My Time at "Camp Operetta"


  1. Jaiden Animations

    Jaiden AnimationsHace un mes

    Quick sidenote, the art credited as @amanda2k01 at the end was used by a handmade art tool by @SangledHere. If you like the art style of the drawing you should definitely check her stuff out :)

  2. Ксения Темченко

    Ксения ТемченкоHace 7 horas

    I love your animations

  3. [VUT]octo Gaming [TB]

    [VUT]octo Gaming [TB]Hace 9 horas

    Jaiden Animations want to collab

  4. Doge Bread

    Doge BreadHace un día

    your the best jaiden

  5. Ashlyn Studios

    Ashlyn StudiosHace 2 días

    When i saw it I thought it was from Picrew

  6. Sophia Salmeron

    Sophia SalmeronHace 4 días


  7. Kerrington Barron

    Kerrington BarronHace un hora

    Coming thru with some explicit language I see

  8. •Wolf Fandom•

    •Wolf Fandom•Hace 3 horas

    7:30 Jaiden I noticed something you could just slide your bracket off then deliver the lines :3

  9. H1

    H1Hace 3 horas

    Me: *pauses and reads board at **1:02* Board: Clown......John Tree.........Fluttershy Wall.........Wall Small bug........Jiminy President.........Orange Me: What a *unique* play that's going on Me: *reads board again at **2:06* Board: Clown 2: Pennywise Tree 2: Ross Wall: The other wall Small bug 2: Aragog President 2: A wig Me: Why couldn't I have joined that camp?

  10. Modkiller

    ModkillerHace 3 horas

    3:38 hahahahahahah It’s funny 👇this is how many times you laughed

  11. WacManZ06

    WacManZ06Hace 3 horas

    "Colored plastic tubes?" I think you mean Boomwhackers...

  12. Kristie B

    Kristie BHace 4 horas

    Are you going to be ok with the new ESreporter changes

  13. Mia Lytle

    Mia LytleHace 5 horas

    1:03 read the cast lmao

  14. the first desiton

    the first desitonHace 6 horas

    Nice reference to Nirvana and jojo

  15. Siri M

    Siri MHace 6 horas

    Guys, Mrbeast is doing the video where he plants a bunch of trees to help the environment, but he needs the help of a bunch of ESreporterrs, please repost this comment so Jaiden can find out about it.(or any other big youtuber)

  16. D Greb

    D GrebHace 7 horas

    You were so freaking funny and cute

  17. SKIPPY -PlayZ

    SKIPPY -PlayZHace 7 horas

    Now what should the tiger (idk what was it) Make him say the f word *couple mins later* Can we add a seehorse? Make him say the f word

  18. Samuel Shimabukuro

    Samuel ShimabukuroHace 7 horas

    5:49 *C H U N G U S*

  19. rickandmortyfan 649

    rickandmortyfan 649Hace 9 horas

    teacher:what should the tiger say? kid:make him say the f word!!!

  20. Lucas Theophanous

    Lucas TheophanousHace 9 horas

    0:58 and 6:05 M A K E E M S A Y T H E F W O R D

  21. alena arroyo

    alena arroyoHace 11 horas

    Can you do a speed paint video??

  22. iiOmqEspresso Builds

    iiOmqEspresso BuildsHace 12 horas

    legend says that camp operetta is still broke

  23. Logan Cone

    Logan ConeHace 14 horas

    At 5:12 who else heard “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. You are Ugly

  24. A Hybrid Cats Life

    A Hybrid Cats LifeHace 17 horas

    Lol!!!!!!! Teacher:what should the tiger say? Random kid:make him say the f word! LOL

  25. Lynne Eversdijk

    Lynne EversdijkHace 17 horas

    Jaiden, wich program do you use for your animating?

  26. Santos Lyons

    Santos LyonsHace 18 horas

    can ari fly???????????? cuz iv never seen him fly!



    NY favorite stuff animal is a Bulbasaur

  28. Rachel Mayhew

    Rachel MayhewHace un día

    Hi I"m 11 and I just wanna say...u tried and your so funny. hehe

  29. Eli Caleb

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  30. Maximo Sanchez

    Maximo SanchezHace un día


  31. Drake Lachnap

    Drake LachnapHace un día

    Jaiden: Pachebel’s Canon. Me as a cellist: Dies.

