1. Simplicity

    SimplicityHace un día

    Such a beautiful room and house! Love you Jaclyn!❤️

  2. Paige Johannesen

    Paige JohannesenHace 5 días

    why do we make these people rich lmao

  3. Kellie Nance

    Kellie NanceHace 5 días

    Love it, I like the colors it's better than all white.

  4. Marina Nikonova

    Marina NikonovaHace 8 días

    When black became cozy colour?

  5. Barbara Breslin

    Barbara BreslinHace 9 días

    In the words of Rihanna “This is the most ghetto shit I’ve ever seen in my life”

  6. Shelby Miller

    Shelby MillerHace 12 días

    She called everything yummy and it made me uncomfortable

  7. EricaYE6

    EricaYE6Hace 14 días

    Reminds me of the 1920s or 30s, during the Cotton Club, jazz nights, gangster days. Love it.

  8. EricaYE6

    EricaYE6Hace 14 días

    Dang, that is pretty Jaclyn!

  9. D-Lo D-Lo

    D-Lo D-LoHace 16 días

    Thanks for being real with us!! To see the real you is so cool!! Love you blessings

  10. Walice Alice

    Walice AliceHace 16 días

    Wow amazing bedroom

  11. Jacqueline Dunn

    Jacqueline DunnHace 17 días

    I really love the marble #boss the decor table piece!!!

  12. Ellen Green

    Ellen GreenHace 17 días

    Honestly I can’t. Contradictions!!! I have never used this bar BUT I wake up EvErY SiNgLe night needing a drink!!! ‘Never’ and ‘every single’ don’t go together!!!

  13. Ulle Bishope

    Ulle BishopeHace 17 días

    The only thing I see are your chipmunk cheeks. Stop with the fillers already.

  14. Mrs. Phillips

    Mrs. PhillipsHace 18 días

    Can you please please let me know where you got the bed & that blanket im so in love with it

  15. sandra g

    sandra gHace 18 días

    Are you really wearing LV slippers? 🤦‍♀️ stay humble.

  16. phoenixrising7777

    phoenixrising7777Hace 22 días

    And over here is where I keep all my contaminated....cough.....I mean FDA approved lipsticks....

  17. memo A

    memo AHace 22 días

    I love this room

  18. Nikki D

    Nikki DHace 22 días

    TACKY AF! Anyone else thinking awe give your dog a belly rub

  19. Leslie Diaz

    Leslie DiazHace 22 días

    Where can I find those drawer dividers

  20. Missy Bugatti

    Missy BugattiHace 23 días

    Love this bedroom & beauty room! #Gorgeous

  21. Briana Banuelos

    Briana BanuelosHace 24 días

    Love you and your channels.. quick question can you out a link on where you got those makeup brush holders I LOVE them so much 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 @Jaclyn hill

  22. thegirlwholived

    thegirlwholivedHace 25 días

    anyone know where her vanity desk is from?

  23. Adalasia Krigare

    Adalasia KrigareHace 25 días

    Looks like a 70s muppet vomited in her room

  24. Adalasia Krigare

    Adalasia KrigareHace 25 días

    Hey guys look at what i got for robbing all of you ! ...................

  25. s i m p l e c l o u dx

    s i m p l e c l o u dxHace 26 días

    Everyone has a beautiful style for home personalities ! My dream home. Color would be like really pastel colors but just also modern aesthetic, rustic cozy!

  26. SAN

    SANHace 26 días

    Jaclyn my draw just dropped! Can not wait for the house tour

  27. Klarissa Morrison

    Klarissa MorrisonHace 26 días

    So where is the liners and lip pencils mascara

  28. Mon Mi

    Mon MiHace 26 días

    OMG God stop giving money to trash people. So tacky it hurts to watch it. Actually I had to stop the bedroom tour in the first 5 secs.

  29. Angelina George

    Angelina GeorgeHace 27 días

    i'd go mad how busy it is. it may be black and white but it'd def give me anxiety

  30. Alexandra Bogdanova

    Alexandra BogdanovaHace 27 días

    Girl, you’re not a good makeup artist when the color of your face is drastically different to the one on your neck.

