My Favorite Wireless Headphones | 2018!


  1. Mohammed Shamaz

    Mohammed ShamazHace 18 horas

    Waiting for 2019

  2. nord 32

    nord 32Hace un día

    Am soo broke 😞😭😭

  3. N. Roy Singh

    N. Roy SinghHace 2 días

    This video needs a 2019 version

  4. Michael Angelo Flores

    Michael Angelo FloresHace 2 días

    How i wish to have a headphone like that😞


    KOOL-AID MIKEHace 4 días

    Has anyone tried using the m50X headphones with Hi-Fi Quad DAC on LG phones? I have LG V30+ Is there a big difference in sound Quality when using the Quad DAC?

  6. XoP NGK

    XoP NGKHace 5 días

    does the music stop playing when u take them off your head on a iphone?

  7. hifli danni

    hifli danniHace 6 días

    Why do you guys never talk about call quality when you talk about wireless earbuds???? Smh

  8. saur abh

    saur abhHace 6 días

    Where are the senhiesers? Sony? And jbl?

  9. modeste nomad

    modeste nomadHace 6 días

    there was never anything good coming from microsoft windows 10 is the proof so stupid only to exploit the plebs 👎

  10. Cruel Singh

    Cruel SinghHace 9 días

    How about sennheiser hd4. 40bt

  11. Simran Sian

    Simran SianHace 9 días

    Need a full review on Audio Technica who's with me?

  12. BidGene

    BidGeneHace 9 días

    Don't you have concernes about the Bluetooth emissions that could affect your brain? It is something that I'm worry about.

  13. riz h

    riz hHace 10 días

    The only youtube channel where my 4k TV and infinity screen get utilized

  14. Julia Sillaman

    Julia SillamanHace 11 días

    Thank you for this! A new friend showed me headphones they design themselves and it sounds AMAZZZING. It sounds like its live. So crisp and clean. Her name is Maryjane Diamond from Spokane business name is Dblabs Omega

  15. Dean Tlotleng

    Dean TlotlengHace 11 días

    00:44 Translation: "I don't speak broke"

  16. Adrià Ribas Bravo

    Adrià Ribas BravoHace 14 días

    Song in the beat is change by j cole

  17. Dream Queen

    Dream QueenHace 16 días

    i thought they were cheap:(

  18. Young Soul

    Young SoulHace 16 días

    Great video

  19. Asuno S

    Asuno SHace 19 días

    Umm that's not what Linus said about those Microsoft

  20. محترف ابو جلد

    محترف ابو جلدHace 19 días

    متابعك من العرب

  21. Taimur Jamil

    Taimur JamilHace 21 un día

    Ive been watching ur vids for a while, noticed how well u blend the product with the environment around u, like putting a matte black phone near bright red cloth and other items...and here, ur shooting in a comfy yet abandoned apartment...dont know if anyone understood this but keep up the good work Marques!!!! Love ur vids...


    THE MAD TECHIEHace 22 días

    I actually hate most "soft touch" plastics, Why you ask -- well they rarely last more than a few years, and when I find a product I like I might use it for 4-5-6 or more years. Many soft touch surfaces I have had have been scratched, the coating peels off, or I have had some discolor, and one even started to breakdown and became sticky and nasty to the point that I had to take sandpaper and rub the rest of it off. Hard plastics may not be sexy but they can be built like a tank. Just get in an old Chevy , yea the buttons look cheap but they still look 90% as well as they did new, get in a some cars that have soft touch that are 5 years old and its faded, peeling, and looks like crap. So I will take cheap-looking and consistent over looking nice for 2-3 years and then looking like crap.

  23. Some Clever Name

    Some Clever NameHace 24 días

    I watched this on my surface headphones

  24. Felix Hazel

    Felix HazelHace 25 días

    is there any on that list which can switch between wireless and plugged in? cuz sometimes when im just sitting on my laptop at home i just dont wanna worry about battery so much so i would prefer plugged in, and wireless for when im outside like working on a cafe or campus

  25. CeCe Pc

    CeCe PcHace 22 días


  26. Kevin Choi

    Kevin ChoiHace 26 días

    the surface headphones are down to $260 on the microsoft website; around $240 on amazon, and i got some brand new ones on ebay for $200. jump on it dudes.

  27. Basically Link

    Basically LinkHace 28 días

    When Marques Brownlee sees headphones. *Ahh, dats hot.*

  28. FcGod

    FcGodHace un mes

    That’s hot

  29. Rickey Lee

    Rickey LeeHace un mes

    Marques what are your best headphones of 2019 under 150?

  30. sammy m k

    sammy m kHace un mes

    Why are u always right. like just go through all ur predictions on tech and u have like a 90% accurate prediction rate.

  31. Vinnie J

    Vinnie JHace un mes

    Still got my headphone jack in 2019!

  32. Too Much Review

    Too Much ReviewHace un mes

    amazing Headphones

  33. ChinnyChenChen

    ChinnyChenChenHace un mes

    3:28 "But as you turn it all the way on, you'll start to SEE and hear sounds around you disappear"

  34. Zack Attack

    Zack AttackHace un mes

    The surface got put on sale! Nice!

  35. Ar Vin

    Ar VinHace un mes

    Those are junk sounding over ear headphones

  36. Osama Azhar

    Osama AzharHace un mes

    Using Space headphones and they are Amazing too!


