My Hero Academia Season 4 | Official Trailer


  1. ProLpiu

    ProLpiuHace 18 horas

    Random commandment in Anime: Thou shalt not die to an enemy that is stronger than you even if it looks like your going to lose but once you fight him your actually not going to lose just like the other fights you had.

  2. Snivy Rose A.K.A. Carly Feckovic

    Snivy Rose A.K.A. Carly FeckovicHace un día

    This is it chief.

  3. Snivy Rose A.K.A. Carly Feckovic

    Snivy Rose A.K.A. Carly FeckovicHace un día

    while I'm waiting why not read the manga?

  4. Blaze Wolf

    Blaze WolfHace un día

    Im not liking the fact that the manga readers are sitting back and laughing ;-; not good

  5. Barak

    BarakHace 2 días

    Im a bit upset. Both trailers have shown absolute nothing into 2 of the most important characters in this show execpt 1 scene. Bakugo and Todoroki. The only reason Midoriya is trying so hard to be number 1, is because he wants to be better than these 2 (although Bakugo is the most important character in this show). They have shown WAY too much of the villains, teachers and pepole that have nothing to do with the series itself. Those trailers were like filler episodes.


    NERDYEA DUDesHace 4 días

    you know its good when you see mirio sweating through his mask

  7. Ultra roblox cat

    Ultra roblox catHace 5 días

    i wana watch it as well why cant i???????? :'(

  8. normalmap

    normalmapHace 5 días

    roy mustang

  9. Angela Reljić

    Angela ReljićHace 5 días

    i’m not crying you are

  10. Itachi Uchiha

    Itachi UchihaHace 4 días

    Ne seri

  11. Insta Kill

    Insta KillHace 5 días

    Bruh this is the only anime I'm interested in

  12. nathalie paul

    nathalie paulHace 6 días

    when I saw the big guy I thought of Attack on Titan

  13. nathalie paul

    nathalie paulHace 6 días


  14. D C

    D CHace 6 días

    Omg last few hours 🥳 (11.10.2019)

  15. im missing

    im missingHace 6 días

    What time will be it released???


    ACKERSHOTOHace 6 días

    o v e r h a u l i s f i n a l l y a n i m a t e d NOW I NEED HAWKS TO BE ANIMATED TOO

  17. maeii

    maeiiHace 6 días


  18. Omen _101

    Omen _101Hace 7 días

    2 DAYS BRO

  19. Project Streetcar

    Project StreetcarHace 7 días

    Two days two days two days two days two days two days

  20. Justin Russell

    Justin RussellHace 8 días

    3 days boys!!

  21. Stephen Stephenson

    Stephen StephensonHace 9 días


  22. •YasmineSuzuki•ヤスミン

    •YasmineSuzuki•ヤスミンHace 9 días

    0:55 TvT

  23. Caroline Morunga

    Caroline MorungaHace 9 días

    can't wait

  24. Arjuna Coc

    Arjuna CocHace 10 días

    Orang indo yg masih jomblo like... Dasar wibu sejadi

  25. dashyponie

    dashyponieHace 10 días

    spoiler fact: Eri is the name of the little girl.

  26. Angel Moncada

    Angel MoncadaHace 11 días

    0:03. This part is very sad.

  27. Fecc Off

    Fecc OffHace 11 días

    So close weebs :D

  28. Unknown Gamer

    Unknown GamerHace 11 días

    Fun imagine:In fall 2019 Me: it's oc fucking tober where is it biatch

  29. EmDieLess

    EmDieLessHace 11 días

    I saw tentacles. Hentai artists: its free real estate

  30. Ashie ponshie

    Ashie ponshieHace 11 días

    Don't worry guys 6 days left

  31. DekNoy Channel

    DekNoy ChannelHace 11 días


  32. FanTale !Felipe!

    FanTale !Felipe!Hace 12 días

    Aqui esta el comentario que buscabas, spanish xd En el año 2026 Deku sigue usando el 5% de su poder xd

  33. comedia do lixo

    comedia do lixoHace 12 días

    what the realease date for it?

  34. Chi Chung Chen

    Chi Chung ChenHace 12 días

    Let’s talk about the octopus

  35. AngelicFløwer

    AngelicFløwerHace 12 días

    Mm yes I totally watch Japanese version not dubbed

  36. Spying Vermin

    Spying VerminHace 12 días

    So I saw the thumb nail and not the name so I thought it was log horizon lol damn I want that anime to get a revival so bad

  37. PisicaNazdravana

    PisicaNazdravanaHace 13 días

    oh boi.. anime watchers have no idea what's coming... but i'm sure i'll cry again even more cause now it's *animated*

  38. Sunshine Sallong

    Sunshine SallongHace 13 días

    it's finally october... Can't wait for the manga to get animated . . . . . only to watch anime watchers gets their jaws dropped

  39. tidy potatoes

    tidy potatoesHace 13 días

    !Spoiler! dont press read more many spoilers are coming

  40. Vinícius Mendes

    Vinícius MendesHace 15 días

    Yuki Hayashi always coming up with great music stuff.

  41. BeyBladeRay Gaming

    BeyBladeRay GamingHace 15 días


  42. Shelby

    ShelbyHace 15 días

    Totally not crying........

  43. What is my bias

    What is my biasHace 15 días

    As a manga reader I will say that this is gonna be good.

  44. Oliver Kirkland

    Oliver KirklandHace 16 días

    Everyone: oh my god this arc you guys Me: boi I'm just waiting for my girl rumi to be animated

  45. Elon Musk

    Elon MuskHace 16 días

    0:43 oh boy i've seen enough hentai to know where this is going.

  46. GachaLoom

    GachaLoomHace 16 días

    ITS OCTOBER!!! 😖

  47. kitty ken

    kitty kenHace 16 días

    *sub or no sub* who cares its the ses 4 teaser

  48. Tavhid La Légande

    Tavhid La LégandeHace 17 días

    my hero academia is the best anime in the world

  49. The Wise Introspector

    The Wise IntrospectorHace 18 días

    Will it be released on Netlfix on the same Date?


    ANIME GUYHace 18 días

    So overrated

  51. 様パイ

    様パイHace 18 días

    This is my new alarm. Why To remind myself to not kill my teachers😶

  52. Raina Graziela Piedad

    Raina Graziela PiedadHace 18 días

    Me:hiring a traslator Japanese :yeahhhhhhhh

  53. kappueki neko

    kappueki nekoHace 19 días


  54. Fajar - -

    Fajar - -Hace 19 días


  55. Vsco Girls

    Vsco GirlsHace 20 días

    Todoroki looking hot as fuuuuuuck

  56. Glitch cansing

    Glitch cansingHace 21 un día

    I just re-watch this bcs someone made a comic with deku joining the dark side like wut

  57. Don' like avocatos even being a Latino

    Don' like avocatos even being a LatinoHace 22 días

    I didint read the manga, just watch the anime and i realy like the "tintim" ( i forget his name ) hero, he is so dope, i hope he have a lot devlopment in this season 😁😆 Obs: I didint read any of the coments and not goin read here either, so good luck devilspoilers

  58. Black Kath

    Black KathHace 22 días


  59. ShadowWarrior

    ShadowWarriorHace 22 días

    I understood none of this

  60. kirishima :u

    kirishima :uHace 23 días

    the fourth season of my hero academy is going to air on October 12, casual mind is my birthday :D!!!

  61. Linda Browne

    Linda BrowneHace 23 días

    Hmmm....This trailer isn't long enough... How about make it 23 minutes long, Also named Episode 1?