My Time at "Camp Operetta"


  1. Jaiden Animations

    Jaiden AnimationsHace 6 meses

    Quick sidenote, the art credited as @amanda2k01 at the end was used by a handmade art tool by @SangledHere. If you like the art style of the drawing you should definitely check her stuff out :)

  2. ColorfulCrayon6

    ColorfulCrayon6Hace 2 días


  3. Retsuko

    RetsukoHace 3 días


  4. A Yearnk

    A YearnkHace 3 días


  5. Lewis McDonald

    Lewis McDonaldHace 5 días

    James is cool too

  6. Chantalleee1983 TutorialsandFunvlogaz

    Chantalleee1983 TutorialsandFunvlogazHace 19 minutos

    I LOVE RAINBOw FiSH its a good book

  7. Chantalleee1983 TutorialsandFunvlogaz

    Chantalleee1983 TutorialsandFunvlogazHace 17 minutos

    but there bleaching bleaching means being nice so u can like u know in funnehs vid

  8. MXMR music

    MXMR musicHace 4 horas

    The colored tubes are the best instrument in the world

  9. Kids Fun time

    Kids Fun timeHace 5 horas

    The Long thing is called boom walkers

  10. YMGySgt_Rodriguez

    YMGySgt_RodriguezHace 7 horas

    Wait what? Is that fluttershy from mlp? Rip mlp

  11. Landon Davis

    Landon DavisHace 7 horas

    In honor of camp f also anybody in 2020

  12. Real Kids react

    Real Kids reactHace 8 horas

    Make him say the f word

  13. Fallen Reaper

    Fallen ReaperHace 8 horas

    I like who played the president in the Jungle play. President - An Orange President 2 - A Wig

  14. Natalija Djokic

    Natalija DjokicHace 9 horas

    *make him say the f-word!*

  15. Temmie King

    Temmie KingHace 10 horas

    Nice ace attorney reference 2:50 (Blue badger)

  16. Marisol Lopez

    Marisol LopezHace 13 horas

    Q U E D I G A L A P A L A B R A C O N " M " : D

  17. Midnight OwO

    Midnight OwOHace 13 horas

    Tree- Fluttershy 😹

  18. Random Playz

    Random PlayzHace 14 horas


  19. Shimrah Muhammad

    Shimrah MuhammadHace 17 horas

    5:15 I would hate to be the role of the character who’s “ugly”.

  20. Neve Fouche

    Neve FoucheHace 21 un hora

    the round coloured thingy is called a Boom Wacker c:

  21. ItzKatz

    ItzKatzHace un día

    2:02 In the play, fluttershy is a tree, the wall is the wall, the small bug is jiminy and the president is an orange. :D

  22. Hưng Nguyễn Khánh

    Hưng Nguyễn KhánhHace un día

    I played the piano and i performed and it was awkward

  23. Cyd's Device

    Cyd's DeviceHace un día


  24. the funny husky

    the funny huskyHace un día

    Me and my cousin goses to the same school . Hes in forth grade. In in 3 grd. But he told me that forth grade is the best in my school . Because he said in forth grade you get alot field trips in forth grade

  25. Charydraws 14

    Charydraws 14Hace un día

    Me:why is pennywise clown #2 Jaden:well why not Me:cause he a murduse clown and you probibly ate that kids arm off comment

  26. N0ob G4ming! - Roblox

    N0ob G4ming! - RobloxHace un día

    6:39 Dammit, Jaiden, you should’ve played a Jojo song.

  27. Izaiah the demon gamer

    Izaiah the demon gamerHace un día

    "what should everyone say at the end?" "Make them say the F word"

  28. Waffle Kitty

    Waffle KittyHace un día

    I'm quite late, but I think I actually remember reading the book the first play you did was based on. I don't remember what it was called either, to be honest, but if I remember correctly, it was about a warthog who all the animals thought was ugly, because they didn't have spots or stripes or any sort of pattern. The warthog was sad, but then an antelope (I think) gave them magic bongos or something. The warthog then played them. Now, none of the animals have stripes or spots or patterns or anything. After reading it as a kid, I remember thinking, "Wait, why won't they just be nice to the warthog? Why is this necessary?"

