Muhammad Ali Funeral | Billy Crystal Imitates Ali


  1. Don Berry

    Don BerryHace 9 horas

    I like his outlook on race relations ,there is a old video "Ali talks race" something like that. Anyhow blue Jay's date blue Jays.

  2. Marie O'Mahoney

    Marie O'MahoneyHace 17 horas

    I met Muhammad at the Hilton Hotel in London. I was a nurse at Westminster Children’s Hospital and Mohammed invited 2 children to come and have lunch with him, it was his birthday and I was lucky and honoured to go with them. I have photos which I am very proud of. What a wonderful man he loves children he was so very kind and gentle not like you see him on TV. When we left he kissed me on the cheek and gave myself and the children a book with a personal message in it. It is something I will never forget.

  3. Mohammed Ragab

    Mohammed RagabHace 22 horas

    I am still watching this over and over again

  4. DeShon Clark

    DeShon ClarkHace un día

    Yoouuuuuuuu. You're good you! No you're good!

  5. Tater TOT

    Tater TOTHace un día

    That got me misty. Absolute legend.

  6. francisco tarelo

    francisco tareloHace un día

    It is not rare, crazy, unbelievable or even unrealistic to ask yourself why people can’t see with their eyes what the heart is able to. Beauty is found in all races, skin colors and faiths, good exists in every heart, we simply tend to close our eyes and ignore its messages . God bless these two for the true love they professed to one another.

  7. Antonio James

    Antonio JamesHace 2 días

    You couldn't get him to sell blacks out while he was alive! So, you get it done in death!

  8. ajdoman317

    ajdoman317Hace 2 días

    I was with him until the “wall” comment. Can anything not be political for fucks sake?

  9. Jessica Uyvette Thompson

    Jessica Uyvette ThompsonHace 2 días

    It’s beautiful when you can make mourners laugh.

  10. MrZapparin

    MrZapparinHace un día

    Jessica Uyvette Thompson LMAO :) That’s just wrong

  11. Faisal Khan

    Faisal KhanHace 3 días

    Jews and Muslims could be the best of friends if given the chance, Ive seen it first hand.

  12. brunoblack7

    brunoblack7Hace 3 días

    Love you Billy. RIP Champ Ali

  13. Jason B

    Jason BHace 4 días

    super bowel signature!....from Muhammad Ali aka: cashes mom gave it to me...!....some super bowel?...1982-1985?..... super bowel?... football%...Security Check To confirm your identity, we will text a confirmation code to your phone. (772) 233-2166 (727) 300-4530 (813) 355-7308 Continue fuck you!....i dont HAVE A GOVERNMENT PHONE%.....EMAIL yes!%.....why is facebook not letting me log in? may be at fault?%....not sure? %....

  14. Jason B

    Jason BHace 4 días

    List of current members of the U.S. Congress This page lists the current members of the U.S. Congress.

  15. Darrell Pryor

    Darrell PryorHace 5 días

    Refreshing....Shows what people(Humans) can do,and accomplish ,when they put aside their hate,and race barriers!!!!

  16. Jeff Ray

    Jeff RayHace 5 días

    Lol glad i dont have to hear his gdf racist mouth joe shut more than once.ripieces

  17. zizoboy heaven

    zizoboy heavenHace 5 días

    i love jewish people who are like this 😙 .

  18. The Mask

    The MaskHace 6 días

    Great tribute.

  19. Immanuel 777

    Immanuel 777Hace 6 días

    Ali is the greatest boxers to ever step into the ring!!

  20. Zahid Chaudhry

    Zahid ChaudhryHace 6 días

    Mesmirizing tribute.I always liked Crystal but now I adore him.I wish our politicians have an ioto of compassion of what Crystal from Pakistan

  21. Ayks

    AyksHace 6 días

    12:55 Are you listening Donald Trump?

  22. king tut

    king tutHace 6 días

    That was the end of beautiful relationship between two great men. May God bless Ali’s soul.

  23. Barney Jobes

    Barney JobesHace 6 días

    Somebody is *not* a hero, roll model, or icon who's *main* claim to fame and chief notariaty was being an expert at beating people's brains out, punching to the stomach, based on violence, a loud mouth flamboyant showman, and based on false god idolatry (idol worship making him out to be something that he is not)!! Also there are tens of thousands of people in the USA who did more charity work than him who get almost no public recognition.

  24. H.A. Hump

    H.A. HumpHace 7 días

    Billy Crystal is one of the classiest and funniest comedians that has ever lived! Best Academy Awards host, City Slickers 1&2, and anything on HBO. His respect for Ali is legendary and I can tell they had so much love for each other! It's so beautiful to see a Jew and a Muslim being great friends.....the world needs to learn about this....Christians, Jews, and Muslims practically believe in the same things (King David, Moses, Noah, Solomon, Jesus, the Apostles, Samson, Mary Magdalene, although the Muslims have added a few more prophets to their beliefs) it is so inspirational how gifted and morally cool Ali and Crystal were! God bless them both!