  31. Brianna Michelle

    Brianna MichelleHace 28 días

    6:36 😹😹😹

  32. Larita Mathis

    Larita MathisHace 28 días

    I really love the black m white leather swivel chairs. The little beauty space is so nice use the sink at the bar for a face cleaning station. Frig for water and products. 😁. I’m a designer and love repurposing areas. I hope you read this because i know your down. Come back to us. We will stand behind you Jaclyn. Mistakes and shit happens. Things will work out. Stand strong. 💖💄💋

  33. Bhumi Bhattacharyya

    Bhumi BhattacharyyaHace 29 días

    Just loved the tour of your room.... You are the best person who showed everything so organised And so nicely and you said everything so perfectly... loved it😍 wish I had one percent% life like yours🤯😍 damn💓 #lovefromIndia 🇮🇳

  34. Sasha V

    Sasha VHace 29 días

    i dont like so much the fur and leather its important to think about animals and nature

  35. by Beaux Barron

    by Beaux BarronHace un mes

    Hmmm......gorgeous room.....too bad it must be auctioned to pay for garbage lipstick lawsuits. Shame on you HAD to know bcz you always said how hands on you were in development...... And the PR kits were vastly better. I guess it took you hours and hours to go thru a warehouse and find the best to use for the PR kits. Thanks for teaching my daughters two very expensive lessons...1. People will lie to your face.,..even thru a camera lens. 2. Jaclyn Hill is a total fraud and hiding .....And keeping our money !

  36. Kanya Balson

    Kanya BalsonHace un mes

    She was about to have a heart attack

  37. Azela Albanez

    Azela AlbanezHace un mes

    Thanks to all of us you have such a nice place

  38. CurlyGirlzBeauty

    CurlyGirlzBeautyHace 15 días

    Idk if you were being funny or being rude...but that can be said about everyone who owns any brand you have purchased from.

  39. ForeverJessica Liska

    ForeverJessica LiskaHace un mes

    Does she actually read those designer books or is it just there for statement because all the beauty gurus seem to do that. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ Why can't she just have a newspaper or a Stephen king book lying around?

  40. Soksy

    SoksyHace un mes

    This is the tacky-est bedroom Ever...

  41. Kelly Quigley

    Kelly QuigleyHace un mes

    I neeeeeeeed your interior designer

  42. Lindsay Alexah

    Lindsay AlexahHace un mes

    Your room is beautiful. You’ve inspired me to re do my room😂

  43. Sarah R

    Sarah RHace un mes

    Just think...all this could be gone with a couple well deserved law suits😂

  44. prxncessbree _

    prxncessbree _Hace un mes

    I’m literally in LOVEEE with that shirt !!! Where did you get it from ? i’m going to die if i don’t find out omg !

  45. Melody's Vanities

    Melody's VanitiesHace un mes


  46. Thays Pascoal

    Thays PascoalHace un mes

    Im obsessed with your jeanssss! Where is it from??? 😍 so hard to find a nice ripped jeans

  47. lilibrocoli Lilibrocoli

    lilibrocoli LilibrocoliHace un mes

    What a Showoff.............

  48. Marjorie Williams

    Marjorie WilliamsHace un mes

    I don’t follow the “beauty community”, but have seen some of the lipstick videos. This girl is Reptillian. I’m nearly positive about this. They’re Everywhere!! For God’s sake, DO NOT USE HER MAKEUP PRODUCTS!!!

  49. Erin Elizabeth

    Erin ElizabethHace un mes

    Giving off such Beetlejuice vibes here

  50. Ella Szymczak

    Ella SzymczakHace un mes

    Guys stop bullying her!! She made a mistake with her lipsticks, she’s human, should she have listened to Marlena? Yes! It’s ok! Everyone makes mistakes little or major, i still love you bb💖

  51. Justin Kies

    Justin KiesHace un mes

    How fn lame.

  52. Jessica M

    Jessica MHace un mes

    Her foundation doesn’t match her neck. 😬 🙊

  53. Samantha Trujillo

    Samantha TrujilloHace un mes

    Girl stop with the fillers already. Your face is too much. You were beautiful without it.

  54. alexis wallace

    alexis wallaceHace un mes

    this video called me poor in 56 languages and 38 different fonts.

  55. Ava Funderburk

    Ava FunderburkHace un mes

    Also what the hell is going on with his freakin puffy your face is it’s crazy! That is not from a couple of pounds of weight gain. Girl stop it it looks gross

  56. Ava Funderburk

    Ava FunderburkHace un mes

    #boss of hairy moldy lipsticks

  57. Masha Mitchell

    Masha MitchellHace un mes

    It's so weird to see every white woman with the long nails and rings on almost every finger all of a sudden....shit black and latina women have been doing for decades. I sometimes wonder if y'all have ever had an original idea culturally. I can't think of any.

