my battle..


  1. stonks

    stonksHace 21 un hora

    Hi Lannan! Been watching your vids for over a year now! I know how it feels I have anxiety and a few more mental health issues. Hope you overcome it soon!

  2. jake haines

    jake hainesHace 21 un hora

    Irony is gingey seems to be looking down in shame at lannan when he is talking about anxiety, it don't matter though, we all love u lannan and if u need a break, take one mate.

  3. Force beast

    Force beastHace 22 horas

    I also get anxious

  4. aseel Khalaf

    aseel KhalafHace 23 horas

    lazar beam your the best

  5. Jacie Borrebach

    Jacie BorrebachHace 23 horas

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  6. gamergod 112233

    gamergod 112233Hace 23 horas

    Lazarbeam:swears ESreporter:gives demonized ticket Lazar fans:no no NO NO NO ESreporter:ok stop Lazar fans:NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  7. gamergod 112233

    gamergod 112233Hace 23 horas

    I believe in u Lannon

  8. Alban Baker

    Alban BakerHace un día

    I owned you’re back

  9. gingerthegeorge

    gingerthegeorgeHace un día

    Its month re 8:34

  10. Diego Morales

    Diego MoralesHace un día

    Hey lannan I just wanna say your an inspiration to me so I just wanna day take a break if you need or want.

  11. that person

    that personHace un día

    omg I’ve been waiting for u to shoutout Sam dubs

  12. Sullivan Nardi

    Sullivan NardiHace un día

    I used to have anxiety about middle school

  13. JamesPlaysGames

    JamesPlaysGamesHace un día

    Lazarbeam: *Swears* ESreporter: “tHiS iS aN AvEnGErS lEveL ThrEAt”

  14. Zendo7

    Zendo7Hace un día

    I have anxiety to 🤗

  15. Rov

    RovHace un día

    "shut the fuck up. you're not funny if you make this type of comment." - me, 2019

  16. EmeraldDragon

    EmeraldDragonHace un día

    Lazarbeam doesn’t know how to pay a power bill. Now I know that he can’t pay taxes either.


    THEODDSQUADHace un día

    Lazar : Swears ESreporter : Goes to snap fingers- BLOODY LEGENDS : Ahem all holding thor’s hammers

  18. Evan Curtin

    Evan CurtinHace un día

    Lazarbeam: says my struggles Me, an intellectual: Mein kampf

  19. Chaz GG

    Chaz GGHace un día


  20. Aarnav Dancer

    Aarnav DancerHace un día

    Can any one send his merch Website

  21. Cmg's Adventures

    Cmg's AdventuresHace un día

    I am glad that you are comfortable sharing all of your feelings! Have a great day!

  22. hodei segurola

    hodei segurolaHace un día

    I miss the stupid summer stuff.

  23. sappyfoot

    sappyfootHace un día

    i enjoy ice cream

  24. Derek Enghusen

    Derek EnghusenHace un día

    Lust yeet your anxiety

  25. Bias3056

    Bias3056Hace un día

    You ripped off lmth (last month this happened) memulous

  26. Creeper Hoodie

    Creeper HoodieHace un día

    Can you go back to your old vids

  27. Charlene Shemo

    Charlene ShemoHace un día

    That's ww1

  28. Roop Kaur

    Roop KaurHace un día

    3 words for you: I LOVE YOU 💝

  29. Isaac Playz

    Isaac PlayzHace un día

    Can we just see how big of a bloody legend he is his own EDITOR AND MAKES HIS OWN VIDS. LEGEND

  30. ConfusedSith

    ConfusedSithHace un día

    i like how month review is like 3 months between each month review haha XD


    FELIXTMKHace un día

    LAZAR God you should do a monthly review with your family..... YEET!!!

  32. Aaron Hutchinson

    Aaron HutchinsonHace un día

    Jesus can help you

  33. Adan Jimenez

    Adan JimenezHace un día

    I love your content😀😀.

  34. Blanca Rios

    Blanca RiosHace un día

    Qeen you could get any time you need for your self

  35. Travis Ahrens

    Travis AhrensHace 2 días

    Wow Laserbeam is a good person

  36. Liam androff Androff

    Liam androff AndroffHace 2 días


  37. Ultimate_Gamer 64

    Ultimate_Gamer 64Hace 2 días

    3:35 you should have Gavin a ocd wanrnig bc now I’m fucking mad

  38. Jennifer Lefebvre

    Jennifer LefebvreHace 2 días

    Dude mr beast is going to plant some trees but he needs some youtubers to join him. Maybe you should go

  39. Anna Sun

    Anna SunHace 2 días

    This is how much likes there are I V

  40. Yeet Boi

    Yeet BoiHace 2 días

    LazarBeam: I’m in a movie Me: searches up movie to see what it’s rated. Rated R Me who’s 12: tears

  41. TV Wizard

    TV WizardHace 2 días

    Lazerbum, I got a good video idea. But this wouldn't be seen in a million years. My friend and I looked it up a few months ago no one did it, so it might have been done but yeah.

  42. TV Wizard

    TV WizardHace 2 días

    No popular person has done if not anyone.

  43. Elijah McGill

    Elijah McGillHace 2 días

    You should make some mémé references in the movie.

  44. rkiller1213 god

    rkiller1213 godHace 2 días


  45. Ryder Munn

    Ryder MunnHace 2 días


  46. Theo Herouvim

    Theo HerouvimHace 2 días

    Congrats on the new house and sorry for your rough times good luck

  47. Sloppy Pancakes

    Sloppy PancakesHace 2 días

    My thoughts: "hes gonna get copywrited soon..." Lannan: MoNtH ReViEw!¡

  48. Theinsanecriticec I know it’s spelled wrong

    Theinsanecriticec I know it’s spelled wrongHace 2 días

    0:21 indeed you are just a pewds rippoff

  49. Maariah Mindhola

    Maariah MindholaHace 2 días

    were here for ya lannan anxiety does suck

  50. Noah Schnapp is my husband

    Noah Schnapp is my husbandHace 2 días

    i got anxiety too. it’s ok ✌🏻

  51. Caitlin Romano

    Caitlin RomanoHace 2 días

    Love this guyyyy

  52. Matthew Letellier

    Matthew LetellierHace 2 días

    I’m with you bro I have stage 2 depression and anxiety it’s tough

  53. tin can

    tin canHace 2 días

    I can really feel your anxiety in the content lately.. I hope you feel stronger and beat it asap. Stay well and stay strong bug L


    PRIMAL WALEED320Hace 2 días

    Play fortnite

  55. Xavier Ramones

    Xavier RamonesHace 2 días

    It’s a phone case look at the video about bad photo shop battles

  56. thedumb thezachary-morgan

    thedumb thezachary-morganHace 2 días

    Make a temporary yeet tattoo and code lazar

  57. Tanishq Singal

    Tanishq SingalHace 2 días

    Why don’t you get tanner to pay her editor to edit your videos instead of paying rent.

  58. Jenni Curtis

    Jenni CurtisHace 2 días


  59. Min3cr4ft G4m3r

    Min3cr4ft G4m3rHace 2 días

    stream lannan lachy is boring

  60. Spicy Donut

    Spicy DonutHace 2 días

    Lazar thinks and worrying about lumps in his neck?? I believe drugs

  61. Rebecca Pawsey

    Rebecca PawseyHace 2 días

    I love you even more now. Anxiety is a nightmare as I have it and I know. Big hugs. Some days are better than others and some people do take the mick. I tell them I hope they never have to have it.