  32. mudafer alshalal

    mudafer alshalalHace un día

    if u like cheetah's then go the challgener elermentry school their mascot is a cheetah

  33. Oliver The Otter

    Oliver The OtterHace un día

    I will say the f word >:3 Fish

  34. roberto espana

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  35. kristen cowings

    kristen cowingsHace un día

    cheetas dont live in the jungle

  36. -Gamekitti-

    -Gamekitti-Hace un día

    Time at camp operetta: He gave the scales to those who wanted leech of his beauty Camp Operetta Reaction: She was a snob who learned to share and the fish were all paparazzi

  37. Flor Antonio

    Flor AntonioHace un día

    Hey Jane is animation we also have a bird but it's not re type of bird it a white white white cute little bird called and it's a type of what seek will I hope you're really resent me so you can see my bird but I also like your bird I love your virtue but I also want to pet your bird but I can't because it doesn't like people that it first me but that's okay I like your bird and I like animations by brezza

  38. Star Hall Gallimore

    Star Hall GallimoreHace un día

    6:12 lol make him say the f word

  39. watch_me_lay_lay

    watch_me_lay_layHace un día

    Ayyy my name's Raoul

  40. Santiago Saavedra

    Santiago SaavedraHace un día

    Nobody: Spanish translation: Ight, Ima SWEAR out.

  41. GumCat 07

    GumCat 07Hace un día

    5:12 that sounds super norwegian! it sounds like you say du har ali

  42. Sheena Barr

    Sheena BarrHace un día

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA YOU ARE UGLY! said the kids.

  43. MeLikeCakes

    MeLikeCakesHace un día

    any linglings here will shudder when she says "Pachelbel's Canon"

  44. SCP Productions

    SCP ProductionsHace un día

    Press F to pay respects F

  45. Emily Fander

    Emily FanderHace 2 días

    Jaiden, you may not see this. I mean, you probably get like a million comments a day. But, I just wanted to say thank you. Ever since I started watching you, I couldn't stop. Not only because you're funny and great at what you do, (because you are) but because I can relate to you on a personal level. I'm very awkward and probably the shyest kid in my grade. I'm currently in 8th, trying to survive the end of middle school, and trying to prepare for high school. You've helped me through so much, I can't thank you enough. I actually want to be a multimedia artist and animator when I grow up, but that's if I decide to do something professional. I honestly just want to make silly videos and make people happy. You're amazing at what you do. Keep it up! Again you probably won't see this, but I thought it might have been worth a shot. Thank you for everything you have done for not only me, but everyone.

  46. •Ãęśthętįç _Qúęęń•

    •Ãęśthętįç _Qúęęń•Hace 2 días

    I’m going to the scribble showdown!! So exited!! ♥️♥️

  47. Lil Meow Meow

    Lil Meow MeowHace 2 días

    small bug ..... jiminy take away bug and the y the it’s small jimin

  48. Hadley McCulley

    Hadley McCulleyHace 2 días

    If i had a toy and they basically killed him I would have cried

  49. Thalese White

    Thalese WhiteHace 2 días

    Who has the sad role of a tree? Oh fluttershy hmmm makes sense

  50. Savvy Brown

    Savvy BrownHace 2 días

    The rainbow fish for you the play is not what I read....

  51. Paulette Francis

    Paulette FrancisHace 2 días


  52. Leopard print Zebras

    Leopard print ZebrasHace 2 días

    5:54 Who else gets this reference?

  53. Cati Da Duck

    Cati Da DuckHace 2 días

    Jaiden's way of being an Asian : Piano My way of being an Asian : Stamping books real fast in class (totally not child labor) that I have to be the one that everyone looks at even tho they know I am socially awkward owo

  54. Matthew Richards

    Matthew RichardsHace 2 días

    These videos are tight.

  55. Soldier1287

    Soldier1287Hace 2 días

    8:26 - 8:34 Becca is kinda both

  56. Ashlyn Studios

    Ashlyn StudiosHace 2 días

    Makes a Raoole plush

  57. Nayt Nayt

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  58. Quick creation

    Quick creationHace 3 días

    Alguna bes as enseyado tu cara

  59. Bonnie girl

    Bonnie girlHace 3 días

    Aww little jaiden

  60. bird boi 2

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  61. Lorena Lopez escalona

    Lorena Lopez escalonaHace 3 días

    I love reading

  62. Kennedy Cavazos

    Kennedy CavazosHace 3 días

    Did anyone notice the part when she was like WE WEREN'T DROPPIN' FIRE!!! and the cover was a parody of a Nirvana cover??!! just me? Ok

  63. Lily Kapustin

    Lily KapustinHace 3 días

    that jungle story is maybe.. the jungle book? Mowgli? idk :)

  64. Coconutkat 2.0

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  65. screenslayer 98

    screenslayer 98Hace 3 días

    The floor is lava in 3..2..1 like if you were to lazy to get up

  66. Hadley McCulley

    Hadley McCulleyHace 2 días

    I was on my bed lol