Need for Speed™ Heat Official Gameplay Trailer


  1. Kafa Argel

    Kafa ArgelHace 19 horas

    Name song: i am me

  2. Tom Liang

    Tom LiangHace un día

    no AE86,thumb down.

  3. Speed Demon

    Speed DemonHace un día

  4. Dddelta Rampock

    Dddelta RampockHace un día

  5. Star Petal Arts

    Star Petal ArtsHace 4 días

    Cop mode when?

  6. Nashat Daher

    Nashat DaherHace 4 días

    This is 'The Crew 2' but with cops

  7. Evita Mandiri

    Evita MandiriHace 4 días

    Itu king

  8. Анастасия Нестерова

    Анастасия НестероваHace 5 días

    очередная аркадная игра, сделайте remaster NFS Pro Street лучше

  9. Aszyrus Daniels

    Aszyrus DanielsHace 5 días



    CUBE CARATHace 7 días


  11. Ulaş Bank

    Ulaş BankHace 8 días

    Why is it always rainy at night? to create a fake illusion of good graphics?

  12. faizal fahmi

    faizal fahmiHace 9 días

    Disambi disambi disambi

  13. Даниил Горбунов

    Даниил ГорбуновHace 9 días

    отстояная игра, графа даже по трейлеру так себе, игра конкретно не доработана, выпущена для галочки! прошлая версия получше

  14. zZMIHai55 bro

    zZMIHai55 broHace 10 días

    Man i have this game

  15. Nikhil Khanke

    Nikhil KhankeHace 10 días

    so itzzz saemee BULLSIT ayeeeeeh

  16. V.K

    V.KHace 10 días


  17. Ghazala Sabir

    Ghazala SabirHace 10 días


  18. Uyunbity Official

    Uyunbity OfficialHace 11 días

    wwaat ramen gvrlllll

  19. Ivan Škaro

    Ivan ŠkaroHace 13 días

    I feel good old Underground vibes here. I like it. This is what NFS 2015 needed to be.

  20. Md Touhid

    Md TouhidHace 13 días

    Very good video

  21. DKX

    DKXHace 14 días

    Now this game is owned by Criterion :/

  22. Serious Shuck

    Serious ShuckHace 14 días

    Purchased today. Thanks for adding wheel support, it really means a lot. Looking forward to the newly announced Need for Speed by Criterion Games!

  23. DoGGoPlayZ 180

    DoGGoPlayZ 180Hace 14 días

    Looks fire 🔥

  24. tfgamer _2005

    tfgamer _2005Hace 17 días

    When come the next NFS HEAT update with more content and Drag , Speedcross runs ???? THE NFS HEAT STORYES NOT IN THE END !!! NFS IS THE BEST CAR RACING GAME ON THE PLANET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Bilal King

    Bilal KingHace 17 días

    💞I Am Amazing👍Great Trailer👍

  26. JohnnyBoy 1299

    JohnnyBoy 1299Hace 18 días

    When you're at 90% of the race and a cop suddenly decides to commit suicide by crashing his car into yours.

  27. Marcelo. M

    Marcelo. MHace 18 días

    Game top com musicas de bosta. Tinha q cagar em alguma coisa.

  28. Mauro Ferreira

    Mauro FerreiraHace 20 días

    Big points: Day and night cicle Cops Super cars (aaaaf)... Oh hold on we have popular cars like VW!! Completely tunning and sound exhaust can be costumize. I think now we may have the NFS U2 spirit born again!

  29. You Tube

    You TubeHace 21 un día

    NO local split-screen - NOT interested

  30. Sandeep Kumar

    Sandeep KumarHace 21 un día

    What is password for it

  31. Tayyab manzoor

    Tayyab manzoorHace 21 un día

    0:41 car goes through tree.

  32. Muhamad Robby

    Muhamad RobbyHace 21 un día

    Ramengvrl - iam me 🎶 from Indonesia

  33. FRUTIK

    FRUTIKHace 25 días

    navi ty mitoop

  34. Muhammad Arfan

    Muhammad ArfanHace 25 días


  35. Koen Schimmel

    Koen SchimmelHace 26 días

    Join our crew: To Fast For Yo Instagram:

  36. Kristovicacci Poloska

    Kristovicacci PoloskaHace 26 días

    Finally a good NFS gamu

  37. Vando Oliveira

    Vando OliveiraHace 27 días

    what song is that at 0:05?

  38. Lyant

    LyantHace 26 días

    I am me - ramengvrl

  39. Refid Game

    Refid GameHace 28 días

    menit 0:2

  40. Rajan Cia

    Rajan CiaHace 29 días

    Finally true challenge!!!

  41. Sekai

    SekaiHace 29 días

    When is neon lights coming back?

  42. Johnny Ace

    Johnny AceHace 29 días

    Doesn’t have anything you can run over to block yourself from cops and the shortcuts, none.

  43. Vincent Nacon

    Vincent NaconHace 29 días

    This is stupid... your cars shouldn't be able to plow through trees like they're made of papers. Car should wrap around the tree like they're made of papers at high speed.


    SATAN GAMINGHace un mes

    Its like gta 6 niggaw

  45. Hadrian Dunn

    Hadrian DunnHace un mes

    Bro if they were in Dubai they could seriously be chased down by police Mclarens

  46. Wibisono Right Here

    Wibisono Right HereHace un mes

    Who's coming here for Ramengvrl - I Am Me? Meeeeeeeee

  47. RedN N

    RedN NHace un mes

    EA finally make a nfs with modification but that time EA got so far we can modify our drivers too XD

  48. ANANDA xxx

    ANANDA xxxHace un mes

    Ramen ramen



    Electronic Arts is the best game company ever!😎🔥.Turn the like button blue if Electronic Arts is the best game company.

  50. The Journey

    The JourneyHace un mes

    What the music?

  51. Bosal Id

    Bosal IdHace un mes

    NFS canda :v

  52. deksraks

    deksraksHace un mes

    *nfs heat want to take the song for the trailer.. nfs : " can we use this song for the trailer? " ramengvrl : " yello, who dis? "

  53. Muhammed Sidan

    Muhammed SidanHace un mes

    graphics not good

  54. shaik ibrahim yousuf

    shaik ibrahim yousufHace un mes


  55. Akili Preston

    Akili PrestonHace un mes

    Bit off crew but it does have potential

  56. J J

    J JHace un mes

    The race tracks are hella weak! The way the car hits corners are hella weak! This game is wack and I want my money back! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  57. Yes

    YesHace un mes

    Stop complaining. Your the one that bought an EA game

  58. Water Owen

    Water OwenHace un mes

    GT-R R34 4ever

  59. Ahmad Hafeed

    Ahmad HafeedHace un mes


  60. Mr. GrapheLicious

    Mr. GrapheLiciousHace un mes

    75% about the game 25% about *SIAPA YANG TELFON TELFON BANGSAAAAAt*

  61. Samuel de Brito e Silva

    Samuel de Brito e SilvaHace un mes

    Tá Naora 🕛🕧🕓🕞🕑🕠🚗

  62. Aeal

    AealHace un mes

    Remaster of mw 2005.