  58. Annette Kilian adams

    Annette Kilian adamsHace un mes


  59. tavern2468

    tavern2468Hace un mes

    Looks cheap trying to be expensive or like tj maxx threw up in there

  60. Diana Alejandra Ramírez Luna

    Diana Alejandra Ramírez LunaHace un mes

    I actually like the room, its a bit too teenager but I barely just turned a young adult so :p

  61. Stephanie Miller

    Stephanie MillerHace un mes

    Love the decor!!!! I got the remake version of your mirror from Restoration Hardware and added the lights. Remember it’s not our mistakes that define us but how we rise after falling....your a survivor, your not weak. You will get through this. And we’ll be here waiting. Love you!!!

  62. SaVvY PaNtS

    SaVvY PaNtSHace un mes

    sksksk she’s gonna have to sell all her diamonds to get back all the $ she spent on her lipsticks 😬

  63. Celina _

    Celina _Hace un mes

    I love you Jaclyn. Stay strong

  64. Keri Stevenson

    Keri StevensonHace un mes

    I am just trying to figure out what this woman is about. I never understand why youtubers show their intimate parts of themselves. They are judged because of this. It interests me so much on a therapeutical way. It’s bizarre how many strong personalities out there that have a life to share. It’s awesome and scary. This seems so narcissistic it is crazy.

  65. chandni0

    chandni0Hace un mes

    Hate those nails.....

  66. Montana Snowflake

    Montana SnowflakeHace un mes

    Why isn't her subscriber count going down by at least half?

  67. Montana Snowflake

    Montana SnowflakeHace un mes

    Tacky/Teenagers bs. I sincerely hope that everyone who purchased your products, including those new and beautiful lipsticks, feels great about helping you sleep in that room because they paid for it.

  68. Shannon Boutin

    Shannon BoutinHace un mes

    Omg you’re only mid 20’s? you look way older...Girl lay off the fillers.

  69. Joel Sommer

    Joel SommerHace un mes

    @Indigo Girl actually no she isn't. She was 28 when you wrote this comment but today she turned 29 (July 20). A simple Google search is all you need to do.

  70. Indigo Girl

    Indigo GirlHace un mes

    She's 30. Lol

  71. a. n.

    a. n.Hace un mes

    Looks like a cheap brothel

  72. Roxana Ioana

    Roxana IoanaHace un mes

    horror...Morticia's bedroom...and qtf is with the nails? are you doing videochat in that bedroom??

  73. Vanora

    VanoraHace un mes

    No , she is not. That is a Romanian speciality

  74. jo jo

    jo joHace un mes

    It’s sad seeing crazy face fillers on such a pretty young woman

  75. jo jo

    jo joHace un mes

    Just surprised by how gaudy it is

  76. ParasaurolophusLovesCoffee

    ParasaurolophusLovesCoffeeHace un mes

    For a beauty guru, shouldn't her neck and her face be the same color?

  77. vitaminC7657

    vitaminC7657Hace un mes

    This bedroom reminds me what Adam and Barbaras house looked like after Delia remodeled it in Beetlejuice.

  78. Ashley Black

    Ashley BlackHace un mes

    Next video: my foreclosure tour

  79. Indigo Girl

    Indigo GirlHace un mes

    DEAD 😂😂😂

  80. Sherwin Espinosa

    Sherwin EspinosaHace un mes


  81. Ashley Fox Johnston

    Ashley Fox JohnstonHace un mes

    Jaclyn, there are still people out here, like myself. that still love you. please come back to us. We just hope to see you do a tutorial, most of us dont care, about the lipstick drama. and all the haters. You still have followers. So fyi were waiting. on a come back.

  82. Milagros Essentials

    Milagros EssentialsHace 28 días

    @Ashley Fox Johnston omg!!! That's odd! ESreporter...what are you doing? Haha 😊 Have a beautiful day Ashley! btw I'm doing a giveaway on my channel (just in case you want to enter) (new Pat McGrath Sublime Foundation)🎊

  83. Ashley Fox Johnston

    Ashley Fox JohnstonHace 29 días

    @Milagros Essentials You too, I just now got the notification for your message weird. 3 weeks later. Have a great summer.

  84. Ashley Fox Johnston

    Ashley Fox JohnstonHace 29 días


  85. Milagros Essentials

    Milagros EssentialsHace un mes

    Ashley Fox Johnston this is nice! Thank you for spreading positive vibes. Have a beautiful day ❤️

  86. Cats Fang

    Cats FangHace un mes

    To each his/her own but this room is corny as fawk.

  87. zack ahoi

    zack ahoiHace un mes

    She's a narcissist

  88. liz tom

    liz tomHace un mes


  89. Lola Mars

    Lola MarsHace un mes

    I love her now she’s grown so much