  25. SWAAED

    SWAAEDHace 7 días

    Wonderful speech from a real friend 😍. RIP Mister Mohamad Ali insha'Allah.

  26. Zohib Hussain

    Zohib HussainHace 7 días

    Rest in peace champ

  27. Bacinthe Zahab

    Bacinthe ZahabHace 7 días

    الله يرحمه ويغفر له . آمين

  28. Chris Lee

    Chris LeeHace 7 días

    Jesus. The haves and and have nots. Good luck.

  29. johnamac123

    johnamac123Hace 8 días

    I got to shake his hand at Purdue when he made a visit. I said, "I'm glad to meet you champ!" He looked at me and said, "Chump, you're calling me a chump???" I about had a heart attack while saying " no,no. I said Champ!!!" He laughed and winked at me.... what am moment....

  30. Diane Axhenti

    Diane AxhentiHace 7 días

    johnamac123 8k

  31. Hamilton Coolidge

    Hamilton CoolidgeHace 8 días

    The Burnt matches comment has nothing too do with boxing matches But.....Ali,s burning of a match... With regards to.....impure thoughts Temptations.....the beauty of a female observer......etc. ....... He was a Human being.. Made his lifetime a remarkable journey. He was a Fighter. Who danced on the canvases All over the World. His Life's Blood ,Sweat, an Tears... Were tools of the trade An exhibitionist for All to see It only seems fitting that i end this Comment with his own word's ......... I Am the Greatest... Ali

  32. Musafiri Olivier

    Musafiri OlivierHace 8 días

    This speech utter bullshit; more PR for Israel than anything.

  33. Hamilton Coolidge

    Hamilton CoolidgeHace 9 días

    Ali ..with out what? Nothing. America protected Ali.. He Never had a job other than A boxer. When the...Nation of Islam Provided protection...??.? Ali....loaned that organization Over 100k big $$ then.... He burnt many a matches He was a Human. At 6ft 2 in at 216 lbs..... He would be a small man by boxing standards of today ........ I'm biased......I believe the Greatest Fighting Man in the Ring and outside the Ring.... Heavyweight Champion The... Joe Lewis Barrow "The Brown Bomber" And if you don't know about Joe'll enjoy learning about The Man.

  34. Diane Axhenti

    Diane AxhentiHace 7 días

    Hamilton Coolidge h7

  35. travis 177

    travis 177Hace 9 días

    Mike isn't laughing he just devastated for the lose of his hero

  36. henry nemet

    henry nemetHace 9 días

    one thing good about this is we wont wont have to watch billy crystal do his imatation anymore

  37. BoBaLu420

    BoBaLu420Hace 10 días

    Ali didn't want a hand out! He was beyond proud and uplifting of all I can't put words in hist mouth but I think asking for a hand out if far below him! He may shame the greedy behind closed doors but you don't help your brother for clout.

  38. Palm Shaikh

    Palm ShaikhHace 10 días

    He will always Live In our hearts

  39. bigwaverider

    bigwaveriderHace 10 días

    There are very few people in my life that I ever considered being a hero, Muhamed Ali was one of them.

  40. Paul Cadogan

    Paul CadoganHace 10 días

    I was 13 and not much of a boxing fan but, like the rest of the world, wanted to see him get his mouth shut. I had no idea why but when he beat Sonny Liston after all that talk, I became a fan. He was an amazing athlete, entertaining, intelligent and as his career grew, I loved watching him turn boxing upside down. When he became Muslim, I didn't care. I was raised Christian but I picked up that he was still a great boxer, brilliant and we worshipped the same God. When he refused to be drafted, I respected that. I think he lost 3 of his best years because he was principled. I saw him from across the street in Edmonton, Alberta when he was in town for one of those nothing fights. He got out of a limo and just kept getting out. He dwarfed the limo. I felt blessed in a way because I'd seen him. God bless Ali for being such a strong blessed man. I'm glad I was on the planet with him.

  41. Jose Hoarge

    Jose HoargeHace 10 días

    Pretty cool Billy

  42. Sheila Smith

    Sheila SmithHace 10 días


  43. David Jones

    David JonesHace 11 días

    Ali was a coward!!

  44. Dazed & Confused

    Dazed & ConfusedHace 12 días

    What a celebration. I laughed so hard at 8:46, I now need asprins.

  45. Ali Man

    Ali ManHace 12 días

    Best eulogy ever

  46. B

    BHace 12 días

    Rest In Peace Ali

  47. Alan Brattland

    Alan BrattlandHace 12 días

    He still is the heavyweight champion of the world 🌎! There will never ever be a fighter like him

  48. mirza beg

    mirza begHace 13 días

    How can 1.7k not like this?

