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    This is what u do with ur money people

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    Where did you get you black glitter curtains they are beautiful 🥰🥰🥰 omg please let me know your bedroom is beautiful

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    Your jewelery and watch is amazing!

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    Don’t use the Kat Von disease product please :(

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    Looks like a hotel

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    Can you do your filming room and makeup next??

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    This room is so tacky

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    Thanks for reminding me how broke I am 😂😩😩😩

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    Love u jac amazing tour jesus bless u more

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    we use the same eyedrop im a little excited

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    Enjoyed this video a lot ♥️

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    Yesss the queen of make up using baddie b lashes 🙌🏼 #jennyruiz #latinapower

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    I am living for all of this high quality content that Jaclyn has been uploading

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    Watching this made me want to work harder

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    So you came out with vegan and cruelty free make up, yet you have leather and hair from almost every animal on earth..that makes sense! Come the fruck on, if you don't care about a certain topic, don't act like you do to sell more. 5 yrs for 20 lips, good god my great great grandma would have done it faster with the same exact quality.

  20. Anastacia Louise

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    Soooo beautiful I love it! You have my dream bedroom its gorgeous. And where is your top from?! Its everything!! x Cant wait for a full house tour :)

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    I hate the bedroom. It's the least coziest thing. Very depressing and cold.

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    Where did you get your chaise lounger from? I am obsessed with it! And I love all of your black and white striped vases. So cute

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    my husband better be ready

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    Goals af

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    I still haven’t gotten my hands on the Jaclyn Hill pallet 😩😭

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    you’re house is giving me Kardashian vibes hunny 😍

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    You are amazing!! Plain and simple! The same "jacklyn" I have been watching for years! ❤️ Love you girl! Waiting for the lanch of jacklynhill cosmetics 🎉🎉🎉

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    Gurl u talk too much


    KELCEY YVONNEHace 2 días


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    You look so much like Christina Aguilera

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    All that because she decided to play with makeup on ESreporter 😂 yet a person who works their ass off isn’t even close to this.

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    Who was the random guy at the bar?

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    why are some of the walls covered in tin foil

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    Beautiful Home and Beauty Space, Jaclyn! PS. You look like, Marlana aka Makeup Geek, a little bit in this video. Both of you are pretty:)

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    GIRL!!!! You look amazing!!! Whatever you’re doing (loving yourself) keep it up!! Healthy my friend, you look gooooooood, and happy! Figuring out who you as an individual isn’t easy or immediate but keep doing whatever is you’re doing. Happiness and healthy looks good on you!!

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    Can you tell us or link where you got most of your bedroom items? I tried finding your brush holders on Amazon and couldn't find them, also would love to know where you got your curtains!

  48. Luxury Lure Official

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    I found the brush holders, looking for the curtains?!

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    9:26 gave me chills 😬

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    I love your bedroom!! My bedroom in my apartment is also decorated in black and white

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    Dream room. Loved it

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    Love the video, thanks for sharing. I need to know please, what brand top is that, where did you buy that black & white top?????

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    Jaclyn, I loved this tour. Thank you for bringing me with you. I love your space and I love your palettes.. I use them on the daily. You are sooo adorable and gorgeous. My one celebrity that I would love to meet for "Make a Wish" would be you. ♥️💖💘💋💋🥂😘🥰

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    I'm struggling on how to decorate my kitchen. We have very similiar taste in decor!! Pls do a kitchen decor video!!!

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    Would love if i can be part of all this .. I can help promote, im on the east coast in jersey! Single mom of 3 and have nothing but time especially when the kids are in school .. I work hard and am always committed and focused. Just need a chance. Even if im not making money, just want my kids to be proud of their momma. Especially my girls bc they are just starting to get into makeup and fashion. Ig nadyne_chermark

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