My TikTok OBSESSION Ruins My Life | Weird Gacha Life Story Reaction


  1. Gacha toast the 2nd

    Gacha toast the 2ndHace 6 horas

    React to my videos Lauren plsssssss

  2. Byron Quirion

    Byron QuirionHace 13 horas


  3. Undertale Cookie

    Undertale CookieHace 13 horas

    it wouldve been funny if the video was like a rip off version of my strange addiction

  4. Chris Jones

    Chris JonesHace 18 horas

    A starter is some one who just got to do something

  5. Liam animations

    Liam animationsHace 20 horas

    You are not a kid = you are not a fellow kid no offense

  6. wendy sutton

    wendy suttonHace un día

    Hey I love more then I love popcorn bw I'm on my nan's iPad and my real name is Seren Sutton and I'm a youtuber

  7. wendy sutton

    wendy suttonHace un día

    I ment to say I love YOU more then popcorn

  8. Alison Croucamp

    Alison CroucampHace un día


  9. Tim Holmstrom

    Tim HolmstromHace 2 días

    she yas ment to say starter😁

  10. Little Miss. Rain Rain

    Little Miss. Rain RainHace 2 días

    A starter is somebody to do it first time

  11. Alexandria Griego

    Alexandria GriegoHace 2 días

    Lol there was a tiktok ad before this😂

  12. wonder girl

    wonder girlHace 2 días


  13. Blue hooman

    Blue hoomanHace 3 días

    A starter is when you post something that is boring content like when you first started youtube! *no offence*

  14. Lexi and Alexa's Sweet times

    Lexi and Alexa's Sweet timesHace 3 días

    Who likes tik tok???? Uhh not meh it is kinda stupid they just record their self for 10seconds

  15. popcorn_skollie

    popcorn_skollieHace 3 días

    its unfar that im a teen >:c

  16. Dawn Blackheart

    Dawn BlackheartHace 3 días

    U ovbs have to watch this. Lol

  17. ayshhehrhdjw Lada8riwi4jur

    ayshhehrhdjw Lada8riwi4jurHace 3 días

    Does that girl not know that the for you page is specifically content that she would like. Sis its facts. That's why it's called the "for you" page Also she doesn't know if she's on the for you page people have different interests

  18. Sawsan Dawood

    Sawsan DawoodHace 4 días

    I recognized ur sound

  19. A-1 Welding

    A-1 WeldingHace 4 días


  20. gotcha LPS video Friends

    gotcha LPS video FriendsHace 4 días

    Dude just stop doing tik tok 😑

  21. April&May

    April&MayHace 5 días

    Lauren can you react the LaurenZside and the bread thief.

  22. gotcha wolf

    gotcha wolfHace 5 días

    Lauren: how do you do fellow kids me : I am a teenager

  23. Grażyna Prażyna

    Grażyna PrażynaHace 6 días

    My sisters is Obsession

  24. Jennifer Lang

    Jennifer LangHace 6 días


  25. kira lifee

    kira lifeeHace 6 días


  26. Kpop ismylife

    Kpop ismylifeHace 6 días

    Me and the tiktok obsessed girl have the same name Lauren said my name so many times!! :)😭❤❤

  27. Hannah Banana

    Hannah BananaHace 7 días

    The starter is it beginner

  28. Don't eat me!

    Don't eat me!Hace 7 días

    Hey, I had to delete tik tok recently due to a weird man ONLY reacting to children- not showing is face, and his hands are off screen down below. I just wanted to let any children/parents know, my friend has very recently been asked by that man if he can duet with her. Just letting you know.

  29. MoonLight_Lowner ( Gacha LOVER~ )

    MoonLight_Lowner ( Gacha LOVER~ )Hace 8 días

    Stater is like a new guy that like just started doing Tik Tok! That's my closes guess

  30. MoonLight_Lowner ( Gacha LOVER~ )

    MoonLight_Lowner ( Gacha LOVER~ )Hace 8 días


  31. тина и лиза

    тина и лизаHace 8 días

    Фу не навижу тик ток.... Лайкее лучше

  32. Flower

    FlowerHace 8 días

    the starter is like a noob I think

  33. Patrice Jauregui

    Patrice JaureguiHace 9 días

    Me: what the freaking heck lady. Laren: look there is the. The girl that LOVES TIC TOC

  34. Angel & Luna

    Angel & LunaHace 9 días

    3:18 Who doesn’t like tik tok! Me: Silently raises my hand

  35. Cliffton killings

    Cliffton killingsHace 10 días

    Happy bday

  36. okk ;-;

    okk ;-;Hace 10 días

    Video: You literally have a tik tok obsession. *TIK TOK AD POPS UP* Me: oh no

  37. Dara the Flamingo Saver UwU xP

    Dara the Flamingo Saver UwU xPHace 10 días

    -watchs video- *Tik Tok ad pops up* me: who would have thought this would happen?

  38. Sukhvinder Singh

    Sukhvinder SinghHace 10 días

    luar you should watch a video called luarenzside funny moments by galaxystar

  39. Marcus Hudson

    Marcus HudsonHace 10 días

    A starter is a noob in TikTok

  40. Its Aby!

    Its Aby!Hace 10 días

    Of course.... I got a tik tok ad.

  41. andrea smith

    andrea smithHace 11 días

    My mom

  42. Tamaryn Brown

    Tamaryn BrownHace 11 días

    A starter is somone who just starts tik tok or doesnt really post much

  43. Shania Noble

    Shania NobleHace 11 días

    a person who just started something

  44. WolfYT Farr

    WolfYT FarrHace 11 días

    I hate TIK TOK not trying to be mean 😎

  45. Bob Miller

    Bob MillerHace 11 días

    plz do "im too pretty" it's my favorite!!!!!!!!!

  46. Łÿå•– :3

    Łÿå•– :3Hace 11 días

    3:36 a starter is someone that’s new to social media, games laurenzside ☺️

  47. mandi coelho

    mandi coelhoHace 11 días

    I still don't like tik Tok

  48. xXCookie_ RobberXx

    xXCookie_ RobberXxHace 12 días

    A starter is someone who just started tick tok

  49. Mysteriously Random

    Mysteriously RandomHace 12 días

    I used to have a tiktok obsession but I'm better off without tiktok

  50. Morgan Reed

    Morgan ReedHace 12 días

    Later on the video :add about Tictoc 🤨

  51. Yariespoopy Rossi Va

    Yariespoopy Rossi VaHace 12 días

    Lorran do you play roblox if you do I can tell you my username