  49. Dwight Turner

    Dwight TurnerHace 13 días

    Bill Clinton was merely there for a photo op.

  50. barry ross

    barry rossHace 13 días

    Brings buckets of tears 2 me

  51. Austin Dickerson

    Austin DickersonHace 13 días

    In memory of Muhammad Ali 1942 - 2016

  52. Don Collins

    Don CollinsHace 13 días


  53. Tupak Tupakari

    Tupak TupakariHace 14 días

    I left school in 1979.

  54. Tupak Tupakari

    Tupak TupakariHace 14 días

    Respect Mr Crystal.

  55. Tupak Tupakari

    Tupak TupakariHace 14 días

    WOW!! Now theres going to be religious haters and others commenting and trolling.

  56. D Koch

    D KochHace 14 días

    Draft dogger that threw away his Olympic gold medal. And some turd thought let’s replace it with another one. Great country that gave him everything and got nothing back.

  57. Roberto Miali

    Roberto MialiHace 14 días

    he got boring after 2 minutes

  58. 4orrcountry

    4orrcountryHace 14 días

    To whom exactly?

  59. Noka Oi

    Noka OiHace 14 días

    Wow! So glad I came across this ! What a beautiful tribute! Ali was truly lightening in a bottle!

  60. Righteous Teacher

    Righteous TeacherHace 15 días

    Wow!!!! That was good lol. I can tell you loved him and vice verse.

  61. broomsterm

    broomstermHace 15 días

    Very impressive - all from the heart.

  62. Shednut

    ShednutHace 16 días

    Did they bury him as cashes clay

  63. 4orrcountry

    4orrcountryHace 14 días


  64. Zeeshan Haider

    Zeeshan HaiderHace 16 días

    Greatest Speech about 'THE GREATEST", Just Beautiful... Rest in Peace Ali.

  65. nimah79

    nimah79Hace 16 días

    Ali told it straight allright...His ethics and morality stood above everything else. He opposed going to Vietnam because that war was an affront to everything he stood for. He paid a heavy price for this action and was told that he was not a patriot...But he was a patriot; he was a patriot to humanity itself, not recognizing borders or flags as some source of things he would be defined with or to worship. THAT is the ultimate patriotism, and that's why people all over the world loved him!

  66. Thomas Leeman

    Thomas LeemanHace 17 días

    what's man Ali was he stood for all people many colours he help the poor and sat with the rich his no doubt the greatest boxer ever but the greatest ambassador for peace in his own country and the world the day he was born he was blessed to be the best a LEGEND

  67. Sylvie Forget

    Sylvie ForgetHace 17 días


  68. Bunny. The best

    Bunny. The bestHace 17 días

    A tribute to the greatest of all time well presented by Billy Crystal.

  69. Vinny Carrocia

    Vinny CarrociaHace 18 días

    Why is Billy Crystal involved? Why is he even famous? If it has to do with sports, TV people seem to call on this unfunny man. Again, why is he famous and why is he here?

  70. Sean Smith

    Sean SmithHace 18 días

    His impression is a mix between Muhammad ALI and Marlon Brando.

  71. Zeeshan Haider

    Zeeshan HaiderHace 16 días

    Marlon Brando was also one of a kind. Greatest Actor of all time.

  72. Roger Dale

    Roger DaleHace 19 días

    ...laugh and cry... Crystal is a great writer, speaker, and human being. I'm pretty sure he and Ali both had some walls to fend the hoards, the crazies, and ne'er-do-wells.

  73. mughis naqvi

    mughis naqviHace 19 días

    Be the best you can be in akhlaq. God rest his soul.

  74. Karis Habana

    Karis HabanaHace 20 días

    My brother and I were studying at the American Embassy School in India when he came to visit. It was a memorable experience.. Ironically, we are Muslims like him and we were at the exit of the school when he was about to leave and he approached us... he then asked us what we think of him and said "Ain't I the Greatest" and my brother said NO.. you are not. Allah is the greatest to which he shed a tear in his eyes... he said you are right my brothers... and that is the one of the greatest thing anyone has said to me... my brother was only 9 and i was 8 then but he treated us with so much respect....


    AGENT X SECURITYHace 20 días

    MAYBE , THIS IS NOT THE TIME !!!!!! , TO MAKE JOKES , !!!,,,,,.💔☠️💔.....ITS A TIME TO REMEMBER HIM , IN LOVE ❤️....

  76. Chris White

    Chris WhiteHace 20 días

    Ali one of the greatest Americans to ever live!

  77. Olga Rhodes

    Olga RhodesHace 20 días

    RIP!Love you CHAMP!💞🏆


    KANG MONSAIHace 21 un día

    Ali came to Kuala Lumpur in 1975 to fight Joe Bugner. I was a kid then, watching black and white TV. He brought with him hope that lasts till today. God bless his soul.

