My bully likes me||mini movie||gacha life||cookie._.lover10


  1. Yuridayse Reyes

    Yuridayse ReyesHace un día

    Dude why did the girl ask for a fight if she.already git beaten up and she starts crying 😒

  2. Kimberly Lopez

    Kimberly LopezHace un día

    I ship!!!$!!

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    Haha 😇😢😑

  5. Primitiva Corsame

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    Pt 2 pls!!!!!!

  6. Lynn# Fann

    Lynn# FannHace un día

    Wat wtf the intro

  7. Buzzy Bees

    Buzzy BeesHace 2 días

    Bad grammar

  8. Gisselle Pincay

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  9. Uriel Wu

    Uriel WuHace 2 días

    ᴜʀ ᴠɪᴅs ᴀʀᴇ ғᴜɴɴʏ

  10. hồng thái thiệu

    hồng thái thiệuHace 2 días

    teachers so rude!!!! boy:itz me fault teacher:fk you to!!detention both

  11. sofia sanchezplacido

    sofia sanchezplacidoHace 3 días

    this kiss star and max kiss star

  12. TwoSisters Vlogs

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    Right lef

  13. Itz_LunarRose YT Channel

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    Beautiful video :3

  14. tcrouch7772

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    Nooooooooooooo where the babies

  15. nyamkhand baatar

    nyamkhand baatarHace 3 días

    Why is it so short??

  16. SpideZ Gaming

    SpideZ GamingHace 3 días

    Ahhhh, it's what I like a happy ending

  17. Soviet Onion

    Soviet OnionHace 3 días

    Not to be mean comrade but the spelling could be better

  18. Renad Ahmed13

    Renad Ahmed13Hace 3 días

    Everyone: focusing on the video Me: jamming to Zayn and Taylor in the background Also me: Wait what happened?

  19. Kobra KanekiKGX

    Kobra KanekiKGXHace 3 días

    Use the mighty flip flop

  20. vioxlet

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  21. Slenderman

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    Da Hell!!! MY EYES ARE BURNING!!! (Fun Fact: i have no eyes, so don't hate me plz, i just type it)

  22. Sandra Ysabelle De Guzman

    Sandra Ysabelle De GuzmanHace 4 días

    Umm it true my bully likes me in school i dont even like him

  23. Aoshi

    AoshiHace 4 días

    For being the gacha storie with most views of them all, it sucks.

  24. Nicoleplayz!

    Nicoleplayz!Hace 4 días

    Love ya!

  25. BUNME KA

    BUNME KAHace 4 días

    I HATE when James has no shirt

  26. Jillian Godin

    Jillian GodinHace 4 días

    Love the intro

  27. Jennifer Aviles

    Jennifer AvilesHace 4 días

    I Need the holy wrtr

  28. Gilbert 26 Kalu28

    Gilbert 26 Kalu28Hace 4 días

    This is a good video but one flaw, unoriginal name for main character (and last name

  29. kurt shepherd

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    What the hell they merid yey

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    Let’s see if I can get pinned Cookie._.lover Cookie._.lover Cookie._.lover Cookie._.lover Cookie._.lover Will I get a pin?

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    I’m eating cookie right now! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

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    Roses are red. Violets are blue. If you love,Cookie.__.Lover10, Make this blue! 👇🏻 I do! ~presses like button~ XD😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

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    Star; I like you James 🥰🥰🥰 James; your so cute 😚😚😚 Star; kiss James

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    Me just hit the bell and subscribe and click da bell!

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    Cookie.__.Lover Cookie.__.Lover Cookie.__.Lover Hope it works for me!

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    I heard if you say your favourite you tubers name,you’ll get pinned!😃

  40. Cookies master Cookie queen cake

    Cookies master Cookie queen cakeHace 5 días

    If I was that girl with dat bully I would bring out da flip flop and smack home with it :>

  41. Angela Cipra

    Angela CipraHace 5 días

    None of this makes sense,)(Oh wait GACHA LOGIC😅

  42. Monte Ealy

    Monte EalyHace 5 días

    James:it's ok I'm sorry Me:I totally ship it

  43. Gacha life Lover siren

    Gacha life Lover sirenHace 5 días

    She said let's fight for it and he said ok 2 seconds later Waaaaa Oh my gosh are you ok Umm she said let's fight for it

  44. Rebecca Gelston

    Rebecca GelstonHace 5 días

    I'm only gonna touch HE'S hair. I know this looks weird but I'm only gonna touch HE'S hair Me is cunfuzzled

  45. Ziplog

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  46. Sherydan White

    Sherydan WhiteHace 5 días

    the intro scared me a little xD

  47. Rehana Akhter

    Rehana AkhterHace 5 días

    Me: ... You: wth this video bad english no offense

  48. Anabelle Sadowski

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  49. Kendall Shaw

    Kendall ShawHace 5 días

    James is cute

  50. Colleen Dayton

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  51. Obey Prime

    Obey PrimeHace 5 días

    Gacha logic Girl with boy (bully) in dorm

  52. Kia Stephanie

    Kia StephanieHace 5 días

    My heart❤

  53. Ahmed Alharthi

    Ahmed AlharthiHace 5 días

    I feel like the intro was creepy

  54. Ėłłŷ łøvė hėårt Bøbø

    Ėłłŷ łøvė hėårt BøbøHace 5 días

    I like it not to gay,

  55. Mahena Mcgregor

    Mahena McgregorHace 5 días

    I smell james charles in this video

  56. Louie Tan

    Louie TanHace 5 días

    Aaayyyieeeyy jesica and david Ship it again😂😂😛😍

  57. Althea Mabatan

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    Do i ship the two 😆😆😆😮😮😮

  58. Sef Hanzon Manubay

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    Sana oll

  59. As St

    As StHace 6 días

    Me throwing a random fact in everyone's face:its actually common for a Male bully to like a female that he bullys

  60. Erin Brechbiel

    Erin BrechbielHace 6 días

    Why dose all the bathrooms have urenals