  29. •Grëëñ•ßëäñ•

    •Grëëñ•ßëäñ•Hace un día

    I had that exact same mouse when I was younger except white

  30. tash Fraser

    tash FraserHace un día

    the picture book about "the animals in the jungle" is called jungle drums :)

  31. Vinuri Gunaratne

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  32. Neon-WhiteLeaf

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    ZERO_TWOOOHace 2 días

    “Hahahahaha,you are ugly” *i mean they ain’t lying*

  34. Derp Memes

    Derp MemesHace 2 días

    4:54 me when my sis walks in to the room while im naked

  35. Why you Bully me123

    Why you Bully me123Hace 2 días

    No your not Noob!

  36. Wolfie Kawaii

    Wolfie KawaiiHace 2 días

    Do you mean the jungle book

  37. Emma Ng

    Emma NgHace 2 días

    What’s with the kids and the F-word?

  38. Dragonboy 1001

    Dragonboy 1001Hace 2 días

    No one: Random kid: Can we add a seahorse?! Other kid: Make him say the F word!

  39. coachstock1971

    coachstock1971Hace 2 días

    There is a jojo refence at the end the end card

  40. Peggy Pollock

    Peggy PollockHace 2 días

    0:57 “make him said f word

  41. Demon :3

    Demon :3Hace 2 días

    Make a vid about Raool

  42. Amaniel Kidane

    Amaniel KidaneHace 2 días

    I read the rainbow fish

  43. Elijah Kamraj

    Elijah KamrajHace 2 días

    Those sticks are called boomsticks (I think)

  44. Ayana Eiyo

    Ayana EiyoHace 2 días

    Teacher: What should the tiger say? Kid: make him say the f word

  45. Divine Purity Riku

    Divine Purity RikuHace 2 días

    Jaiden looked like Kokichi in that thumbnail I stg

  46. Nery Derps

    Nery DerpsHace 2 días

    *M A K E H I M S A Y T H E F W O R D*

  47. miraculous ladybug lover and fanart

    miraculous ladybug lover and fanartHace 2 días

    Tiger--------Sally Bear----------Bob Cheetah----Jaiden Gator--------Paula Clown-------John Tree----------fluttershy Wall-----------wall Small bug-------jimney President--------an orange I agree with the last one Jaiden good Easter egg

  48. israel lucero

    israel luceroHace 2 días

    MaKe HiM sAy ThE f WoRd

  49. Erick Von manstein

    Erick Von mansteinHace 2 días

    1:02 lol "make him say the F word"

  50. Blue Dayson

    Blue DaysonHace 3 días

    I'm the "MAKE IT SAY THE F WORD" kind of guy

  51. Blue Dayson

    Blue DaysonHace 3 días


  52. Leo Matriccino

    Leo MatriccinoHace 3 días

    Cheata part 1 aka Jaiden: hahaha your ugly hahaha your ugly (says that in play) me: I'm ugly?!

  53. jerimy williamson

    jerimy williamsonHace 3 días


  54. Inari

    InariHace 3 días

    At 2:02 : small bug - jiminy. Well, Well, got a little bit inspiered by Pinocchio, weren't you?

  55. just idk

    just idkHace 3 días

    Eat your cereal Or the tiger will say the f word in front of you

  56. Mickerlange Bazile

    Mickerlange BazileHace 3 días

    I know you are sick

  57. Darko Puljic

    Darko PuljicHace 3 días

    WhAs ThAt A jOjOs ReFeReNcE!!!

  58. oXAthenaXo

    oXAthenaXoHace 3 días

    Ive read the rainbow fish

  59. Ziron Small

    Ziron SmallHace 3 días

    I'm a crazy theatre kid and I've been doing it since I was 3 and my parents signed me up without my permission but I'm still doing to this day and I love watching non theatre kids trying to understand the hype

  60. Colin Phelps

    Colin PhelpsHace 3 días

    The tube things are called boomwhackers.

  61. HelloDarkness

    HelloDarknessHace 3 días

    Does anyone know what the book was called?

  62. John Chuck

    John ChuckHace 3 días

    President: orange

  63. Hunter Michael

    Hunter MichaelHace 4 días

    what? the F

  64. Jayvee Mae Vargas Nassr

    Jayvee Mae Vargas NassrHace 4 días

    Every like ima put a cake emoji 🍰

  65. 8Bit Saucesome

    8Bit SaucesomeHace 4 días

    1:02 it say president who is the president