  79. Jack Green

    Jack GreenHace 21 un día

    Crystal is a clown....that's all.

  80. Jo DeMarc

    Jo DeMarcHace 21 un día

    "Build bridges between people, not walls." Thank you, champ - rest well......

  81. MAGMK&W 20:114

    MAGMK&W 20:114Hace 22 días

    Trump would deport Muhamed Ali because of his name and religion. Sad times.

  82. Scotian Original

    Scotian OriginalHace 22 días

    Damn Billy,that was perfect.😭

  83. Twisted Life

    Twisted LifeHace 23 días

    the only video i have seen during which i have cried & laughed simultaneously

  84. redflamered

    redflameredHace 23 días

    Spin and revisionism. Amazing how Ali is revered despite all the racist, terrible things this so called idol said about white people. Facts are facts. Btw, he was nothing more than a boxer who fought way too many fights and wound up punch drunk.

  85. zoraida ortiz

    zoraida ortizHace 23 días

    I prayed he is in heav÷

  86. Joseph Cacioppo

    Joseph CacioppoHace 23 días

    Muhammad Ali had a big f****** mouth add a draft Dodger to me he was a piece of s***

  87. polara01

    polara01Hace 25 días

    I was a Chicago Housing Authority police officer on duty at the Rockwell Gardens housing complex and assigned to a detail for the Boys & Girls Club and Muhammad Ali showed up to lend his support to the organization to raise money for the children there and even though at that time his Parkinson syndrome was advancing and he could barely speak at all he still had a lot of fight left in him and he greeted everybody there with happiness in his eyes and when I shook his hand although going through what he was going through I still felt the strength of a thousand men in his eyes and where almost any other man in his predicament would probably retreat into self-pity and depression Ali continued to give back to the community and showed no signs of slowing down... I had been a fan of his since childhood and it was an incredibly humbling experience meeting him and I will never forget it he was and will always be a National Treasure and a gift to the world. RIP Bob Marszalek

  88. Frank Ribido

    Frank RibidoHace 25 días

    Rumble young man RUMBLE....AHHHH!

  89. Steven Hopkins

    Steven HopkinsHace 25 días

    Such a memorable performance...I missed a chance to see the Champ at one of his workouts in the Bahamas, but was afraid to miss my cruise ship. If I could do it again, I would have taken the chance!

  90. Iryz 72

    Iryz 72Hace 25 días

    This clip shouldn't have a thumb down button.. Can i say it that way?

  91. Iryz 72

    Iryz 72Hace 25 días

    A moslem & a jewish... See? It wasnt so hard to be brothers...

  92. Rhythmic Ash

    Rhythmic AshHace 26 días

    when he fights is so beautiful.

  93. Tenzin Lotew

    Tenzin LotewHace 26 días

    Biggest athletic the greatest of all time

  94. पंकज़ तोमर

    पंकज़ तोमरHace 27 días

    Ali gives me hope when I'm hopeless in life. 🙏

  95. 21 Krunk Street

    21 Krunk StreetHace 28 días

    This is beautiful. R.i.p Ali Greatest of all time.

  96. Crimsonphilosophy

    CrimsonphilosophyHace 28 días

    Billy Crystal is a low key master story teller

  97. Aminah Rolsdorph

    Aminah RolsdorphHace 29 días

    I Totally Love This.. He was The Champ . HumanHood Brother in 🌏💓 & my Beloved Muslim Brother 📿🕌🕋 Love to Read the comments Here.. And The Speech

  98. Melissa Pasos

    Melissa PasosHace 29 días

    I did not browse or grow up with the Trump family or Obama families. I would never look for him to be developed in our communities or homeless programs to represent faith plans. Weird

  99. Melissa Pasos

    Melissa PasosHace 29 días

    I personally do not want to be represented badly or as a faith representative to my community.

  100. Melissa Pasos

    Melissa PasosHace 29 días

    Try again guys to sponsor our commercial television program better. Thank you!

  101. Melissa Pasos

    Melissa PasosHace 29 días

    I agree. I was never told about the activities for sport programs represented by our state.

  102. Melissa Pasos

    Melissa PasosHace 29 días

    People also ask What did Socrates say about children? It was attributed to Socrates. The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise. Children are now tyrants, not the servants of their households.Apr 2, 2012

  103. Brooklyn guy

    Brooklyn guyHace 29 días

    Ali is the greatest, I saw him as a kid when he came to B******n

  104. lanna

    lannaHace 29 días

    all his fights were broadcast on television I watched every fight as a kid never will there be a time like the 60's or a Muhammad Ali or a Howard Cosell

  105. Carl cooper

    Carl cooperHace un mes

    Thank you Billy crystal amazing speech..

  106. vini fryderyk

    vini fryderykHace un mes

    al-fatihah and yasin for you 😢😇😥