Multi-Agent Hide and Seek


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    Movies xpHace 2 horas


  2. Tristian Bangert

    Tristian BangertHace 16 horas

    I would watch quite a bit of this.

  3. Gitansh Garg

    Gitansh GargHace 19 horas

    One more possible idea is *Blocking the red into a shelter*

  4. Bungie's Busted Bugs

    Bungie's Busted BugsHace 2 días

    This video left out where the seekers learned to glitch out of map and re-enter where the hiders were.

  5. Ruby

    RubyHace 2 días

    today i began thinking about the jump thing in class and then this comes in my reccomended...

  6. Big Scrub

    Big ScrubHace 3 días

    Can we make a playable multiplayer version of this?

  7. roan6903

    roan6903Hace 4 días

    Can AI play Minecraft?

  8. Athaya Ihsan

    Athaya IhsanHace 4 días

    how do you do the simulation

  9. Furia_Roja

    Furia_RojaHace 5 días

    I want this to be a videogame

  10. Michael Miller

    Michael MillerHace 6 días

    hiders: "but it appears 6 seconds is my current limit. how will you find me now, jotaro?" seekers: "good grief... *box surfs*"

  11. The black cube

    The black cubeHace 7 días

    how about lock the seeker

  12. Dfzoz

    DfzozHace 7 días

    Meanwhile I cant even create a decent AI that doesnt use the learning algorythm :/

  13. Sovereign Brand

    Sovereign BrandHace 9 días

    That’s how RACISM is beyond mosts comprehension, even though its all they ever new. A FEW SIMPLE RULES, YRILD COMPLEX BEHAVIORS, #REPARATIONSADOS \-_-/

  14. Aakarshit Jaswal

    Aakarshit JaswalHace 9 días

    Skynet has entered the chat

  15. ПКРФ

    ПКРФHace 10 días

    Симулятор военкомата.

  16. Memes n Shet

    Memes n ShetHace 11 días

    Yeah but does evolution exploit freaking glitches in the matrix?!

  17. Doggo Boi Hour

    Doggo Boi HourHace 12 días

    It’s all fun and games till you get killed by a box sliding robot.

  18. Shouvik Dey

    Shouvik DeyHace 13 días

    please go for plants vs zombies Survival Mode: Endless We will see how many flags it can survive (for ppl who don't know it, it's a strategy game)

  19. Simulation

    SimulationHace 14 días

    This is such a profound milestone for humanity, thank you very much OpenAI!

  20. Gabriel Jose

    Gabriel JoseHace 14 días

    I wish you could actually play this as an actuall game vs online people or ai

  21. Glen Alen

    Glen AlenHace 14 días

    That's what all life on earth has done over millions of years.

  22. Finn Shearer

    Finn ShearerHace 15 días

    So... the Age of AI domination begins with Hide and Seek.

  23. Mesa Player

    Mesa PlayerHace 15 días

    This shows that if we try to fight robots we will lose

  24. Shish World

    Shish WorldHace 17 días

    Humans: AI will change the world AI: box surfing

  25. JayR_

    JayR_Hace 18 días

    this is awesome to watch

  26. Mysterious Robloxes

    Mysterious RobloxesHace 19 días

    Box surf can also be used the other way to get to other shelters if one is breached

  27. Annemarie Humble

    Annemarie HumbleHace 21 un día

    Imagine this being a payable game.

  28. SuperSight

    SuperSightHace 23 días

    Fancy a few million rounds of Hid N Seek?

  29. Parker Wilkins

    Parker WilkinsHace 24 días

    Everyone's gangster till the red bots start box surfing

  30. Ryan Williams Jr

    Ryan Williams JrHace 24 días

    Who’s here from Mrwhosetheboss

  31. lol

    lolHace 24 días

    Guys,just accept that AI is a next link in evolution.Humans are like dinosaurs and have to extinct.

  32. Driftliketokyo34 Ftw

    Driftliketokyo34 FtwHace 25 días

    Is no one going to mention how heart meltingly adorable the agents are?

  33. sη 7sukyomi

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    Who is here from Mrwhosetheboss??? Like if you do :P

  34. Boris Radev

    Boris RadevHace 25 días

    This looks like a game Why is there no game like this

  35. Mohammed Saddam

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    MrWhosetheboss brought me here...!

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    Here from Mr.Whosetheboss

  37. BMK

    BMKHace 25 días

    Damn this is scary

  38. PhantomKid Playz

    PhantomKid PlayzHace 25 días

    coot bots play hide and seek is all I need

  39. Xx Sree xX

    Xx Sree xXHace 25 días

    MrWhoseTheBoss anyone?

  40. Prit Patil

    Prit PatilHace 25 días

    Who is here from Mrwhostheboss.

  41. Dalinar Kholin

    Dalinar KholinHace 25 días

    Anybody here from MrWhoseTheBoss?!

  42. Abid Ismail

    Abid IsmailHace 25 días

    Who’s here after mrwhosetheboss video?

  43. I LOVE CATS!!!!!

    I LOVE CATS!!!!!Hace 25 días

    Why didnt they just use everything they could to build a wall

  44. TTT Dr.Rabbit

    TTT Dr.RabbitHace 28 días

    This looks like it could be a fun competitive game

  45. jy s

    jy sHace 29 días

    영상요약: 언리얼로 인디겜을 만들때 생기는 일

  46. OXMOND Tutorials

    OXMOND TutorialsHace 29 días

    Amazing! Machine Learning rules! 👍🤓❤️

  47. Koahlah

    KoahlahHace un mes

    maybe thats a dumb question but is there a way to download this and run this simulation myself?

  48. Noyz Productions

    Noyz ProductionsHace un mes

    Here's an idea, it will probably get lost in the comments but hopefully somebody sees it and actually tries to do it: Step 1: Set up several hard-code agents and a couple of AI for each role in Hide and Seek. Step 2: Randomly match them all up with each other. Step 3: Play out 4096 or so games with that pairing. Step 4: Eliminate the worst-performing agent (if you wish, you can give the AI agents immunity) Step 5: If only 2 players remain, pit them against each other and find a champion. If not, go to step 2.

  49. Dylan Yt

    Dylan YtHace un mes

    This looks like one of those videos with a slightly scratched audio that they use in one of those “ai has taken over” movies

  50. Nichonite ‘

    Nichonite ‘Hace un mes

    That is amazing they learn by they selg!!!! It’s like they have real brains!!!

  51. Hugo Ventura

    Hugo VenturaHace un mes

    This is basically how animals evolve

  52. Nikey_Boy

    Nikey_BoyHace un mes

    Fun fact: These little guys also learned to break the physics engine and just simply launch the ramp out the map or use the ramp to propel themselves into the air and into the shelter

  53. Max Pang

    Max PangHace un mes

    What u use to make this?

  54. Kelly Andrews

    Kelly AndrewsHace un mes

    You should send these finding to Boston Dynamics for some real fun!

  55. delcidkidv

    delcidkidvHace un mes

    That box surfing was a little scary in how “creative” it was

  56. Daniel Castillo

    Daniel CastilloHace un mes

    I love the "In the future" jokes in the comment section, because those intelligent games were only possible thanks to ages of the robots just running around like idiots, so before all of that box surfing humans would run from blind idiots that occasionally fall over a person, killing them by complete accident

  57. Proxy

    ProxyHace un mes

    Bruh, i thinked its a game lol


    NOOSE POLICEHace un mes

    why is that ai is smarter than me

  59. Adrien GUIBAL

    Adrien GUIBALHace un mes

    They look so happy to play


    TECHNO STARTERSHace un mes

    1:50 just like that someday ai will find glitch in the real life