My TikTok OBSESSION Ruins My Life | Weird Gacha Life Story Reaction


  1. Galazy_Pug 2009

    Galazy_Pug 2009Hace 3 minutos

    A beginger a newbie

  2. Jolene Campbell

    Jolene CampbellHace 2 días

    Tik tok dues ruin my loive so why and it is stuped jk i love tik tok

  3. kikouae

    kikouaeHace 2 días

    Gacha girl: yeah pancakes thanks mom Me:I’m eating pancakes right now!

  4. Inara Posey

    Inara PoseyHace 2 días

    Me: looks at hair ??????: can you guess who i am? Me: yammy ????: ........ ?????:LaurenZside!!!

  5. Deirdre Haslam

    Deirdre HaslamHace 2 días

    Can you make more gacha Mimi movies.

  6. yasmeen abdulah

    yasmeen abdulahHace 2 días

    starter mean s that there nnew to tiktok or whatesver and that theyoonly get 2 or 1 or 0 likes

  7. Elizabeta Brumen!

    Elizabeta Brumen!Hace 2 días

    And there we see laurenzside with tiktok hat, tik tok sweater and watching tik tok stori obssesion💖😂

  8. Bellabear 5634

    Bellabear 5634Hace 2 días

    Who doesn’t like tiktok: Me!!!!

  9. R x s e

    R x s eHace 3 días

    When I first clicked on this video a tik tok ar popped up

  10. grandma Mcbride

    grandma McbrideHace 3 días

    I don't like TikTok don't judge me

  11. Amier Amier

    Amier AmierHace 3 días

    I am always copying only one cratve video

  12. Amier Amier

    Amier AmierHace 3 días

    And me

  13. Siana Playz

    Siana PlayzHace 4 días

    Person:Obsessed with Tik Tok Me: **OBSESSED WITH LAUREN**

  14. Ryker Chapin

    Ryker ChapinHace 4 días

    I know sombody obsessed with tik tok *U*

  15. christina elliott

    christina elliottHace 4 días

    I’ve been on the for you page

  16. Bruno Ameh

    Bruno AmehHace 4 días

    Wie are you not on the for you page

  17. Layla Parker

    Layla ParkerHace 5 días

    Wake up? ITS TIME FOR TIKTOKS Get dressed? ITS TIME FOR TIKTOKS have a shower?ITS TIME FOR TIKTOKS Go to school?ITS TIME FOR TIKTOKS And by about six o' clock.... It should be TIME FOR TIKTOKS

  18. sky leoni

    sky leoniHace 5 días

    a starter is a person who is new at tik tok

  19. **Alpha Playz**

    **Alpha Playz**Hace 5 días


  20. EmilieLovesCats

    EmilieLovesCatsHace 5 días


  21. EmilieLovesCats

    EmilieLovesCatsHace 5 días

    Meeeeeeeeep!!!!!!!!!!!! tic toc tic toc tic toc tic toc

  22. TR Gacha

    TR GachaHace 8 días

    Lauren: Your only supposed to tik tok the weird stuff, or the funny stuff, or the interesting stuff... me: or the animal stuff

  23. Anon Mouse

    Anon MouseHace 9 días

    Who agreeds

  24. Anon Mouse

    Anon MouseHace 9 días

    A stater is someone who has just started

  25. ruby Martin

    ruby MartinHace 11 días

    yesI asked best friend Emma whatever she does go to call you back and I need to make a TikTok I hate all of

  26. Itz_ Ariaa

    Itz_ AriaaHace 11 días

    Im guessing that a “starter” is someone new to TikTok kinda like you would say someone is a “Noob” in Minecraft (Woooow great analogy😂)

  27. Gacha Wolf

    Gacha WolfHace 11 días

    My friend got on the for you page Congrats

  28. Shadow Spirit

    Shadow SpiritHace 12 días

    For the person who made this Gacha vid.... It’s pledge allegiance not pledge of allegiance

  29. Chris Magnelli

    Chris MagnelliHace 13 días

    OMG I do her name is Kate!

  30. Adrianna Frezza

    Adrianna FrezzaHace 13 días

    I think it means noob

  31. oluwatoyin shodipe

    oluwatoyin shodipeHace 14 días

    I love tiktok

  32. Mitch Black

    Mitch BlackHace 14 días

    You should see the docter! Oh and stop saying tik too

  33. Nash The rambler

    Nash The ramblerHace 15 días


  34. Kara Goodson

    Kara GoodsonHace 15 días

    I'm like her. I made like 300 something

  35. Maritza Reid

    Maritza ReidHace 15 días

    I wov (love) tik tok

  36. Play Together

    Play TogetherHace 16 días

    My cousin is obsessed with TickTock

  37. Juju

    JujuHace 16 días


  38. -HONEYBEE-

    -HONEYBEE-Hace 16 días

    Isn’t a starter a starter on tiktok

  39. Sandra Jabro

    Sandra JabroHace 17 días

    I have one of my friends who is obsessed and she failed one of her tests because of watching too much and not studying so I forced her to delete the app lol

  40. Harley Harp Gacha ppl

    Harley Harp Gacha pplHace 18 días

    Lauren a starter is a bigginer

  41. Alex Morgan

    Alex MorganHace 18 días

    It's means that they just started

  42. Alex Morgan

    Alex MorganHace 18 días


  43. Kat Mck

    Kat MckHace 18 días

    My friend is obsessed with tick tock and my sister is

  44. Isabelle

    IsabelleHace 19 días

    Roses are blue, My name is Dave, this makes no sense, microwave. just saying my name is not Dave😊

  45. Ms. Bunny OFFICIAL

    Ms. Bunny OFFICIALHace 15 días

    I'm dyig

  46. Cilla T

    Cilla THace 20 días

    A starter is a person who is a noob with tiktok

  47. Bribri Nguyen

    Bribri NguyenHace 20 días

    Please react to a story called “mommy” it’s a Gacha vid

  48. Bribri Nguyen

    Bribri NguyenHace 20 días

    My best friend does this

  49. cascade

    cascadeHace 21 un día

    Ya Riley the brat

  50. Laramax

    LaramaxHace 21 un día


  51. Belladonna9000 night mares rule

    Belladonna9000 night mares ruleHace 22 días

    I'm watching this and then a tic tok add just comes up and I'm just like ok wow

  52. Victoria Lea

    Victoria LeaHace 15 días

    Belladonna9000 night mares rule same lol

  53. Natasha Birchfield

    Natasha BirchfieldHace 22 días

    lauren:why is she bored she only took 5 steps me:mom im tyerd and bored can we go home mom:noo you only took 5 steps

  54. Carys Thornley

    Carys ThornleyHace 22 días


  55. TemptedByArtJewelry

    TemptedByArtJewelryHace 22 días

    a starter is a noob or someone who only just started something

  56. Ангелина Гавриленко

    Ангелина ГавриленкоHace 22 días

    1:40 welp, she’s not an og

  57. T S

    T SHace 26 días

    A starter is when you just posted a vid and you get some likes, like new vid gates first like

  58. Aline Pereira de Oliveira

    Aline Pereira de OliveiraHace 26 días

    A starter a is like,a person who just started tik tok and I I think sucks at it...

  59. Méliane Needham

    Méliane NeedhamHace 27 días

    my best friend ashley

  60. Karleen Fort

    Karleen FortHace 27 días

    I think a starter is like a noob on Tik Tok

  61. Wolfie gacha life fan

    Wolfie gacha life fanHace 28 días

    Look at my tik Tok it's funny and my tik Tok account is Gacha de cat

  62. Ella Rowland

    Ella RowlandHace 28 días

    I KNOW Ellie.official11