    ANONYMOUSHace un mes

    if you want to know more). Use them sparingly I'm saying this because I am regretting right now

  38. Harry Magnus

    Harry MagnusHace un mes

    jeez i wish i could afford the surface headphones 😪

  39. Sean Winston

    Sean WinstonHace un mes

    LF a new headset. I had the V-Moda Crossfade before but they were too heavy. Any recommendations ?

  40. Oscar Larson

    Oscar LarsonHace un mes

    Try the AIAIAI TMA-2. Just got mine and I really like them.

  41. Troy Lucas

    Troy LucasHace un mes


  42. Silviu Teodorescu

    Silviu TeodorescuHace un mes

    **blink wink**

  43. Silviu Teodorescu

    Silviu TeodorescuHace un mes

    6:15 That same 14 year old bad quality videos Marques...

  44. Crispy Claps

    Crispy ClapsHace un mes

    "You just have to get on that train" Samsung: ALI-A INTRO PLAYS IN BACKROUND

  45. DarkHypex

    DarkHypexHace un mes

    Music beats studio 3 noise cancellation beats studio 3

  46. Giovanni Malatrasi Gerani

    Giovanni Malatrasi GeraniHace un mes

    fav youtuber ever

  47. Trout FlyFish253

    Trout FlyFish253Hace un mes

    I truly enjoyed your video. Excellent content. I hate the Apple ear buds. Ugh. They actually physically are uncomfortable and the fall out just walking around. I only use wired headphones and can’t seem to find wireless ones that have the range I need in a full size headset. Want to be able to go all over my home and maintain excellent audio on all my loseless music. I use them in the basement all the time and my connection point is upstairs. When they develop a pair that reach 60+ feet clearly and sound as good as my sennheiser 8’s, I’m on them. Maybe some day. Hey I never dreamed that pc’s would break 1Ghz mark back in 1995 when I had a 33MHz cpu, but here we are today breaking 5Ghz on a Intel 6900k. Keep up the the great reviews. I joined today. You are very professional.

  48. Joel Nalkara

    Joel NalkaraHace un mes

    Malayalies undo?

  49. DerbJd

    DerbJdHace un mes

    What's the theme music? Is it the same as Casey Neistat's 369 intro?

  50. epic gamer

    epic gamerHace un mes

    What's your favorite band?

  51. Ryan

    RyanHace un mes


  52. Abdallah Essam

    Abdallah EssamHace un mes

    He used casey neistat intro 😌😎♥️

  53. Jon R

    Jon RHace un mes

    How do the wireless M50s compare to the ATH-DSR7BT?

  54. Caseydia

    CaseydiaHace un mes

    DSR7s by FAR. Get those for sure.

  55. Christy Saad

    Christy SaadHace un mes

    I bought really good headphones today with noise cancellation and they are wireless and with all of these functions and they were 27$

  56. Christy Saad

    Christy SaadHace un mes

    @Ssaucey No they are from the brand Kingleen i dont know in wich countries tou can find them but they are very good

  57. Ssaucey

    SsauceyHace un mes

    skull candys

  58. Typhoon

    TyphoonHace un mes

    How did you make the audiotechnicas wireless Edit: nvm

  59. Caseydia

    CaseydiaHace un mes

    You can delete comments

  60. Mihir Kataria

    Mihir KatariaHace un mes

    Listening on bose qc 35 ii

  61. 8D Speed Up

    8D Speed UpHace un mes

    It's like mine

  62. Spongeborg The Ford

    Spongeborg The FordHace un mes

    Lmao never watched this guy before, instantly want the first ones.

  63. Jaafar Al Hayki

    Jaafar Al HaykiHace un mes

    Sony is great and u can feel the difference in noise cancelling than Bose.. My heart is still with the Sony.. However, they have horrible audio recording , very horrible.. I bought Bose QC 35 II for less than 200$ and enjoying them.. From Noise cancelling they are amazing but like Sony.. But for mobility it is much better, Normally I use them for work , home and at Gym.. In the majority of my time I receive phone calls from work.. There audio recording is great, very clear.. I have two phones personal and work one and both are linked to the Headphone.. Even my laptop.. So no need to remove the headphone every time and link it with that device.. Open headphone, linked to all of them The buttons are easy to reach and control.. The headphone is less bulky and very comfortable to be used.. Even though I love the Sony ones and still want them.. I happy with the Bose , even if the sound cancelling is no match with the Sony

  64. Chuyuan Lei

    Chuyuan LeiHace un mes

    brother you sound so white your budget white 2

  65. Jomothy

    JomothyHace un mes

    Lol more M50X praise in 2018... When will this nightmare end?

  66. Ch4osWe4veR

    Ch4osWe4veRHace un mes

    Still holding onto a $100 gift card from buying a Pixel 3a at Best Buy (been an amazing phone so far btw) and I'm in the market for a good all-around bluetooth/wired/gaming headphones. BB has the M50xBT for $179.99 so gonna pull the trigger and get a pair for basically $80. Also worth noting is they now have a standard 3.5mm jack for wired audio, making them compatible with the Vmoda Boompro mic, thus filling that gaming roll for me. I'm excited! I've had a white pair of the wired ones for a few years, but the headband and earpads are cracked and flaking off into nothing. Good excuse to upgrade!