My Hero Academia Season 4 | Official Trailer


  1. Kathir Adk

    Kathir AdkHace 7 minutos

    Any one pls tell me the releasing date

  2. max FHeart

    max FHeartHace 2 horas

    Cadee os otaku BR q ama boku no hero e ta doidão pra ver esse novo filme?

  3. ¡Bromas con Valentina!

    ¡Bromas con Valentina!Hace 5 horas

    Ohh shuree y can speak japanes:vvv

  4. Ben O'Brien

    Ben O'BrienHace 5 horas


  5. TheOneBacon Strip

    TheOneBacon StripHace 5 horas

    Hmmm a new female character, seems like rule 34 is gonna have some new content.....

  6. TARONE ,

    TARONE ,Hace 7 horas

    This number will show how much you like this anime 👇🏿

  7. Bird Brain

    Bird BrainHace 7 horas

    Remember everyone be on the lookout for spoilers such as OH MY GOD MAGNE AND SIR NIGHTEYE DIE, MR COMPRESS LOSES HIS ARM AND MIRIO LOSES HIS QUIRK, CHISAKI ALSO LOSES BOTH OF HIS ARMS So remember kids browse the comments section safely

  8. Bird Brain

    Bird BrainHace 7 horas

    Also spinner learns to drive from gaming

  9. i smoke weed everyday

    i smoke weed everydayHace 9 horas

    I don't like this Arc bcs it has less Bakugou in it 💥

  10. 李策Rowzy

    李策RowzyHace 2 horas

    Bakugo is my favorite character though I don't see the problem if he has a lesser screentime than usual if it would benefit other characters and the story's development.

  11. Mr dapperness

    Mr dappernessHace 10 horas

    Yo what's the ost playing in the background

  12. Pamela Hamdy

    Pamela HamdyHace 11 horas

    I’m not going to accept all mights fate.. nah I can’t :/

  13. Go Away

    Go AwayHace 11 horas


  14. Azri Mohd

    Azri MohdHace 12 horas

    What date releases?

  15. Griselda Barajas

    Griselda BarajasHace 12 horas

    Guys season 4 is gana br wilde iam warning you

  16. yEeT

    yEeTHace 15 horas


  17. MR. Potato

    MR. PotatoHace 17 horas

    when i saw the thumbnail i tought it was sasuke

  18. garry dhamot

    garry dhamotHace 18 horas

    Subtitle tera bap dega

  19. othman roudani

    othman roudaniHace 18 horas

    one for all

  20. The Blitz

    The BlitzHace 18 horas

    that metal rod at 0:54 wants to detroit smash deku

  21. Becko

    BeckoHace 18 horas


  22. Nico Plays

    Nico PlaysHace 19 horas

    We all should give respek to strongest boi and his new outfit Mirio

  23. Alan Thompson

    Alan ThompsonHace 19 horas

    Yo I translated it. Han Solo dies.

  24. Leonardus Lalang

    Leonardus LalangHace 20 horas

    Titan eren

  25. Alord GT

    Alord GTHace un día

    Sasuke in the thumbnail

  26. Zues Guevarra

    Zues GuevarraHace un día

    finally my god :)


    BOKU NO HERO FANSHace un día


  28. CaligoMilites

    CaligoMilitesHace un día

    The Manga is boring atm... I dont wanna see the bad guys...

  29. 李策Rowzy

    李策RowzyHace 2 horas

    Pick a different manga if you can't appreciate character development and the backstory.

  30. Tajrian Bhasha

    Tajrian BhashaHace un día

    If only I knew Japanese daammmiitt

  31. Jiren

    JirenHace un día

    Looks trash

  32. Marzipan Quiche

    Marzipan QuicheHace un día

    What's happening to my favorite horn girl!?!?! 😫

  33. Dinxs & Halwarks

    Dinxs & HalwarksHace un día


  34. megavaty ch

    megavaty chHace un día

    Can someone tell me when it out

  35. NinjaGaming9999

    NinjaGaming9999Hace un día

    Lmao read the manga

  36. Madison Heintze

    Madison HeintzeHace un día

    I can’t wait to cry during Kirishimas backstory 😣

  37. ayuwoky xd

    ayuwoky xdHace un día

    Ufff what's coming

  38. majo :v

    majo :vHace un día

    QUE EMOCION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. flopien jets

    flopien jetsHace un día

    lol im lucky i just finished watching s3

  40. Vincenta Kitty

    Vincenta KittyHace un día

    Listen, I'm going to cry

  41. Peral

    PeralHace un día


  42. ISIN MM

    ISIN MMHace un día

    Mo daijobu ! Nazete ?

  43. Mr. Mumbo

    Mr. MumboHace un día

    0:46 omg that face is amazing. My new desktop lmao

  44. someasiankid

    someasiankidHace un día

    best anime series

  45. Gay and Awkward

    Gay and AwkwardHace un día

    They got *pointier*

  46. someasiankid

    someasiankidHace un día

    the league of villains fight the heroes

  47. Devin Bibb

    Devin BibbHace un día

    0:10 who tf invited titans to this show_

  48. Jacksepticeye fan317

    Jacksepticeye fan317Hace un día

    Um I don't know Japanese so how can I watch this?!?!

  49. akhdan krisna

    akhdan krisnaHace un día


  50. OrangeCrush Fizzy

    OrangeCrush FizzyHace un día

    Skskdk Idk if I should watch dub or sub or both SDKSKDK what do I do :d

  51. Cookie#Love

    Cookie#LoveHace un día

    I read the manga... yeah you’ll probably cry. Be prepared! :)

  52. Амуля B

    Амуля BHace un día

    Жду не дождусь😄😄😄😄😄😄 лайк👍👍👍👍👍увииии

  53. 1000 Subscribers With No Video?

    1000 Subscribers With No Video?Hace un día

    Welp, guess this means I have to learn *Japanese*