this game still s***? Does it still not support steering wheel?

  62. riley jack

    riley jackHace un día

    Damn I was hoping thisd be 80s. I wanna race a testaroster (sic)